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Ever does seem like a bit much. "to date" would probably have been more appropriate.

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Did you really just say 1080p upscaled to 4k will look and perform better than 4k native in motion?

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When it was announced they gave dimensions and I think it's the same size as the slim except a bit of added depth and height due to the extra stack.

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"What indication is telling you that it's a red dead? "
Or Rockstar for that matter.

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No one is forcing you to do anything, so tone down the butthurt.
Also, there probably won't be many, if any, games that have upgraded textures since it still has the same amount of RAM.

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How do you propose they show you 4k and HDR on an HDTV?

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Glad they did First Light too.
edit: er, wait. Second Son was the first one, not First Light.

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Glad to hear nothing has changed. I got a similar run-around back when FF12 came out and I went to pick it up at midnight. I had a Wii and PS3 already pre-ordered through them with accessories and a couple games for each. When I picked up FF12, the dude kept badgering me about pre-ordering more. I kept saying “no” but he wouldn’t accept it and it went so far as to him saying, “you need to pre-order at least 3 more games.” Despite the fact I had about $1000 worth already pre-ordered. He ...

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"They are hideous, and are an obvious cash grab,"
Your headline is an obvious clickbait. You acknowledge the difference between Sony making it themselves and a third party making it, but still used that title knowing it's incorrect.

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"Buggy yes, but not unplayable by any means."

I'd consider parts of the game being unplayable due to bugs unacceptable. There was a major quest in Skyrim on the 360 (might have been on PC too) that didn't activate for a lot of people. They tried a couple patches and it still didn't work. Thankfully some clever people found a way to complete it without the trigger for the start of the quest ever happening.
I didn't...

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And I'm sure this is what Bethesda is thinking:
"Oh no! Not that! Anything but that!"
They don't care about reviews and are going after youtubers and other streamers

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This bullshit "video is on the next page" website will be next on my block list.

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@Forum Pirate
"(Which digital foundry also explicitly pointed out if you want to play that game.)"

I'm also pretty sure he said he got his face right up to the TV to notice it as well, and he was still impressed.

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I agree and thankfully Rise of the Tomb Raider gives us an option close to that. Unfortunately, it sounds like the CPU isn't up to the task of providing 60 fps for most of the games.

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With multiple batteries, the screen, and wireless tech needed, I wouldn't be surprised if it cost the same as the Pro either.

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Team VVV doesn't seem to have a problem. Maybe it's the fact he's using a wheel and gamesradar is using controller.

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He's talking about a game crashing the system, not the game itself crashing.
While I do recall once or twice since day 1 having the PS4 completely crash while playing, it's been an incredibly rare event.

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It doesn't seem the lack of Xbox sales is significant at all, while getting more sales of their games is probably more than making up for the lost Xbox sales.

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I wouldn't call Geoff a journalist. He's more of a promoter.

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"Regardless of whether its deserved or not this is a good thing for Hello Games."

In what way? They sold a ton of copies and destroyed their reputation? I'd be surprised to see them get a tenth of the sales NMS got on their next title. Hardly anyone will trust them.

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