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It has been on sale within 3 different calendar years, but it hasn't been on the shelves for 3 years. It's an idiotic comment lead to make it seem like it has been around longer than it really has been. #4.2.3
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Looks like it's on the Australian site. #1.3
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This article was up hours ago. Why is it now showing it came through 26 minutes ago? #31
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I won't say they look awful, but they do have problems.

Graffiti on PC is almost not even there. The tail lights are barely visible. CHMSL is visible on PC, but AC it doesn't light up.

P1 is active aero, correct? Shouldn't the wing rotate to aid in braking? #2.2
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They said it wasn't included because it didn't share the same technology as the other two games. Sure they can port BL1, but they wouldn't include it with these two games. #2.2
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If you look at the description for the game or even the announcement, they already confirmed all the content is included and save import will be available for the same platform. #1.1
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So they're still pushing this "remastered" line? I can't wait for PC comparisons to show that nothing was remastered and it was just ported over from the PC version. #5
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Yeah, that's why all those people were asking for a next-gen version for Pre-sequel back when they said current gen only. They clearly wanted to double dip.

Fine by me. I skipped it back then assuming next-gen would come eventually. I just didn't think it would be this soon or will all these extras. #3.2
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Not a fan of the red guitar, but that white one looks pretty nice. #1
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"he deff had a hard time controlling the car the whole time"

That's because he can push the car a lot harder than he would in real life since he doesn't have to worry about consequences of crashing.

"he almost lost control off of every turn."

lol, no he didn't. He was using as much of the road, and even off the road, as possible to maintain speed. #1.2.2
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" the driver just raced on nurburgring for 24hours and came in first place. and he done f***** up his first lap in this "sim"."

A) He didn't race for 24 hours. They swap out drivers through race.
B) Nowhere did it say it was his first lap.
C) Sim or not and regardless of how many laps he's done, there takes some adjustment time. No matter how good a sim is, it can't control all variables. Steering ratio, pedal placement and f... #1.1.2
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I don't remember either. Not even sure mine would have even been the 2600. Might have been Intellivision or a Pong machine. #2.1
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lol disagree for asking questions.

I think IGN had a video up on youtube yesterday as they ran through 4 player co-op on both games on the PS4. BL2 was pretty much rock solid and felt like 60 fps and said it felt like playing the PC version. The PS, they said did suffer some framerate drops which was disappointing, but said it wasn't a final build so it might get more optimizations to clear that up.

I don't really understand the claim that it is a... #6.1
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No you don't. The linked Mad Catz blog even points out there will be the full kit bundle and a bundle with the game and guitar only.

The video in the original article even makes it sound like they want to allow people to use their own controllers as well. #4.2.4
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Since most of it was downloadable later with a transfer license, I would guess they can be transferred as well. Not sure Beatles or RB3 ever had a transfer license though. #3.1.1
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Thought someone from Valve already confirmed this was just a tech demo. #5
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Yep. This has been a problem for people who have bought music from some services that shut down. They have no obligation to stay running so you can redownload music you purchased.

Besides, I like having a collection to fill my bookshelves with and if I ever needed to, I could start selling it all and get some decent money for it all. #12.1
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And not many are going to bother going 60 MPH.
Then again, most will try to double that, but then crash every couple of minutes, so maybe it all balances out. #5.2.1
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5 point and 10 point review scales are different.
5 points is like number of stars. 10 point scales are usually like letter grades where 5 would be failing. #1.11
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I hope you're right. #1.1.7
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