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As many have said, HDMI 1.4 can do 4k at 30fps.
AFAIK, no apps support 4k on PS4, but the PS4 is capable of it.

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PS4 can already do 4k video. It might include a UHD Blu-ray drive, but it doesn't need a GPU upgrade for that. There is certainly a gaming aspect to this upgrade.

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Plus, the console can be more efficient and I don't think it would even need to be native 4k. It could do something in between and then upscale.
I just hope if it is for 4k gaming, they'll have the ability to keep it 1080p and up the framerate for those that don't care about 4k.

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Aisha Tyler is in playboy? Oh, wait...

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Say that to Duke Nukem Forever.

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Yep, and the intended article was reposted.

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Still is.

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Most of the time, yes, but some games will force a full install before you can play. But yeah, probably 45 minutes then.

I think, at least early on, Xbox One wouldn't download update files until the game was done installing. At least on PS4, after a minute or two you can launch the game and it will still start the download and be ready to install once the full game is done installing.

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I pretty much agree too. I haven't seen the latest round of media yet, but prior to that, I probably used the same line of "I just don't see the fun."

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Maybe the power of the cloud will finish development.

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I don't think they would consider it a pretty day.

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Is the first season done for car packs or are they skipping this month because of the Porsche pack?

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Don't bother with the site. Just watch the youtube video.

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Yep. A well executed story is not buried in encyclopedia entries.

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positive. Check anywhere for the price and it's $15 for all three episodes. Steam actually has a discount right now.

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$15 is the price for all episodes, not just the first.

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There were no missions that required it.

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Depending on the state, no sales tax collected could be another deciding factor.

I used to use Best Buy, but after numerous order screw-ups and cancellations, I gave up on them. I do it all through Amazon now.

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real replica

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Hell, my phone got hot just running the Pipboy app. Thankfully they had an update to fix that.

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