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I don't like the white. Too much black left over. If they could make the buttons and pad white too leaving just the thumb sticks black, it'd be much better.

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I might get hit by a meteor today too.

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I don't know about being a failure, but I can see people being disappointed.

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And will probably be censored more than ever.

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2TB 2.5 inch HD would have been pretty expensive 2 and a half years ago.

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Honestly, it all depends on how well it performs. I've only bought the Forza games and Dead Rising 3 for my One. Well, even if it performs well, I don't think I'd be willing to spend another $4-500 on a new one, plus the $600 for the Oculus for the few games I'd actually play on it.

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That's probably the most well researched and quality rip I've ever seen as a first comment. Well done.

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I dunno. It's hard to compare to Driveclub since GT is going for realism. Driveclub was going for looking outstanding. A lot of the real tracks in games like GT just aren't all that interesting to look at.

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Dark Horse Comics logo in the lower right seems like this would not be a game.

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Must have missed that option in Windows 10.

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It's examiner. It's expected.

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I haven't ran in to that problem. I wonder if you change the input on your TV before turning it off may be a fix. Or use standby.

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Because Sony has mandated the framerate must be better than it is in normal mode.

To me, it seems the easiest thing to do for Neo mode is to up the framerate instead of better shadows, better textures, or other improved effects.

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I was mainly referring to people who make videos like Jim or Angry Joe. Of course there's a lot of others who just post stuff without any original content and just copy stuff, which is a problem, but I think established creators should be given some leeway.
Thankfully, it seems like youtube has a nice change regarding claims and monetiziation coming.

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Just because there's a copyright claim by Content ID, doesn't mean it's illegal. That's the big problem with Content ID flagging. It knows the content, but not the context in which the content is being used, which is often Fair Use. That's why so many people are having problems with the copyright claim process, because Content ID automatically will put a claim on a video, regardless if it's being used correctly under Fair Use.

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So glad it's back. I never heard about it until after it was sold out on Amazon so I had to order from GameStop. Now Amazon has it again so I can get my 20% off.

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I'm the opposite as well. The normal games will have a Neo mode and there will be games I will buy. PSVR though, I haven't seen anything yet I'm interesting in playing. VR without enough interesting games to support it isn't worth it, for me.

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Nope. Well, they might, but not because of this. This appears to be an affordable way of jumping from one platform to the other as the deal is only good until April 24th.

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How do PC players manage when other people have different hardware?

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"devs may decide that they don't want to waste their time making two versions."

It isn't two versions of the same game. Think of it like a PC game where there are graphics settings depending on how powerful your system is. That's all this is, except instead of near infinite combinations of PC hardware, there's only two.

They'll, ideally, build the game for base mode. If it runs on Neo mode, they c...

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