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sigh. Yep, armor has been fixed.

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Does the browser still allow screenshots? I remember taking screenshots of streams in the early days, but when I tried a few weeks ago, most apps are blocking screenshots now.

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Is this news? Looks old to me, from last Sept.


And who is Damien Thong?

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Yeah, I don't see it coming next year. Just too soon. Feels like devs are really get a grasp on what the PS4 can do now.

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Looks great. Just not a fan of where the series is going though.

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Apparently either the pre-order or Collector's Edition DLC stuff is bugged. I can't remember which, but one of the armor sets is so good it is only allowing 10% of the melee damage. Instead of taking 40 points of damage, you take 4. I'll be surprised if that isn't fixed.

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You seem to forget BOTW is on Wii U as well.

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Yep. I'm loving it. Just the right amount of aim assist/arrow guidance so you don't need to have perfect aim and timing to nail some hits. Simple melee and dodging (can't really block dinosaur attacks). Mix it up and you can pull off some damn cool looking stuff. I really wish I captured one moment I had. Haven't really had the perfect encounter like that one since.

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Pretty sure they're aware of that.

"Google flags every single one of our clickout links."

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Strange, because I remember back in the Rock Band days, all my song purchases were $1.06 because of taxes. At some point they stopped with the taxes.

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Right, because the proof isn't at all about what they've done so far.

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Gearbox didn't develop the pre-sequel. Some division of 2K in Australia did and they got shut down when they were done with the game.

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It was alright. Story and gameplay were not as good as 2, but I still got plenty of hours in to it.

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Calling an orb a character is a bit of a stretch. And what robot?

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To be honest, I haven't really enjoyed many of the Borderlands DLC packs. Zombie Island of Dr Ned and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx were my favorites. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep was pretty good, but I felt a bit let down because the cap had not been raised, so I played through so much new content and not gaining anything.

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Yeah, Borderlands was SO dark at the beginning with Markus telling a story with an over the top accent and laughing, then the bus ramming a skag and seeing it stuck to the bumper as the bus goes along all while Cage the Elephant is playing. Then you start out with Claptrap as your tutorial? Yeah. Felt so dark.

The reason Borderlands became the success that it is, is because everything else was so dour and realistic. The development starte...

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shit-post articles should be not allowed.

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New games, not just new ways to access older games.
Even though I won't be using this, it's still sounds reasonable for those who do want access to older stuff on the cheap.

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At least they're probably right about Dragon Age 2 being the lowest ranked of those titles.

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I checked, they are on there. Not sure if they remove the low and high end stuff though like they should.

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