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Due to ownership issues, getting the rights are probably a bigger pain than it's worth. #3.1
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I agree on both points.

I think at this point the sounds they use are unacceptable. I know they want to replace them, but wake me up when it's done and the cars sound right.

I do enjoy GT, but it just feels a bit sterile as well. For some reason, Forza just seems like more fun. Not sure why.

But hey, it's looking good and they really showed off a lot of obscure cars on there. #1.2.1
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I think you're missing the point. The value of the DLC is way out of whack and it's getting worse. You get hundreds of cars and a bunch of tracks for $60, but once the game is out, want 10 more cars? That'll be $10.

If they want to add a track and include a bunch of new events that include that track, that's something I can actually get interested it. I bought the FM4 season pass and it was a waste. All that money spent and I probably only bothered to act... #6.1.1
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Day 1 DLC is not getting something right. That's milking the customers of cash.

There's still a lot to be revealed and I won't be surprised at all to see some serious disappointments (especially with some tracks that may be cut). #3.2
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I don't know how anyone can tolerate this site. 3 different video ads all autoplay. That's enough. Off this site goes to the host file. #9
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I would hope it's the standard PS colors. Red=off, green=on, blue=disc in. #2.1
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Yet another track with the sun low in the sky to provide glare lap after lap for eternity. #8
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It's easy to launch with a number of good exclusives when you abandon ship years ahead of the new system.

http://i.imgur.com/zl10SZ0.... #17
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you were set up for disappointment anyway then since it's release date was Dec 6th. #1.1.2
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Are you trying to suggest everyone has access to broadband right now? Hate to break it to you, but they're still not even close, and unless some breakthrough long distance wireless technology comes along, it will never happen. #6.1.3
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No amount of cloud power will be able to fix the latency problem, so it can never be on par with PC. #1.7
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Dead Rising 3 is the only Xbox One game I've seen with its own ad.
The only problem is, most of the ad time is showing some big, goofy, totally implausible steam roller/motorcycle fame thrower combo vehicle. #1.1.5
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I'm Tier 4 even without Horizon.
I'm a bit confused by this though. I see I can redeem some rewards already for credits in the other games, but do I trade in my points for this or can I just claim the rewards whenever I want and not lose them?

And holy crap. I looked at the achievements missing in FM4, and I never got the one for driving on every track in the game. I was probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through all the events. That's just damn pathetic... #2
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Really. Who was expecting Fallout 4 early 2014? #3.1
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Stop yapping your gums about Dan and telling us how we should react and just show the stuff and let us decide. Thanks. #31
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I love how he says his guitar broke and gave stuff away to neighbor kids but right before he took the question, you can see on leaning against the wall behind him to the left. But once he takes the question, the camera is moved over to the right slightly to take the guitar out of the shot. #2.1
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To me it sounds like he isn't factoring in supply and demand. I haven't looked, but he would have to take into consideration how many consoles are available. PS4 seems to have went into production weeks ahead of Xbox One. If there are less Xbox Ones to be had, it's no wonder the price could be higher.

I don't see how anyone can look at game pre-order numbers and figure Xbox would match or exceed PS4 sales. Xbox has arguably the better launch line-up, but P... #2.3
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Yeah, I was in there Friday to pick up Batman and they had a stack on the back counter. I asked to look at one and the guy reluctantly said "yes, but only if I'm holding it." Really? Like that would stop me from grabbing it and running out of the store with it if that's what I wanted to do? #1.2
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Boring and a repost.

edit: wait a sec, why does this show it was posted an hour ago but when you click on AC4 topics, it shows 16 hours ago? #1.1
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Yes, Xbox does have a better launch lineup, but still getting heavily out-done by PS4 pre-orders. #1.5.2
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