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The GPU is essentially doubled. It isn't just overclocked.

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This is what I wanted with Pro. I hope more Pro patched games allow a high framerate mode as well as the better visual options.

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So maybe just a minor bump from the increased clock, but still keeping the mirrored GPU off? I can live with that.

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It's only been two weeks since I wiped and reloaded everything on my HD in the Pro and it's slow.

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I dunno, it seems like it's been pretty bad since the site redesign.

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One game cannot ruin someone with 30 years of great games.

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During the story part, yes. Not during the gameplay parts.

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Now hopefully they'll be nice and at least give us English subtitles so we know what's being said. English voices are probably a bit much to ask.

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That limit is imposed by the retailer, not the card. I buy stuff at multiple places every week under $5.

And no, the Visa fee isn't $5. It's a percentage of the purchase price.

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But what about the high quality pixels?

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Gotcha. Missed that.

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Have you seen any figures on ROTR sales for PS4?

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Only one of these tips has anything to do with the Pro. Otherwise, everything is applicable to all PS4s.

I'm not even sure #1 is even true about only being able to delete one save at a time before. I think it always let you select multiple files.

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I didn't make that claim. There was an article here a couple days after it was cancelled saying it being cancelled was a good thing.

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Don't forget, Scalebound being cancelled was argued to be a good thing as well.

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As a home console, for what you get, it is overpriced. As a handheld that you can dock to display on your TV? It's a decent price. I give it "decent" because the price of the accessories is indefensible.

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I don't know why they didn't focus on this from the start. Maybe because they don't want to dump the 3DS line yet?

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"That hdmi out was pure genius.."
How so? What else would they use? Component?

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"it has more power than a Wii-U and is only a couple inches bigger than a 3DS XL:"

Keep it mind, it clocks down in portable mode. I would agree it's more powerful in docked mode, but how about when it's portable?

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If it was so great, they wouldn't have to keep rearranging things.

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