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Yeah, I don't like the new design. Looks cheaper. I miss the shiny bits and sharp edges.

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Kind of hard when the N4G redirect page is getting blocked.

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I'll gladly take your $5

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I do think they will announce Neo, but if not, they'll for sure announce Slim, maybe some games and probably a bunch of VR stuff since that is coming out soon.

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With VR coming out soon, I'm guessing it'll be heavy VR content.

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That's it? Just streaming on one site? I hope someone has it on youtube live.

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I did. I can't get past the N4G redirect link on anything.

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"The site ahead contains malware
Attackers currently on might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information"

I wish N4G would get this cleared up.

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Project Cars in VR looks pretty good so far. VR is perfect for racing too.

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This is their first generation. I'll hop in on the next one. Hopefully better resolution and lower cost.

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Trademark Gamingbolt non-story.

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Yeah, it's the N4G redirect link that does that to me on Chrome sometimes. Source is fine.

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Never got to her last ones. On my 2nd playthrough, I wanted to get her up to that point and I was getting close, but I accidentally passed the point of no return and screwed it up.

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"If boys do this in a game and think it's fine, what's to say they won't try it in school as well. "
Apply that to anything you do in videogames. Killing people, drugs, bad driving, etc.. How is this any different?

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Yep. Just wish it took after the original PS4 design instead of the slim.

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That, and I don't think they'd be having a PS event to announce the Slim.

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That's probably due to being disconnected from the server most of the time. I noticed it at one point too. I had a really good fitting name for a planet, and about an hour later I saw it was renamed. Eventually I noticed most of the time when I'm uploading data, there's a red circle at the bottom showing I'm not connected to the server. I think it was down more than it was up.

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This is my unsurprised look.

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How did you manage to get back to the Atlas path? I went off it thinking I could go back, but even after finding an anomaly again, even they didn't give me the option to go back.

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Don't even need a cave. You can stay inside a building too, which is what I did. Added a couple extra life support modules and let it sit for 2 hours and just came back now and then to recharge it. It's not difficult, just annoying that it takes so long and has to be done in one stretch.

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