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Free to play Fallout?

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Yeah, sort of like Forza Horizon 2. I just don't see them going that route though.

And I mentioned below, Bethesda and PS3 do not mix.

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Not just lately. I've never had good luck with twitch on large event streams like this.

Youtube isn't perfect, but they're often more reliable and have better quality.

IGN app last year was ok. It'd work fine for a while and have a small hiccup every now and then.

PSN Live viewer app on PS4 was a failure since the show started late and ran long so the stream expired.

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If there's one thing I can rely on to say this isn't true, Bethesda and PS3 do not mix.

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Fallout 2 came out in 98.
Last gen will hold back a current-gen/PC release.

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Looks like you replied to the wrong person. suc915 meant paying $85 for a 2.5 inch 2 TB HD is cheaper than paying $40 for the HD enclosure and a 3.5 inch 1 TB HD.

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That side of the PS4 doesn't really heat up. Tested the temp just now and it's barely above room temp. This will be better off than the stock HD sitting inside.

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Spies and decoys are what really helped me. When they play a spy on me, I can plop down a decoy to pick it up and turn the tables and get two cards myself. If there's no spies for me to pick up, I can throw my own out there and tank the first round and use decoys to pick up my own I want to play in the next round or rely on a medic to pick them up. Great thing is, if I still have some decoys left, I can pick up my medic to use the ability again.

Once I got some more sp...

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Yeah, that's the part that has bugged me the most.
That and the names above their heads. Especially when they're in red, it's hard to read when they're moving around.

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Maybe it's the oncole they mentioned.

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Instead of fantasy, they could do a another one with the kids doing their superhero characters instead.

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It's so empty...


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No it hasn't. Game graphics are always being changed. How does anyone expect a developer to release a trailer and think the graphics will be the same two years later?

I guess I missed it when people raised hell when Gearbox didn't release Borderlands to match the original trailer.

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This isn't the first part. They've been releasing tracks every week for a while now.

alt-J - "Left Hand Free"
Alter Bridge - "Cry of Achilles"
American Authors - "Best Day of My Life"
Anthrax - "Got The Time"
Architects - "Gravedigger"
Band of Skulls - "Asleep at the Wheel"
Beartooth - "I Have a Problem"
Biffy Clyro - "Sounds Like Balloons...

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2nd? Wouldn't it be like 4th by now?

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Not as good as last week, and I can't remember if Disposable Teens was available for GH before or if that was RB.

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No doubt there were games that included a lot of neat stuff, but I'd never consider it standard.

Best I can recall would be NES games that would include a manual, dust cover, and usually a map or poster and other junk like Nintendo power subscription ads.

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Totally agree with your assessment of those games. I like side quests, when they're done in moderation. When a game is 90% side quests, 10% main story, they did it wrong. Especially the flat out lazy stuff that was in Unity and its companion app.

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"There was a time when this was the standard for all new games"

Oh, when was that?

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He didn't say Nvidia users aren't having issues. Everything he said is right.

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