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I think a lot of people got butthurt over the game not living up to the hype that was built up in their head and the drop in graphics from the first time the game was shown. It’s like people expected the game to be so much more than what it really was. Other than the graphics, I don’t think they showed anything that wasn’t in the game. I took it for what it was, and it delivered, and then some. I didn’t deal with any bugs other than some minor goofy collision reactions, which is usually m... #2.4
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Sales were low the previous month because people were holding out for the cheaper version to come along. So saying that sales doubled isn't really all that great. #1.1.8
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The coat for me seems like the biggest improvement.
Keep in mind, this gif is only 640 pixels wide for each side. #1.1.13
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Nothing is shot interlaced. TV is sometimes 1080i (it's usually 720p) because of bandwidth limitations for broadcast. Even then it's heavily compressed. #9.2
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Watch this. It's full 1080p/60fps and minimal compression.
Heed the warning below the video though, you need a fairly strong PC to run it flawlessly.


You can watch that and say you don't see a difference? #4.2
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Gearbox being the prime example should be taking notes. #1.5
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"This basically means that while the PC sold 10-12%, the PS4 and the Xbox One versions sold roughly 27.3% each (assuming that the sales between PS4 and Xbox One were equals) and the PS3 and X360 versions sold around 16.65 each (again assuming they sold equally)."

He may want to reconsider his math.
16.65 x 2 = 33.3 (360 + PS3)
27.3 x 2 = 54.6 (XO + PS4)
33.3 x 2 is not close to 54.6 (last-gen x 2)

Since no exact numbers a... #1.4
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I'm very surprised this is coming to the US. #3
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I don't like Bioware, do I have a right to complain? #3.1
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Ding, Archer reference. #2.1
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Aw, no dismembered zombie bikini girl option?

To keep it fair, they could make a dismembered zombie speedo dude option. #7
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Not only that, the developers aren't the ones handling CE goodies. The publisher, Deep Silver takes care of that. #5.1.1
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I dunno. Last I really heard of him was back when Crisis Core came out. And even then, I knew a couple of people who refused to buy it because of his character.

I suppose I could have been clearer and said do any non-Japanese people care about him? #2.1.1
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What do you mean, and? I made it pretty clear.

“Nintendo fans bother me because they are blind (or just don’t care) to the fact their company hasn’t developed a new IP with an 80+ metascore in the past 11 years."
"Frankly, it is quite easy to shut down the whole notion."

He isn't shutting anything down if they're not developed by Nintendo and don't have a metascore over 80. #1.4.3
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Even the Drivatars didn't really feel all that different from the AI in previous games. They still have the same AI driving tendancies that drive people nuts. People would even race against their friend's drivatar and it acted nothing like the real person.

Clearly there was a difference between each of the drivatars on the track, but I don't think it was all it was cracked up to be.

I especially love how so many of them drive on the grass on t... #2.1.1
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Does anyone even care about GACKT? #2
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But not a new IP. #6.1.1
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Other than sports games, I can think of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.
Not sure if Forza should be counted since Horizon is different from the main games and done by a different developer. #4.3.1
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How many of those did Nintendo develop, not publish?
Also, most of them don't seem to have been over 80 on Metacritic, which is part of the argument he's attempting to "shut down." #1.4
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"Remember the golden guns in borderlands 2? Replaced before claptrap's eye was ripped out our shortly after depending on luck."

That's what so much of this exclusive content crap winds up being. Oh goodie, I get a head start with a .1% better than starting weapon that will be replaced just as quick as a normal starting weapon.
Either that or some skin that looks terrible anyway. #1.1.12
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