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No doubt there were games that included a lot of neat stuff, but I'd never consider it standard.

Best I can recall would be NES games that would include a manual, dust cover, and usually a map or poster and other junk like Nintendo power subscription ads.

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Totally agree with your assessment of those games. I like side quests, when they're done in moderation. When a game is 90% side quests, 10% main story, they did it wrong. Especially the flat out lazy stuff that was in Unity and its companion app.

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"There was a time when this was the standard for all new games"

Oh, when was that?

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He didn't say Nvidia users aren't having issues. Everything he said is right.

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Seems odd that they say Nvidia is not a sponsor, but their logo is on the startup and can be found on banners all over the tracks.

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Their future is mobile because they can make a TON of money with much less investment than full games for PC or console. In the end, these are companies and their primary goal is to make money. While the saying may not make a whole lot of sense in the US (or maybe even other markets around the world) but it would seem that in Japan, mobile is the way to go.

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That's pretty damn cool.

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Those are some good songs. If they keep that up with the reveals, it'll start getting tempting to pick it up.

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You apparently didn't read the article.

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It won't. At least not my SIXAXIS.
It also apparently doesn't break when you repeatedly use it like a hammer smashing it on wood TRYING to break it. That's how pissed off I got with the original Motor Storm.

After enough hits, one screw in the right handle did finally strip out, but everything else held and still worked fine up until I the DS3 came out.

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My left pad started coming about after about 15 months. Bought a new controller and use that mainly.

Edit: I also had a problem with the controller in GTAV since the inner workings of the triggers wears prematurely so it eventually activate late and you can't get full pull anymore. It seems rockstar left zero dead zone on the trigger, but it works fine in every other game.
I did open it up and glued in small piece to fill in the gap.

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They can say, but why would they? It'd be dumb to throw their supplier under the bus and ruin that relationship both between GMG and their supplier and the supplier and CDPR.

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That's what whatculture does. Just find a way to block the site in your browser and never get suckered in again.

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Check out Team VVV videos on youtube. Looks pretty damn good to me.

Don't let this chouda-head's driving fool you.

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And now we see the "there's no such thing as bad publicity" in action as her work gets a TON more notice than it did before just because her name is out there now and people will look in to her and her games out of curiosity.

Everyone would have been better off if he just ignored her, but she had him hooked.

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Apples to Oranges. Drive Club doesn't cover such a vast difference of race types like go-karts, multiple levels of Formula racers, LMP, and historic cars.

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Game went gold and release date is 5/12.

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Turn 10 has (or at least had) the licensing rights for Ferrari just like EA has the rights for Porsche. The difference is, Turn 10 is willing to share while EA is overly protective of the license. That's why some games have RUF instead of Porsche.

I get the impression that Slightly Mad focused on lesser brands to keep licensing costs down. I hope they can expand later on.

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How about Drive Club?

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The part that needed approval is support for the old instruments. Old DLC was always included, but not all of it will be available right away.

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