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My guess is 2017 for 20 year anniversary.

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Just want to know if this is streaming on any youtube channel? It doesn't seem like YouTube Live at E3 is going to start any coverage until Monday morning.

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Why do they not cover the Bethesda conference?

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I don't think there's any chance Kojima will be there.

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And probably more expensive.

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I think they did. Xbox One collector's edition includes two decks. It caused a bit of a stink back when it was announced because CDPR said all platforms would treated equally, but then had to say they meant in terms of the game.

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Nice title change. Originally said Gears is NOT expected at E3 according to GameSpot, or something along those lines. I knew I read a GameSpot list this morning that included it. Now I finally find the article, and the title gets changed.

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I should probably pick up RB Blitz and get that exported.

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DLC between games almost never carries over.

Even if it didn't, I'd still be back. I'd just start over and only pick up the songs I really, really wanted and just go from there with new stuff.

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Look up the sea shell trick in Novigrad. MUCH faster. Just don't bother going over 60k since it just rolls over at some point and you lose a bunch. You'll be fine with 20k.

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I found a merchant who had 68 exploding bolts. I think it cost about 18,000 gold to buy them all.

Thankfully, I made money doing the sea shell thing in Novigrad to cover it, but it brought me pretty low, but I had a ton of junk I never bothered selling until then, which almost got me back to where I was.

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Damn you. Stole my joke before I thought of it.

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I never stopped. I still have quests way below my level to do. I don't think the times this happens will be a problem.

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No, I listed those because I find them more scary than anything in the game. I have no agenda, just having fun.

My game has crashed a number of times, usually anywhere from a minute to a few minutes after some goofy graphical glitches like a multi-colored dog or grass patches floating in the sky.

No experience thing I run in to quite a lot which is a known issue they are supposed to be fixing.

I play on PS4, so your ideas are off the mark....

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My 3 would be save bug, crash bug, and no exp bug.

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Try to keep this short.

Alternate reality, pretty much split up with reality after WWII. Technological advancement didn't take place nearly as fast (I think due to not creating the transistor). So while a lot of stuff looks like it was from the 1950s, it actually stuck around for over 100 years beyond that. As resources became scarce, nuclear technology became more common, so you'll notice the cars were nuclear powered (always fun to find one and shoot it until a n...

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Hmm, is that Troy Baker doing the voice for the main character?

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After seeing Witcher 3, I don't think that excuse can really fly. It's huge and looks great. Or maybe they're trolling and this will be the opposite of a graphics downgrade.

I honestly don't care though. I just want more Fallout.

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"but without anything official, we couldn’t completely freak out."

the website address was I think that's enough to be official.

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There are some good beards in the game. The one Geralt can grow, not so much.

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