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MangaGamer and HunieDev (possibly others) received notification from Steam to disregard the notice they received and the games will be re-reviewed.

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eh? Many of these games are already censored just to get on Steam and then you have to go to some other site and download an uncensor patch.

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If Ken Levine isn't working on it, is that really highly anticipated?

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So long awaited sequels lose respect for the developer? They sure do seem to sell pretty well when the developer takes their own sweet time and releases a kickass game like God of War or GTAV.

I mean, I get it. I want BL3 done too, but they wanted to work on other stuff. As long as the game is awesome when we get it, I'll be fine.

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Maybe I read it wrong, but I didn't get the impression that the 4 games mentioned were the only ones they were going to talk about.

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Recently, devs have said off the record they do not have dev kits yet and aren't aware of them existing yet. For a 2019 release, they'd have to be out there. Also, check out what Digital Foundry has to say.


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Spoiler alert: No Man's Sky is on the list.

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I think people want to get noticed, so they release stuff early so it isn't buried in the flood during E3.

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Penalties for a flat out awesome showing?

For those that don't want to read the article:
God of War demo'd with a live orchestra (how awesome was that?) - came out this year
Days Gone shown - who knows
The Last Guardian - Released 2016
Horizon Zero Dawn - short delay, released earl...

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Yep, doubt it as well. It wasn't that long ago SE took development back in house and started over (guessing to focus on next gen instead).

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Good point. Hard to justify raising the price of Prime if we can't even order the stuff we want.

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I've never had an issue pre-ordering a game on Amazon that was months from release, unless it was limited in some way. This isn't the early DVD days when supply might be limited early on due to production issues.

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Sure, but I'm not going through the game again just to get some pictures.

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I can't believe this was approved. It also shows Forza Horizons 5 (yes, plural Horizons) when Forza Horizon 4 hasn't even been announced yet. Also, Yoshi, Assassin's Creed, and Destiny Comet (publisher: EA, Brand: Activision)

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Too bad I'm almost done.

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Yeah, I always saw it as a portable you can dock. Not sure why it wasn't marketed like that from the start. It seems that's how most people use it anyway.

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MS did the same with my original Xbox 360 when it died outside the original warranty. I bought a new one and took apart the old one to paint the case (which I never got around to). When they extended the warranty, I sent it in with a letter explaining it and they replaced it.

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or pet cockroaches.

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The FTC sent notice to all 3 as well as some other companies with terms in the warranty that don't comply with the FTC. I know HTC and Hyundai were two of them.

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