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The Walking Dead

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"The consensus is also that when there are playable female characters, they are (by and large) reflective of gender stereotypes including sexual objectification and the damsel that needs saving. "

So help me out here. When is a playable female character the damsel that needs saving? I can't think of one right now.

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As noted below, 2/5 is not equal to 4/10. It's more realistically a 6/10. I tend to look at them similar to grades.
5/5 10/10 = A
4/5 9/10 = B
3/5 8/10 = C
2/5 7/10 = D
1/5 6/10 and lower = F

There's really not much point of grading games between 0 and 5 or 6 out of 10.

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I'm not even a fan of Sonic and I like it. Was mildly tempted to pick one up last week when a co-worker mentioned it.

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I dunno. The Slim doesn't seem appealing compared to the original. At least with the XB1 and S there's a slight reason for people to buy the newer version.
I think more may hold off for the Pro.

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I dunno. I've seen quite a bit of crap being posted this week.

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it can and does.

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Yet another article that just doesn't get it.

"it seems the PS4 Pro has the slight edge by providing native 4K resolution for at least a few games."

Except for the fact that Pro will be native 1440 or 1800 for most titles and then upscaling instead of from 1080p or less like the S.

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Oh man, was looking forward to this too.
Wonder if they won't tie in the current season with the game like they did with Stick of Truth now as a result.

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I hope they do Second Son. Seems odd they'd do First Light first.

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Time and some quality games.

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It is the DF video and they note that's who did it in the article.

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I thought they said 3 modes.
4k mode
1080p unlocked framerate (probably over 45 fps)
1080p/30 enhanced graphics mode

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Can't believe the disagrees. You said what a lot have been saying since the Neo rumored specs came out and what DF has also said.

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Sounds like the CPU is the bottleneck for the framerate. Since it didn't get as big of a boost as the GPU, the framerates probably won't be able to hit 60 fps anyway.

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There really needs to be some form of quality control.

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Yes, the KS8000 seems to be the best out there simply due to the latency issue with HDR. I think I'm going to wait for next years models though and wait for a deal.

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Is it just me or is the Pro truck model different (more damaged) than it was originally?

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Trying to watch on my phone with a QHD screen, but 4G is non-existent indoor and the wifi is slow as crap in the middle of the day.

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A good AA rechargeable is 2850 mha while the battery of the DS4 is only 800, so that's why the Xbox controller lasts so much longer.

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