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Digital Foundry and I think Team VVV suggest it's pretty solid in clear weather and maybe some drops at the start with a lot of cars up close, but weather can cause slowdown on all the console versions so far.

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That's a clickbait headline if I've ever seen one. Disappointed with Eurogamer.

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For one, the campaign has gotten worse with each game for a while now. They have plenty of track layouts, but you get stuck in a rut doing the same tracks over and over and barely ever see others, if at all. FM7 made it worse because you would have to do the exact same series of races, just with a different car type (I think it was 6 times). Project Cars campaign was much more interesting, and by all accounts I've seen so far, it's even better ...

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I know I am. Been increasingly disappointed with the FM series this generation. 7 doesn't seem to be changing enough.

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I agree, it was hard to recover if it got a bit too far from a small slide. Just gave me more incentive to not slide too much. I always suspected the controller steering assist wasn't giving you the control needed to counter the skid.

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I didn't find it all that punishing. They have assists and difficulty sliders to help.
The only thing that gave me problems was the AI ability in the rain, but I had the same problems with Forza.

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So they shouldn't branch out and do other related lines of business? Better tell Amazon to go back to selling just books.

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They've been working on it for quite a while now. I wouldn't be surprised with a 2018 reveal and Fall release.

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I love this. Headline: “Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games”
First line: "PS4 might have the lead in sales"

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PS4 had a slow start? Where?

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Prepare for disappointment!

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Sorry they didn't make the game to relate to your situation.

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Don't like em, don't play em. Just ignore them. No point getting worked up about it.

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Yes, but today is the day it went on sale.

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Yeah, I got lucky and was able to nab one. I was on the page for the normal version when the counter ended but still managed to find the Collector's Edition in time to get my order through.

Collector's Edition... With how fast they sold, they're all collector's editions except digital.

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The headline says "games never got better than GoldenEye 007" but if you haven't played anything better because of not trying them, it's pretty much a non-story.

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Oh good, try to fire up the hype train again. That usually works so well.

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It's always been 10 year support for their consoles. That doesn't mean a 10 year gap between systems.

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