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Did you know the best selling Brand of smartphones in Japan is Apple, which is an ''American'' brand! your comment makes no sense!

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The enemy AI don't react to them because it's done on purpose. Can you imagine how annoying it would be if your're being stealthy and Ellie gets detected.

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I watch some simulator videos on youtube, and they seem quite fun :)

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They don't lie, they just spin facts lol

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It was a good game but the ending was rushed.

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Its the terminator 2 of games!

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I would love for UC4 to be 2014 but highly doubt it.

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On the ps4 you can actually check how much memory is available and manage it accordingly, you don't have to install games untill it maxes out.

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article says he got a refund through paypal.

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haha you're just hoping to get a free ps4 now

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would have been funnier if they used a gif for kaz's face instead of a random japanese guy lol

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But with remote play you can still play your ps4 games 100 miles away as long as there's a wifi connection

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They do seem to love their micro-transactions. Lets hope that its not in this game though.

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Check out this thread on neogaf, they have some good tips for people with issues.

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off topic but just got a wifi ps vita with fifa and a 4gb memory card from HMV for £99. If anyone want one better be quick :)

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I thought there's plenty of stock?

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Stop trolling people, I'm not excited for the Xbone but let the fans enjoy the moment.

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The online portion of the game has been a mess since launch anyways. I had high hopes for the online, maybe they will get it right with GTA 6

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So what happens if someone is talking in the background? do you have to be like ''can you guys STFU! so I can use my Xbone voice commands!!!''

Using a controller is much more efficient than having to repeat a voice command 2 or 3 times.

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