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8 remake? Damn! That's the first time I've seen an article about a potential Final Fantasy 8 remake, it's usually Final Fantasy 7. The art is beautiful. :) #10
Ain't that the truth! Let's hope R* does what MAXIS did with Sims 4 and makes it so the "free" version is unplayable. I'm not normally a supporter for "anti-piracy" as I've been against laws like SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and anything else ending with "PA" but when a game is ACTUALLY GOOD; I think it's disrespectful to just pirate it. Also, there's the risk of them viruses and stuff from "fake copies". There's plenty of them around... #10.1
They most-likely will. These sorts of games seem to ALWAYS break street-date. Even the ORIGINAL version of V on the PS3/360 broke the street-date! I remember seeing videos on YouTube of people playing it around a week or two before the game even came out! #9.1
Man, you didn't say one thing negative and you get voted down. Must be PS4 hater or PC elitists. :/

But yeah; I kinda figured we'd be getting a launch trailer today. The graphics look great and I REALLY don't care what the master-race fanboys have to say 'cos this game is gonna look the best it's ever looked on a console. They can go on about 60fps and whatnot all they want, but I don't care. The game doesn't have a flat texture for grass anymore,... #1.2.1
And wow, one of the Backstreet Boys best themes are gonna be in the next-gen/PC version! #6
I'm surprised none of the "master race" have come here to bash the PS4 version, honestly. lol I for one am looking forward to the game, regardless, even with 30fps, which is better than the PS3's 17 - 26 fps with 30fps at NIGHT ONLY. #5
Damn, now that's a REAL useful feature right there! #1.3
Or 100+ fps if you're one of those people who loves screen-tearing. I hate it, personally. #5.1
The only thing you'll be missing out on are the rewards/perks for returning players, such as the Dodo plane, the car inspired by Mad Max "Duke O'Death" and several other nifty things, but the game has enough as it is so it's DEFINITELY worth the next gen/PC purchase even without the loyalty bells and whistles. #2.3
And this is the reason I'm tired of the stupid arguments about frame-rate and resolution, yet they complain about the quality of games but don't realise their negative petty feedback is the reason games suck 'cos all devs are seeing is 1080p/60fps 1080p/30fps and not things that matter like the fact games REALLY NEED quality testing, but of course frame-rate and resolution is more important than a game that works, right? Am I right? Frame-rate and resolution are important, but not... #4.2
I like how your comment Forn is getting downvoted when it makes complete and total sense. Gamers are way too spoilt these days. #1.4
Gamers have become incredibly spoilt and fail to realise it's not always about the resolution and graphics, but the gameplay, too. Of course having a really terrible looking game that has good gameplay is annoying (unless it's an Indie game) but having a game that has the optiminal resolution but not the "master-race" frame-rate of 60fps is immediately "bad" considering they can't tell the difference between 30fps and below. They also don't realise that con... #1.3
Yo, you forgot Muk. That's like the least creative thing to come out Gen 1 next to Ditto. #3
Can I join you? #4.1
Smartest comment right here. This man deserves a medal! @H4zzz4 #14.2
And this is why the video game market is dieing. #22
Not excited seeing as they're making 4 games at once. Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us has suffered greatly 'cos of this. I'm pretty sure this will be no different and will either be very limited, or just... bad. #3
Doesn't make me want to throw mine away. I have nothing to throw away. lol #3
Just look forward to the future, because things can't always stay the same. What turn-based RPG's sell incredibly well these days? None, except Pokemon but only 'cos of the merchandise, the fact it's Pokemon and the fact you can make your team in to an army and take others out online. FF-15 looks to be interesting and I think it might be a step in the right direction, but I can hear it now... the jaded fanboys who don't give anything new a chance are waving their pitchfork... #14
How did I guess there'd be some whiny fanboy going on about a FF7 remake? Literally on every FF related topic. If anything they should remake the games that weren't in 3D, just like they recently did with 3. 8 didn't get a HD remake, it got an upscale as did 7. Deal with it. Yes, 10 and 10-2 got remakes, but only because the PS3 can't natively play PS2 games. You can buy FF7 on the store. Also, if they listened to their "fans" (FF7 fanboys who don't actually give... #5.1
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