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Yo, you forgot Muk. That's like the least creative thing to come out Gen 1 next to Ditto. #3
Can I join you? #4.1
Smartest comment right here. This man deserves a medal! @H4zzz4 #14.2
And this is why the video game market is dieing. #22
Not excited seeing as they're making 4 games at once. Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us has suffered greatly 'cos of this. I'm pretty sure this will be no different and will either be very limited, or just... bad. #3
Doesn't make me want to throw mine away. I have nothing to throw away. lol #3
Just look forward to the future, because things can't always stay the same. What turn-based RPG's sell incredibly well these days? None, except Pokemon but only 'cos of the merchandise, the fact it's Pokemon and the fact you can make your team in to an army and take others out online. FF-15 looks to be interesting and I think it might be a step in the right direction, but I can hear it now... the jaded fanboys who don't give anything new a chance are waving their pitchfork... #14
How did I guess there'd be some whiny fanboy going on about a FF7 remake? Literally on every FF related topic. If anything they should remake the games that weren't in 3D, just like they recently did with 3. 8 didn't get a HD remake, it got an upscale as did 7. Deal with it. Yes, 10 and 10-2 got remakes, but only because the PS3 can't natively play PS2 games. You can buy FF7 on the store. Also, if they listened to their "fans" (FF7 fanboys who don't actually give... #5.1
It's not about equality, anymore. Feminists want to do exactly what that trailer said for AC: Unity; "Rule the world". No one complained about it in the previous games, so why now? Honestly, this is merely the bullshit feminism from the likes of Dina Abou Karam and co. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Also, doesn't anybody remember Liberation? That had a female character. Why not go and play that? Not every game has to have a female character. Next you'll be petitioning to... #16
Activision should blame themselves, it's their own damn fault why the game doesn't sell. They destroyed Spyro the Dragon, and they expect people to buy this processed, canned shit that includes Spyro, but is called, "Skylanders"? More like Asslanders. #20
Was the part about their sh*t not stinking actually in the dialogue? If so, that's probably one of the reasons I avoid this franchise like the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation. It's not serious. I'd expect lines like, "The Ghosts were a force unmatched by those who came before them," not, "The Ghosts shit didn't stink, they were universal legends." It sounds like a really bad combination of a kids action show but with swear words. lol (Maybe I'm talking out... #1.1
Yeah, because it's the real Infinity Ward who's working on it, not these monkeys Activision hired, who have as much experience as a 40 year old virgin, living in Antarctica. #5.1
Haha! The line about suicide penguins made me crack up! They'll probably also throw a cat and bird AI in there as-well, whilst keeping the same shooting system, but making it more slow and making the maps bigger to make you think the game is "different". #12.1
It is a new engine, it's a version errr... 5.0? Basically, it's the same engine yet a whole new version of it, therefore it's a "new" engine, but most gamers out there get caught in this trap and go bats*it when a lieing game developer says, "this is new." Uhhh, no it isn't. #11.1
I've been playing, Grand Theft Auto V, recently. I purchased ths Special Edition, of course; however, I also purchased the "Commander in Chief" edition of Saints Row IV, yet I have not touched the game yet. I know deep down it will not surpass my love for 2 (but who knows, maybe GTA V will? I'm pretty early in to the game). Saints Row The Third didn't, though, and I personally don't think Saints Row IV will.

I'll agree that bashing on people for... #6
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