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I guess I'm in the minority that thinks this game's a pile of sh*t. It's things like this why gaming companies slack off, because they know the gaming community will eat up any garbage that they produce and the sloppy work of this game topped off with the acclaim from gamers just strengthens that argument. "Oh, so this is what gamers want? Stupid stuff, good graphics, no story and horrible controls. *programs* Done!" I know it's an indie game, but we are the feedback...

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I could... lol

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Never cared about the console wars but if I had to make a guess I'd say SONY. Microsoft's definitely going to catch up with the Master Chief Collection, though, but I don't think it's going to outpace Grand Theft Auto V, to be honest - even though that game originally came out last year and is on both platforms, atm. There's also the TLOUR and GTA V bundle, so yeah.

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Finally, a game to fill the WipEout void.

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There's no changing society so the best you can do is ignore it. If you try to change the world, you'll get accused of being a dictator against freedom of speech. The words are wrong, but maybe they're not used in the context of which they'd be offensive? IDK. Maybe they're just insensitive people who don't understand how it makes other people feel? Maybe they just don't care and would gladly insult those who do take offense as being "p*ssies". Either way...

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I've never really understood it myself. I just "go along with it". lol

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That's a pretty sweet-looking console right there. Shame I already own one. I don't want to own 2, but I can't deny that that particular variant of the PlayStation 4's a beauty!

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Unfortunately, that's the society we live in. It's getting better (sort of), but there's still enough people who're going backwards who make it feel like it's getting worse. I treat all genders with equality. Unfortunately - as much as society likes to deny it - there is such thing as men who are afraid of abusive women and not just women afraid of abusive men, but because they're "men" they have to "deal with it". It's this particular mentally ...

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In this modern day world though it won't matter if you ban them. They'll find a way to circumvent it - they always do.

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I often say the old-time insults, like, "I'm gonna fill you full of lead" and "I hope you have life insurance." lol I hate it when people throw around words like gay, n*gger, f*g, and the r word, of course. It's one of the reasons I - 9 times out of 10 - mute the mic chatter whenever I'm in a public server.

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8 remake? Damn! That's the first time I've seen an article about a potential Final Fantasy 8 remake, it's usually Final Fantasy 7. The art is beautiful. :)

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Ain't that the truth! Let's hope R* does what MAXIS did with Sims 4 and makes it so the "free" version is unplayable. I'm not normally a supporter for "anti-piracy" as I've been against laws like SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and anything else ending with "PA" but when a game is ACTUALLY GOOD; I think it's disrespectful to just pirate it. Also, there's the risk of them viruses and stuff from "fake copies". There's plenty of them around.....

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They most-likely will. These sorts of games seem to ALWAYS break street-date. Even the ORIGINAL version of V on the PS3/360 broke the street-date! I remember seeing videos on YouTube of people playing it around a week or two before the game even came out!

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Man, you didn't say one thing negative and you get voted down. Must be PS4 hater or PC elitists. :/

But yeah; I kinda figured we'd be getting a launch trailer today. The graphics look great and I REALLY don't care what the master-race fanboys have to say 'cos this game is gonna look the best it's ever looked on a console. They can go on about 60fps and whatnot all they want, but I don't care. The game doesn't have a flat texture for grass anymore, ...

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And wow, one of the Backstreet Boys best themes are gonna be in the next-gen/PC version!

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I'm surprised none of the "master race" have come here to bash the PS4 version, honestly. lol I for one am looking forward to the game, regardless, even with 30fps, which is better than the PS3's 17 - 26 fps with 30fps at NIGHT ONLY.

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Damn, now that's a REAL useful feature right there!

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Or 100+ fps if you're one of those people who loves screen-tearing. I hate it, personally.

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The only thing you'll be missing out on are the rewards/perks for returning players, such as the Dodo plane, the car inspired by Mad Max "Duke O'Death" and several other nifty things, but the game has enough as it is so it's DEFINITELY worth the next gen/PC purchase even without the loyalty bells and whistles.

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And this is the reason I'm tired of the stupid arguments about frame-rate and resolution, yet they complain about the quality of games but don't realise their negative petty feedback is the reason games suck 'cos all devs are seeing is 1080p/60fps 1080p/30fps and not things that matter like the fact games REALLY NEED quality testing, but of course frame-rate and resolution is more important than a game that works, right? Am I right? Frame-rate and resolution are important, but not...

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