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Welcome Kojima San to the Netherlands.

Hopelijk heeft u een plezierige tijd in een klein land waar grote games gemaakt worden.

May GG expand your horizon....

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Wow Kojima San in getting tthe full Sony treatment. Good good. Now we have to wait patiently.

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@ npa

Joined 19 days ago and on a crusade against Sony. Good luck sir you are gonna need it !

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......... it must hurt does it not

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Ok bring those back. No problem. But they really should put out new stuff. Do not only (re)live your past but create your future.

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How about simple cd playback? I still like to play cd's.

Audio cd that is. Or SACD? Ok one can dream.

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Yup ik zweet peentjes hier...


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Lets see what is on the horizon......

Dit is spannend.


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Now I know where this MS Kinectdude with the sunglasses went to.

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Nice avatar.....

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A newbie and GT, yeah that is an awardwinning combination. Clearly a matter of fishing for hits. Vote this website down!

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Ahhhh the first Motorstorm, my first game for the old lady. Still a great game though.

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Now that is quite a beating the 4 got from the One. Didn`t see that coming. Oh wait a moment.......

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Eating little bits of the pie. The MS pie.

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What a utterly stupid and unnecessary remark.

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Wow, 4 the gamers....just wow

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O god PS4 is done for. And I was thinking that Sony came out strong. Wrong me........../s

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Nederland verwelkomt de PS4. We zijn er klaar voor!

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We do not need to answer this question because it does not matter. Comparing the PS4 to what PC? It sure beats my 6 year old laptop. But on the other hand my neighbour has a awesome gaming rig with lots of blue lights. He probably can play Shadowfall at a higher resolution..........oh crap, wait a minute

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Well said Bathyj

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