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Somehow all 3 are correct.

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No idea what this says.

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@stef I don't think green knows that that was an insanely funny scene in Billy Madison, or else he'd see the comedy in it and realize you were joking around (I think). But kudos, nonetheless.

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Blasphemy! Seize him!

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Hopefully Microsoft learns that you can always veer off to grab the attention of the casual gamer, but ultimately you have to return to center to appease the hardcore crowd. This move back to the hardcore could merge perfectly with a new console launch, so here's to hoping this happens! Killer Instinct Infinity! New Alan Wake! Condemned 3! Perfect Dark Forever! Conker Reborn! Crimson Skies 2! Kameo 2!

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@turdman yes, they do know what they're doing. That's why they've tripled the number of consoles sold this gen and have a higher attach rate than the other two, all while helping pull Sony back to competitor status instead of dominating like last gen. We're all about to see the truth when the Infinity is revealed.

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Got the first half of the title right. It's hilarious that everywhere else but on N4G the reception has been fairly mixed, but here it is like 95% approval rate. It's where Sony Fanboys live.

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that was godawful. very little concrete stuff, and where the hell is the console???

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Or half-life 3. Yeah, I guess we know that's not gonna happen...

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I hope that they announce they are being bought by Nintendo!

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529 US dollars!!!

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Sony fanboys paying for online. Ha times infinity!

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The MG fanboyism on this site is only surpassed by Sony fanboyism. True story.

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Unless you really don't like MGS or FF games...

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Or the quatro, imo.

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I love it. Microsoft rules. Keep it out of their whiny hands for as long as possible.

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That was my immediate reaction, too. This would be a great franchise to reboot! I need a key. Classic! I was hoping for this or Darkwatch...

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@mike myers As you can see by my one bubble, I am a huge MS supporter, and I agree with all your points.

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@evil people will hear what they want to hear. Selective listening/reading is strong with fanboys.

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