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THIS IS HUGE, no in the words of Donald Trump its YUGE.

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Nice looking forward to seeing the results

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just bought it :)

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Yea ima get that one too

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Getting all of those except the Croods

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its dlc, but a whole game worth of it

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Yep me too.

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Yeah they're in a good spot. After Monster Hunter Japanese sales may just take off. Smash Bros, Zelda and Kart appeal more to the American audiences. Add in the 101 n Bayonetta and u got something good cooking.

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yea this game screams wii U GAMEPAD !!

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Nah you got it wrong there MN. Its awesome to have multiple control scemes on the Wii U. If they can do good with the Wii Mote more power to them. No need to hate on em.

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yea its pretty active. Noone plays league play though but every other mode has plenty of people to play in there.

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Getting this on my Wii U. Buddy getting it on his Xbox n other buddy getting it on his PS3. This game is gonna be awesome!!

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Im getting this game.

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Really solid list considering it doesnt even include some of the other Nintendo brand titles we will see this year.

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Yep you said it brotha

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You know what I dont need EVERY shooter on the market. I just need an occasional good one and my beloved Nintendo franchises. I also respect other systems for what they do great. Hell I own a 360 also but like the other 1.8 million Wii U owners its the little things that Nintendo does that keeps me coming back.

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Yea I'm ready too

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The truth is EA released a half-bred version of Madden this year in hopes of just getting a quick buck. Next years madden will be nice and as a Madden fan I'll buy it. I didnt buy this one because they admitted they did a quick port. I'm sure alot of other people that read up on games before they buy them did the same thing.

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I agree.

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