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Yes Day 1 purchase. Reasons, Nintendo,Retro, Quality,looks epic and I need something new to play.

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The Wii U is awesome. There's wayyy too man haters on here with way too much time on their hands. They spend more time hating on the Wii U then they do playing their own consoles.

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goes to xbox and xbox 1 first. After that now sure if its coming to Wii U or not. I believe hits xbox the 28th of this month.

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Does anybody know if there will be dlc for Mario Kart 8. Any announcements?

Really enjoyed the Pikmin DLC would like for some extra items tracks or characters in MK8

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I like his Chappelle show skit. haha

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Yep I agree

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Day 1 download for me.

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The game is terrible. That's why its a nightmare. If they'd of released something people actually want to play it'd of done better. Maybe not as good as it could on competitors systems but still fairly decent.

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This is one of their best ideas in a while. I'm looking forward to playing the games at my local Best Buy. I'm going to be pissed if there's a long line though. When they first put the demo station in people were crowding it.

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THIS IS HUGE, no in the words of Donald Trump its YUGE.

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Nice looking forward to seeing the results

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just bought it :)

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Yea ima get that one too

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Getting all of those except the Croods

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its dlc, but a whole game worth of it

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Yep me too.

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Yeah they're in a good spot. After Monster Hunter Japanese sales may just take off. Smash Bros, Zelda and Kart appeal more to the American audiences. Add in the 101 n Bayonetta and u got something good cooking.

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yea this game screams wii U GAMEPAD !!

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Nah you got it wrong there MN. Its awesome to have multiple control scemes on the Wii U. If they can do good with the Wii Mote more power to them. No need to hate on em.

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