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Played the demo and I'm sold. Can't wait for this game to come out.

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I want to do both, collect and use them.

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Nintendo gonna have to break out the old wallet and get some 3rd party games back and some exclusives. Their system is still very awesome it just needs games. Hell A zombie U 2 funded by Nintendo with online co op and multiplayer would really do go nowadays. I'm not talking Call of Duty or Destiny numbers but everybody loves a good zombie game with Online. Zombie U part 1 had no online and that really killed it. Especially since the local multiplayer was very fun.

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Personally I just think the dev team don't have the skills to use the Wii U tech properly. How to explain how Nintendo, Retro, and Platinum get games to run at such a high level on the U.

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Yea they'll be buying football. Its called Madden

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But here's the good news. If u still want the big boobies you can get the bayonetta breast enhancement dlc pack for $19.99

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Yea Zombi U with no dlc and no online. Sounds like they tried really hard.

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Anddd in other news, nobody cares.

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Its out now. I downloaded it. So far, extreamly cheesy and first gen PC graphics. I'll play more tonight when I get off work and see if it has any value in it. So far its living up to its price. 2$

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I'm gonna download and play this game. I'll let u know if I like it or not.

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Whens this coming out?

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We could look back years from now and say "this is the Zelda game that changed it all"! For the better I mean.

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I thought they said it was a family game. I'd rather have Zombie U 2 though. It's a shame that multiplayer from the first one wasnt online. If it was the sales would have been a little better.

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Yea I thought it was the worst one also and I hear a lot of people saying the same thing.

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I like Driveclubs lighting better but for some reason Project Cars graphics appeal more to me. We will have to wait and see how they play, cos it doesn't matter how good you look if u play like crap.

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This is great but I'm waiting on the real system update with the new features and stuff. I'm sure this one is helpful but my system hasn't froze or crashed in ages. I won't even notice this update.

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Cough Cough Monster hunter. Oh and Nintendo needs to purchase High Voltage Software and make a nintendo quality Conduit game. They need a few shooters. COD is all we have and not sure when Activision will pull the plug on that one because of low sales on Nintendo consoles.

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Nope, next question.

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