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It seems like a good, not great game. I will be buying it. I hope it does well, but to answer your question. NO

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I aint saying it's a total disappointment. The games Nintendo put out are epic in every sense. The problem is there's not enough variety of games. We don't need every third party game but it'd be nice to have ( SOME ) of the good ones. On a different note that was a great Nintendo Direct. Very happy about FATAL FRAME !!

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Hoping for something good. I love Nintendo but they've been pretty disappointing lately. I'm dying over here.

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That's exactly why we continue to get games without all the options. Because people dont care enough to voice their opinion on it. So Nintendo continues to think its ok.

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Nintendo has the potential to be the highest selling gaming company and its sad cos its not its hardware holding them back it's their stubbornness and need to be all of its consumers parents that keep landing their home consoles in last place. I'm still going to buy splatoon, but no voice chat in a game based on team cooperation is just plan stupid. People who don't wanna listen to little kids can mute them like every other normal game in the world. At least Devils third ill be a ...

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Aint the greatest feeling in the world but it'll be ok

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I think it means we are all overreacting.

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Me either

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I'm loving this game. Can't wait to see if its something special. Keep polishing it, the longer you hold on to it.

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Yea I bought it again. I might buy it again for my niece n nephews. lol

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Cough, Cough, Devils Third. 10 exclusives would've been a better article.

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I talked to him on FB and he swears that the graphics have received a serious overhaul. I'm hoping that's the case.

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I'd have to respectfully disagree with you. The reason being, the best selling console is usally the one that appeals most to the average consumer. Look at the Wii. It appealed to consumers well and sold like crazy even though it clearly wasn't the best console on the market. This time around the Wii U doesn't have that same appeal but if you go by the quality and ratings of their games the system seems to offer what some would argue as a better or higher quality gaming experience...

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Its gonna be LEGEND.. wait for it..... Nope sorry I can't wait for it. GIVE IT TO ME NOWWW!! dary

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Bayonetta 2 was 50% off in the eshop.

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Yea it looks good. I hope devils third is 1080p

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Yea all mine are digital. It fits the game pad interface very well.

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Woaah that Gamepad picture is the oldschool first gamepad with the slider analogs haha.

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Preloaded it to my system already. Can't wait to play it.

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Yea I agree. If u already got other systems don't worry about it. If you only got the Wii U you should get it for that system. A lot of hating going on but if u like this type of game then get it, don't worry bout what everybody else is talking about.

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