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Rip we will remember all that Nintendo has brought to gaming under your watch.

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If thats what they gotta do to get it to me I'm fine. I just want the game. I doubt it'll be digital only though.

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Some of those games they show just don't fit the audience. The people who play those casual games dont watch E3. The people who play, fatal frame, starfox, metroid n devils third do. I'm not sure what he really expected. I wanna talk to the guy who screened that digital event before release n was like" yea that's good you guys are gonna do great". Smh

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Yea he would. It would be a good Microsoft strategy actually. It would advertise Halo to Nintendo fans. Not saying it's true but it would be cool.

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I think it'll be fine.

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This is going to be nice.

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Make that 4 one for me and one for my nephew

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Yea I'd buy it too.

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Slightly Bad

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I bet a Nintendo first party team could get Project Cars running at full speed on the WIi U

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That last part about mario LOL, kinda made me laugh.

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I don't know. Does winning E3 even have the effect that is use to once upon a time?

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With Bowser being an inside man,now we'll never find the princess!!

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Yea I thought reviewing a demo was kinda stupid too.

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My predictions
Devils third full preview, maybe even playable
Animal Crossing Wii U
Star Fox U
Metroid Prime 4 with online multiplayer modes n maps
Devils Third Beta announced
Zombi U 2
Some goofy colorful title that's super fun (Wii sports resort 2 or some kinda puzzle game something weird that just screams Nintendo)
Wii U update previewed with teamchat and that multiperson video chat.
Mario Maker and F-Zero

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with online, updated graphics and co op play. I loved the multiplayer in zombie u, sucked that it was only local play though.

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Can't come soon enough

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Not a fair preview. It's a brief Demo. There is a mode to play with your friends if you watched the Splatoon Direct. Everything you complained about is a non issue except for voice chat. I agree with you on that. In 2015 voice chat shouldn't be optional. Its like antilock brakes on a car. They all should have em by now.

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What a terrible commercial. Jesus Christ!!!

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