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Some PS or Xbox fanboy started this rumor to try and slay Nintendo's next dominant system. Wii U will be the number one selling system from its Nov 18th release date till June or July next year at least.

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This guys an idiot. Everything he says out his mouth is either stupid, obvious, or offensive

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Its very hard to have a gaming system that is for the core, hardcore, and casual but anybody can pull it off its Nintendo.

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Patcher just wants some attention. The guy has never said anything true or nice about Nintendo

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Wow do you actually pay attention to the Crap that comes out when you talk or do you just say stuff. Nintendo is the true risk taker and innovator of our video game lifetime. I'll give Xbox credit for xbox live but thats about it.

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Is this guy still around? I thought he was dead. After being wrong on everything for the past 5 years, the industry should've killed him off like a bad sitcom character.

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Layeth the smacketh down Reggie !!

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Nintendo FTW. OK now the haters can post since I'm done.

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I get where ur coming from but there is way too much shovelware on the big N's system, I'm happy to let sony sort em out.

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Oh and if red steel 2 had a good multiplayer, or a multiplayer at all it'd of been more sucessful. IMOP

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I'm a lil skeptic about the kille freaks game. It looks great visually ( but thats a given) but the way it controlled in the demo is still in question for me.

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yep very important.

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somebodies got a good sense of humor, 1080-S lol. I love it hilarious and deserves my comment and flame on flame-bait article.

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this must be the official haters ball, cos theres alot of hating going on.

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I figured that much. Graphic looked hotter in that Zelda like hiphop gamer pointed out.

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its way too many haters on this site of the system. Just hating for no reason.

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yea ima disagree on that one, but this is the coolest story yet. With someone as respected as Infinity Ward glued to the Wii U. This story won't reach 1000 degrees like some Playstation fanboy story would on this site but its definantly up there as far as how intresting it is.

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I dont care if its 10 or 80 on Wii U, Im definantly not playing it on PC, PC gaming definantly has the best visuals if u can afford the best PC, but it also has the smallest community. Consoles rule gaming everybody knows that, and love em or hate em, nintendo is the current king of consoles. So ima buy it on their new system.

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I'm liking this game, I may buy it at launch.

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