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That picture is EPIC achievement unlocked Kill osama bin laden lol, cracked me up #19
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She's hot but this story is a Fail :( #49
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THe handheld market? Really hiphop gamer? REALLY?? Wasn't psp graphics better then the DS and it outsold it like crazy. 65 million seriously, are you comparing the greatest selling system of all time the DS to 65 million. Wow thats some real FANBOY journalism. Old 3d tech, wait 3d without glasses that looks awesome, old? Man this video was terrible from the start. #27
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While someone can easily argue if its the best console or not. You can't argue his reasons because those are solid facts. #34
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Wake up people would you rather play COD in great graphics or COD in great graphics in 3d. The originality that the 3ds will bring is unmatched. Plus the PSP2 i'll be at least equal or greater priced. I just don't see them keepin up with DS again. Especially after DS has like an 8 month start. Look what 360 did to PS3 with a 10 month start. #25
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I'm not trying to start noting but this does not get me excited at all. touchscreen on the back? I had the old PSP and it was sadly a fail. I hope they do better but im not jumping in joy until i see what its gonna do for me in the gaming department. My cellphone does 3g and gps thats just not impressive. To me at least. #65
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Cant argue that Galaxy 2 is teh best Wii game ever. You just can't. The guy that posted smash bros brawl has lost his mind. #2
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Looks great, tired of all these haters posting comments. Like BallSAK500 #2
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Yep I care too
Im definantly picking it up and so are some of my BMF gaming clan members #5
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Sweet #2
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Ima have to pick up one, got motion plus already but makes controller too long. that is a better fit for me #35
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She's bout as big a fail as the playstation wiimote err umm move I mean #32
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Gotta love the big N #28
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Wow this game looks like crap but..... Looks can be deceiving with all that talent working on that game it may still be awesome and fun to play. #2
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Let me See......
True 3d with no glasses, or motion controls the industry been doing for years now. I can't decide which one is more exciting lol. #22
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And Rares last good game was????
Rare hasnt made a good game since they left Nintendo. Maybe they should shut up and focus on trying to do that. #15
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gotta get it #23
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Theres no controller problem
Its called IR interference. It happens in things that use IR. My panasonic plasma causes IR interference my AT&T cable remote. It doesn't work all the time due to that interference. The move i'll have a different kinda of interference and we've already seen the problems occur in Kinect demo's. #16
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I disagree with your conclusion
Me and my friends are all 21 plus of age. We play and love the Wii madden. We also own xboxs so we play it on there too. But we prefer the Wii version. As you mentioned its simplier and more engaging but it actually does manage to do everything the other versions do, just in its own manner. I don't think this version of Madden is just for kids. I think its for everyone who doesn't feel like dealing with 50 buttons to play a game of football. Its also for those who want to get a little... #1
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You guys are tripping Nintendo will releas a new syhstem when the time is right they are the smartest gaming company on the planet so relax, and keep the faith #3
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