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Nah its coming to Wii U. Treyarch hasn't skipped a Nintendo system yet. It was Infinity Ward that dissed Nintendo gamers for a few years.

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It's obvious the PS3 can but that playschool camera you recorded that video with can't lol.

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I looked at the screenshots from eurogamer side by side and the Wii U version definitely looks better and thats just being honest. It however doesn't seem like it'd look better then some of the top PS3 games like uncharted. Its the beginning of the systems life though look at how bad some of your old PS3 and 360 games look now. I have high hopes for this systems graphics and think they'll be just shy of what the news xbox and playstation will produce, allowing it to hold its own ...

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Preach on brotha, I dont think they heard you.

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If you actually read the articles like I do. Gearbox said themselves that the Wii U version will have better graphics and be the definitive version. Look it up the article was on N4G.

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I'm really liking that. If its pushing the Xbox to its limits then the Wii U version should be on Par with the PC one.

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Nah man I like the way Call of Duty Zombies and left for dead make you work together and rely on each other to survive.

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Features are very nice. Up the graphics and add multiplayer and you have an epic shooter.

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yea man they definitely started summin

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I"m sure they cut a good enough deal on the components to give the system the usual Nintendo friendly price. They just need to sell enough of the systems to make up for the quantity they probably had to purchase to make the system cheaper.

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Man those features were awesome can't wait for the rest at E3. Hater gonna hate though, I aint mad at ya for being yourselves.

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Do you actually believe what comes out your mouth, or do you just blert the first thing that comes to mind?

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It's a me. MARIO !!!

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what about aliens colonial marines, assasssins creed and killer freaks from outer space?

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Orrr it could come out on the Wii U first.

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Nintendo.....................b ut Sony has also made some really good contributions.

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yea nintendo will but the other ones i'll excite their base also. Nintendo's fault is their presenters besides Reggie are very dull people, Miyamoto and Satoru or whatever his name is are very dull individuals

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Did you wake up being a hater today or were you born that way. Let people have their moment you dont have to jump him just cos he showing some Wii U love.

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If its one thing nintendo knows how to do its sell hardware. They will market this system well enough and between that and word of mouth the sales i'll be there. What I'll do is add you on here and we'll have this conversation again after the system launch. If im wrong which I doubt I'll be I'll give you your props and admit it.

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you must be smoking something, that thing is gonna sell like crazy. Now pass that stuff so I can think like you.

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