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yes, next question. Nobody told me this test was gonna be this easy.

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So is it confirmed that Patcher is an idiot now? or do we still need more proof LOL

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I"m going to buy both, and Ubi soft said already there was multiplayer in Zombie U. Nobody has seen it yet but they both look like awesome titles for Nintendo's new system.

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Theres no news here. Next Article.

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Jubbernaut No Doubt. Lets be honest its Nintendo. They know how to make good 1st party games at least and with a handfull of 3 parties on board the Wii U is a beast. For now at least.

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Yeah nintendo will be fine. They know how to sell systems, make killer FIRST PARTY games at least and make money.

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He also believes his shooters will outsell Call of Duty. Hell R Kelly believed he could fly and Michael Jackson believed it was ok to sleep with little boys.

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Let this be a lesson to IGN. Tell the truth and haters will come out in bunches.

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looks pretty freakin awesome to me

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Haters gonna hate, what can you say. There's about 50 of these articles with some secret source or reason why the Wii U will fail. Only time will tell.

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and his little nerdy life

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I wonder if the one from the Wii will work on the Wii U. It should.

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Itd be nice if you could audible with your voice, picks plays on your gamepad and scan your face into the game.

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No you're terrible Colonel Sanders, and momma said you're the DEVIL lol, ( In my Adam Sandler Voice)

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The point I'm trying to make is nobody really saw that. All the normal people were sleeping by then. ( Refer to the comment too bad he's on so late) Let it marinate for a minute, you'll get it. ........ Ohhhhh now I get it.

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Now that was some good marketing, its to bad Jimmy is on so late at night

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That's why lewis wrote the article and you didn't. To advoid stupid titles like that.

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