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I can deal with that

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Nah he aint the ultimate Nintendo fan. I wonder if he raps lol, I'd love to see him battle rap the hiphop gamer. That'd be hilarious being that hiphop is a PS fanboy.

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This comment actually made me laugh out loud so I had to give you an agree vote just because of that haha.

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Yes, next question

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Yep buying 2 actually. One for me and one for my family.

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yea we know, whats new?

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Modern Wii-Fare 4
Gears of Wii
007 The Wii is not enough
World of Wii-Craft
Mario Galaxy 3
Metroid Prime U
orrrrr Half life exclusive
lastly Left for Dead U

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By the way, I'm Brad Pitt and I approve this console. LOL

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Because that commercial apparently came on after Brad Pitts Chanel No. 5 commerical

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What up white soxs. Chi-Town here !!

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I'm not even a fan of Playstation but... I hate when people write dumb articles saying a system will fail before its even come out. There's way too many anti-nintendo, anti-sony, anti-microsoft articles on here. Lets try and write based on what actually happens for a change.

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I'm not trying to be sarcastic but can someone tell me whats new about Monster Hunter 3 ultimate besides HD. I haven't read up on it. I love Monster Hunter games but I don't wanna buy the same game I've been playing for years in HD. Is there anything new about this version?

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Way too many people hating on Nintendo lately. I don't understand all the spam articles trashing the Wii U saying that some anonymous source said something bad about it.

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I disagree, I think this is the first significant change in a long time. Treyarch is definantly offering more bang for your buck then previous call of duty titles.

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Yep already reserved mine

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I never played it before but Im going to buy part 2 just because people are giving Platinum Games such a hard time.

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Now he wanna give it props.... smh

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Nah it was funny man. Its no worse then the articles that people actually consider news on here sometimes. I laughted and its fun to laugh a little every now and then.

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