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Nope as in "Sony needs to improve their game lineup". I am confident that it could happen.


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What I think @Jackhass meant was that Sony needs to improve their game lineup. I would have added that as a reason the Xbox One can defeat the PS4, but who knows what will happen E3 2014. Sony could have some awesome stuff lined up already but we just don't know yet. But as of now there isn't a lot to look forward to.


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Great question. There is more information about a possible Wii U participation or even next console integration but we don't have information solid enough that is worth posting on that. Geno says there will be updates on this very soon. We have had this sitting with us for a while now and decided to share. There is some content/rhetoric edited out because of the lack of proof. Don't want to hype up anything we don't believe is true.


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In reply to @alphaomega I don't think that the other consoles have anything "over" the Wii U. While they may have better specs, it is because the OS and other things are more demanding, so it needs that increase. The Wii U isn't as demanding, thus it doesn't need higher specs, and in the end it saves money. So if anything I think the Wii U has that "over" the other consoles. Don't get me wrong, I am not some COD junkie who says that shooters are the best an...

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True. The 3DS started from Pilot Wings and StreetFighter 3D and look at it now; however, it didn't have two HUGE competitors going up against it. The Vita had it from the hardware aspect but from a library aspect? The Vita never had anything on the 3DS so you can't compare the two. I don't think the Wii U will fail, but its going to deal some damage to Nintendo.

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There is no questioning that the Playstation Vita is the best mobile gaming device ever; however, the game selection has lead it down a very bad path. I happen to prefer my PS Vita to my 3DS X10.


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NO! Just Alex...

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First off I want to say thank you to FanOfGaming for posting my article on N4G. Second I never said in my article that the Wii U won't win core gamers due to no achievements and the missing headphone jack. Trust me I am not surprised my the whole update thing because it is a brand new console, and hey, every time I turn on my XBOX there is a new freaking update for something. I prefer Nintendo over PS3 and XBOX and that is probably why I don't own an XBOX 360 and just use my brothers ...

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We are talking about their E3 trump card, not in general! ;)

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It would be just like the 3DS: You wireless communications intercept, no 3G/4G data plan (at least atm)

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We were quite happy to hear this as well!

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I think even mainstream audiences are getting bored with how easy shooters have become

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I have 14:54 ;)

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We can't wait for the game to come out over here at DualPixels

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The Vita is a great device, it has the potential to re-invent gaming, but the problem is the memory. Do get a decent size memory card, you have to spend quite a big sum of money ($120 for 32 GB)

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Wow, I wonder if something was wrong with it O_o

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