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This article must be coming from a bitter Sony person who still can't play bf4 properly.

The bf4 servers have been working perfectly on the xb1 since it got released.

Sony servers are pure sh*t and this article is just grasping at straws.

The titanfall beta servers have been nothing short of fantastic.

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Titanfall textures are awesome.

Cboat is a filthy neogaf liar.

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Other than this, there are no problems with the game.

It looks and runs fantastic.

This article is just sony jealousy drivel.

Another great game on the xb1 whereas the ps4 still has sh#t for games.

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Hardware tiled resources is going to hugely boost the graphics of the xb1.

I can't wait to see the ps fanboys jaws drop when they start seeing xb1 games looking better than ps4 games and they don't understand why.

32 mb of esram can display 6gb worth of textures at a moments notice and continue to stream 6gb at a time. This is magnitudes more than the ps4 can display in a total period at all.

2015 will see the xb1 dominate ps4 graphi...

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Textures on the xb1 look great.

Cboat is a proven filthy neogaf liar.

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Titanfall on the xb1 has great looking textures. Much improved from the alpha.

This proves one thing.....

Cboat is a dirty fifthy neogaf liar.

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A new low from n4g and neogaf liars.

99% of xb1 owners know nothing about this. The picture was great before and it is great now.

I cant see any difference in any of my games. Whatever people are talking about in this article it wasn't hated or even a slight problem.

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Remove the stupid light from the controller.
Upgrade the controller battery to last more than a couple of hours.

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Lmao no.

A game as bad as Killzone selling half the amount the actual console sold proves one thing -

There are no decent games to choose from on the PS4.

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I dont want Sony gamers coming to the XB1 though :(

It would ruin the community.

Sony please do something to keep all the retarded fanboys with you.

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Lol owned.

I love my one bubble. I wear it like a badge to prove I'm not a Pony.

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This game is last gen so i dont care how great or bad it runs on any console.

Remote play is pretty much useless. I mean seriously, there is zero reason to stream to the PS Vita when you can not be more than 5 yards away from your PS4 to make it work properly.

And as mentioned, you will be $100 out of pocket when you start playing on the Vita.

Wait until tiled resources becomes industry standard for upcoming and future games later this year ...

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I will be playing this along with many other great games on the XB1.

I dont feel shafted at all.

My XB1 experience has so far been fantastic.

Even BF4 works great on the XB1 after the first patch happened weeks / months ago.

PS4 version still not working? No wonder you feel shafted with that and a lack of games ;)

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So many dumb dumbs in here.

It doesn't matter whether you need PSN or Live Gold or not.

People with a PS4 will pay for PSN regardless and people with an XB1 will pay for Gold regardless.

The end result is that everyone will pay.

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1 - Have just one decent game. All the PS4 exclusives suck.

2 - Take a leaf from the XB1 and make the controller better. The DS4 is cheap and nasty with poor triggers, bad battery life and a stupid blue light.

3 - Try to make the people that play the PS4 less douche bags and actually people worth playing with.

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Sony can keep its smaller developers for all i care.

There is a huge plethora of indie titles that one simply ceases to care about.

I dont want these on the XB1.

Sony + slavestations, here, keep them.

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This literally looks like the most boring game i have ever seen.

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All i see is butthurt and more butthurt in this thread.

XB1 has the best titles at launch and it continues to have the best exclusives out of launch.


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I dont hear this from anyone who bought an XB1.

The PS4 might have been a waste of money since there are no decent games for it yet.

But the XB1 already has a handful of decent exclusives worth dropping the money on.

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PC hardware is great.

Apart from a handful of deccent games though, the number of decent games on PC are completely sub standard.

Consoles easily win when you compare overall game quality, triple AAA blockbusters and overall enjoyability.

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