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100% pulling random number our of ur ass without any sources or evidence based researches.

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the end of the trailer he said "Porn Star!"

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Gran of salt? LOL @ present day journalist that can't spell.

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yeah i think he meant Sony "killed" it..like they totally owned the shit out of it..sort of

plus LBP + a name like slutface, u know he's a good guy

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The Way to fix this issue is to have the aiming cuticle swing around wildy while you run as you would expect from real life (sort of like Days of Defeat); when your aiming is all over teh screen while you run, this strategy will not work. as you move faster the cuticle should get bigger

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More after the 'break'? what break, u mean traffic for 2 more lines? i didn't click into it...

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FFT on PS1 had more strategy and was harder than disagea games in my opinions. I liked FFT better; not the DS crap. All DS crap sucked

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yes, that is the only problem. The comboing aspect. and..u can 'cheat' as well. Move all ur ppl into combo adjacent squares...then back track all ur steps again and repeat with remaining char.

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Only thing i don't like about the Disagea series is that you move all your troops before ur enemies all at once.

They should do it how Final Fantasy Tactics does it, move priority based on Agility status, that provides more strategy.

When u have a group of 10 really strong guys..the enemies dont even stand a chance, u just gang up on the boss from the start. a bit anti climatic and 'lack' of strategy for a strategy RPG

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This group is basically Cyber Terrorist no different than Bin Laden.

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Everything I touch turns to shit. (including the PSN...lol i kid :)

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you will come across many different characters. It is obvious for budget and time reason they cannot put in every single characters and make live action movies for all of them.

I still think 3 well designed campaigns are better than 15 different storyline that makes u play the same levels again and again.

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How long did it take you to play through Modern Warfare 2 campaign? how many characters did you played?

3 Focus characters is enough for storyline. Most ppl will blast through the storyline (and i am sure it will take you more than the 6 hour modern warfare single player), then you will jump online.

think about it, it's the amount of quality time spent that matters not how many playable characters. If the game is shit, it doesn't matter if you get to...

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at E3 to be included. Both DS2 and TW wasn't playable.

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How often does your game get scratch and break so it's unplayable and you have to buy a new one?

In my 20 some odd years of gaming, never happened.

Plus, physical disc, u can resell it some chump change which i do every time i platinum a game.

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I think this article is dumbest crap i have ever read, it makes no sense at all. All 3 are here to stay, like it or not, Sony has a lot of financial work to do to make up for the past 3 years of hardware loss. The games on the other hand, the PS3 has the best games this generation hands down, no argument about it. 90% of the games on Xbox and PS3 are identical stuff, 10% left over are the exclusive gems. Hoping PS3 can hold out as long as possible.

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Title Beter Beter Beter Beter???

Oh .. Better.

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what they paid to acquire Media Molecule.

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From Japan Studio! In the past 3 years all they have been doing is making Guardian for..ever....and some random games here and there..PSN things (trash panic)..Siren..so on

Overseeing production Patapon, Demon's Soul, Folklore, and WKC..

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