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If the new pokemon announcement is a full fledged wii u game i could care less, otherwise a new metroid is my second most wanted game for the system and i would be sadly dissapointed if it isn't in the pipeline yet. #5
Why microsoft, why you do this to me. I had no reason for an xbox until now. Please have the epiphany the rest of the world has and release it on pc! #12
I'm in the alphs, game has some serious pacing flaws. Thankfully it''s alpha and they can fix most of it. But it isn't as OMG EPIC NUCLEAR BOSS BATTLES as i expected. The alpha is convincing me to put other titles ahead of this one in my holiday budget. #7
i want like a metroid world rpg. crossing through the universe(more open world) and going on different space missions. #11
As a pc gamer this looks like shit, as a gamer in general i'm still excited for this games gameplay! #11
Fuck No, They are both RPG's yes,and they both are great games but the witcher is best at being the witcher and vise versa! #24
if i get in I'll stream on twitch (If allowed) #5
Im rocking PC and Wii U. Amazing combo so far! #36
PC is my main, Wii U is my party machine! #21
I think the vita would be better served with a new iteration of the dragon warrior monster series! #3
A unified pokemon game would be bad ass. Especially one where i could take my progress with me on the go and then come home to battle online in hd. #4
FFXII, stoked for the timesplitters remake but would luv to see it on console also, Baiten Kaitos would be an awesome remake for wii U,also the dark cloud series! #17
Where is KH:BBS #4
I recommend Pc version over ps4 for one main graphical reason, Sweetfx. The color Pallete for FFXIV is very bland in my opinion and with sweetfx i was able to cusomize it to leak truly beautiful! Might post some screenshots if ppl are on the fence. #12
Shit now were gonna get next gen Cats! #44
This is retro?! I'm either getting older at a rate faster than previously thought or this is barley making the retro list. #2
God that color scheme is horrendous. Might just be my personal taste but the pallet they are working with seems very bland. #1
probably new footage of ffXV or KH3. Unless it's a mobile announcement i won't be disappointed. #23
Yes..Yes it was! #9
I almost always hate prequels but one game i would like to play is jecht. Going through his journey to sace the world and become sin would be cool although there wouldn't be any aw shit moments from plot twists! #20
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