In a new band feeling awesome right now!
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pcsx2, international in hd is amazing!

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It's nice to know that their cut-scenes will be photo-realistic!

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K, so people don't understand that a display has to be sent to each eye, not to to the tv and morpheus, without layering it too each eye you get 1. A fish-eye type environment and 2 not a real VR, it would be the same as just sticking your head closer to the monitor/tv and using your ps eye which can already track some movements of your body. Each layer of the display has to output the textures and resolution, any one who uses multiple monitor displays will understand this. I saw the extr...

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Would look like shit to be honest, there was a AAA dev talking about how VR doesn't have a spot yet with consoles, because the screen has to be sent to two separate displays it has to essentially double the resolution, etc. The ps4 even with it's moderate specs would have trouble delivering an experience on a large scale without looking like boogers and having other compromises, like dumb a.i. and lack of immersive physics. That's why some dev's are saying they aren't even...

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im 10 away from 700, nooooo. dem posters!! wait wait, i'll have enough when i get smash! fuck yeah!

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As a PC + WiiU combo going on, i am not dissapointed in the slightest.

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Why No one Cares!!

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It always bugged me how people compare Final Fantasy games like they are one series instead of Just a Brand within Square Enix.

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Well considering the lack of publicity behind this particular title, i don't really feel anything.

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Just Bring me MODS!

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If the new pokemon announcement is a full fledged wii u game i could care less, otherwise a new metroid is my second most wanted game for the system and i would be sadly dissapointed if it isn't in the pipeline yet.

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Why microsoft, why you do this to me. I had no reason for an xbox until now. Please have the epiphany the rest of the world has and release it on pc!

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I'm in the alphs, game has some serious pacing flaws. Thankfully it''s alpha and they can fix most of it. But it isn't as OMG EPIC NUCLEAR BOSS BATTLES as i expected. The alpha is convincing me to put other titles ahead of this one in my holiday budget.

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i want like a metroid world rpg. crossing through the universe(more open world) and going on different space missions.

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As a pc gamer this looks like shit, as a gamer in general i'm still excited for this games gameplay!

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Fuck No, They are both RPG's yes,and they both are great games but the witcher is best at being the witcher and vise versa!

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if i get in I'll stream on twitch (If allowed)

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Im rocking PC and Wii U. Amazing combo so far!

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PC is my main, Wii U is my party machine!

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I think the vita would be better served with a new iteration of the dragon warrior monster series!

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