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"In a new band feeling awesome right now!"


FFXII, stoked for the timesplitters remake but would luv to see it on console also, Baiten Kaitos would be an awesome remake for wii U,also the dark cloud series! #17
Where is KH:BBS #4
I recommend Pc version over ps4 for one main graphical reason, Sweetfx. The color Pallete for FFXIV is very bland in my opinion and with sweetfx i was able to cusomize it to leak truly beautiful! Might post some screenshots if ppl are on the fence. #12
Shit now were gonna get next gen Cats! #44
This is retro?! I'm either getting older at a rate faster than previously thought or this is barley making the retro list. #2
God that color scheme is horrendous. Might just be my personal taste but the pallet they are working with seems very bland. #1
probably new footage of ffXV or KH3. Unless it's a mobile announcement i won't be disappointed. #23
Yes..Yes it was! #9
I almost always hate prequels but one game i would like to play is jecht. Going through his journey to sace the world and become sin would be cool although there wouldn't be any aw shit moments from plot twists! #20
Just from my perspective I would say yes. It's purely a way for companies to make quick money. As a 3d model artist i would rather be spending my time designing environments, gear, characters etc.. for new and undeveloped games as opposed to fine tuning work that has already been done. Resources could be spent to push the gaming industry forward but lack of innovation in the right areas has created a bottleneck fueled by an oppressive market place. The greed that creates coercion from the... #27
Thank God! UNreal Tournament was starting to get dated! Need a good Arena shooter from a man who knows his arena! #9
I am thankful for friends and family god gave me as without them my many hospital stays from the chronic illness of Ulcerative Colitis would be unbearable! #63
Give me battlefront with all dlc free and without a web gui and i will consider it! #15
I don't mean to sound arrogant or oppositional but more of my friends have rigs or high end gaming pc's than i have friends with ps4's. I also have a pc that can run 95% of all games at 4k with 40+ fps. I am a fan of Sony and love the exclusives on the ps4 platform. Also the monitor situation costs less to get to 4k than 50 inches of tv at 1080p (120hz) unless your talking about a single monitor set up for pc. Now since i have the pc and monitors (4k) i can back up my argument and... #6.2.3
I hope this model is allowed to stay within the market. #1
I've been a pc gamer forever and a half so the graphic thing wasn't what got me excited for next gen. It was mainly the new ip's and renewal of engines that could bring better experiences to the platforms that got me excited. It is currently underwhelming because the experiences we are getting are the same ones from last gen with a new coat of paint. Can't wait for developers to find that with the new architectures and engines they can push the games almost as much as they can... #13
And my friends are wondering why im buying a 1440p monitor for my rig instead of a ps4. Love the console but 1440p is amazing and only cost me 10% the price of a 4k monitor. #34
Just give me Crash bandicoot! #201
Unless the Last Guardian Is announced for a holiday release anything ps4 related wont blow my mind. #92
Fun fact, Brother-LAz the guy who made median mod is the guy behind the weapons in path of exile! #2
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