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Sonic 06...Mighty no.9 Is a masterpiece compared to that train wreck. And let's not forget sonic boom(shutters).

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You see "console" in the title, and PC gamers still peeking over the fence.

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Please, no gimmicks or extra characters.

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I understand what you mean. But what I was trying to get at was, if l bought product "A", only to be told later down the line that product "A" was incomplete. And the only way to trully enjoy "A" at its full potential, was to buy "B" and "C". Either it be an add on, or a different SKU.

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The point is, if you were an early adopter and already spent $499 on the system only for them to turn around and say "Hey, we f--- up the hardware and made it to weak, so here's the same system with a little extra juice. But you'll have to give us another (maybe) $299-349 dollars for it." No thanks.

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First they make the kinect obsolete, now the whole system. Good job Microsoft. The last company to bring out a slightly more stronger system along side their original was Atari with the 7800 model and Sega with Sega CD and 32x. And that didn't end well.

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Import it is then. Ps4 region free right?

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Stop lying to yourself.

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I wonder if Star Trek fanboys complain this much?

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Just like the 3DO, more powerful than its competition yet far more expensive with nothing that jumps out at you to justify a purchase. It will fail sadly.

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It will happen in time.

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He seems kinda desperate.

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How many Xbox ones does it take to run 1 game? 20 I guess.

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On a 22 inch monitor, no you can't see the difference. But on a 50-70 inch TV screen...yes, you can see a difference.

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Batman called, he says "I'm sorry".

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Controlled demo...nuff said.

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The funny thing is that the Xbox one ramped up their clock speed, updated their SDK so that esram works better, got rid of kinect to allocate more processing power, utilizes cloud computing and dx12 and still performes the same or under the ps4...does any body actually realise that other than a few stability updates, the ps4 hasn't moved a budge with unlocking it's true potential since launch! It's Sega and super Nintendo all over again. Sega graphically couldn't compete so th...

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Show Proof? (Just saying lol)

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Come launch, if you have to take power from other servers being utilized by other cap com games, then so be it.

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