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Alongside other research and watching the other guys play on while I made my notes, but as I said it's not an in depth review, more of a getting the feel of things #2
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You talk an awful lot of sense, and you make the point I should have made in the article! Brink is far from a bad game, maybe I'm one of the multiplayer people you talk about and that's why it fell short for me. It could also be that I set my expectations too high, not giving it a chance to live up to the perfection I was expecting from it. #2.1
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Your point is valid and your name is awesome! #1.1
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I totally agree with what you're saying about the setting and the type of conflict, which is why I think it probably hasn't been done. Whilst I think you could use the atmospheric tension to great effect it would get quite boring very quickly in a game; sitting in a trench waiting to die. Sandbox, you have your guy being a sniper, doing recon missions, digging tunnels filled with explosives; it doesn't all have to be either attacking or being attacked in your trench #1.1
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