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Hey Kalkano

Disappointingly and somewhat worryingly, you and I will have more than likely given permission for some site (not just the terrible and evil Facebook) to collect your data, and any company can easily argue that statistical data marks you as a good/bad risk.

A good example would be a few years ago it became illegal for insurance companies to rate on your gender in Europe, as a group of Belgians said they thought it was sexist. Insurance companies a...

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That's a reasonable point to think that, as my bio does indeed say I am an Xbox guy. I am not however an MS fanboy and I have no brand loyalty, and for quite a while was planning on upgrading to a PS4 (circumstances dictated that I ended up withe xbone rather than brand preference).

If there is any bias it is because I own the Xbone and am familiar with it's pro's and many con's, not because I am a fingers in the ears lala I cant here the...

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Alongside other research and watching the other guys play on while I made my notes, but as I said it's not an in depth review, more of a getting the feel of things

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You talk an awful lot of sense, and you make the point I should have made in the article! Brink is far from a bad game, maybe I'm one of the multiplayer people you talk about and that's why it fell short for me. It could also be that I set my expectations too high, not giving it a chance to live up to the perfection I was expecting from it.

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Your point is valid and your name is awesome!

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I totally agree with what you're saying about the setting and the type of conflict, which is why I think it probably hasn't been done. Whilst I think you could use the atmospheric tension to great effect it would get quite boring very quickly in a game; sitting in a trench waiting to die. Sandbox, you have your guy being a sniper, doing recon missions, digging tunnels filled with explosives; it doesn't all have to be either attacking or being attacked in your trench

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