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People need two external HDD's so they can complain when a system only allows one.

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I haven't played in a few weeks because of people like you. 216GS - You exploited the hell out of the incursion. The people that did this over and over basically ruined the game for anyone looking to be legit. It is good to know that you also ruined the game for yourself. Cheating and exploiting online games is never acceptable. I am sure you are already thinking of 100 defenses to make your actions explainable. Save them. I don't care.

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I like them, but they really hurt my ears even when I am not wearing glasses. If I have the glasses on, I won't use them at all. I don't understand how they hurt my ears because they are barely touching, but I guess it is because the ear hole is too shallow. The sound is great but the comfort isn't.

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Wait, you mean to tell me that Insomniac abandoning the fanbase and platform that they have always released games on didn't work out financially for them?

Last gen, I bought all of their games on the PS3. They seemed to have lost their way with Fuse but when they announced an Xbox exclusive I was done with them.

I really hope they get their act together.

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Come on... if you are going to game behind a router on console, you need to open some ports. It takes 5-10 minutes and you only have to do it once. COD isn't the only game with this problem, so stop blaming it for your problems. The benefit of doing this outweighs your "wasted time". Fix the ports and have no problems, then you can spend less time complaining about something that only you can fix.

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Got mine earlier this week.

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Jeff, Fallout 3 basically broke my PS3. I doubt a game freezing will brick a PS4, but I am just tired of Bethesda's bull. They said 30fps and it doesn't even do that... accountability is key here. I think people should let them know with their wallets, but they won't... It will break sales records for fallout games.

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Maybe it is a great game, but if it runs like crap it shouldn't have been scored over a 7. Don't fall for the hype. "reviewers" are just advertisers for the game/studio they love.

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I think they would be more inclined to fix the problem if Lemmings would quit buying their games day one because they are horrible at optimizing/coding. FO4 will be better in 6 months after they had time to finish patching it.

Everyone is so set on buying games like this on day one and I have no idea why. Bethesda doesn't appreciate it. They could have released a more stable game but didn't because people are going to buy it up anyways.

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Buy a $2 sticker or cover it with masking tape. Quit complaining about something you can fix if you don't like it.

"I can careless for VR too" - I have seen this phrase messed up so many times, but your version is the funniest yet.

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Polygon is the only real low score. 6.5... Go figure.

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Ps+ is more than worth the price of admission.

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So you think Microsoft had a say in this?

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I can't wait to play 10 year old games on my new console!!!

BTW, Sony has had their games on Playstation Now for a while. It really isn't that special. I buy a new console for new games. Can we please stop acting like BC is a "Bombshell"?

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I own it and I will never play it. Never again with Pre-ordering DLC. Thanks, Bungie for opening my eyes.

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Do you even know what shareplay is? You can stream your game to a friend, pass the controller and let them try, or have someone that doesn't own the game play with you for onscreen coop games. Totally useless.

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If we are talking about best next gen function, I would have to say that feature is Shareplay.

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Patches take time. It has been less than a month. On to the next complaint...

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Enough ports and remakes. Lets get some new games!

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They announced BB sold over 1 million already. 10 days... over 1 million. So VGChartz be damned, BB is selling like hot cakes compared to the souls games.

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