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Where's my espresso machine, Sony? I still have to go to the kitchen to get coffee... whats up?! #10.1
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You have something against glamor shots? #1.1.1
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PS3 is beating the 360 in sales for a long time now. Cut it out. #1.4.1
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They should have named it Xbox Ustoo. #2.1
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That is it... I am closing N4G for the day. How in any universe can you figure MS is closing the gap when they are still being outsold WORLDWIDE week after week? Jesus... learn math, please. If PS4 outsells the Xbox by one unit a week the GAP IS GROWING.

MS must be paying you a nice check or something. I really can't figure how else you could possibly believe anything you just said. No one cares about "your estimates". #6.2.3
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Are you intoxicated by these numbers? Look at the real picture. Xbox has dropped $150+ since it launched a year ago. They are giving away free games since September just to get people to notice them. The real winner here is Sony and anyone who bought a cheap system. MS is not "winning" by any means. They are just trying to stay in the game at this point. I am not sure giving away the lot is a good idea though. Once the PS4 has its first price drop sales will light up even more. The... #6.1.2
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This why people say our education system is heading down the toilet... Take 16 million and times it by 8. Use a calculator if you need. #2.1.2
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EA and Dice made sure I will never buy another Battlefield. Thanks for saving me money! #1
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I agree... I bought Injustice for $8 during the Super hero sale... It is a cool fighting game.

I just wish Sony would use the PS+ money to fix their messaging/friends list issues. They charge money now... there is really no reason for shoddy performance. #4.1
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All of the holiday games just released... PS4 has 2 major games in the first 4 months of next year. What are you talking about?

I want amazing games too, but we all know what a rushed game feels like. #3.1
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At least we know Insomniac is consistent. They thought their PS games were low selling? I wonder how they feel about SSOD's sales. They abandoned their fan base, so this isn't surprising. #8.4
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The PC crybabies have to ruin anything slightly offensive. Sony could have released a montage of head being blown off and that would have been fine... anything sexual is taboo. Lame-Os. #2.2.3
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Nope, still broke. #9.1
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So the way they make it less boring is releasing another rendition of 30 year old games. I think Nintendo couldn't be any more boring. #4.1
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Are you kidding me? I have over 150 hours of time into Destiny across three characters. Sure the game needs more content, but to say the price isn't justified is just stupid. I see 10 hour long games sell for 60 bucks all year long. Step off the soap box. #9.1.1
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Like I said, TimeSkipLuffy - The 720p shareplay on the PS4 is 720p higher than the shareplay on the Xboxone. 100% more. So yeah, 720p is great for a game you get to play that you don't even own.

And if you really look at it, people weren't made about the resolution of AC. They were mad about how Ubisoft went about it. The PS4 could have been 1080p... I don't care what their PR department says. #2.1.3
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People will complain about anything. This news isn't surprising at all.

Also, PS4's shareplay's resolution is 720p higher than the competitions. #2.1
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I guess I defied whats possible with three characters. I am amazing. #5.1
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Every console/hardware has evolved over the course of its lifetime. The gaming console released, fully capable of playing games... therefore it was finished. Everything else is gold lining. #15.1
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And? You gain strange coins and motes of light all week. Xur lets you spend them. I think he is the saving grace of destiny. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have any decent exotics and I have put in almost 200 hours. All MMO's have a reward system in place to make up for their crap RNG... Destiny is no different. #6.2
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