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It's not about being neutral, it's a fact that both the original xbox and the 360 didn't do well in Japan. MS would benefit more in using the money for making new games rather than spend in marketing in Japan. #3.1.3
Oh my!..... #20.3
Does this mean the new Doom is.....Doomed? #10
It would add considerable financial strain on MS if they decide to pursue the market in Japan again. I don't think it's a good time for MS to launch in Japan when they're having a hard time on their own turf. Imagine how much money was spent on their xbox 360 campaign compared to how many units they sold in Japan. Third time ain't gonna be a charm in this situation. #1.1.8
Being sad at a terrible game selling terribly sounds terrible to me. #3.3
Ironically the gaming division of Sony is what is now keeping the company afloat. It wouldn't surprise me if one day Sony would become an only gaming company in the end but even the gaming industry can change so nothing is really safe with any business.

Crazy Ken is the father of playstation. #1.1.5
I think it's not impossible. If both consoles sold more than 3 million in a couple of months then it's plausible. Both consoles are capable of selling that much. #7
Actually they can, software is actually where the money's being made. But the problem is there aren't much games being released for the Wii U and 3rd party games have also been lacking. Though I agree that a price cut would hurt them at this time, they need more games out for the Wii U. #2.1.2
The only thing I definitely hate about Iwata is his refusal to remove region locking. I seriously think that Nintendo would do a lot better by simply removing this. #8
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And yet that woman is probably not bothered watching Twilight.......somebody should remind her that's what vampires do and not go glittering in the daylight. #4
This is a site where english is the primary language. If you're gonna post something on this site then it's just common sense that you post something that is comprehensible. Using google translate doesn't help him and he'd be much better off with a site that speaks his native tongue or that he polish up his english skills. #1.5.2
I didn't disagree but the chinese do use credit cards too. China has a huge potential in the gaming market since it's an almost untouched frontier for gaming consoles. I also find it odd that people here are saying that the chinese hate anything japanese when the manga and anime culture there is thriving. #1.1.15
I'm gonna Coppa feel on you baby! #2.2.2
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I think you guys got the old model, mine comes with rocket boosters that effectively stops my ps4 from falling. I heard they were having problems with the factory that made the airbags. #7.2.1
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Lol, red is a required color for anything "3X Faster". It's a shame that the Tallgeese wasn't colored red since Zechs Merquise was sort of a Char clone. #9.1.1
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3 times faster than a normal PS3. This must be Char's console....though it should be colored red :P #9
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Yep, it's more anti windows. It's just another pc with a different os and it's games are mostly targeted at the pc crowd. Though I do have to say that the line between consoles and pc is slowly becoming a blur. #3.2
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People squabble over resolution because it shouldn't be an issue with next gen consoles. People won't feel like they have upgraded if the new consoles can't even put out decent 1080p and 60fps. We upgrade to newer consoles because we want to see better graphics. Of course gameplay is important but if graphics don't really matter then what's the point of next gen? #1.1.4
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Here's to the Wii U's good sales. I find it silly how some people want it dead when they're not even interested in purchasing one. I'll probably be buying one next year for me and my daughter. Hopefully more games come out next year. #12
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