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I love my Vita but I have to say that the 3DS has much more games at this point. Just be glad that dedicated portable consoles are still selling in spite of the overwhelming numbers of smart phones. #1.4
I agree with Holden, games are supposed to be fun to play. We play games to amuse ourselves and temporarily escape our reality. A movie or documentary would be a more suitable medium to deliver the message that this game is trying to deliver. I think it's rather insensitive to turn this kind of subject into a game. #4.2.1
I don't dig the jacket. I could actually make a PS4 pendant since I'm a goldsmith but I'm not a blingy person. #11
I heard some of the frame was made of metal and the design can be configured for multiple devices. It's not everyday you can see a transforming controller that fits almost every device so I think a $100 is the most I would pay for this thing. I don't mind it being ugly as long as its functional. #2.1.1
You could play at ultra on 1080p on those specs just don't turn on ubersampling if it's included on the graphics menu. #26.1.3
I could buy a Wii U or an Nvidia Shield for that price. If I add a little more I could buy an Xbox One or a PS4 or if I was gonna upgrade my card to a gtx 970. No way am I gonna buy that controller at that price. I can already see this thing not selling well when released. $100 would be an ideal price but not $300. #2
I hold gameplay and graphics in both regard. Any game that can give me both is a worthy game. Story is subjective since not all games revolve on it. #1.2
No no no no...that was an "it".......human beings don't just spray people with mace just because they do not like a certain video game. #30.2
The itx gtx 970 might do that job :) #3.1
Even I want to build a mini itx pc. My rig is quite big and it's quite a hassle to take it with me to places where I might need it. I am already planning my build with the itx gtx 970 as my graphic card. Though my budget is a bit stretched out next year cause I'm getting a new toy for the shooting range. #2.2
Do know that jeet kune do incorporates jiujitsu in it's grappling techniques? It just shows you know nothing about jeet kune do since you think it's all about punching and kicking. #3.4.3
Considering that Bruce Lee has knowledge of kicking, punching and grappling I would have to say he'd do well in his own weight class. MMA is just a sport and they don't allow lethal moves unlike real martial arts. #3.5
It only gets disgusting when the sequels get worse each iteration and I'm saying that for every ip out there that regularly gets sequels. #8.3.1
I can't say I feel the same about consoles cause unlike political dictatorship you can choose not to buy a console or choose which console you want. I've always had a console and pc gaming combo since the early 80's and I find no reason why I should just play on one of them when I can have both. #7.1.2
But China is a huge market and it would be in MS or Sony's best interest to get a foothold there. #7.1
Thank you very much :) I had to raise her as a single dad since her mom left her to me when we separated. I try my best to prepare her for everything since I know I won't always be there when she needs me. Real strong women don't nag or act like victims when things don't go their way. Most feminazi's I've seen are either stupid, full of hate, no morals, liars or a combination of all these things. #7.2.4
Agreed, I collect gunpla and chogokins. The ones with white plastics are the first to turn brittle or turn yellow. You can try to clean the plastic with hydrogen peroxide to turn it white again #3.2
I didn't teach her how to hate, she just dislikes how some females act and she's smart enough to know the distinction between what's right and wrong. She doesn't play much online games so she doesn't really get harassed, plus I've thought her how to deal with rude people. She's also a bit spunky since she threw a shoe at the face of a male classmate that's been irritating her, I'm a little upset about that since I've been teaching her how... #7.2.2
I don't need to purchase another version since I still have a copy of it and my ps1 is still working. The only way I'd re buy it is if they make a remake of it. #2.4
It can't be helped, younger people are spoiled today with visually good looking games that the older games look like crap to them. It's the same with old anime and it's a shame they're missing out on good stuff just because it doesn't look visually appealing to them. #5.1
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