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Yes! Please ban it in my country too! #3
I actually think wearing no pants makes you a lot sneakier than faster. #1.3.2
They shouldn't change they should disappear from the face of the planet. #8
Ok now that's a more reasonable hardware. But I still prefer gaming on different platforms. There are games that I can't play on pc and consoles. As for PSN plus, I don't feel too ripped off cause I get some free games as long as I have the subscription though steam makes the best deals. #1.3.15
Ok then try playing this game on a $200 video card.......just the the video card alone without the other components. $400 dollars alone ain't enough for a decent gaming rig. #1.3.10
I don't believe them lol #13
If they just made games instead of hacking networks then they would be doing something more productive. #9
I was just saying "if" :P #8.1.1
If she's a masochist then I'd think she'd prefer to be physically abused....just kidding. I actually agree that death threats and any sort of physical harm are just plain wrong. She hasn't done anything so bad that she should warrant such violent reactions. I am simply disgusted at her. #2.1.1
How about flame throwers and rocket launchers for a more modern approach? #6.1
This just makes Twitter a place for twits if they are supporting her. #7.1
Gaaawd to be honest I would rather take money than sleeping with her if I was gonna be bribed....seriously.....I' d get better looking women with money. #8
I think she already slept with them... #10.1
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Karma is a bi.....er feminist :) #8.3.2
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I don't know if Sony would be interested in NT even if they can buy it. None of their games have been successful and I honestly think they're not creative enough to warrant Sony's interest. #1.3.3
No harm in giving him a tribute to one of his favorite games. #1.2
Being Polygon is enough for me not to take them seriously. And I won't waste my time reading their article and giving them hits. #5.1
Lol from the look of the trailer it seems the director took the directing from Bay himself along with the designs of the turtles. Whether he's directing or producing a movie nowadays it just ain't worth watching. #8.1.1
The new movie is terrible by itself. Michael Bay just makes it easier for me to hate him with each new film he makes. #8
I think it's a good idea since I'm a parent myself. It's not just a matter of convenience for us adults not being annoyed by potty mouthed kids but also protects young gamers from some adults who use gaming to prey on children. #4
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