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I remember you writing something similar a couple of weeks back.

Why must you force your opinions down everyones throats?

I loved the first one and am stoked for this. Good day

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Well L4D is the greatest co op game ever made and one of the best games ive ever played and ive put 100s of hours into it, and i personally cant wait for L4D2

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Yeah, but i dont care for blu ray, slightly better resolution in my films doesnt bother me. I mean i sometimes watch films on the internet, with average quality.

I also dont see what Blu Ray has done for gaming. I have to play Final Fantasy XIII on 3 discs? boo freaking hoo, i still play the old FFs on their multiple discs to this day, it doesnt make the experience any less.

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Well i prefer gaming on my 360 to my PS3 by a mile, so no its just an opinion

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PS3 hiding behind the irrelevant PC again
Straight 360 vs PS3 and 360 always comes up on top poor PS3 fanboys

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What an amazing article with nothing but truth

Sony have been a joke for the past 3 years thats why i jumped in to the xgod 3manly last year

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I bought this 1 minute after it was available, but because of M$ mistake im going to be paying more? Theres no way there going to refund me either.


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woah woah woah, theres footage of versus gameplay released? where!? or was it behind closed doors...

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PS3 fanboys hate IGN now and think its a MS conspiracy rofl!

Yet seem to forget that IGN gave MGS4 a 10 and Resistance 2(one of the worst games ive played this gen) a 9.5 bu bu bu teh biased!!!

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360 is a far greater gaming experience than the PS3 and IGN agrees.

Not only does 360 have a far greater online service, it has a much greater games library.

360 has 21 90+ games AND 139 80+ games:

PS3 has 14 90+ and 103 80+ games:


Yeah 360s hardware isnt very good but we have the best games and online service FFFFFFFAAAAAAACCCCCCTTTTT. Hurts doesnt it?

Besides ive had my 360 just over a year without a hitch

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This place is a fvcking joke!

360 has more AAA and AA games *FACT* and a superior online service, why in the FVCK are people saying the PS3 is better than the 360? dumbfvcks thinking PS3 is better lolololololol

Edit: @ Dirty Beaver, O shiiiiiiiiiiit, did i hit a nerve, lmfao!

It must be hard knowing the undeniable facts that 360 has more AAA and AA and the superior online service... you're gonna knock me out AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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I'll take 10 seconds to swap my disc every 15 hours while you install the game 5 times every 10 hours, while each install takes 5 minutes EACH!

I'll take my superior 360 version thanks, like every multiplat in existence

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How exactly are you getting the superior version?

Please do enlighten me

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I love these articles.

So many bitter PS3 fanboys crying all the time

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Well I play my 360 all the time and never touch my PS3 anymore, but you dont see me making an article about it

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The first couple of rounds had lag that made it unplayable, but I just had like 10 rounds of lagless awesomness. However the last half hour i havent been able to play at all, it says it cant find a game.

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I said a few months ago that i would not buy Uncharted 2 unless it had co op, but got dayum, the first gameplay footage was awesome, and im buying it with or without co op.

Co op is still very welcome though of course

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