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1. Microsoft doesn't have a second, more popular chicken in the race.
2. The 360 is still outselling the Go by a very large margin.
3. Microsoft's failure to sell is limited to Japan.

Good of you to ask the question anyway. The idea is to spark debate. Hopefully others will chip in their thoughts too.

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It's actually 99%, not 9.9/10. SPOnG doesn't do marks out of ten. Either it was a bit of a messup on whoever added the article to N4G, or N4G automagically converts the scores into a mark out of ten.

Having added a few articles here myself and not seeing any/many percentage scores about, I'd wager it's the latter.

EDIT: OK, there's a dropdown option for a score out of 100. A mishap must have occurred on the creator's side then. Still, ...

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Brilliant. Not only has this story copied word-for-word my own article at SPOnG.com - http://spong.com/article/22... - but it took the last line of said article, which was clearly a joke, and ran it as a headline.

I am disappoint.

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@9.2: "each new update the custom firmware will likely get lots of new features"

New features? Yes.
Useful features? No.

I can't name one (legal) must-have application made possible from PSP CFW.

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If it's as 'good' as the PSP CFW you can keep it.

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That's life, kid.

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