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Great review as always. #3
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Indeed people seem to forget about this single fact. #1.2.2
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I feel like the new FIFA 15 is a major setback in everyway, it has lost the stability that FIFA 14 had. #2
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How the fuck will they continue a franchise if the three endings are so (visually similar) but in terms of plot completelly different.

Being a sequel makes it impossible, unless they cheat and chose one of the three endings and fuck the people who chose the other two or follow the indoctrination theory (which would be better). #9
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A Great marketing victory, not saying the game is bad, but I'll say that the budget spent on marketing was indeed well spent, hype is what makes good first weeks in sales. #32
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And everything a PR says is undoubtly true, you really think a company like Microsoft, struggling for 1st parties and hardware sales, aren't going to pull off a stunt with a company that just cost them$ that's like 10 Destiny Games.

I believe if they manage to buy Mojang, they will use it to its advantage, and it is by promoting the home console. #1.1.9
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Here's some hoping that they are testing the field for having more of these deals for PS4. #1.3
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You can loop and continue where you left off. #1.2.1
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I was quite positively surprised, when I saw the Character Creation, I mean, nothing was mentioned nor hyped about the character's faces of Destiny but when I saw this Character Creation trailer, I was just... WoW! #1
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Looks quite decent, I hope they finally start pushing the boundaries with this one. #4
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It is a great chance for people like me that didn't had the chance to play it first on PS3, with the Next-Gen power, we might not get the FULL Next-Gen experience but certainly a definitive version of the game which it's pretty satisfying nonetheless. #1.1
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The trailer was really well executed, but with all this zombie gaming, I really thought it was a CGI trailer of the "Dying Light" but it struggled in my thoughts since they already had one CGI trailer...

Now that you have Dying Light vs Dead Island 2, I am much more eager to see what Dying Light is bringing to the table than DI2 is... The last DI games were mediocre, fun but mediocre, they lack the story, and the mid and end game. #1.2
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It was presented on Ubisoft's conference, what the hell made you believe it would be either a PS4 or Xbone exclusive -.-

On topic: I think the whole conference was great, but this game was clearly the 'main event', hyping intensifies. #1.1
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I have to agree with blackstarz, just because you ignore it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I think Ubisoft did the right thing, this is our reality, and tis one of the many qualities of the game, and they should be commended to take such a real point of view in the game which touches many sensitive topics. #1.1.6
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Lets be civilized here please. #2.2
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I couldn't agree more, I don't see either VH1 nor MTV, but from what I gather, tis simply sad to see that VH1 is heading to the same trashie television that MTV...

Rockstar's response might have been a little blunt and agressive (something we are used to in the internet), but somewhat deserving. #1.1.2
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Well using the Kinect as a scapegoat is not too clever, their decision from the get go was to present us this Next Generation experience that was Kinect 2.0, now they regard their Kinect with such disregard, that people who enjoyed it and defended it in those dark times, are left in the shadow.

And there is another thing, Kinect 2.0 'eated up' some of the power of the XOne but people need to understand, that turning off a Kinect device doesn't grant you the power... #1.7
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Many thanks dear stranger! #1.4.1
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Hmmm I wouldn't say Watch Dogs would be the best of E3, I think it will strugle to be the best game of this years quarter, due to the overall letdown it gave and the poor execution on the PC side.

I think the best of E3 will be a game that presents a demo that will result in an overhype and when tis fully released it will have the concept of the presented demonstration but not its full execution which everybody hopes for. #4
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@MasterCornholio I do agree that cross play is fun, but at least in games like Battlefield, tis kind of unfair to have someone in a controller face someone with a keyboard and mouse, at least in my point of view.. #1.1.3
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