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Sorry buddy but if you didn't want me to reply to you then YOU shouldn't of PMd me with a bunch of fanboy dribble and personal attacks then blocked me like a child. And i still have no idea why you keep talking about skyrim...
In the real world when you say something to someone they say something back. Maybe you don't know about this yet since you probably don't spend much time off of the internet.

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Sorry but the first guild wars was complete trash. their is a reason why people play wow over the original Guild wars when the original guild wars is free to play. ArenaNet is not a very smart dev and i expect the second Guild Wars to be mediocre at best just like the original. Oh and what kind of pussy PMs someone with a childish wall of fanboy text then blocks them? what do you talk trash to people in the real world and run away from them too?

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Can't wait till that game doesn't live up to the insane amount of hype all you fanboys are giving it.

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My favorite game of all time right here.

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The first Mass Effect is one of the best games this gen. The second and third weren't nearly as good.

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I don't think any one said they were bad just that JRPGs have more creativity in things like enemies and world design. I think i mostly agree too. JRPGs have some crazy stuff that WRPG designers just wouldn't even think of putting in their games. For instance (and i haven't played this game) i think in the new xenoblade game or whatever the game world that the player moves around on is actually two giants or something. Something like that is not currently in WRPGs.

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I haven't enjoyed a JRPG since Dark Cloud 2 and Final Fantasy 10 idk if its me or if the quality has gone down or like you said they changed them to much or what.

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Love halo 2 and i'm glad the BR is back to the way it was in H2. No spread and no bloom.

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Thats because the BR is back to Halo 2 status. And i cant be happier no bloom and no h3 spread.

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Most of halo 2 maps are the best in the series. I love lockout and midship but they were both remade for h3. I even liked colossus and waterworks lol. Hopefully some of the amazing h2 maps can b remade.

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I like gears and uncharted but how the hell can you even say Gears is more for kids...wtf are you smoking dude take those fanboy glasses off. Last time i checked Nathan Drake doesn't curb stomp things or chainsaw them in half.

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Sorry dude 20 and 10 is far from garbage for a PF(or for any position). What do u want him to shoot 3s and pull up jumpers as a big man or something?

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OK...think. Look at Cleveland when they had Lebron...yes...now look at them the last 2 seasons. Plus idk if u were even watching the playoffs, wade really struggled, it was Lebron carrying.

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I love Lebron but these days there's a whole lot more ppl that hate him then love him. So much so that it might actually effect sales.

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"dumb Americans"
"900,000 million"
uh what?

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Seriously amazing franchise. Just imagine what they could do today with all the town building with todays tech plus have way cooler dungeons.

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Yes please

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Lol ES onine is doing every thing GW2 is and more. Maybe you should actually find some info about what they are doing with the game b4 bashing it.

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Yeah i def don't want to go back to text based adventures lol and i do think, like you said that alot of the violence you see in video games is because of the evolution of graphics but i def think devs these days just try for the realism. Take Naughty Dog for instance, i absolutely love their games this gen with uncharted, and The Last of Us seems to be like it will be one of the best games this gen but they are both pretty violent and realistic video games compared to what they did in th...

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Toan or Max from dark Cloud lol

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