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lol 6v6 is a perfect number. you scrubs are into BF or something? Because thats the only game where high numbers count. Halo..4v4 . Gears .. 4v4. Killzone is 7v7 at its best. Last of us 4v4, counterstrike 5v5. COD max is 6v6 on consoles. More than 12 players is always a cluster fuck

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lol owl skins . let me guess, japan flag like we have the american flag.

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MP is too hard and not cod enough

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so they will bore us with 45 minutes of walking and looking at graphics

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only in japan

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4 hours from the B-team , creators of Fuse !

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xboners last hope for their dead console by faking half the stories .

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its not even in its final form

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I always love the argument that ninty has all this cash so they are totally fine with losing millions of dollars every year.

Reality is, they wont kill the wii u because it would hurt their brand and consumer trust which would cost more than a few millions. At most, they would try to slowly phase it out. I see them slowly giving up on the core market after zelda/X if they dont become system sellers.

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you mean with the 'free games' that you get when you pay the ps plus membership fee?

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yea it will return.. in 2016 at the earliest if journalists will do their job and research

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hes a lire

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it WAS coming to ps4. Even devs confirmed it. MS just made a deal due to the hype to make it exclusive.

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if you like to play in an anti-social environment , pc is king

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hopefully its an exclusive or else it means sony paid for dibbs on announcement which is a fail in my book. moneyhat games not announcements

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they dont make any money from it

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it probably cost the cancellation of black tusks game or some other game lmao. MS has a budget and are only investing a certain amount of money for games. The fact that this was timed meant it would be irrelevant by the time it got to Ps4. Now MS is down maybe a few more millions of dollars for an irrelevant game in 2015.

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games gonna flop anyways. Its a mech game lmao. Destiny also has a beta in March. KZ COD BF4 are all releasing 4 months before. Coming to PC as well. Its not gonna sell well at all. Quote me bitches. Bookmark this page because i will be correct

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i bet ps4 gamers saying it was timed in every reply to titanfall lovers caused micro$oft to moneyhat. This is why people call them m$. The only reason 70% of gamers (ps4 users) will not play this game is because of microsoft executives living in mansions writing checks

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