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I want the old curvy model. This one looks like another anorexic teenager

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Funny how a trained killer shoots one handed like a western. Such details make me feel worry about the direction of the game.

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1.- Journey
2-10.- Meh

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God of War never needed multiplayer. All that time and money could go to make some unlockable content or a more replayable campaign.

I never touched the multiplayer of Uncharted 3 besides the beta, and i replayed the campaign like 3 times because is that good, this will probably have the same fate.

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The flower its somewhere at the right of your starting point. Go right, look where flying carpets go, they usually go near the closest interesting place like gliphs, etc...

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This will be the best mp game available in ps3, so damn good, lots of action and strategy.

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Dark souls is much better, and some other games. Skyrim is the most overrated game since GTA4

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I play 1 or 2 mp games a year, the rest are single player games. I dont think that most games even need mp, seems like a waste of time and effort

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Looks pretty bad, Starhawk is where is at

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The thing is that classic games are being bastardized into generic FPS, like XCOM or Syndicate.

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Its good enough to be played more than once, you just need to space it enough.

I wonder if some people here have watched a movie various times.

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More than that its all those features that need to be removed such as "perks" and all that COD style crap

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Demons Souls wasnt the most advanced game at the time and Dark Souls looks only slightly improved so you can expect both versions look the same.

Get it wherever you like the most, gameplay will be equally as good

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All the review does is complaining about how much you die... Not a problem really if you have played Demons Souls you know what to expect.

Bad review is bad. Seriously. Read it.

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Because they dont want to ruin the experience by hearing 12 year olds whiny voices. You cant talk in Demons Souls and it worked, being invaded by a black phantom was a terrifying experience the first time, but a retard singing in a mic can completely ruin it.

Its a completely valid design choice IMO, keeps the player inmersed and scared.

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I'm against sacrificing resources that will be better spent elsewhere, or doing graphical sacrifices to give those 0,5% of people that can use it the option.

But i'm only a whiny minority against all those potential 3D tv buyers

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Shooters are bad. I'm tired of hearing about K/D ratio, killstreaks and perks. The only thing good that shooters do is keeping all the kids and retards out of the rest of the games.

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Probably you're right but EA is pushig all its PR muscle into BF3, and you didnt hear half as much about Skyrim.

You only have to watch at n4g to see how much is people falling into the BF3 hype.

Still skyrim will be better, but PR = sales

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GOTY or not Dark Souls will be the better game, same as Demons Souls > Oblivion

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Skyrim is in fact less popular than BF3, COD, and Zelda. What a silly article.

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