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Stop sucking Bioware's balls and do your homework. Gamers aren't outraged at the ending... they are outraged because Bioware promised, then lied, then promised again an ending that will align with the trilogy's philosophy.

Personally, I am against an added DLC that would "repair" the ending. The ending CANNOT be repaired. They had that opportunity during PRODUCTION. Couldn't they just delay the game until it was finished? No. They went for the easier... #3
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People are getting missinformed with these kinds of articles. No one is saying anything about obscuring a development team from their own creative vision. What Bioware did was CUT (yes, CUT) the content for some reason (maybe time constraints, EA breathing in their necks for DLC, or something else) and just scraped what they could to offer as ending. Hence, the outrage from all the gamers playing Mass Effect 3.

Again. We aren't telling Bioware how they should make their g... #43
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Seems to me (if this is indeed legit) that they cut all those things with a purpose... DLC. Hudson can go f-himself for thinking he can get away with this. Not only did they lie (twice) about the DLC but now this... #4
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I didn't even notice her truth be told... playing renegade has some perks too (I just shut her up and she never showed up again) ;) #2
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Please elaborate, what part of the ending did you find enjoyable. I for one, think the ending SUCKED BALLS and have mentioned quite a few facts that support that claim (it destroyed all previous decisions on which the game was established as a "system of choice"; it neglected huge plot holes and provided nothing resembling a closure; each ending was basically the same with different color; how the F*CK did the Normandy get into outer space with half my crew-members on board; etc, et... #11.1
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Thing is, some of the quests were quite more interesting in DA II (the one with Hawke's mother was really, disturbingly, awesome) and the combat was improved and more enjoyable as well. However, many things were indeed a step back for the series:

A) Recycled and downright BORING locations (remember how in Origins we could explore a huge expanse of caves and labyrinths in the Dwaren kingdoms, while here we got one lousy excuse of a dungeon... don't get me started on th... #7.1
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Yeah, it kinda is, but I guess people generally feel the need to vent all that negativity bubbling up after having played the game... And you know what, it might sound whiny and annoying to all those "norse gods who play classics like Call of Duty and Battlefield" but to all those RPG fans who get tied up with the series, it really is something which can cause emotional response.

Hence, we have N4G with the option to voice your opinion on the matter, and all those p... #7.1.1
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No matter if they change it or not... the failure will be there to stay. I loved the game and the entire series, with all their pro's and con's but for me, the ending has been ruined and with it, the collective memory of the series.

And no, a DLC will not fix anything... it would be like trying to cover a turd with chocolate sprinkles. #7
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I literally laughed my ass off. Thanks! #3.1.1
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Well written and spot on. Also, while reading the text I came across some of the same (identical) feelings I felt personally when playing Mass Effect 3. I say to hell with all those ignorant enough to use phrases like "it's just a game, grow up." I am a gamer and I am emotionally and intellectually entangled with the gaming experience and it freaking MATTERS to me, after so many hours invested to simply acknowledge something just for the sake of it.

Again, the... #3
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I was trying mimic the tone of the ME3 ending ;) #5.1.1
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Lo and behold - EA's whips crackling in the distance... it was all foretold and no one is surprised... Too bad they sacrificed an entire franchise for their greedy little asses.

Good riddance. #5
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Ending sucked and that won't change if they add a DLC to revamp it. Some things just can't be amended. #22
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Well, generalizing the gaming community will certainly cement your statement as true, right?

People tend to have higher expectations for a new product (a sequel or a follow up) especially if said product has established some high level of sophistication in terms of gameplay, story, narrative, graphics, characterization, etc. Bioware might have shot themselves in the leg expecting people will just gobble up that *SPOILERS* "choose one of three endings at your leisure"... #18.1
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Go finish it. Then we can talk. #16.1
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So wait, this guy thinks Shepard went to sleep once Harbinger started firing on the humans converging on the beam? Is he for real? Why go through all the trouble of making him/her (Shepard) all hurt and beaten, so the game could continue later on like nothing happened? Please.

Some people just can't face the truth (no matter how ugly it is). #16
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I liked the Dragon Age: Origins ending which kinda resembled the one we saw in Mass Effect 3... with one difference: although my character died, there was closure. Everything didn't end with some philosophical bullshit, convergence and whatnot (which is as you know SOOOO unique). There was meaning to each end, each character and a prelude to the future... Mass Effect 3 haven't provided anything along those lines... just scraped everything up till the last 10 minutes and left the playe... #5
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Finally some sense... they've been delaying the game since, forever. #3
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Uh, the game is like six months old, but sincerely sorry for the, uhm, spoilers? I didn't really reveal anything... #27.1.1
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I just finished the campaign and I have to admit I enjoyed it immensely. It was a worthy conclusion to a great series and in my own humble opinion, the best game of the three. I won't elaborate on the good things and why I think this is the best Mass Effect experience for me (since clearly this is the HATE section), so let me just state the one negative thing (if one can call it that) in terms of the story - the endings.

It pretty much resembled Deus Ex: Human Revolution... #27
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