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Truth be told, no one from Valve has ever (EVER) teased about an actual START on development for Half Life 3. For all we know, it might be Half Life 2: Episode 3 in the end... just saying. #2.1
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Damned Rockstar for releasing this on the same day as Blizzard's Diablo 3... Brb. Need to go and rob a bank or something. #2
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You don't want new and improved gameplay mechanics, a better and more enhanced story and the possibility to try out a brand new and innovative multyplayer mode? Well aren't you the enthusiastic type. #3.1
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Seeing how Valve continues to elude the slightest hint for Half Life 3, I'd bet it will be along for the next generation, and thus, will probably grace the consoles. #7.1
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I want IT to revolutionize the genre again. With all these COD's and Battfields it has become all too stale and... well, boring. Every Half Life game was a new beginning for the FPS genre in terms of both direction and innovation. I am certain the peeps at Valve still posses that uniqueness that will guarantee an awesome game.

PS: What's with the haters of Half Life multyplayer? Sure,i it wasn't exactly without flaws but it was great in its own right. I loved the... #9
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No matter what people tell you, do try the original Half Life first. The game, although more than 13 years old is still awesome. You can be excused for omitting Blue Shift, it is rather short and, ugh, insignificant (Opposing Force is pretty decent though).

Then go through Half Life 2 and the episodes. Trust me, the hype and praise is nowhere more justified than here. #8.1
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Or the author just wants to cash in a few clicks by mentioning Mass Effect 3 Ending in the title. Seriously, this is BEYOND desperate. #5
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The hell is wrong with the Xperia Play? Have people even seen the list of games that are supported (not to mention the upcoming Onlive feature). #12
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It isn't all about the graphics. People complain about COD games because the GAMEPLAY hasn't had a single new addition since the Modern Warfare. Oh and before you all go "why fix what ain't broke" let me tell you just one thing - a multyplayer oriented, competitive FPS online shooter should differentiate from each installment MAINLY because playing the same shit you've mastered for 2 years is just PLAIN DULL. People get new games (installments) of the series in hopes... #47
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I would love this on my Xperia Play. Too bad it is US and UK only. #1
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Just when I thought the next Crysis will be someplace more interesting (like any OTHER place on the planet would do) they go about and make it in New York... again. Seriously, it is getting more redundant by the minute.

Oh and, what's up with the "screenshots"? Those are obviously concept art, come on. Also, I highly doubt they will be making a lot of new stuff... those enemies look the same from Crysis 2. #11
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Kill it. Kill it with fire! #3
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What a great article. This is online (gaming) journalism at its peak. Thorough analysis and facts that ultimately prove how we are getting ripped by companies like EA, Activision and Capcom.

"Games cost too much: Players don’t feel that it is a good value to pay $60 for a game and then immediately be hit with an additional $10-$20 charge for the rest of the content." - sums up the pain in the industry and where it is headed. #2
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Just, awesome. #4
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I hate these types of "gaming journalists" who seem to observe the events from a seat "high above the hierarchy" and tend to overgeneralize the public while alienating themselves from the part of the entertainment industry which they are getting paid to cover.

This isn't something which can be summed up in a few words, but I'll try.

Gaming journalism is a relatively new form of journalism (especially online) and as such, some medi... #8
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But in all seriousness.

First of all stop flambaiting Halo 4 into a Last of Us discussion. Yes, you think Halo 4 is overhyped but don't start a flame war by comparing the two. My comment was on Naughty Dog's new game ALONE so keep it civil (but if I am obliged to give an opinion on Halo 4 as well, let me just state that I think it is nowhere near The last of us in terms of hype... check the "degrees" meter on N4G or the posts made for e... #4.3.1
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The amount of "The Last of Us" hype is getting ridiculous. They released a couple of screens that aren't even showing actual gameplay and people (and media representatives) are getting their pants in a twist. What the hell? I mean sure, it is Naughty Dog but you don't need to treat them like they'll be delivering the second coming of Jesus... seriously. #4
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So one random mention of a "being of light" in the first Mass Effect on a freaking PLANET description can justify the appearance of the Light kid at the end? Are you kidding me? 99% of gamers haven't even read (less remember) that thing from 5 years ago. Not to mention it still doesn't explain ANYTHING so pointless article is pointless. #17
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Yep. Who knows how many of them, being all "objective and unbiased" are actually on EA's payroll. #2
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4chan... the internet graveyards. I have a hard time believing this but, eh... #3
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