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CoDsheep or whatever you can call them now strike again. You know what? Freedom of choice is overrated.

PS: Those people who bought the game are directly responsible for the bland sack of crap Activision has been publishing on a yearly basis. Instead of simply refusing to buy the same crap every year and make them invest in something new (or make the existing franchises actually better) they simply go with it. Tragic, really.

PPS: Man, talk about standards a... #45
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Obviously you missed on quite the one major thing that made the game so great. #1.1.1
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The focus on one portion of the game isn't really the problem - in fact, many people (myself included) played Halo for the sole reason of single player. You know, not so long time ago, people didn't care about mutlyplayer and went for the single player (campaign) experience only. COD's of today changed that by focusing mostly on the MP, and rushing the single player so they would justify having it on the disc. This in itself, should merit the distinction of campaign review, though... #3.1
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I'd probably say "revive the FPS genre" before anything else. With all these CODs and Battlefields, there hasn't been a single game to innovate or revolutionize the genre. It is sad how we have to wait for a decade to get something new. #7
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Incoming shitstorm of positive (obviously biased aka paid) reviews. #38
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So? Do you remember any of them, who they were or what they did in the game? I sure didn't. The game was pretty, maybe (I played it on PC and those ugly textures just ruined the whole visual experience for me) but the rest was utter bullshit (apart from the guns and the shooting which, lets be honest, is something they are best at). So, having "gorgeous" character in a bland, uninspired, and downright boring game with horrendous story and character involvement is just... silly. #4
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Interesting how 2/4 games on that list are PS3 exclusives. Just saying, don't flame meh!

In all honesty, gamers these days are way too butt hurt anytime something doesn't match their taste. I believe it has something to do with gaming and gamers in general - we've developed into smug, all knowing entities that know better than anyone and if confronted with constructive criticism, we tend to snap and lash out without offering any real incentive as to why we think... #15
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Why the heck not? At least it isn't trying to copy another FPS which is as bland, repetitive and downright BORING and still manage to suck more. Go farmers, go. #10
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Prince of Persia had one of the best endings EVER. It was so charming and awesome, while also maintaining a strong sense of conclusion AND a cliff hanger... Arguably one of the best games of all time and start of a franchise that will be remembered for decades to come.

PS: Half Life 2: Episode 2 still gives me the chillz. And still no news on a sequel. I mean, really Valve... you can't just leave us hanging like this. Freaking hurts. #30
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Christ, I wish they stop stroking the "heavy rain" syndrome already. It just goes to show how badly some game developers want to be involved in the movie industry, but can't for some reason or other. #65
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Comparing DLC to an Expansion is stupid at best. An Expansion is a game on its on, lasts for a long time (longer than any DLC combined) and offers a ton of new content for the player. A DLC is a cosmetic... thing meant to prolong the life of the game. Yes, they might be thought out during the making of the game and yes, they aren't necessarily cut from the original game, but damn it, they are nothing but a cheap trick by companies to milk their fanbase by offering limited amount of conten... #25
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People need to educate themselves first and trust reviews from big establishments like IGN, Gamespot or Gametrailer. There are tons of promotional stuff like demos, trailers, video playthroughs, followed by demos and lately, "hour one" previews where people play the game for the first hour or so.

To all the people claiming this isn't the way the industry should work, I'd say: wake up. Media outlets (especially online) need to generate revenue in order to pay... #10
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It's a running gig so hell yeah!

It is kind of disappointing to continue the storyline of the second game which was, lets be honest, a huge let-down compared to Origins. What the heck happened with the Blight and the Grey Wardens anyways? I guess they REALLY wanted to go all Mass Effect on their one true old school RPG... I will be following the development of this closely. #10.1
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I am guessing Nintendo isn't really keen on the "next gen" transition. Oh well. They never really focused on graphics to entertain their fanbase so bring it on. #40
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I've been playing through the complete edition of Dragon Age Origins (with all DLC's) and I can't seem to grasp Bioware's logic with Dragon Age 2. Why dumb down and downright destroy an old-school RPG only to replace it with a rushed, half-game with most convoluted story in any Bioware game, ever?

I have no hopes for the sequel (if there is one even), especially if they are planning to continue with the Hawke storyline... why bother really. #14
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Halo before Half Life and Deus Ex and no Half Life 2? Yeah, personal list is personal. #12
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Wow, this actually looks pretty cool. #8
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Half Life was a game changer.

Half life 2 was a game changer.

Half Life 3... will be a game changer if: innovative Half Life FPS gameplay + next gen-engine + Steam = profit. #9
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Who's even surprised by this, seriously? #77
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It does give more closure, but not a lot. There were some downright silly moments (SPOILERS) like the Normandy coming to save your teammates, some great moments, like the Control Ending which was my favorite (and the Femshep naration)... the rest was, just meh. #1
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