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Why? Aren't hints and icons on the screen enough? Or is this something they had to copy from Nintendo? Maybe for shortcuts but even that seems rather excessive. Whatever. #6.1
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I am sorry, but that's just ugly in my eyes. It might feel great to hold and play but that square in the middle is just... wrong. #5
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I am not really surprised anymore. Ever since Blizzard showed their famous "we're releasing our game when it satisfies our high quality standards" with Diablo 3, it is become blatantly obvious that most big gaming companies are just essentially, big pile of liars. Now, there are still a number of decent companies that tend NOT to create hype for their games (they leave their fans to do that job for them, Valve *cough*) but their number is fairly small.

The prob... #52
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It is still early to tell though lets be honest - the real difference between, hell, high and Ultra on the original Crysis was apparent from a mile away. This... just isn't there. Yet. Or maybe it won't live up to that standard, I don't really know until the game is out. Don't get me wrong - the game does look great, though the graphical improvement from Crysis 2 - Crysis 3 just doesn't seem THAT substantial in the first place. #7
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Have you been living under a rock or something? Half Life is arguably the best FPS game of all time, if not one of THE best games ever made. #1.2
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What happens with the all devs at THQ? Will they be laid off or will they join the companies that will acquire the rights for the franchises? #7
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Gotta agree with their No.1 choice - Diablo 3 was a HUGE letdown to hardcore Diablo fans. For a decade we've been waiting for a sequel and all we got was a shortened, dumbed down and truth be told, RUSHED game that felt nothing like its predecessors. That in itself is a huge disappointment. Not to mention the RMAH and the severe lack of replaybility.

I spent around 300 hours playing Diablo 3 in the initial, sleep-deprived frenzy. Now, several months later I don't eve... #8
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How about Max Payne (an actual sequel). That action game Rockstar delivered last year was anything but a Max Payne sequel (they cut out all the important things that made that game great). #29
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Gimmicks, gimmicks everywhere. #42
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Did I ever say it was a bad game? Did I even hint at some gameplay flaw or inconsistency? My observation was tied to the somewhat lackluster use of "trait" survival horror elements (such as scarce ammo, overwhelming odds, etc) which didn't characterize Dead Space as a game. It is a great shooter with a horror theme and some set-pieces but it can never be classified as true survival horror. And since you point me as a "casual" type of gamer, I suggest playing some Silen... #23.1.1
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Dead Space 3? No. Just no. The first one had, eh, some moments. Then the second one kinda ruined it. And now with the co-op in mind with the third, you cannot possibly expect it to be scary. That is of course, if you don't find undead monstrosities jumping out of cleverly concealed containers every five minutes to be actually scary. If not, hooray for you. #23
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Far Cry 1 was great due to it being the very first free roaming, sandbox shooter. Though 3 surpasses it in every possible way (won't even mention the second, cause, ya know... cancer!) #13
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Will they ever stop yapping about that Two Souls... thing? It's not even a real game. Freaking Heavy Rain syndrome. Go and make a damn movie, rather than waste our time with a quick time event driven crap.

Yes, yes it is ignorant and it is hateful but at least I am being sincere. Why so much hype for something that is obviously obscure and cannot even be factored into gaming (even as a niche market). PS3 owners will tear me to pieces but this is really their thing, isn&#... #18
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People are still expecting something good after that atrocity that was XIII? Square Enix and Crapcom are on a stroll people... get clear before it is too late. #22
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This shit again? Seriously. #16
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Oh man - Dawn of War. Such awesome series. I hope THQ get their bearings soon and produce a sequel. To this day I feel there hasn't been a game that would grasp the whole epic factor of the Warhammer 40k universe. The Darn of War series have come close and offered something truly amazing in terms of RTS micro management. #9
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You put Shepard out there yet you don't really grasp that he could also be a she, and everyone probably made their own. So, it doesn't really fit the profile. #1.1.1
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Someone's been watching The Walking Dead pretty closely I'd say. #25
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Gotta hand it to Ubisoft - they really did a great job optimizing the game for PC. My rig is almost 3 years old and I can run this baby at my monitor's native resolution with DX11 and everything on High detail. I get around 30 - 35 frames and if things get a bit too clusterfucked slightly bellow 30. It ain't 60 fps but I ain't complaining. #8
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Max Payne 2 was pretty damn emotional due to that FREAKING AWESOME MUSIC SCORE! I mean, damn, nothing really can match that song, creeps and sadness me out instantly.

As for crying, eh, not really. But I did get bummed down at the end of HL2: EP2 when Eli died. It was so sudden and so unforeseen (heh) and well acted that really got to me. Also the fact that we are still waiting for the conclusion kinda stresses me out. Seriously Valve, the fuck? THE FUCK? #30
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