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I am happy for AMD. Nvidia is way too big as it is and this will help boost AMD and strengthen the competition on the market. #46
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I'd take better gameplay / story / longer game over graphics any day, thank you very much. What's with devs and gamers these days, drooling over how shiny a game's engine looks. I remember a time when people judged a game by its gameplay not by how it looked. I mean, sure, pleasing for the eye is something to be desired, but it shouldn't trump over how the game plays. Oh and one more thing, art style. You can have the best, real-life graphics possible but if the art direction... #36
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Most PC's... probably. Most gaming PC's... no. Not by a long shot. This is 2012/13 technology. Technical jumps occur on every 5 to 6 months. That hardware will be outdated in a year or even sooner. #120
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Wait, who didn't see this one coming? Seriously people, it's EA. This is their job - to ruin studios and franchises. Westwood (Red Alert), Bioware (Dragon Age), Visceral (Dead Space)... #29
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The first Crysis had something going (besides the PC-melting hardware requirements). The Nano-suit driven gameplay coupled with the open-world environments made it one of the "must experience" type of FPS of this generation. The sequels never lived up to that standard (check under "console optimization") and tried to mimick COD / Battlefied to become more popular which in my opinion, was the reason for their expected downfall. #49
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There was a time when a game's longevity depended on QUALITY rather than DLC's. That time wasn't so long ago if you recall.

Cliff is being a moron for comparing Valve with EA. Valve didn't invent DLC's and has never shipped a half-arsed product in their lineup. EA on the other hand is the prime leader of greedy gaming corp. who's only contribution and overall innovation is testing how much they can further push the microtransation system down their co... #1.5
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After all that ending and DLC drama, do they really expect people to buy this? I mean, its been a whole year since they released Mass Effect 3 and apart from people playing multyplayer I can't imagine anyone going through that process of playing yet another mission with Shepard only to be reminded of the huge pile of crap that's the conclusion of the series.

Seriously, if Bioware doesn't WOW us with Dragon Age 3 I doubt they can ever restore their reputation as d... #3
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I am not concerned for Nintendo since the Wii had a similar problem this generation (way weaker hardware, a new gimmick for casuals and eh, several good games for the hard core fans). However, if they continue to neglect their fans for the sake of pleasing the much larger "casual audience" they might see a deficit of interested buyers of their system. Time will tell whether they can hit that magical spot that has helped them become the gaming juggernaut they are (gameplay > graph... #31
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Well, they certainly took their time... not that it will change anything. #26
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Why would I hate consoles? I hate the fact that I can't have all (or any) of them for instance, or say, when I can't get all the games I want for financial reasons. So, why such a strong word that will make PC gamers look like ignorant assholes?

The main "grudge" PC gamers have is with developers and publishers, not the consoles (and their owners). Publishers push developers to make games for the consoles since that market is much more "controlled"... #1.5
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How about "less people talking for half an hour and not showing anything and instead actual footage of games and things that are relevant." #62
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The real disappointment for me was the amount of bullshit praise they made devs gobble out for the console (which isn't even introduced yet, physically speaking). "Oh thy PS4 turns water into wine" says <insert developer here> in a 20 minute video. Why? Didn't these people learn from past mistakes? We want to see games and we want to see the console in action. I don't give 2 SHITS about some developer crapping on about how they made 10 000 polygon count on a charac... #57
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I have no problem with casuals and non-gamers. Everyone is entitled to their own preference and I see no point in denying the opportunity to try out new technology and sources of entertainment. The problem, however, lies in Sony's intention to make their console "social" in all terms. Yes, you can choose to avoid all those, erm, "perks" but don't expect to be left alone. This isn't beneficial to the player in any way. It is only there to make PS4 owners want to... #9.1.1
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The social integration into the hard core console market will NEVER work. It is from the same reason why gamers don't play casual crap from Zynga and other companies that are focused on social media platforms. This merging will not happen just because people want to play with their friends. This is just wishful thinking on their part.

If Sony wants the PS4 to work they should focus on providing more games and ways to improve the gameplay experience, not making a huge fus... #9
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Heck no. It's their biggest franchise and what made Valve great in the eyes of gamers. I am more than certain that it will sell more than any game before it (if it gets released of course) :D #4.1
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Nothing groundbreaking yet... come on Sony.


edit #2: HOLY SHIT WATCH DOGS! #89
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I can sympathize with the rest of the studio and since we don't really know the whole story (there's been a ton of speculation whether Gearbox actually spent most of the time polishing Borderlands 2 instead of working on A:CM) we shouldn't accuse the entire team for the mess. Maybe they were like "hey, weren't we suppose to be working on that Aliens game" and the executives went like "oh don't worry about that, we sent that demo to outsourcing companies so w... #24.1.1
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It doesn't really matter. With every passing year more and more companies are switching to "console only" strategy, with PC being an after thought. So what if we have 10 x more powerful PC's when the majority of games are just console ports (and not even good ones)? #92
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Way too early to form any kind of strong opinions. Just concept art an several seconds of in-game footage. Needs more coverage. Pronto. #32
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I wasn't talking about its usability. I was merely stating my own disagreement with their design choice (why fix what ain't broke, eh). No need to get angry with a personal preference. #6.1.2
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