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1. You can't really expect everything they've shown on demos to end up in the final game. To be honest, I was quite pleased with the overall feel and look of the final version of the game (yes, it did lack the certain BOOM elements from the demos but that didn't made it less exciting).

2. Definitely agree with the second one - even as I was playing (ordering Elizabeth to open rifts for medkits/ammo) I kept my eye on her in case she suffered some kind of fatigue or... #5
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You probably didn't get it but it's ok. #3.1
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Exactly. I think there was a bit too much shooting to be had in a game that's established itself as an action puzzle/platformer. Lara was meant to be a female Indiana Jones (finding treasures, exploring Tombs etc) though she feels way more cold blooded after blowing the head of the 100th mercenarie. Talk about modern Nazis... #2.2
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Some of these are just plain stupid. I guess the author was gunning for a funny sort of article but I don't think it is THAT funny. #8
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Well to be honest, I was leaning more towards the newer iterations (mainly MGS4). #5.3.1
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So, they didn't have any creative freedom from EA in the past few games? Gee, who would've guessed? #5
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That's nit picking my friend. From a wealth of Bioware games (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, etc) you chose 2 characters from Mass Effect which (while awesome as a whole) has the stink of "standardization" (something EA has been forcing Bioware to do). By all means, I am not stating that it is flawless, but when compared to MGS4 for instance, it is Oscar material.

Let me explain. Dialogue in RPG's and Stelth / action games can b... #5.2.1
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Yeah, I guessed that. Though after 11 dislikes one would think there would be some kind of explanation. Ah well. Fanboys :) #5.1.2
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Erm, an example as to why I am wrong maybe? #5.1
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An editor. The dialogue in MGS games is dreadful. The story might be complex and awesome (the characters well rounded and interesting) but, my God, the lines they deliver are just pure garbage. They should look at Bioware and their games for how effective dialogue is being written - long and overly convoluted sentences (probably the result from translation from Japanese) just drown down the urgency and sense of dread and make if laughable.

I strongly believe that if they can... #5
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You'd think next-gen would finally utilize 60 fps. Giant leap my ass... and to think they all praised the hardware's capabilities until it made us sick with it. All for what?

I am in no way fan of graphics over gameplay but shouldn't that leap in horsepower justify 60 fps (since we had it on PC since, well, 10 years now)? #28
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I believe he is speaking in broader terms. It isn't much about the technology and how developers use the techniques of genres to convey a different experience, rather the way games are "evolving" if you will, with every generation. Who could've guessed several generations back that we will have an AI partner on our journey that would feel like an actual person rather than a computer guided robot? (also, the feeling of being alone once she is actually gone... that's reall... #2
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I got the feeling that you really liked the first 2 Bioshock games and this new direction just really didn't suit your, erm, expectations? But whatever. I believe that when reviewing games you should consider the game (with all its ups and downs) on its own, rather than making a comparison between the two. Comparisons can be really great when you want to point out the things that have changed (for better or worse) and what can be expected from said changes. However, they cannot be the who... #9.1.1
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Has anyone agreeing with him even read the review or you are just jumping with him on the hate wagon? His main grudge with this game is that it's not "atmospheric enough" when compared to its predecessors. Also, he has issues with Elizabeth's AI (some weird shit when she threw coins for him in combat... what?) and that the city itself wasn't as inviting as Rapture (since the citizens behaved like robots)... WHAT? (he obviously forgot that the citizens of Rapture were all... #9
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People who claim the story was weaker than the first... they either haven't understood the one in Infinite, or they really forgot the one in the original. #9
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I lost you after you defined Dishonored as a third person shooter.

Oh and gameplay and gunplay is meh? Do tell what tipped you off mostly? The arguably best A.I. in gaming for Elizabeth, the "flight and fight + open tear" battlegrounds, the unique enemies and powers or the sheer amount of options you have in combat?

edit: I won't judge people who do not like shooters and action games in general, nor for those who simply find the game... not int... #8.1
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I was kinda stating that if it wasn't obvious from the previous comment. Oh and I didn't say it was a perfect game - no game ever is. However, it is both unique, entertaining and has incredible and engaging storyline... that is enough in my book. #5.5.4
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The hype is justified. The more people play and finish it, the greater the hype. The reason why you think it is overhyped is because Bioshock: Infinite has been around (developed) for more years than most of the recent CoD and Battlefield games COMBINED. For several years there was constant barrage of new content and details about the game, and in my own opinion, the final product outshines everything they showed at E3 or game demos.

Oh and yes, while we are served with bland... #5.5.2
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Over-hyped? Only a person who never played the game and is therefore, ignorant as hell to condemn it so. #5.5
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All right, all right I admit I was bored of Diablo 3 cause the overall quality of the story and levels was subpar when compared to the highly praised original (which I played for a decade and more). However, this does in deed look interesting and refreshing and I bet it will work quite well on a console. I am assuming it will play VERY differently and will have its own set of innovative ideas that will make it great for new (and old) players to jump on. What I am really hopping is joined serv... #5
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