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No offence taken! :) I am just as excited as you for TloU and can't wait to see the final product in action (and yes, I assume it is going to be awesome). #13.3.1
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People always misunderstand caution (that is probably the fact why names such as "fanboys" are appropriate). I don't mind the hype since I am part of the gaming community and I am interested to see how it turns out. Though these things bug me and I assume this comment section is to voice those concerns... though it seems that if your opinion differs even slightly from the roaring crowds of mesmerized fans, they will be clawing for your blood soon enough.

It is a... #13.1.1
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On consoles, maybe. The game is a PS3 exclusive, you can't state something like that and not get the ire of the other (bigger) part of the gaming community. Also, art =! graphics.

Also, people need to stop hyping this game to Heaven and back. It's not even out yet. At least Bioshock Infinite was out when people started hyping it - they had proof. I know PS3 owners will crucify me for saying this but, they do seem in a position to always overhype ANY exclusive on thei... #13
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Wow, ah HD Fable... where have I seen that before? Oh yeah. PC. 9 Years ago. #10
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The problem with PC vs Consoles comparisons lies in the simple fact that they shouldn't ever be compared!

PC's will always cost much more than consoles and will ALWAYS have the better graphics (we are talking high end vs. high end). Consoles on the other hand will ALWAYS have better performance vs. the majority of PC's from the bat - only high end, most expensive PC's can run newest games on highest settings.

Oh and just because Activision do... #112
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Hah... aaahhaha. Oh God... and I thought Sony had few games on their PS4 reveal... poor MS and their "next generation in Television." #165
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Wait, this isn't developed by ID? I will wait for gameplay videos to start getting excited. #19
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Has anyone even read the article or they all assume it's cooler to simply write "NO" or any negative statement known in the dictionary out of pure spite? Seriously, grow up and give some statements to support your claim. Otherwise, you just appear like a nagging child. #15
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Poor Resistance. The game deserves more than being called "overhyped". Seriously.

As for Portal... lol?

I mean, Uncharted, sure (what's good and popular has to be overhyped, right?) but Portal... c'mon. #45
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Military shooters? Hell yes. The genre is as bland as ever. The rest of the FPS genre, no. We have Bioshock: Infinite in 2013. I am satisfied knowing there always will be another studio that won't be afraid to push the limits... #18
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Last, no way. Greatest, hopefully (but doubtful). #1.3
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Wow... pointing out that a game sucks as time-travel (a concept that has yet to be even scientifically proven) sure makes for a great article... wait. #2
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Half Life... erm. You remember how every other FPS on the market starts with a trip of a guy/gal... yeah, Half Life started that. #10
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Way too early for that. #2.2
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The trailer was kinda meh... Maybe I am kinda jaded after all these years of underwhelming survival horror games but I sincerely hope the game delivers. #22
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Yeah, because, Square Enix Japan has it all figured out. Give me a break Capcom, this "shift" is full of crap. Oh, and focusing more on DLC... yeah, EA says hi. #26
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Clear and concise article. Refreshing for a change. I doubt though that it can make a huge impact on the console market, however, as a niche it might succeed if they add up unique titles that will utilize the console's capabilities. #14
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Yep. It's not called a "cash in" otherwise.

All jokes aside though, I do think they need to go back on the drawing board with both games. God of War needs new setting, new storyline and maybe (just maybe) a new main protagonist (Kratos's story has been milked dry). The addition of mutlyplayer was the nail on the coffin for me, since, well, it shows just how the series stares at a dead end.

Gears of War needs to mix things up with something... #1.6
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Not to nitpick here but Mirror's Edge, Too Human and Halo Wars cannot be considered a franchise. Maybe a beginning of one if there was a sequel but since there was not... #1.8
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Why the bloody hell not? I mean, I can understand the power of exclusives and their role in the creation of a console fanbase but you can't blame a developer for wanting to "share" his games with a wider audience. Yes, yes, money sure are a potent factor as well but that's a no brainer these days. #1.22
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