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This is Valve. They don't do "big flops". If they play their cards right this might be the next big thing. We have too little information on the matter to make any type of doomsday call. #22.2
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This isn't ignorance nor stupidity. Oh no. It is much worse. These so called "media enterprises" are openly attacking games and the industry in order to shift the blame to from those parties they represent (are being paid by).

I always thought Fox News and their equivalent are simply bad at their job but it became apparent over the years that its simply not the case. Not to sound like a conspirator or something but it is truly disturbing how they manage to pick... #48
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Grey is the new brown. Or so I hear. #1.10
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Oh come on. Forget the prostitute part. I should have stated "scantily-clad woman" and I do apologize.

Now, focus on the more important part. #38.1.1
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I guess being observant and objectionable is out of the question as well? Don't be a fanboy.

Edit: Be a fan. :) #39.1
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I can name one reason - it was made with consoles in mind. Har har har.

In all seriousness, I would very much like to try it out on a console. No RMAH, no bullshitty drops... it feels tighter and more interesting as well.

Ah, PC master race my ass. #7
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You can make a character (no matter male of female) feel sexy by many means including their overall appearance, posture, voice, character and connection to the player. The easiest route for the majority of game designers - put big exposed boobs and ass and you've done it.

The guy from 343 isn't wrong. That sniper-whore is there exactly to cause controversy because she is literally, a whore wearing a sniper rifle. Not Kojima, nor God himself can make a tentative and be... #38
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A prostitute with a sniper rifle... wow, that's original. Seriously, who comes out with this type of shit? All right, all right, I can see how they ended up with this.

Story writer 1: OK, so we need a female sniper that will also fill the role of a love-interest.

Kojima: A thong. And a bra. That should cover it.

Story writer 2: Uhm, sir, that's not how actual snipers dress. There should be camo clothing to stop reflecting sunlight,... #38
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Why are people so bent on putting MS to the torch? Hello, if MS decides to shut down the Xbox division there won't be a competitor to force Sony to produce more quality content. You people really need to understand that if the Xbone fails, it will hurt not only MS but the industry itself. Less competition, less innovation... Sony will monopolize the market the stagnation will follow.

Just shut up and let them fix their shit. After all that hate I think they got the messag... #55
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I can understand this development. Half Life is Valve's brand game - their Eifel Tower, if you will. Of course it is going to take a lot longer than making a sequel to either L4D, Team Fortress or Portal. I am not saying these newer titles (except TFT of course) aren't worth the wait and development time, however, they are rather new and proved to be rather successful and have an added selling point (which Valve has been really pushing lately... co-op).

So, basicly, t... #33
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We cannot predict what will happen in the near future. Who knows? Maybe the "cloud" will win over the audience or maybe it won't. Maybe some other piece of tech will spark a new revolution. #73
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It is a flameboyant topic for an obvious reason: Inifnite is available to all gamers (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) while TLoU is a PS3 exclusive. Yeah they can praise it all they want and it might be a great game but the fact remains - Bioshock was played by far more people than TLoU because it was multyplatform. It is difficult to pit and exclusive against a successful multyplatformer and expect people not to over react. #5
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Indeed. People hate on Balmer for being the asshole he is (you know, the corporate kind of asshole) but MS is doing great because of his corporate way of running things (MS is actually gaining profit in all divisions except Xbox).

So, this might be a different kind of thing but who knows... things haven't been exactly great thus far so... #1.2.2
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Why? The game is still relevant even after 20 years. It is a prime example that GAMEPLAY > Graphics. ALWAYS. Yeah, sure, it will look "better" but, OK. Let's repaint Mona Lisa with lasers and shit. Let's rebuild the Coliseum with new concrete and latest technology. Some things are just meant to be like they are. Learn to appreciate them and stop giving Nintendo incentive to re-re-re-re-re-release games for the 10th time with slight graphics modification and a quick cash i... #10
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So basically, both the PS4 and Xbox One are just a graphical step up from their respective counterparts from last gen. What's actually innovative at Sony is their "immersive Social Media integration" (a load of bullshit no one wants or needs but tends to be showed in by devs for no particular reason than to help advertise their games on Youtube).

On the other hand, M$ actually tried to shift their perspective, try something new and while it was a step in the wro... #86
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So far, the game's been shown on PC and it looks incredible... so... uh. #40
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Who wouldn't? The movie is just so boring and long. Movie fans might think otherwise though ;) #4.1
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Last E3 we got Watch Dogs... I ain't even mad. #1.2.2
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Wait for the game to be released? Are you serious? This is the hate wagon! Everyone aboard! Cogent arguments and personal preferences don't matter as long as we can HATE HATE HATE!

-the fanboy creed.

I should trademark the game if Ubisoft ever chooses to expand their "assassin" moto :D #13.1
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Anyone even read the review? Or jumping the hate wagon is all to popular these days... Jesus. Yeah the score isn't 10/10 but they did say the game is still great and very fun to play. So, erm, don't get butthurt over 1 review and play the game when it comes out! #96
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