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I liked the Dragon Age: Origins ending which kinda resembled the one we saw in Mass Effect 3... with one difference: although my character died, there was closure. Everything didn't end with some philosophical bullshit, convergence and whatnot (which is as you know SOOOO unique). There was meaning to each end, each character and a prelude to the future... Mass Effect 3 haven't provided anything along those lines... just scraped everything up till the last 10 minutes and left the playe... #5
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Finally some sense... they've been delaying the game since, forever. #3
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Uh, the game is like six months old, but sincerely sorry for the, uhm, spoilers? I didn't really reveal anything... #27.1.1
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I just finished the campaign and I have to admit I enjoyed it immensely. It was a worthy conclusion to a great series and in my own humble opinion, the best game of the three. I won't elaborate on the good things and why I think this is the best Mass Effect experience for me (since clearly this is the HATE section), so let me just state the one negative thing (if one can call it that) in terms of the story - the endings.

It pretty much resembled Deus Ex: Human Revolution... #27
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It would sell the console for sure. #2.2.1
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One of the worst directions they could have possibly taken for the franchise... What is the next Assassin going to do, recruit Yosemite Sam and go haul ass on the Brits?

SO many great opportunities that haven't been touched by gaming... The French Revolution, the Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire, the Emergence of the Eastern Empires... hell, the Balkans have seen more wars and conflicts in one decade than the entirety of that puny USA East vs. West war that's been... #40
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"...hahaha, i nvr played the first one. just went str8 to the 2nd and im glad i did." /facepalm

People should REALLY play the first Mass Effect. It was a true sci-fi RPG / cover-based shooter and the story was far grander than that in Mass Effect 2. #1
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I doubt they'll cancel it, though after the misses with Quake 4 and now Rage, ID will probably be way more careful when hyping up a new game... no matter if it is a Doom or Quakr sequel. #32
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Moving on. #1.4
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Aaah. Yet another developers joins the "by yearly release" practice, milking their franchise to death and adding nothing new to the table. Fly, oh fly you fools. #39
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So, by this reviewer's standard, Nintendo should have bankrupted YEARS ago since, hey, they've been re-releasing the same old Marios', Zeldas' and Metroids' over and over and over again (graphical improvements aside).


Nostalgia can be sometimes considered a "soft spot" for developers to abuse in order to achieve better sales, but this just isn't the case. Why fix what ain't broke right? But the new Twisted Meta... #47
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I've no doubts that this will be a great sequel. #1
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Truth be told, the game was still great (although the controls-optimization was piss poor) on PC and having not owned a GameCube or any other console port of the game, I was stunned but just how awesome RE4 was. Then again I just plugged a PS2 controller and had a great time with it. #8
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Why? I mean, really... WHY? #81
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I didn't understand anything from the technical "mumbo-jumbo" in the description, but the video does speak for itself.

Time to upgrade from 5770 to 7770 I guess :) #4
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Why are people still discussing these... #42
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When they make it for PC so we can all judge it, why not? :)

As for Batman: AC... *sigh*... how can one name an action adventure game an RPG is beyond me. Seriously, can't people read anymore and have the decency to at least learn what those terms actually mean (RPG for instance). #27.1
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Every time I see a Final Fantasy XIII screenshot I get the urge to vomit... seriously, cut with that crap already. #6
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DMC3... the game, although ridiculously difficult, was one of the most challenging and rewarding action-adventure games I've ever played. Dante Must Die was the absolute pinnacle - however, it was the ultimate test since you would have probably spent a generous amount of time beating the previous modes and getting at lest a decent set of skills and a feel for the game... but then, this was just... rawr. Man, was it hard. #14
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Wow, it is just incredible how you managed to rip off of Modern Warfare in a Final Fantasy's article comment section...

Though, shocking I might add... for the score, I mean. We were expecting a rebirth of the series with the sequel (NOT). #30.1
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