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Yeah but Nemesis was only hint at before RE3. And also, he could show up at any given moment in the game which made the atmosphere that more frantic. I doubt this can be achieved with the xenomorph in Alien but here's hoping that it will. #29.1.1
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The game looks amazing. Period.

With that being said though, I honestly think this can never be scary. Why? The thing about horror is being in a position where the great variable is unknown - what hunts you. Generally, people are terrified of the unknown and that can apply to many things, not just horror movies and games. We all know jump scares can only work so much so we need excellent atmosphere to keep us on edge and a monster(s).

Here Alien: Isolation is... #29
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People putting Ground Zeroes on a "best games" list... /sigh #28
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I bet I will get a ton of flak for this but I actually liked the first Resident Evil movie. The fact that I hadn't played any Resident Evil games up to that point kinda contributed to the enjoyment. Later on I did play RE2 and RE4 and kinda stopped thinking there was any connection between the games and the movies. Sure there are names that overlap and the theme is zombies but come on... #74
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Hold your horses. I can admit the demo preview was a tad bland but that doesn't mean it can't win you over once you get the whole picture.

Resident Evil 4 wasn't by any definition, scary. It had its moments, sure (like those, things in the freezer) and the atmosphere itself was very creepy at times, especially the loneliness factor. However, it was far removed the "survival horror" and The Evil within seems to be following that formula, at least to a de... #48
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Since when are we basing our opinions for a game on the quality of graphics? Let's see how the game plays, what it has in store in terms of story, locations, pacing, open world set pieces, etc... Why condemn it just because they decided to "tone down" the graphics for the consoles. #20
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MGS fanboys will be all over this. No matter if it lasts them 2 hours, they will buy it. It is the case with sheep. Simply follow the herd, even if it means chugging up $30 for a fucking demo.

I don't give a damn if the gameplay and missions are the second coming of Jesus - this is a cheap tactic that intends to test the stupidity of gamers and whether they will buy anything just because it has their favorite hero in it. Seriously, use your brains for once people. If you... #13
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People need to realize that this is a test - a test to probe the stupidity of fanboys and whether they will sink as low as shedding $30 for a demo. If successful, we will be seeing more of this crap in the future. Just wait till EA gets a hold of it. If not, well... they will try again later.

Also, I had no idea Kojima had finally sold out himself. This is beneath him. Seriously. #109
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Exactly. 4k resolution + unlocked fps... PC all the way. #1.3.25
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Publishers are getting greedier by the moment. MGS4 was a huge game that lasted hours on end and this shit is suppose to be next gen experience. So hey - let's release a 2 hour tease just so we can probe if enough idiots buy our shit... if successful we shove this down their throats until we can sell them just minutes of game play... hell, why not sell us the control scheme separately... fucking ridiculous.

I seriously don't even care about the price drop. If it was... #24.1
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It's Japan. Why are people even surprised? #37
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How can you know? Seriously, have you tried to game? Can you shed more light on the whole thing? Or are you just one of those who've jumped the hype train the moment they released the CGI trailer?

I like to be an optimist and get amped for a game but this is just... EDIT: Apparently someone posted couple of in-game screenshots bellow. Damn, it does look good. #1.9
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Indie developers are the ones making a change - they need to come up with something truly unique and innovative in order to attract the attention of the crowds. Triple A developers and studios take the safe option - that is why we have Battlefield 4, Call of Duty 7, Gears of War 4, Forza 5, GTA5, Gran Turismo 6, Assassin's Creed 4... you get my point.

I am not saying AAA games aren't good (they've earned the status for more than the budget), just with the recent... #7.8
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Sever ties with who? #52
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It's not like they can't make a good Single Player campaign. The Bad Company games had simple story-lines but they were still interesting and featured a hell of a lot of fun set-pieces and awesome destructible combat.

Why can't Dice just use that formula, rather than make up a laughably short 4, hour campaign that doesn't even deserve to be there? Seriously, if you aren't even up for doing something, why do it half-arsedly? #1.14
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The game is simply incredible. If you liked Arkham City than you would love this. The world is at least twice as big, there's a shitload of new events/items/challenges not to mention upgrades, enemies, much improved boss fights.

Also the younger Batman is much more deadly and badass (if that was even possible) and the story seems much more focused and intriguing.

I can't for the life of me understand all these reviewers claiming it is not innovative e... #4.3
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At least there's a protagonist who isn't bald (Ryse) or has a mask/helmet/whatever. I can understand animating hair and making it feel real is tough and can take loads of resources but damn... this is next gen, bring it on, dammit. #82
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Butthurt PS3 fanboys are the worst. I can understand someone arguing with cogent and analytical arguments, introducing facts to support or go against a claim, but this is just plain ignorance.

Even the technologically illiterate should understand the very basics of how tech works in order to call Carmack and idiot. Take this example: a graphics card with 2GB of DDR5 ram from the lower tier (say, Radeon 7770) will always perform worse than a higher tier graphic card (say Radeo... #27.1.1
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I know graphics are overall prevalent when a new generation of consoles is expected (we PC folk know nothing of this, *cough* ;)) but this trend is becoming truly cumbersome. Polygon comparison? Are you freaking kidding me? Like anyone is going to hunt for the amount of details on their screens when they could be enjoying the gameplay. When did we become so obsessed with "x console plays y game better because of GRAPHICZ" and not gameplay?

A game can be carried by... #86
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People need to really stop with this articles. It is pointless. I mean, really, talking about something which isn't even remotely known to be in production. How can one even speculate whether a game will live or not to its expectations if we aren't even sure how it looks like. How it will play like. Who the hell knows?

Did we know Half Life 2 would be THAT awesome 10 years ago? We saw the tech demo and we pooped our pants. Yeah, sure, the industry grew a ton these pas... #10
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