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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Part 2: "I was talking about the very real anti-girl environment they often have to deal with. It is NOT equivalent. You DO get a lot more shit flung at you as a girl, or any "minority" really.

"but we get it too" - Uh, Ok.. And?"

I don't know where you live, but let's assume for a second that you live in a typical Western Nation, so the U.S., Canada, the U.K. etc...

Now, you've grown up there your w... #3.2.4
@mixelon: "I'm going to say this now. Anyone who claims there isn't a lot of sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry in the gaming community is frankly an idiot. Yes, it's everywhere else on the net too. So?"

Then call me an idiot. I've been gaming for 26 years, I live in Canada which is probably the most multicultural country in the world, and everything that you've said is something that I, nor every gamer I've ever encountered, have ever de... #3.2.3
"But you guys have made up your mind to hate this game, so proceed."

And you've made up your mind to bend to Ubisoft, so proceed too I guess. #1.2.2
@mixelon: I believe we've had this discussion before about the girls who stream. I'm subbed to a few and none of them receive any harassment at all. Again, overstated.

*EDIT* For some reason the reply was posted here instead of in mixelon's post. #3.1.1
The reason you don't see it is because the problem is being grossly overstated. I won't deny that there are women out there who've had more than their fair share of harassment, so have men, but the problem is nowhere near the "epidemic" levels that feminists are claiming.

I grew up a gamer. I'm a straight white man. My best friends, and family, were also gamers. My best friends were Romanian (some would still call that white and they'd be racist... #3.1
Anita Sarkeesian is 30 going on 60 without her makeup on. Trust me, you wouldn't want to tap that. #8.2
@Fireseed: The fact that Gamergate has been emailing advertisers and has been successful in having ads removed from offending sites means that it's more than just a twitter movement. Gamasutra lost 4 advertisers, the biggest being Intel. Gawker lost BMW and Mercedes Benz which they say has already cost them possibly millions of dollars in revenue.

As much as you want to be dismissive of Gamergate, you can't argue with results. Rock Paper Shotgun has resorted to beggin... #1.1.5
Man this article is SUPER old. Shouldn't have even been approved. #1.1.4
@cgoodno: My position is that I don't care if they've received death threats or not. I don't know them, I don't like them as people, I didn't send them death threats myself so I'm not going to feel bad or apologize for something I didn't do, nor should anyone else. Are making death threats something that's perfectly acceptable to do? Of course not. There isn't a single person in this thread that actually condones such behaviour, not even -Foxtrot.
... #1.11.16
@cgoodno: Zoe didn't have any opinions. She slept around, went after a charity event, and is in deep with indie scene corruption. Those aren't "opinions" those are actions. And for someone who keeps saying she wants out, she keeps dragging herself in when everyone has forgotten about her. Same with Anita.

Anita capitalized on the recent school shooting to blame it on men and masculinity as a whole. The woman is vile. That's not an opinion, that's a f... #1.11.14
@cgoodno: Actually, that analysis was so flawed it may as well have been done by a blind chimp. It took 25% of arbitrarily selected tweets within the GamerGate tag. And even the tweets it took were 90% neutral and not harassing in any way.

It's better covered in this analysis of newsweek's analysis.

https://medium.com/@cainejw... #1.9.3
"showing GG in all it's sexist and misogynistic glory."

Spoken as someone who hasn't spent a single second in the GG tag. #1.6.4
This article is completely irrelevant as she has only been made to look bad to people who already saw through her B.S. to begin with.

Have any of you seen her twitter feed after the show was aired? It's filled with people that actually think Colbert is now a feminist. What do they base that on? A question.

"As a man, am I allowed to be a feminist?"

That's what he said. And the SJWs are taking that as a declarative statement,... #1.1.13
@darkride666: You really have no idea what you're talking about. Rather than going into a long comment string as to why you're wrong, and seeing as how others already have done so, I'm going to tell you that Zoe Quinn is A)No frickin' developer. She put hyperlinks on a page and grossly oversimplified depression and implied it could be fixed. B)She literally doesn't matter to anyone who supports #GamerGate. She keeps saying she wants out and yet keeps trying to insert herse... #1.2.10
@Death: The original way of saying it is so much better I think. Meaning @Yokan "Sometimes it is better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt."

That comment was completely unnecessary and no one thinks you're funny. Not even your mother. #5.2
Yeah, who gives a crap about gaming journalism being corrupt, censoring and banning people without cause, calling all gamers every vile name they can come up with along with saying gamers are dead. Rabble Rabble Rabble. #1.5.1
@SnackAttacker - My comments will be in parenthesis

1: Unscheduled Maintenance (Not a playstation only problem)

2: Dualshock 4 Thumbsticks (No problems here)

3: PSN Store Updates (I only dislike how late in the day)

4: Scheduled Maintenance (Basically, Sony needs to not improve anything according to this, also see #1)

5: Dead On Arrival Exclusives (*sighing facepalm*)

6: The Popularity of th... #1.18
@Abriael: Disagree, you forgot the picture. #1.4
Would you just stop. If we took what you considered important, and put it in an empty sac, it would be worth the sac. You have literally no right to criticize what people want to discuss. #13.1
Anita's right to free speech was not stifled by threats of violence. Both the police, and the university, concluded there was no actual threat to students or to her and it's kinda the job of the police to be able to make such determinations.

She cancelled her talk not because of the threats, but because the university and the police would not enforce a constitutional violation that she wanted. She insisted that metal detectors be placed at all entrances and the univer... #7.3
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