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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


So far in this string of comments the following arguments have been used.

"Playstation 4 has no games"

Games are shown

"Xbox One has more games"

List shown showing number of PS4 games.

"Quantity doesn't matter, it's quality that matters."

PS4 has more 90+ games.

"Quality doesn't matter if there isn't enough quantity." <... #1.1.16
@PistolsAtDawn: Because they don't need to. They have a B.C. option already. They may not want to call it one because it can stream to non-Playstation devices, but the goal of all B.C. is to be able to play older generation games on newer hardware which is what you can do with PSNow on the PS4.

Sony has no plans to have a feature that's like what Microsoft is calling Backwards Compatibility. No argument there.

Microsoft's version in my opinion is... #1.1.11
@donthate: Once again the point is so far over your head it's in orbit. The point isn't that MS hasn't yet sold the Xbox division, it's that business analysts were predicting they were based on the fact that Xbox, as a division, has been a bad division for Microsoft on the whole since it began. The division has bled money from the very start, and the Xbox One's launch was probably the most panned, worst received launch in the history of the industry. THOSE are facts.
"If by day one, you mean months after launch then sure."

Sure, that's what I mean when I'm talking about the Xbox's B.C. I'm saying that the Xbox's B.C. isn't native because PSNow wasn't on PS4 day one. Yep, you got me there.

And I'm also saying that PSNow's limited selection is pushing an agenda because the Xbox One doesn't have a limited selection at all and I'm just trying to downplay the fact that the... #1.3.1
@donthate: You basically just said I was right but won't allow yourself to allow a situation in which the Xbox One can be criticized so you invented loopholes and technicalities to really end up saying nothing. The mental gymnastics are truly gold medal worthy. #1.2.4
Must resist urge...

Ok, so let's begin.

Xbox Fanboy #1 who literally doesn't hide that he's an Xbox fanboy.

"Does PSNow allow you to play games offline? It isn't backwards compatibility, its a video streaming service."

When and where was Backwards Compatibility officially defined as allowing offline play? That B.C. started with console incapable of being online to begin with doesn't mean the feat... #1.1.8
Dark Souls is not better in every way. Just because you have a semi-open world (Dark Souls was just as linear as Demon's Souls, it just didn't have a hub world) doesn't mean Dark Souls is objectively better. Dark Souls had the more difficult "level" progression? Really? How so?

And how many of you immediately knew what to do with the various shards? #1.2.3
Xbox One's B.C. is not native B.C.

If it were it would have been in the device from day one. It's a form of software emulation. #1.2.1
Backwards Compatibility does not mean anything more than being able to play games from a previous generation. That is has been free is a platform holder choice, not some kind of standard that is in some kind of law that is enforced.

So basically you just answered that PSNow is backwards compatibility, though its methods of being so are different from the Xbox One's.

The only way you can say that PSNow is not Backwards Compatibility is if you can show it N... #1.1.3
Yes, yes it is. And what games does it stream? #1.1.1
"I won't even touch Dark Souls."

"I do actually plan on giving Bloodborne a try though."

https://s-media-cache-ak0.p... #2.1
You need a map to tell you where to go? Lol, scrub.

No but seriously, the game actually points you in the direction of where to go. You just have to pay attention to the landscape.

Man, if you think Dark Souls is confusing, I'd wager you never played Demon's Souls. #1.2
#BeachBodyReady #2.1
I'm pretty sure that Malboro are based on Marlboro. #1.3
No, not only to Playstation fans. To people with common sense. A gap of 2:1 in sales doesn't sound like success to anyone that can do math. It technically doesn't mean failure, but it looks like failure. Except, of course, to Xbox fanboys like yourself whose PS4 sits next to his Xbox One.. right? #1.5.2
@Death: Again, Xbox has never made MS money. I don't know where you think it has, but it hasn't. Even with charging for Live for now the 3rd generation has not put Xbox out of the red. #1.3.3
"Let's ignore the fact Xbox makes Microsoft much more money than PlayStation does."

Yes, let's do because that's a bold faced lie. The Xbox Division has never made Microsoft money since inception. In fact it's bled money for Microsoft. First the original Xbox cost MS $4 billion in losses by the time they abandoned it for the Xbox 360... which cost MS another $1 billion itself just for RROD alone. We're now into the Xbox One which is not doing as... #1.1.5
Developers care about sales, and gamers care about the games developers make, so if you're a true gamer that only cares about games, you unfortunately have to care, at least peripherally, about sales. #1.3.1
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What a great idea. People LOVE subscription models where they are invariably locked into a contract they have to pay a ridiculous fee to get out of just so they can end up paying more than the product is actually worth while not using it as much as the payments suggest they should be using it.

It's wonderful to offer large corporations more ways to fleece us all out of our money.

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"We know the outage isn't affecting everyone and according to Microsoft people that were affected should be able sign in now."

That the outage isn't literally affecting nearly 100 million people doesn't mean it's only affecting 1 person. The point is that you first try to downplay something you don't know the extent of, and then later contradict yourself.

"The support page states that Core Services are "limited" si... #1.6.4
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