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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


I see you've got a nasty case of butt hurt. Fortunately, there is a cure.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11.1.1
@cgoodno: You know, I had made up my mind to not bother responding to whatever your comment was going to be, because the argument had already entered an unending circle. Then you had to move the argument out of the talking points, and into this...

"Nope. You're usually up to taking things personally and thinking someone's opinion is somehow an attack against you and when everyone isn't specifically standing up and supporting your view, you somehow think it mu... #1.2.10
"Women shouldn't be involved in gaming the way they want..."

Finally found what you look like. Took awhile, but this is you right?


"Putting the blame on kids who have mental disorders rather than blaming video games."

Guess you missed the part at the very beginning where... #1.2.8
Let's go through your links, though I'm sure you'll retort about how I'm being needlessly picky or something but you provided the links so obviously you want comment on them.

Link 1: is about the same feminist crap that shouldn't be involved in gaming in the first place. You already know how I feel about things like that, so no need to go further than that on link 1. Its assumptions are themselves the problem.

Link 2: Oh yeah, saying that... #1.2.6
Zoe Quinn isn't going anywhere because she keeps reinserting herself into areas where people forgot about her. God forbid we forget about Zoe Quinn, she'll have none of that, but GamerGate has LONG since moved passed her, which is why she's the original LW. Contrary to what the antis think, we want Zoe Quinn to go away, we don't care about her, but only so far as GamerGate is concerned. Whatever she does in her own life is no concern of anyone in GamerGate, I can guarantee tha... #18
@cgoodno: You're free to ignore the fact that advertising a game does nothing to speak positively about gaming culture or gamers at all. All it does is showcase a game, possibly get people interested in said game, and that's where it ends.

Can you name one Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, CBS, CNN, or any other news outlet that has spoken positively about gamers, or is your entire position "well Conan plays games on his show, therefore mainstream media is speaking positivel... #1.2.4
I see where the problem is. You consider advertisements to be a part of the MSM and I don't. I only consider news outlets and how they report on gaming and gamers to be the aspect of MSM that should be focused on. Why just today I saw, and was completely unsurprised by, an article that claims CBC is uninterested in reporting on any other narrative about subjects like GamerGate other than the narrative created by Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, and Anita Sarkeesian.

But Canada'... #1.2.2
I have to completely disagree with your assessment that the mainstream media is on our side when Brianna Wu by herself has proven that that's not the case. And going back further, FOX News is another example of how the MSM is against gamers.

Why, this past month MSNBC, CNN, The BBC, and CBS have all posted pieces against gamers at the behest of feminists claiming harassment. Anita Sarkeesian wrote a piece for The New York Times with her usual bile.

Conan... #1.2
Uhhhh, I won for a comment? That's literally never happened before. Lol. I wonder which comment I won for. Well in any event, thank you very much. :) #4
@mixelon: You're responsible for representing yourself the way you want to be represented, I didn't pigeonhole you into anything. Your entire stance here has screamed anti-GG and other characteristics that are far more pervasive in every space than the overstated and alleged harassment you claim is rampant in gaming.

"It is a problem...."

No, it isn't. If the majority of gamers never talk about this and when they do they don't see it... #3.1.4
"Most people calling for an end to "GG" are not calling for an end to the pursuit of game industry ethics. They believe GG's prevalence distracts from any meaningful discussion because of a) it's stupid origins and b) the huge number of people using it to dismiss other people's concerns. (on both sides) c) the fact that people like Milo and other right wing shit-flingers have entrenched themselves there doesn't help either. None of that has *anything* practical... #4.2
Ah, I see they have that same voice actor who did the french soldier's voice in AC1 in this game too. #20
Translation: I hate having more games to play. I'd much rather have an entire year of nothing to play so that my elitism will be satisfied the next year and something that's new and unproven that I have no idea if I'll like or hate can be made just so that I can say "finally they took this different direction" even though I'm not going to receive any kind of financial compensation for what direction the company chooses to take with its games, so I don't have any... #2.3
Part 2: "I was talking about the very real anti-girl environment they often have to deal with. It is NOT equivalent. You DO get a lot more shit flung at you as a girl, or any "minority" really.

"but we get it too" - Uh, Ok.. And?"

I don't know where you live, but let's assume for a second that you live in a typical Western Nation, so the U.S., Canada, the U.K. etc...

Now, you've grown up there your w... #3.2.4
@mixelon: "I'm going to say this now. Anyone who claims there isn't a lot of sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry in the gaming community is frankly an idiot. Yes, it's everywhere else on the net too. So?"

Then call me an idiot. I've been gaming for 26 years, I live in Canada which is probably the most multicultural country in the world, and everything that you've said is something that I, nor every gamer I've ever encountered, have ever de... #3.2.3
"But you guys have made up your mind to hate this game, so proceed."

And you've made up your mind to bend to Ubisoft, so proceed too I guess. #1.2.2
@mixelon: I believe we've had this discussion before about the girls who stream. I'm subbed to a few and none of them receive any harassment at all. Again, overstated.

*EDIT* For some reason the reply was posted here instead of in mixelon's post. #3.1.1
The reason you don't see it is because the problem is being grossly overstated. I won't deny that there are women out there who've had more than their fair share of harassment, so have men, but the problem is nowhere near the "epidemic" levels that feminists are claiming.

I grew up a gamer. I'm a straight white man. My best friends, and family, were also gamers. My best friends were Romanian (some would still call that white and they'd be racist... #3.1
Anita Sarkeesian is 30 going on 60 without her makeup on. Trust me, you wouldn't want to tap that. #8.2
@Fireseed: The fact that Gamergate has been emailing advertisers and has been successful in having ads removed from offending sites means that it's more than just a twitter movement. Gamasutra lost 4 advertisers, the biggest being Intel. Gawker lost BMW and Mercedes Benz which they say has already cost them possibly millions of dollars in revenue.

As much as you want to be dismissive of Gamergate, you can't argue with results. Rock Paper Shotgun has resorted to beggin... #1.1.5
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