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I think you're beyond jaded if the first thing you think is "attention whore."

Never understood why people get so uppity about women using their body. It's no different than using anything else to get ahead in life. Plus, what's wrong with expressing fandom love?

Maybe I'm getting old because with each passing day I realize more and more that getting uppity about superficial things turns your hair grey faster.

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What about the dude in the pic? Doing nothing for you?

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No reason to ban Kalebninja. They are an extreme prude, viewing the world through custom made Anita Sarkeesian goggles (everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out), but that's not ban worthy. Besides, I'd lose out on some comedy if Kalebninja were banned. I mean, whining about this is so sad it's almost slightly amusing.

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Neil is the one who introduced Anita as she received an Ambassadorial award for her "work" in making games better. You will never see Anita or Neil talk bad about each other and Neil is a known feminist.

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@Ashlen: If it's just a video game, why is diversity needed then? Why is there a lack of diversity in killed women if reality doesn't matter? Seems like you're creating some red herrings here.

Diversity for its own sake will always be a bad idea because it will never have the passion put behind it that it requires to be any good. I'll take a Samus Aran or a Faith over a Nadine Ross any day. Hell, even what's her name from TLOU who led the Fireflies is a ...

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@DarkXyde: Nadine inherited Shoreline from her father. That piece of information is an optional conversation between Nate and Elena. She didn't earn the right to lead Shoreline, her dad left it to her. Nadine is a token character, made to appear more badass than she actually should be, all for the sake of "diversity" and "inclusion."

Her entire army, which btw HAS to include more capable fighters than her and whom are ALL male (notice no female soldi...

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Druckmann is a feminist and a friend of Anita Sarkeesian, but giving Nathan and Elena a daughter is not even worth talking about because it's a non-issue. The real problem is Nadine. They clearly were pandering with her character. Watch Gaming Sins' "Everything Wrong With Uncharted 4" video and he makes a good point.

Nathan went face to face with a trained fighter in prison, over 15 years of time he's fought a lot of people, he has a size advantage ove...

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Wrote the blog before that article.

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Incorrect. The scale is not subjective. How the number is explained may be subjective, but it is an objective fact that there is no such thing as a perfect game. All games with a 10/10 score still have problems and honest reviewers will mention those flaws, hence to claim a game is literally perfect is dishonest.

You are arguing semantics.

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"I think the whole mess is just another example of gaming needing to grow up."

This isn't an issue of maturity. Fanboys and fangirls can espouse the merits of their games of choice receiving high scores all they want, it won't amount to anything if the sales aren't there. We've seen critically successful games tank in sales. The issue is the out-of-touch suits that create whole business models around review scores. These people are statisticians, m...

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For once you and I agree on something.

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"You state no game is a perfect 10, I beg to differ TLOU was not only a perfect 10 it was more like an 11 on a 0-10 scale."

Incorrect. TLOU is not a perfect, flawless game. Believing so calls into question many things, not the least of which are general perception. TLOU has its share of bugs, and its share of bad moments, meaning it's not a perfect game. A 10 does not denote perfection, it denotes complete satisfaction such that any problems are seen as minor ...

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@I-Hate-Usernames: If you get to level 712 on NG then you are a walking god that can one shot almost everything with ease. It would take a very long time to amass those hundreds of millions of souls, but you can do it.

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@Make: Be as salty as the Dead Sea all you want, you still haven't countered the point that Xbone has nothing in even the same ballpark as UC4. If you're gonna play the trolling fanboy, get better at it.

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Oh good lord, please don't have anyone in the party say Bangarang unless they're in Neverland and Rufio is saying it.

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Kalebninja, McDonald's is popular, doesn't mean it's good.

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The author forgets that publishers are concerned with metacritic and base whether or not devs receive a bonus on metacritic scores. That's the real problem and that's why metacritic has to go.

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Right, the review wasn't satire. I repeat, the review WAS NOT satire. This has been confirmed multiple times already.

And the review itself would not be removed. You could go to the Washington Post and still see the review. That isn't the issue.

The issue is metacritic's over reach. Metacritic can talk all it wants about defending its way of doing things, but adding a score to a scoreless review is a problem. People forget that people's MO...

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A) Throwing a shoe is not free speech, it's free expression.

B) Freedom of Speech does not, or at least should not, have limits. It should have consequences, but not limits. When you place limits then you're saying that feelings are more important than ideas, and that stunts progress.

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Removing a metascore is not censorship as the original review is still freely available on the Washington Post site proper. The issue is with metacritic, not the actual critic themselves. So many people don't know a thing about Free Speech and yet talk so comfortably about it.

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