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@Majin: If MS brought out a game called "Tittiesfall" they'd probably win the gen because boobs. You know it's true, especially with the typical Xbox user being American and in college. #4.1.4
@IVanSpinal: Bloodborne is a new IP, and therein lies the difference. Xbox fans didn't support Bloodborne in the Past only to get shafted now. Plus, FromSoft are doing with Bloodborne the same thing they did with Demon's Souls, they're using Sony's technical expertise to build an engine they can use for future multiplatform games. 1 exclusive for multiple multiplats is a small price to pay. #1.2.6
@Darrius Cole: Oh really?

5 million x $60 = $300,000,000 potentially. (XB1)

10 million x $60 = $600,000,000 potentially. (PS4)

And let's not even pretend we know how much it could make on PC.

So Microsoft would have to have given Square Enix $600,000,001 for it to make sense. There's absolutely no reason for this at all. It doesn't make sense on a business standard for anyone but Microsoft, and it sure as hell doe... #1.1.41
@MELMAN26: "I mean what do you guys expect them to say....TOMB RAIDER is exclusive because MS gave us x amount of dollars??? When has any company ever done that in the history of gaming????"

YES! WE DO WANT THEM TO SAY THAT! For goodness sake that is a better answer than this patronizing, bold faced lying, P.R. B.S. these companies spew every time they make dumbass decisions like this.

This is by far the stupidest thing they could do for the franchi... #1.1.26
Sony's conference absolutely sucked for me. It's continued proof that they weren't ready to start the gen and are relying way too much on indie games. I've never been more underwhelmed and disinterested watching a conference ever. #1.2.3
@Lukas_Japonicus: Please don't bring that undeserved NeoGaf elitism to the rest of the internet. Just because you can't have a free email account to join that site doesn't mean diddly squat and don't forget that not only WERE you a member of this site, apparently you still ARE a member of this site, so you're here for a reason and know exactly what this site is like. Don't act like being on NeoGaf for a comparatively small amount of time has suddenly awakened you and m... #5.2.2
2 hours. #2.1.1
@cgoodno: Again, couldn't have said any better.

This is my problem with this. Square Enix must forget that they considered Tomb Raider's reboot a commercial failure because it "only" sold 3 million copies on all platforms, that's not counting the fraud, I mean definitive edition.

So in doing their math calculations, Square Enix thought that 5 million was greater than 10 million and greater still than hundreds of millions. That's the... #1.1.18
Nobody is feeling sorry for him. Everyone is feeling upset that he was so depressed, but it's very common among comedians because they just spend their whole life trying to make other people happy, they tend to ignore their own happiness.

And we're not being selfish or pessimistic that we lost a great entertainer. We're remembering the joy he brought our lives by reliving every moment of that joy through our memories of the films he was in. We are saddened that it... #10.1
In total honesty, I cried when I wrote this blog. Half because of the memories flooding in and half because of an experience of losing someone in my past has made it more difficult to discuss or be around death for me without breaking down. The truth is, I've seen the same sentiment about this particular death everywhere.

People saying they don't normally get so upset over the death of a celebrity but this time is different and they can't hold it back. Just goes t... #1.1.1
The people who say that Robin was weak don't understand the first thing about comedians, depression, or what it takes to actually commit suicide.

Comedians spend their lives trying to bring joy to the world and when they become successful at it, they cease to be seen as people and instead are seen as a product. Not intentionally of course, but people tend only to view celebrities for what they do for us instead of as people. Living with that can't have been easy, but... #3.1
So let me see if I understand this.

Advanced Warfare was allegedly in development for 2 years prior to Titanfall's development (I find that hard to believe but let's just go with it) and Respawn is comprised of former CoD devs (Noooo, really? We had no idea) and that's proof that Titanfall ripped of Call of Duty, but was able to finish faster than a game that had a 2 year development head start and is part of a franchise known for not needing lengthy development t... #10
Off Topic? Really mods? Off topic despite the fact that the blog actually talks about whether or not this blog should be posted here, and the person I'm replying to actually discussed having the opinion that it does belong here, and you mark my reply off topic? Wow. I'd absolutely LOVE to see the reasoning that went into that one. #2.2
You'd be surprised how many people think this doesn't belong here. 2 stories about it (might be more by now) were failed because it's apparently "not gaming news" despite the fact that the man did commercials for an LoZ game, has an interview on Kotaku, went to E3 every chance he got, and the list goes on and on about his involvement with games and gaming in general. Try telling Nintendo that this isn't gaming news.

The world really lost someone trul... #2.1
Truly a sad day. :( #5
A truly sad day indeed. He was a big part of so many childhood memories.

R.I.P. Robin Williams. #1.2
@Death: I don't have a PS+ subscription and won't be using PS Now, what does that tell you about my opinion on either service? I could argue that PS+ and Now are a better value simply by virtue of selection, but the truth is that all of these services will become mandatory (those that aren't already) in the future, and that's the problem.

@Gozer: I don't give a damn where EA Access is. If it were on PS4 I'd have the same opinion about it. It's a ri... #1.1.9
Couldn't have said it better.

I'd find some way of adding something along the lines of

"You want the game on this day? You subscribe bro? Otherwise you have to wait a week because you're not paying us monthly to give it to you on this date."

And to think other publishers won't go this route is just naive. #4.1
See "you don't have to buy DLC" turning to Season Passes and "you don't have to buy microtransactions" turning into freemium games forcing you to pay to progress.

The attitude of "you don't have to do something" doesn't mean it doesn't have a negative impact on the industry that will affect people who didn't do something but still have to deal with the B.S. anyway. #1.4.1
@Dudebro: "First off..."

Where did I say that anyone thought DLC and microtransactions were good for the industry? I said people used the same B.S. logic you're using. That they "might like the idea of..." and "you don't have to pay for it" lines of thinking are what pushed the industry to abuse DLC and microtransactions and you're definitely part of it if you can't see the problem.

"Second, You are making as... #1.1.5
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