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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


We don't need the directors to tell us that it's an RPG when we can clearly see it's an RPG. And to prove to you that the combat is not what determines what is or is not and RPG, I'll name 2 fairly popular and successful JRPG series that are not turn-based combat and you cannot objectively dismiss as not being RPGs.

Star Ocean series and Tales of series.

I'm sure others can fill in more, but I just decided to go with 2 that are well known.... #7.1.2
@kalkano: I understand your disappointment, and in fact Jim Sterling agrees with you...

But you really need to learn to let it go. Turn-based isn't the end all, be all of JRPGs and you have no idea whether or not you'll like the game because you're writing it off immediately due to it not being turn-based.

The simple truth is that... #6.2
That's a legitimate concern to have so don't be afraid to voice that. My problem is with the people insulting people who enjoy these games by calling them pervs or sick or virgins. #5.1.1
The fact that it's a remake that has already undergone massive changes lends more credence to the fear that limit breaks would be removed because of the switch to Action based combat.

If it is indeed confirned that they are in the game (please let Omnislash v5 be in it as well) then the final issue I have with this is simply needing more details on the multi part releases including pricing. If SE gets that right and isn't charging $60 per part ($70 to $80 in Canada) t... #1.1
You know, I have never played a game like this. In all honesty I don't have any interest in playing a game like this. And you know what I'm NOT doing? I'm not going to the comment sections of articles about games like this and ridiculing the fanbase for being perves, or acting like a prude, or pretty much making a big deal out of what non-living facsimiles of human women are wearing or doing in an entertainment medium.

I will never understand what drives people to... #5
The honest answer to your question is probably no. If all you're interested in is a leisurely adventure through Yarhnam you won't like the game. In fact the only way you probably could derive any enjoyment would be if you either were someone else's phantom helper or if you had a veteran play through the whole game with you and do all the heavy lifting. Souls series of games are not for people who even think about difficulty settings really. The game demands a lot of patience. #1.1.1
Because it's laughable that anyone would buy that excuse AFTER the "we want everyone to feel comfortable" statement. It's also laughable that anyone would buy that after seeing that Mika's boobs are still large and exposed, Cammy's outfit still leaves little to the imagination, Mika still uses her butt in moves, Zangief is wearing noting but a speedo, and yet removing an animation and a close up somehow will make the game have a Teen rating as opposed to an M rating?... #15.1.1
@ginganinja: Except you can't play that game very well. No, one vocal minority can't make this happen one time with one game, but a year of constant b*tching about the representation of women in games, Nintendo being attack for Tomodatchi Life, among so many other nonsense complaints all add up. Koei and DOAX3 are perfect proof of that, and this is merely the extension of that. So nice try censorship fangirl, but try again. #9.1.7
"No, it's not. If I made the decision myself, it's not censorship. Censorship is forced; taken out of my control. Be aware of others isn't censorship; it's being thoughtful."

1. Yes it is because you're not making the decision for yourself you're making it for the "comfort" of someone else. You're not thinking of you, you're thinking of someone else.

2. Censorship does not have to be forced in the sense that... #9.2.4
"The overwhelming majority of past, present and future SF fans and consumers couldn't give two craps about a butt slap animation. They aren't disrespecting any of their old fans by editing their own, unfinished game, the fans are disrespecting *them* by acting like children."

Because you know them all on first name basis and are qualified to make that remark.

"I'll buy SF5, I liked the buttslap, but Its removal won't make the ga... #17.2.1
"We want everyone to feel comfortable playing this game." Does not = "SJWs did it!"

Actually it does. Think about it and you'll see why it does. How many SF games have had to have their content "altered" for the comfort of anyone before now? None. Since when was "comfort" a consideration? Since SJWs started whining about how groups of pixels converging together to create a facsimile of a human form looked like.

You... #9.4.1
'hmm, this risks alienating a section of our potential audience, if we change it subtly, hopefully, we can improve sales.'

You mean the section who won't buy it anyway? Oh yeah, let's cater to that section by all means and not the section that have been keeping the franchise afloat for so long. #9.3.2
@ginganinja: Lol that you actually believe that. A butt slap animation and Cammy's close up on her landing being removed were all it took to get a Teen rating, but keeping Mika's nearly completely exposed boobs, and Cammy's general attire, are perfectly. Fine and wouldn't impact the rating. Just frickin' lol. #9.1.5
You both have issues. A) No company with a solid PR department will ever say "we did it because of SJWs"

B) That you think censorship is winning is very telling about the both of you. You actually concern yourselves with the appearance of fictional beings who aren't at all human. They are 1s and 0s and you're happy that a company decided to change their original vision so people like you wouldn't get offended. That's really sad. That's quite path... #5.2.3
"If I drew a female character, but decided to reduce the size of her breast, that's not censorship. That's me changing my mind."

Depends on why you decided to "change your mind."

If you looked at the character and thought that it didn't look good the original way you drew it, that's not censorship. If you looked at your character and thought "someone's going to be offended" that's censorship.
"Of their own free will" is what's contentious. They didn't remove it because it didn't work for the game at all, they removed it so they wouldn't "offend" anyone. That's why it's censorship. #9.2
@Kalebninja: I hope that that "winning" was sarcasm, because if not then you have some serious mental problems if electronic representations of fictional humans cause you any kind of duress. #5.2
"Didn't you know that's what the toaster did before you bought it?"

Extending your analogy to the PS4, didn't you know the PS4 can't play PS2 games? Oh wait, yes it can, Sony's just blocking the ability for the PS4 to read PS2 discs or PS3 classics. Kinda like the company that made the toaster holding back a part that lets the toaster toast white bread.

"Wouldn't the logical thing to do ... buy a toaster that does wh... #8.2.2
@Z501: Again, VHS and discs are a physically different medium, that's why the analogy is terrible. DVD's and Blu Ray's are the same medium, and everything is the same in the information world, it's all 1's and 0's. There's literally no reason for Sony to not allow PS2 games to work if they have an emulator for PS2 games. They are purposely blocking (or rather just not enabling) the ability of the emulator to read PS2 discs or the PS2 classics coming from PS3. It... #8.2
Why do you jump to the conclusion that emulation on PC = automatic piracy?

Any emulator worth any time using comes with files or some kind of description in the UI that very plainly expresses an anti-piracy message. Stuff like "you need to dump your own PS2's bios" is, for example, sending the message that you shouldn't use bios programs others have uploaded online for others to download and use.

There's also the fact that emulation isn&... #4.4
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