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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Geez that title. One word is missing and one should be changed and it's still hard to read.

"Is Peter Dinklage Paying Homage To Destiny In The Last Episode Of Game Of Thrones?"

@rainslacker: I'm not in the habit of forcing painful memories on people so I'll respect your wish not to discuss it further except to say that willpower and strength are synonyms. #9.1.10
"Gabe himself said that dealing with all of the outrage that happened over this cost them more than they received back by a huge amount and that is not including damage to their image. So yes it was outrage that made them change this."

You just proved my point. This program ended because of cost, not because Valve cares about you. Once again, you expect people to believe that Valve cares about what you think? Then where does that compassion go in their customer serv... #4.4.5
@rainslacker: If you think committing suicide doesn't take strength, then try to cut off your own finger. Just one day sit down at a table with a knife and try to do it. I guarantee you won't be able to. Why? Because in order to do it you either have to have the mental fortitude to overcome the body's natural proclivity to stop you from harming yourself, have a mental condition that shuts that off, or be under the influence of some heavy drugs. It is a documented fact that one can... #9.1.7
@TFJWM: I was pretty clear. The idea was posited that Rachel should have been able to just brush it aside. My comment was made to show that some people can't disassociate themselves from things that are said online so as to be able to just brush it aside and that the inability to do so is a mental condition. I'm saying that Rachel was incapable of just brushing it aside because she was incapable of disassociating herself in the manner that is necessary to be able to just ignore it. #1.1.13
Immediately. The article contains a comment that says "I heard gamergate did it." Likely meant as a joke, but it's funny to exactly 0 people, with the exception of people who will say it's funny just because someone says it's not funny. #1.2.1
@MetroidFREAK21: I'm sorry that you have an attention span problem, but there are medications to fix it. I suggest you speak to your parents about arranging a visit with your family doctor. #9.1.3
"Right because they would have removed it if people were not outraged."

Are you actually trying to suggest that you think a corporation like Valve will not act in their own best financial interests?

You think a bunch of people whining is why Valve reversed this policy, really? The same Valve that has the worst customer support ever? The same Valve that's inundated with complaints every single day? You think that this Valve just suddenly decided... #4.4.3
You people that simply can't understand the kind of thoughts that go through someone's mind before they commit suicide and then act so callously really sicken me. You have a severe problem of being unable to see anything beyond yourself. I can only hope you never have to suffer a serious and painful illness that forces you to question what kind of a life would make you live it in pain every day. #11.2
You need to understand that suicide is not something a weak person does. Suicide quite literally requires either the greatest amount of strength, or a condition that simply removes all the biological imperatives we are built with to prevent self-harm. Our bodies are programmed to stop us from harming and killing ourselves. A person who overcomes that does so either through sheer force of will, or due to medical problems they have no control over. You think it's an easy thing to kill yours... #9.1
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The inability to disassociate online from reality is a personality flaw that one can't control. It's actually a mental condition. There are even people who can't disassociate themselves from characters in fantasy situations and even come to truly care about people that don't actually exist, to the point they can't enjoy any fictional story that would require the death of those characters, especially at the hands of a person with such a condition.

People wh... #1.1.6
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Congratulations, the PC did nothing but complain. Valve easily could have said "f*** you all, it's staying" and you'd be able to do absolutely nothing about it. So this "PC gamers aren't slaves to corporate greed" is actually "corporation decided to reverse policy and PC gamer is trying to claim credit for it." #4.4.1
First thing I thought of when I read the title.

*In complete sarcasm* "Oh no!"

Second thing I thought of.


Geez. You know, I really think there are people in the world actually determined to make video games have the impact on life they want them to have. What I mean by that is that countless studies have proven that... #1.1.10
As Jim Sterling just said in his latest video...

"Konami are a bunch of petty fools who don't know how to business."

https://youtu.be/NMZaYuXGYS... #1.1.3
Modding community has already made mods in protest of this program.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2.1
Devs are locking mod support already and this was before the monetization. Mods will flock to this. Making 25% is better than making 0%. It's an uphill battle now for the PC community. Either way, the PC fanboys won't be able to claim any kind of high ground because if you're pirating mods, that's not exactly sticking it to developers or modders. All it's saying is that you still want what is being offered, you just won't pay for it. That doesn't engender good fait... #4.3
Will wonders never cease, we actually agree on something.

But I think you're giving Valve's handling of complaints, returns, and other issues too much credit. There's a reason they are known for having terrible customer support. Also, mods won't help Steam much in terms of revenue, this is clearly just a "I want MOAR MONEY" attitude. #3.1.1
"Nexus won't monetize mods. Unlike console gamers we, pc gamers, aren't slaves to corporate greed an can fight against it."

Refer to this.

"Developers and Publishers will likely lock mod support behind this paywall, allowing only paid mods so as to get their cut of the revenue."

Nexus is not in control of games. Nexus has already said they will not allow links to paid mods either, so if modders want to charge, thei... #4.1
In the movie she kicked Kano's posterior. She ain't no damsel. #3.1.2
It's what is known as a confirmation bias story. Buzzfeed is merely trying to reinforce bad arguments made against gaming. #4.1.2
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