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Oh you beat it already? How's the ending?

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First two Infamous games eclipse SS in all ways except graphics, but SS is still a lot of fun.

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If you're gonna go by that metric, then the only one to own will be Gran Turismo Sport. Uncharted is not Playstation's biggest, most mainstream, most successful franchisr, GT is.

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Why is Uncharted 4 the only game you should feel sorry for missing out on but not Bloodborne? At the risk of being Captain Obvious, that's the height of subjectivity.

I dislike the Uncharted series. None of the game's appeal to me at all and I don't feel any regret in my decision to buy Dark Souls 3 over UC4. Are you saying that I've had no games up to this point worth playing even though I have a game with endless replayability such as Bloodborne? Lol, right....

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People need to stop thinking these games are being downgraded. Most initial reveals are shown on high end PCs that are more capable than consoles and are target renders. As development proceeds and game builds become optimised for specific platforns, there will consequently be changes that are more reflective of the capability of said platforms. The devs will try to remain as close as possible to the target of course, but expecting consoles to ouput graphics and performance equal to high end...

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Same here. Especially pvp.

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@Mr Lahey: "Wtf! Ever heard of verbal abuse? Bullying? It can be just as toxic as physical abuse!"

No it can't, and I'll prove it to you.

You and I are standing face to face. I take a shovel, and smack it upside your head, killing you instantly.

Physical abuse kills.

You and I are in different countries playing an online match together. I make fun of your race/gender/age and say I had sex with your mother. T...

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@lifeisstranger: First, GTFO of here with that sexual harrassment against female gamers because of their sex nonsense. This is an SJW talking free zone and we don't need that brain destruction here. Men face just as much sexual harrassment as women do online. Or are you telling me the constant insults like "are you still a virgin" or "I bet you've got a small d*ck" etc don't counf? Also, men receive MORE online harrassment than women in all categories except c...

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The map doesn't need to be massive to be good. Bigger doesn't always mean better, it could just as easily mean too much time traveling not enough time doing. I mean, Valenwood may be smaller, but it's also dense with living forests. It doesn't have to be big.

Conversely, Elsweyr is mostly desert, thus not really inspiring. How many people have played countless RPGs with desert areas and just really hated the desert area in general?

They just n...

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@DARKKENT: "unlike you my feelings don't get hurt over a console... Which is why i can criticize.. If you don't like me criticizing your beloved 'yes beloved' sony do i looklike i care? Its your problem being so invested in a company that you can't bear to hear any criticism.."

Feelings have nothing to do with it. You're a bandwagon hater. Meaning, all you did was look for a reason to jump on Sony because you don't like them and just want...

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@Perjoss: Truth is, that's always been true only today it's more publicized. Offense is a choice yet so many think it's a reaction.

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Yeah it is. Look, there's always going to be discussions about definitions but we can also look at history.

A Triple A game as defined by the industry is a game made with 3 requirements and must meet all 3 requirements to be AAA.

1. Large Development Budget: The problem with this is that "large" is never clearly defined. Most tend to stick it at starting at $20 million though.

2. Large marketing campaign: Again, not clearly de...

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@DARKKENT: Your opinion isn't worthless because you disagree. It's worthless because of... "criticizing your beloved Sony." That statement is why. It shows your clear bias and is all the proof anyone needs to immediately disregard anything you have to say because you're just looking for reasons to jump on a hate bandwagon. Next...

When looking at our exchange, you are clearly the emotional one going on and on, so I think if anyone's nerves have been...

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@DARKKENT: "criticizing your beloved Sony."

Pretty much says everything anyone needs to know about you and thus renders your opinion worthless.

Still waiting for you to explain what, beyond pulling funding and thus cancelling SFV altogether, you expected Sony to do about an IP they have no control over. Just because SFV is exclusive to PS4 doesn't mean Sony can dictate anything. It means they have certain responsibilities and certain benefts bu...

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@DARKKENT: You seem to be missing the point. Street Fighter is Capcom's IP. Sony's funding doesn't give them any say in what Capcom does with their THEIR PROPERTY!

The absolute most Sony can do is pull funding and sue Capcom for money already spent, nothing more. So again, how do you want Sony to force Capcom to do somdthing when Sony doesn't have any legal right to do so? The only end result that would happen is no Street Fighter V. Explain what Sony could do...

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@DARKKENT: Funding a game is not the same as developing it. It's Capcom's IP, what was Sony supposed to do when Capcom decided to release an unfinished game? They have no control over the IP and if they pulled funding then there wouldn't be a SFV to b*tch about. Curious to know how you think Sony is to blame and what they could have done.

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What I find mildly amusing is the fact that Johnny Cage was supposed to be modeled after Jean-Claude Van Damme but wasn't, so with him playing as Guile we get to see what Johnny Cage would have looked like in MK1.

Now Johnny looks like a Greaser from Fallout 4.

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@Omnisonne: Don't have to play the DLC to know that mods the PC community can do better than Bethesda (robot companion, additional settlement items), and provide free of charge are not worth more than $2. That's basic common sense. Far Harbor is $25 for a Nick Valentine quest in Maine and additional faction quests and sidequests, likely radiant quests. The price is reflective of the map size alone. Far Harbor provides nothing that could not have been added to the base map. It's no...

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The content is not worth more than $30. The robot companion pack and the additional settlement crap are $2 at the most. The expansion DLC is supposedly larger in size than any past expansion, but I'll bet that's only in map size and the expansion suffers from the same bland story telling as the main game.

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