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"As far as presentations go, they won. Did better than Sony."

No they didn't. Both conferences had similar presentations. Minimal talk, more games. Sony had less talking and people acting like hanging zombies and an sitar music. Microsoft had a bit more talk, a frickin' car that no one cared about, and token bimbo girls.

All in all, they could have swapped banners and been the same presentation.

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I'm sure Ark is so demanding it can't be 60FPS on PS4 Pro. Someone is smoking something potent.

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I love how one Sony exec spewed verbal diarrhea about BC (in which he was in the wrong) and suddenly there are many stories about how BC is nor relevant and the Xbox One is failing at it.

But you'd better believe that metaphorical gold would be raining down from on high if it was Sony implementing BC.

This hypocrisy is really sad. I only own Playstation consoles and every single day all I see is more Sony a$$ kissing and it's really really sad. Th...

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@BlackTar: You actually believe that a person has to be an Xbot to badmouth Sony? And I mean frequently? You need to visit other sites than this one because I can guarantee you that all kinds of people badmouth Sony, or Microsoft, or Nintendo, or PC without owning anything. Hell, on youtube alone you'll find plenty PC gamers badmouthing Sony but no Microsoft. People here are way too sheltered.

@rainslacker: I have a long history with moldy, and he has actually stated th...

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Guys, you can't really put moldy into the Sony or MS camp because, last I checked, he doesn't own the current consoles and games on PC instead.

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"The vast majority DO NOT want or care about BC."

You spoke to the vast majority of people?

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Fat shamers (and I hate to use that term, believe me) are like vegans. They are always up in everyone's business not because they genuinely care, because they don't, but because they like grandstanding in some fashion. You people just like to act superior to everyone.

See, you don't know this girl so you don't have any kind of attachment to her or expectation of her impact on your life, yet here you are telling her how she should live as though you're al...

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"Ehrm, she posted those swimsuit pictures yesterday during a convent that she visited?"

I bet the nuns loved her outfit.

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"Hardcore fighting fans are minority and slowly dying off."

No they aren't. If you believe that then you need to research the tournament scene. Hardcore fans are not going anywhere and in terms of gaming we can say core gamers in general are in the minority. That isn't an argument. It also has nothing to do with single player content existing or not.

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Well what do you mean by "best?"

Because if you mean in terms of story and available modes, then you may have a case.

But if you mean in what actually matters for a fighting game, gameplay, then you don't. Anyone with a brain will tell you that MK and Injustice are very simplified, mainstream fighting games and that's typically not what fighting game fans actually like for their fighters.

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Sony never focuses on their handhelds properly. Even making an actual console portable will likely result in the same end result of Sony not paying enough attention to it.

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"I'm Black, Stop pretending like you DONT see when you DO SEE the real issue."

I'm white.... and baby I can do whatever I like.

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"Because the concept of sexism exists and it is male driven."

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahaha. No.... just no.

You need to actually get out in the world because the most sexist people to women are other women.

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The disagrees don't know what a joke is.

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"Think Elliot Roger."

You immediately lost all credibility right here.

Elliot Roger wasn't a "nice guy." He was a PUA loving psychopath. Nice guys don't go to PUA sites, they don't hate women for dating other men other than them. If anything they internalize rejection as being an issue with themselves, they get depressed by it and become much more introverted. Eventually most of them adopt a more MGTOW stance than whatever ...

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It makes it a pointless topic. The point of this is to highlight how it is somehow worse because it's a woman which is just ludicrous.

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"Women shouldn't have to "learn proper etiquette" in "a male dominated area".

Actually they should. You don't get to change the rules of a group in which you are the minority. That's not how life works, that's how regressives wish life worked.

"If anything, males need to re-learn the lost art of being a gentlemen."

Why should women get special treatment? It's the online space, where...

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Only time Cheng Pu was any good was in the Battle of Yi Ling, but Wu's forces were souped up in that battle. Try keeping Ma Chao alive for that fight. Lol.

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They FINALLY add Cheng Pu. I mean, he was only serving the Sun family for as long as Huang Gai and it took 9 games for him to be a character while other, lesser known people were characters way before.

Can't wait for this game man. Really can't wait,

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