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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@4Show: "Well Dragonknight if we're speaking historically its not like ANY console has really made great efforts in building a strong library of cross play games on pc."

Sure, but the only console referenced here belongs to Microsoft. I'm sticking within the topic. Plus, if we're speaking technically, Microsoft is the only console manufacturer that historically hasn't even entertained the notion of ANY kind of cross-play, let alone cross-play with th... #1.2.14
@Pogmathoin: You're only not defending Viryu, or rather just commenting here with extreme butthurt, because Viryu doesn't kiss MS' behind and you don't like anyone talking about about the Xbox brand. Your comment has nothing to do with anything. #4.1.12
@JasonKCK: Since you repeated him, read my comment directed at Death for my response to your statement. #1.2.12
@Pogmathoin: And there's much much more to life, and gaming, than being in love with MS. Get over them. #1.2.10
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@Septic: "That's why Shadowrun had it and why
Fable Legends is going to have it? Does that not count as crossplay? Or do you have a very specific definition of what you think crossplay is?"

Woooooooooooooooooooooow. 2 whole games? Dem options tho. Honestly, you'd have had a better argument if you hadn't given such a pitiful list. You haven't made the case that Microsoft is for cross-platform play. You want to know who to talk to to find out?... #1.2.8
@Death: What Microsoft WANTS to do, and what they end up actually doing, are two very different things. History has proven that Microsoft + Crossplay = An Xbox fanboy's pipedream that will never happen. A new OS won't simply erase Microsoft's incessant control issues and I would bet actual money that the most you could ever hope for is first party titles that MS decide to release on both platforms having cross play, which is proven by the articles you linked. Fable Legends sure, P... #1.2.6
"Pc priority is all I need to know!!"


"Xbox one/windows 10 crossplay incoming."

Will never happen. Microsoft hates crossplay. Always have, always will. If you're looking for crossplay games, you want to look at Sony.

"Now between xbox and pc if they use dx12 api then ps4 might be the third wheel in development.

LMAO! You know, based on the previous line of comment you made, t... #1.2.2
Yeah, I think you're overreacting. Viryu was listing how this day was bad for him (her?), not equating the death of a person to the sale of a company that will now make games for a console they don't like. I think you need to take one of these.

http://www.theicarusproject... #4.1.7
@Concertoine: The 60 or 70% revenue sharing is pretty bogus though as there are MCN's that will give you 90% #1.1.2
I watched a video on the deal. Nintendo will allow anyone to make Youtube videos featuring their products provided you A) Either partner with the Nintendo Creator's MCN (Multi-Channel Network) or B) If you don't want to partner, you may register individual videos with the program.

If you partner with the MCN you get 70% of the ad revenue Google gives Nintendo. If don't and simply register your individual videos, you get 60% of the ad revenue. Partner's of Nint... #1.1
Lords of the Fallen is such a disappointment. #1
Pre-ordering is part of the chain of problems. Pre-ordering a game shows the publisher that you don't give a damn if the game is complete when it releases, so why should they give a damn to complete the game if you don't care? #2.1.1
I don't understand how it got game of the year after having JUST come out shortly before the awards.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game overall, but I've long suspected that the Game Awards are fixed in some ways. #2.1
What a twist! #5.1
There's merit to what he says though. Although Nomura has never come out and said that he wants his FF game to be more like an FPS, he hasn't been the director for awhile. Toriyama was the one to say he wants his games to be more like FPS in terms of progression and removing story control from the player, but he's not involved with this game I believe.

Still, the idea is prevalent in Square Enix, and Final Fantasy is continuing to move further and further away fro... #2.1.3
"Definitely just the best in overall visual quality."


Don't get sucked up in hype. Remember what FFXIII was. Everyone thought it would be great, and then it wasn't. #1.2.2
@rainslacker: Yes, I am condescending in my reply to him. Most of the time my responses are of a "in kind" manner. Moldy came into my blog, b*tched about its content, made an irrelevant slight against rap music, and then proceeded to insult every member of the site with his assertion that people are trying to improve their status here so they don't care what they submit. Implying that 90% of the site contains non-gaming related material and doing it all under a smugness that I f... #1.1.4
*sigh* Look, this has been said MANY times before. DX12 will help the Xbox One do what it does SLIGHTLY more efficiently. Phil said himself there will not be some significant benefit, just some small efficiencies being improved, but it can't unlock some magical hidden power hidden within the Xbox One hardware like Guru did for Gohan in Dragonball Z.

You will never see anyone but Xbox fanboys saying that DX12 is going to make the Xbox One more powerful than the PS4, even M... #1.1.4
Well I was only speaking in the context of what inspired the blog, but I definitely wanted to hear other interpretations. I also think Nintendo are perfectionists like Kubrick though. There are few developers out there that will willingly take their time to make sure a game is done properly, even enduring fanboy ire for years, like Nintendo does. #3.1
First, I didn't call you a douchebag so stop projecting your obvious insecurities onto my comments. I said I'd write a blog filled with cynicism and douchebaggery. Second, I'm not embarrassed by anything I say and I don't care if you want to feel embarrassed on anyone's behalf. Do you have a school of etiquette somewhere? Is that why you feel like you have some right or duty to insert what you feel is appropriate commentating or blog writing everywhere you go?
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