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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Multiplayer focused game is just another way of saying multiplayer only game. A multiplayer focused game will have a terrible single player campaign with little to no actual story, like Titanfall, making the point even having single player moot.

There is too great a focus on multiplayer and it makes developers lazy. Besides, there are already multiplayer focused games. Exclusivity, or rather first party games, are not needed. Planetside 2, Warframe, hell even Driveclub are al... #11.1.1
@saltybread: "unlike you who is very adamant ffvii will never see the light of day on the xbox."

And so now you're going to explain the logic behind the reasoning that stating a game will not appear on a platform also equals caring whether it does or not.

Stop trying to B.S. everyone. The reason you brought this up is because you in fact do care about games being on certain platforms. Except for you it's an extreme "all games should be... #1.1.30
Good. Why should Sony have a multiplayer only exclusive title? What's wrong with having a single player campaign? Too many people are way too focused on online these days. That kind of thinking pretty much disincentivizes any sort of effort in making a great single player campaign or even a great story. Why bother when you can just plop in a few players onto a map and be done with it? #11
@Rookie: Did.... did you really? You really thought that I said first party exclusives are wrong? What? *sigh*

@ziggurcat: Thank you for covering this. You hit the nail on the head and spared me a huge headache. #1.2.14
@saltybread: "why isn't it?"

Because it isn't. Again Bloodborne is a new IP, Street Fighter isn't. I did say that putting Bloodborne on PC is a bad idea and I stand by it. As a fan of the Souls series since Demon's Souls, I've seen all the worst parts of the community and the absolute worst part is the PC gamers entering the franchise because they are the ones who created Cheat Engine and they are the ones who make the multiplayer a pointless end... #1.1.27
Must be a slow news day at techinsider.io. #1.1.26
@saltybread: Your entire post is filled with irrelevance and was written with the sole purpose of being a contrarian. With that in mind, I'll still respond to your erroneous statements.

"you say it like it has your stamp of approval."

No I don't. That's just your contrarian attitude looking for a reason to apply a label to me. You can't judge even IF the quote you mined had any particular emotion put behind it because it's writte... #1.1.24
@gangsta_red: *sigh* You're really going to make me repeat myself for a third time aren't you? Ok.

"Again, how do you figure Capcom.."

Their own financial issues last year. Again, this was DURING SFIV's tenure. It doesn't matter how big your franchise is if it's not being successful enough for you as a company. Plus, your own article had Ono saying he didn't have the money or the staff. So now you're arguing against your... #1.1.22
Part 2: "That doesn't mean..."

Again, Ono said THEY approached Sony, and that link is absolutely saying they didn't have the money. It in fact says it in the very headline. Also "no plans" is not the same as "this is a real partnership, there will never be a version of Street Fighter V on any other platform." Plans can change, contracts can't unless there is mutual agreement.

"Sony money-hatted the game, the same... #1.1.17
@gangsta_red: "You actually believe..."

My cynicism is always tempered by reality. Capcom doesn't have the money to make multiple versions of SFV, they barely had the money to make SFV on their own in a timely manner. That is the biggest evidence there is to take them at their word about it. They've never said about any other SF game that there wasn't going to be multiple versions of the game, but they have about SFV.

"Please provid... #1.1.16
@gangsta_red: "If we know Capcom's history then we know that won't be true as they did the same with Street Fighter 2 until Super came out. Capcom still owns the IP and could very easily throw Hyper in the title and release it on Xbox One later."

Not even remotely the same thing. For one, Street Fighter 2 is an ancient game, collections are rarely ever exclusive and no one would expect them to be. 2. Capcom insists there will only be one version of SFV and t... #1.1.14
A few of you don't seem to understand a few things.

While it is true that Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider are not in direct competition and that people buy multiple games around the holidays, that doesn't mean TR doesn't have to worry about Fallout 4. A lot of games release around the holidays, and each studio is competing for your money. Fallout 4 offers extremely large amounts of content that will last a long time, Tomb Raider doesn't. Personally speaking it looks... #1.2.9
@WowSoChill: "Sony's Timed Exclusivity with Street Fighter 5"

SFV is not timed exclusive, it's fully console exclusive. It will not be on the Xbox One ever. And according to Capcom, it won't hurt the franchise because they chose to make it exclusive so as not to dilute the tournament scene with too many devices. #1.1.9
@OverdosedWitDopeness: PSCX2 is not a good example or program for Sony to use to emulate PS2 games. Emulation is said to take up to 5 times the resources of the original device to emulate games at playable framerates, and even then emulation is not an exact science. Using PCSX2 requires more than just a decent gaming PC by itself, and even then it's a resource hog. Then there's the simple reality that not all games will work. So no, PCSX2's existence means absolutely nothing for P... #1.3.3
I bet FFVII remake comes out before both of them. #1.5.2
You dun goofed making blogs 30 entries. You know how some people have lots to say. Lol.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) #9
"Some of what you listed are not features..."

And the Elite Controller is a feature to you? #5.2.5
Really? I live in Toronto. Might have to check it out. May not be an Xbox fan, but gaming is gaming. #2
Dashie is the best. Frickin' hilarious vids and he never fails to make my days better. Can't wait for his next Life is Strange video. #2.1.2
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