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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@decrypt: Dude, your silicon fanboyism puts all console fanboys to utter shame. You really represent that guy on South Park more than any other I've ever seen. I could go into the "why games aren't on PC" argument and easily prove why, but honestly you really need to back away from your PC and come up for air. #1.1.5
This is the epitome of first world non-problems. #4
You got it on PC for $26 eh? Awesome, here's why that's not as good as you think.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.2.3
Makes you wonder why Scrooge McDuck isn't a secret character. #1.1.7
Don't forget Bloodborne. PC has the best games, so much so that they beg for console games. I mean, you haven't seen the Xbox fans start petitions for Bloodborne have you? #1.5.2
That chart has Fifa 15 at position 3. Clearly they do. I don't though. #3.2
@moldybread: Right, because I should respond to a guy who's upset I won't buy a Microsoft console and chose to frame his argument around being upset by what I choose to spend my money on or not. That's a great use of my time. When you're worth replying to, then I'll reply to your statements, since you're not I'll let you go on thinking it's because I'm afraid since that childish kind of thinking doesn't impact my decision in any way. #7.1.8
@moldybread: Normally I'd actually take time to reply to you, but your opening is filled with such butt hurt and lack of comprehension that you're not worth the time. Instead, I'll let someone else explain the jist of what I was going to say.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #7.1.6
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"Kinda of stretch to say that they have gotten compliant because your controller got busted."

What? I'm going to assume that you mean complaints, at which case I will question the literacy skills of the entire world, not because of your misused word but because of people insisting on misreading things I write. #7.1.4
Man that sucks. Though, I think most phone provider customer service sucks. I know that Sony's phone branch is almost an entirely different company that's just owned by Sony. Ericsson I believe it was. That's not to excuse it of course, I'm just saying that it's likely that certain policies don't exist for that branch of the company.

Still, you shouldn't be made to pay for shipping, especially if the phone is still under warranty. It's their de... #9.1
Dude, it's not about being rough. It's about moving the left analog stick up, forward, to the 12 o'clock position and the character either moving sluggishly slow, or not at all. It has nothing to do with me banging on buttons hard, or throwing around the controller, or anything like that. I've been a gamer for 27 years, I know how to take care of my controllers. The DS4 is built with subpar parts. It's a great controller design, feels good in the hands, but the quality is... #7.1.2
*sigh* You know at that point it'd be just better to ban the entire game. Do they not understand what having to pause the stream during such scenes until they are over will do to the stream? It should be that you say your channel is inappropriate for children and can then stream a game like this without said restrictions and that would be enough to cover everyone's behind. You told people your channel is not for kids, Twitch says "hey, they have their channel marked for adults on... #1
Clearly you're not. They're arrogant because of their response to the issue which I mentioned. Sony has done well with the PS4 overall, but they are showing clear signs of arrogance in the way they handle simple complaints. The problems with the DS4 are well-documented as you said, yet Sony's reply to it was at first to tell people to go easy on their controllers, then later to say that the problem is small and isolated. They said exactly the same thing about DRE on the PS2 and th... #7.1
Don't mind him, he has silicon loyalty. I'm told it has an effect on neural processing. #1.1.2
I remember the quote you're talking about. Atari was so arrogant they caused the gaming market crash of the 80s. An unequaled feat since then. The Big 3 are coming close to doing that themselves, Sony and Microsoft more than Nintendo but still. #5.2
Yeah, the battery life is atrocious too. I've had to charge my controller multiple times in a single day. That's just sad. #4.1
Oh I wouldn't have bought a new controller before looking up what I could do about fixing the problem with the original one. Quite simply, there was nothing I could do and I know the problem would just get worse over time.

Also, Sony already knows about this as they've addressed the problem with controllers already. They consider the problem small and isolated, but apparently newer controllers are sturdier. My point is that their response initially was "play care... #3.1
I always mix those two up. I figured it was passed as in "passed by" and not past as in "the past." Thanks for the correction, will fix it now. #1.1
Let's not turn this into an MK vs. SF argument where the SF fans always say that MK is for casuals and SF is what real fighters are made of.

Both franchises are great in their own ways. Yeah, SF values the more technical aspects and smoothness more, but MK is just a lot of fun and has its own depth. I probably won't be getting either game, but there's a chance I'll get both even though I pretty much suck at fighters. I don't know why I keep buying them, bu... #1.2.7
There is no legitimate reason except for what FallenRain said. The game is coming to the Playstation platform and that's what matters. It's sad "journalism" to focus on what the game was instead of what it is and will be. #2.4
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