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Aww man, no AC1? Altair is way more badass than Ezio. Boooo.

Still... not a bad remaster idea. Maybe it will remind Ubisoft what good games are like.

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How many of you are going to keep arguing based on a false premise? AAA has nothing to do with game quality or game size. It has to do with money, marketing, and units sold projections. That's all.

If NMS had a large budget (typical of most AAA games is $50 million), a huge marketing campaign (usually costs more than development), and sells at least 1 million units then it is considered AAA.

All that said, Sony SHOULD disctiminate. If they don't, ...

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That's because Asia generally has zero f*cks to give. Hence why the continent is awesome. Lol.

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" far gaming has gotten..."
"...gaming has gotten..."
"...has gotten..."

So many English teachers giving the stink eye right now.

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Wasn't Mai Natsume a female protagonist of Tenjo Tenge? She took on child form mostly but could take on adult form in the same way as Yoruichi from Bleach. She has an older brother that is a Sephiroth clone and a younger sister that's pretty much Aeris.

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"Male dark elf considered.'

See that? Males are "considered" now. Try saying that about females without backlash.

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And microtransactions, and Season Passes.

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I repeat, JRPGs tank on Xbox consoles. Ease of port doesn't translate to sales.

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JRPGs tank on Xbox consoles. I doubt you'll be seeing this on Xbox.

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Because he has a wife and son. Why does it matter?

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That ending is missing something.

"I know honey, but I have a headache tonight."

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Dodgeball is at least a legitimate sport in comparison.

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That's why you meet in the most public place possible in broad daylight with cameras around. Good place for example is a bus or subway station, or in front of a police station.

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Consumers in general are entitled. Gamers are no different in that regard. But, there are 2 important things to note.

Firstly, gaming is young comparatively, and mainstream gaming is even younger.

Secondly, gaming as an industry suffers from multiple interests attempting to stoke the fires of fanboyism and entitlement moreso than any other industry. Partially due to the industry's youth, and partially due to the rapid growth and wide demographics of g...

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@Death: He's just as guilty of posting garbage as people like Kuchera or Ashcraft.

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Ah Sniper you magnificent Playstationist. Post more. You're hilarious.

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They'll all go to Polygon. A few of former Kotaku staff are already there, like Brian Crescente, so the ideologues will definitely have a home.

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"I'm trying to state that Final Fantady titles have been fantasy, while you're attempting to state that they haven't. "

I have successfully proven that they aren't all fantasy.

"According to the part taken from YOUR link, all Final Fantasy titles have been fantasy so far as the focus of each main entry has been magic in both story and gameplay."

They haven't. Starting with Final Fantasy VII the fo...

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@The Novel Posted by EDMIX: You made no point. You griped about a colloquialism and defended a company. That's your M.O. Everyone knows this about you, it's been brought up before by other users, and believing that you make on topic comments is laughably stupid.

"They" refers to Square Enix, the company responsible for both the game, and the anime. It isn't unreasonable to assume SE pulls resources from projects to bolster other, less wanted and far mo...

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Well that sucks. That's just punishing legit users.

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