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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"We want everyone to feel comfortable playing this game." Does not = "SJWs did it!"

Actually it does. Think about it and you'll see why it does. How many SF games have had to have their content "altered" for the comfort of anyone before now? None. Since when was "comfort" a consideration? Since SJWs started whining about how groups of pixels converging together to create a facsimile of a human form looked like.

You... #9.4.1
'hmm, this risks alienating a section of our potential audience, if we change it subtly, hopefully, we can improve sales.'

You mean the section who won't buy it anyway? Oh yeah, let's cater to that section by all means and not the section that have been keeping the franchise afloat for so long. #9.3.2
@ginganinja: Lol that you actually believe that. A butt slap animation and Cammy's close up on her landing being removed were all it took to get a Teen rating, but keeping Mika's nearly completely exposed boobs, and Cammy's general attire, are perfectly. Fine and wouldn't impact the rating. Just frickin' lol. #9.1.5
You both have issues. A) No company with a solid PR department will ever say "we did it because of SJWs"

B) That you think censorship is winning is very telling about the both of you. You actually concern yourselves with the appearance of fictional beings who aren't at all human. They are 1s and 0s and you're happy that a company decided to change their original vision so people like you wouldn't get offended. That's really sad. That's quite path... #5.2.3
"If I drew a female character, but decided to reduce the size of her breast, that's not censorship. That's me changing my mind."

Depends on why you decided to "change your mind."

If you looked at the character and thought that it didn't look good the original way you drew it, that's not censorship. If you looked at your character and thought "someone's going to be offended" that's censorship.
"Of their own free will" is what's contentious. They didn't remove it because it didn't work for the game at all, they removed it so they wouldn't "offend" anyone. That's why it's censorship. #9.2
@Kalebninja: I hope that that "winning" was sarcasm, because if not then you have some serious mental problems if electronic representations of fictional humans cause you any kind of duress. #5.2
"Didn't you know that's what the toaster did before you bought it?"

Extending your analogy to the PS4, didn't you know the PS4 can't play PS2 games? Oh wait, yes it can, Sony's just blocking the ability for the PS4 to read PS2 discs or PS3 classics. Kinda like the company that made the toaster holding back a part that lets the toaster toast white bread.

"Wouldn't the logical thing to do ... buy a toaster that does wh... #8.2.2
@Z501: Again, VHS and discs are a physically different medium, that's why the analogy is terrible. DVD's and Blu Ray's are the same medium, and everything is the same in the information world, it's all 1's and 0's. There's literally no reason for Sony to not allow PS2 games to work if they have an emulator for PS2 games. They are purposely blocking (or rather just not enabling) the ability of the emulator to read PS2 discs or the PS2 classics coming from PS3. It... #8.2
Why do you jump to the conclusion that emulation on PC = automatic piracy?

Any emulator worth any time using comes with files or some kind of description in the UI that very plainly expresses an anti-piracy message. Stuff like "you need to dump your own PS2's bios" is, for example, sending the message that you shouldn't use bios programs others have uploaded online for others to download and use.

There's also the fact that emulation isn&... #4.4
"It does not...."

Not going to bother addressing the fiction in this particular paragraph. I'm not responsible for the conclusions you draw.

"While I'm loathe..."

*rolls eyes*

Oh here we go, the "I tried my best but you can't be reasoned with" closing statements in some ill-conceived "I'm going to take the high ground" move.

"Fact 1+3 is subjective.... #6.5.4
"The thing is, when you feel your right..."

That's because I rarely bother to comment on things I'm objectively wrong about. PSX is a disappointment, that's not something I have to consider any other options on when you can clearly see how many people are saying the same thing. Subjectivity only takes an argument so far before numbers show the clear trend.

PS2 emulation on PS4 is an insult. That's not something I have to consider any... #6.5.3
Microsoft do not have to worry about the console war. To believe so only 2 years in is utter nonsense. Success is not measured solely by how you're performing by comparison to someone else.

I guarantee that the only thing shareholders care about is profit. Is the Xbox One making them money? If yes, they are happy whether it's in first place or not. Sure, making more money is always better, but making some is better than making none.

MS can't do an... #1.1.14
Lol what?

"but at the same time, he can become quite confrontational when he feels he's been wronged, and when he gets into those moods, he tends to ignore any logical throught process on the matter, and refuses to see any other side that is contrary to his own in the same exact manner he does when he is being overly supportive of Sony."

Noooo. I become confrontational when, for example, blatant cash grabs are vociferously defended and I am call... #6.5.1
@john: "That statement..."

Your first paragraph asks me to prove something you then go on to prove yourself, although you try adding the caveat that "it didn't always work." That's not the point, the point is that the feature was there for free from the start and now Sony are trying to charge for it with no justification. No work was done to the games to up their resolution, it's being done by, at best, a repurposed PS3's PS2 BC emulator or... #6.2.5
My point still stands. These partnership deals always end up at Sony's conferences and it's tiresome. I don't want to hear about Destiny for another 8 years at every Sony conference, and I'm sure the Japanese gamer base doesn't want to hear about Call of Duty at TGS either. #4.1.1
I don't. I'm tired of these deals taking up time at Sony's conferences. #4
No, he'd expect that since the blu ray player is a glorified CD reader that the player's firmware would allow for the reading of his already owned DVD's. Trying to make the case for the upgrades is ludicrous as 1. Resolution and Speed upgrades have always been a part of video game BC and 2. Sony's own OS handles most of it and you already paid for that when you bought the PS4. The developers of these games are not remastering or recoding the games for this emulation so no one... #6.2.2
Blog should have ended after the first disclaimer paragraph as the rest is just insane. Here's why.

Most of your examples deal with changes in physical media, not software. VHS to DVD is a physically different medium. It's not possible for BC to work between these two Now, CD to DVD is a different story and this is where BC comes into play.

BC is a customer loyalty tactic. It shows the company knows people can't or are unwilling to make a signific... #7
Because you haven't played any of the Infamous titles with evil karma. #11
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