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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


3 of you missed the point entirely.

"It's an exploit, it's gonna get fixed" is not a legitimate answer. No one is telling Bungie they can't change their game.

Their reasoning is pathetic, and the defense of them is equally pathetic. The exploit does nothing to the balance or stability of the game. It's literally a time saver. What you're defending is the idea that anyone should have the right to tell people "you're force... #12.4
You didn't answer the point well at all.

Assume there are 2 people. One does things the way you think is right, they grind their a$$es off to get the Legendary or Exotic gear.

The other uses the Loot Cave and gets the same amount amount/type of gear.

Both then play the Crucible. Both have the same gear. No issues.

How does it affect your game if someone founded a quicker way to get the same gear you have? It's the sam... #13.1.2
"and it allows people to get gear in a very easy and cheap way."

Which affects the way you play the game how? #13.1
Are you playing the game that way or is someone else? If it's not you, then shut up, you have nothing to say about it. Who are you to tell anyone how to play a game? Play it how you want to, let others play it how they want to.

It's same whiny attitude heard in the Souls games and people crying about honor in PVP. #1.1.2
The fanboys that defend broken systems like this are pathetic. Bungie has no right to tell people how to play a game they bought. Their vision for the game is irrelevant once the player has it in their hands, I don't care if it's a Shooter/MMO with a 10 year content plan. If someone wants to spend hours in front of a cave, head shotting enemies that come out so they can have a decent way of getting loot, THAT'S THEIR PREROGATIVE!

No one has the right to tell someo... #12
I guess you didn't watch Angry Joe's review where he talks about what's wrong with the Crucible and Strikes. #6.1
Sounds exactly like FFXIII.

"It gets better 20 hours in when you reach Gran Pulse."

And it didn't. #5.1
I know, there was only 1 developer that didn't even once talk about "hatred of women" or anything like that. Developer #5 on page 8. She was the most intelligent and level-headed of them all and seemed to really understand what GamerGate was about.

And the one that thinks is about hating women because gamers haven't talked about this stuff before GamerGate doesn't know what she's talking about.

Look at GerstmannGate, look at the Halo... #1.1
Lol, I couldn't have put that any better. Perfect response to this theory. #5.2.1
Ugh. Not this again. This along with the "Rinoa is Ultimecia" fallacious theories just never die. Squall is not dead, the story makes perfect sense.

First, the Ice Shard didn't hit Squall anywhere that would kill him. You can clearly see that he was hit in the right pectoral region, not in the heart or any other major organ.

Second, just because he wakes up chained to the torture device that Seifer has him on, doesn't mean he "woke up w... #5
Are you kidding? You're effectively arguing for Square-Enix's newest idea of taking the player out of the game. They did it with FFXIII and I thought it was just Toriyama that was the problem, but this is a company wide issue. They want the player to have as little actual involvement as possible and it shows.

If SE want to take players out of the game, then they should just start making Japanese Heavy Rain. #3.2.1
If the game had a heterosexual relationship, it would be ignored and you know it. #7.2.1
Gone Home isn't a game and isn't important to the gaming industry. The only reason anyone cares about it is because of the scandalous sexuality in the game and people who don't know any better think it lends some sort of mature theme when it's nothing.

Gone Home is a walking simulator not worthy of anyone's time and SJWs are the reason it has ever attracted any attention. #7
Just like this article. #1.7.1
PS2? #1.6.1
@equal_youth: What a patronizing a$$hat Tabata is. I don't want a "Press X to Jason" style combat. I want my actions to actually mean something.

Dammit Square-Enix, what the hell is wrong with you? #1.1.9
Way to reach Fireseed. #6.2.1
Games that are designed to have the relationships be at the front and center of the game, or a major component, are very different from every other game that shoehorns it in. #6.1.1
This literally doesn't matter. Why do people have to make a big deal about someone's sexual orientation? Why does anyone play a game in order to start, and I emphasize start, a fictional homosexual relationship as though it has any legitimate bearing on the game at all.

The absolute most anyone can get from this is the "well, I started a gay relationship in Dragon Age Inquisition" and that's literally it. You won't derive any fulfillment from it, you... #6
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