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Then you don't know what a complete game is. A complete game isn't just a game you can beat from start to finish. Skyrim has incomplete Radiant A.I., the story is way too short, the combat is bare bones, it's an incomplete game. #2.1.4
It is incomplete. The bugs are inexcusable by themselves, but the Radiant A.I. is atrocious, the storyline is incredibly anti-climactic, the player's impact on the world is pretty much nil, the combat is bare bones. You're telling me that's a complete game? You're telling me that a game that has dragon's flying backwards and in twisted form, a game that you can carry through a civil war and end it but every person you come across thinks it's still going on, a game wher... #2.1.2
Bethesda knows they can get free labor from the modding community, they don't care to put out a complete product if they'll just have people fix their incomplete product for them anyway. #2.1
Ok, first of all this article is so stupid it hurts. If MS released a new SKU the way this article suggests, it would do more harm than good. Every time MS does a 180, they get slammed for it and rightfully so. They wouldn't have needed to do so many 180s if they'd even TRIED some ACTUAL market research to see that gamers would not like what they were trying to sell.

But this would be the biggest 180 they could make and with it would be the biggest slam. MS would show... #1.1.5
@Stalker McGee: See, your problem is that you're not understanding that you are agreeing with me. That completely invalidates your life mission to be in opposition to everything I say and do. You are agreeing with me but trying your best to remain in opposition to me. You're a living, breathing oxymoron.

"Says the guy who has written 99 blogs, over 8,700 comments and wastes most of his time defending a company who doesn't pay him."

You k... #1.5.4
@Stalker McGee: So you basically agreed with what I said with the "subscription" caveat thrown in. You must have a lot of time to waste. #1.5.2
First of all, I'm NOT comparing the two, read my comment above where I tell people to stop doing so.

Second of all, EA Access being in beta is irrelevant considering it's NOT the same kind of service as PS Now and yet PS Now's prices are being used against it in comparison when it too is in beta and the prices aren't finalized.

Reading comprehension. It's your friend. #6.3.2
@Mystic: How's this for a conspiracy then? Sony raised the price of the PS4 games in Canada by $5 but only for the disc based versions. You can download PS4 games for the $60 price without taxes as well. So it's cheaper to DL games off PSN in Canada. #1.4.2
So you're going to try to quote placeholder beta prices of PS Now as the official prices? Troll harder. #6.3
"Because they have basically the same service PS NOW coming very soon."


What the hell is wrong with people? PS Now and EA Access ARE NOTHING ALIKE!

EA Access IS like Games with Gold or PS+ but it is not, I repeat IS NOT, a game streaming service like PS Now.

And it's completely legitimate to say that it isn't a value for people because it's not. This is EA, the biggest money grubbing,... #1.5
In reading your first mention of the blog post I intend to post, the first thought that entered my mind was "he's judging what I might say based on what I have said in other subjects before." I can't deny that I can be overly critical of things, so I'm not going to try. However, prejudice gets no one anywhere, so rather than preemptively pounce on me for what you think I'm going to say, why not just wait and see? And the reason for the blog is the same reason you'... #6.2.8
"I am a person and have an opinion. You are a person and have an opinion. You are just as dismissive of me as I can be of you (see your remarks above). We are the pot and the kettle, I think I just accept that and you may not realize it."

True enough, we could easily engage in a back and forth of "well I wasn't dismissive until you were" and never get anywhere so I'm for ending that fruitless endeavor here.

"And, I'm not h... #6.2.6
Since you have no idea what I'm going to say in the blog, I'm having a slight chuckle at your defensive behavior. You may not enjoy criticism, most people don't, but I'm not talking about your first born child here, I'm talking about a month long idea that has pros and cons. Some of the cons I'll bring up are not even cons I personally thought of but, in discussion with other members were brought up to me.

You need to let go of such personal attachment... #6.2.4
@creatchee: The problem with your example is that it tries to say that money not gained is the same as money lost. Not even getting into how wildly unlikely your example is, if the system were as you explained it then the gaming industry would have caved a long time ago.

The used games business is just the current scapegoat publishers are using to avoid accountability for their poor planning and bloated spending. If you've gamed long enough, then you've seen the follo... #1.1.29
Never said anything about scrapping the idea. Implementation needs to be worked on. One game doesn't need 5 blog posts, especially when 3 of them are interviews about the same game. Or, if it's absolutely necessary to have all of those blog posts, then perhaps break them up so that there is a more even distribution instead of BOOM! 5 blogs on Double Fine's latest game appearing all at once. Don't know where you got "indie month should be scrapped" from my post, but I... #6.2.2
How many idiots are going to compare EA Access to PS Now when the two services are NOTHING alike? EA Access is not a game streaming service, it's a game rental/early access service akin to Games with Gold or PS+ but with SUBSTANTIALLY LESS to offer.

This is EA we're talking about here. How many GOOD EA games come out in a year? 1 maybe 2? How many FUNCTIONING and good EA games come out in a year? Even people who love sports games complain how little changes with each iteration, so this is no loss.

Eric Kain from Forbes said it best about this subject, but I'm going to elaborate on something neither Kain, nor Erica are talking about.

EA Access, in so much as it is a subscription plan that other pu... #1.1.17
Dlacy13g: "This service is more about gaining back some of the missed opportunity money from the used game market that Gamestop refuses to share with Publishers."

Because the publisher isn't entitled to it. Every used game was at one point a new game, meaning they made their money off the new copy and the used copy doesn't equate to any additional costs as it is merely a transfer, not an addition.

There's absolutely no reason for publish... #1.1.10
Some people are so willing to pounce on the mistakes of others, it's such a vicious, vindictive way of living/thinking.

Demon's Souls nearly killed my PS3 though. Well, the disc version anyway. #3.1.3
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