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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't Rockstar prohibit modding and begin banning people for doing just that? #3
@Dlacy13g: I'm saying that Steam, nor any store for that matter, should be made to be responsible for coddling people's feelings. What the hell happened to the world where we decided to remove personal responsibility for our own feelings and instead expect corporations and governments to govern and control exposure so as to remove said personal responsibility and protect "the feels" of people who are likely being disingenuous about their feelings anyway?

It&... #5.1.9
@Dlacy13g: Sorry but you haven't. This proves it..

"And you are wrong, the existence of crap like this may not be directly harmful but its impact individuals can indirectly be harmful as idiots take the message to heart and along with other crap they read and start to believe it and worse yet act on it."

Wrong. How many studies have to be done to show that media does not influence behaviour unless pre-existing behavioural problems already exist?... #5.1.7
"THIS is why the media paints gamers in such a murderous light. You don't even realize you're playing right into the wrong hands if you refuse to take a stand against such oppotunistic man-children that send the right message to the wrong people. It's incompetence on both these developers and those believing that ignoring it is going to make it go away."

A) Remember who you're talking to. I've practically made it a career on this site fighting th... #5.1.6
I would think this falls under the same "freedom of expression" category as Hatred does and thus has the same defense.

I mean, I wonder what would happen if someone made a game celebrating being white. #11.2
And you likely wouldn't have seen this if weren't pointed out to you that it exists. I'm sorry but, grow up. The existence of this clearly intentionally provocative game has as much impact on you as you let it, no more, no less. #5.1.1
Surprise surprise, moldybread is defending this. Still waiting for you to fork over $40 extra on a game and show us all moldybread, and I'm not talking about a Season Pass, I'm talking you paying $100 on a standard edition game based on principle since you're totally for this price gouging.

And your reasoning is immediately made null and void when you consider that PC development is just as expensive and yet immensely cheaper for the end user. I've seen people... #1.1.5
Are you always that touchy when someone expresses even the mildest opposing opinion to your own? And where exactly is your expertise shown hmm? Are we to believe you're a developer when you post those credentials exactly nowhere? We're supposed to believe you know what you're talking about... why exactly?

Your concerns are rooted in cynicism, not actual fact. Have you heard of Axiom Verge? It's a $20 downloadable title and a fantastic Metroidvania game that ha... #1.1.1
I know, but Valve created the conditions in which a 75% cut even happened. Bethesda and Valve deserved exactly 0%. Valve wouldn't be doing anything to earn any money and Bethesda should be paying the modders for ensuring their game still holds the interest of millions years after its launch and prime, not the other way around. #3.1.1
Like I said, I don't care what you do with your money. WB does though. For them, you bought a Season Pass. Whether they make up the difference from Steam, CDKeys, or wherever, that's a $40 Season Pass sold for them. The difference between what you just did, and a GOTY edition is the "heat" of sales. Everyone knows that a game is hottest for the first month, and even a GOTY edition rarely ever gets as hot as the initial launch. You pre-ordered and bought a $40 Season Pass for... #1.3.6
Right, because a 75% cut is "good intentions"

Valve didn't have good intentions in mind. They had money in mind. If they had good intentions is mind, they'd have an "encouraged donation" system set up and/or NOT take a 75% cut for doing literally nothing.

Valve's program was going to start the worst kind of paid DLC scam on PC, way worse than anything that can happen on consoles because of how open the PC platform is. If anyone... #3
You'd better hope the game works on PC at launch. Just because you're happy that it's cheaper, doesn't mean you'll be happy when it launches. #1.6.1
I didn't disagree because what you do with your money is your business, but I'd imagine some people are disagreeing with you because you're part of the problem. You're saying that a $40 season pass is perfectly fine with you because you're just getting it as part of a deal anyway. WB loves people like you, it legitimizes their price gouging. #1.3.2
No no, it's my bad. I misunderstood thinking you were talking about both Dark Souls games, not Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1. Sorry about that. I've seen a lot of people that don't even know that Demon's Souls exists. #2.1.1
"First 2 Souls games." There's been 3. #2
@garos82: My guess is that she's trying to pull of a Brianna Wu situation so she can cash in on Patreon, but she's impatient and stupid so she's just making herself look, well... stupid. #1.2.4
"Feminism isn't what she displays here, nor is it something you should so flagrantly attach any time you want to make someone, especially a woman, seem entitled and in the wrong."

Yes it is. It's what it has become, and most feminists are the most privileged people around. #1.3.3
Couldn't watch more than a minute of that. That annoying laugh. Geez. #1.2.2
Every time I see "I kid, I kid" I'm always reminded of the song "I keed" by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.4
I will always wait the week it's necessary for yahtzee to put these videos on youtube. The Escapist's new video player sucks, and I will not turn off adblock for crappy videos. #3
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