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So Cammy's suit is a no go but Laura's cleavage and underboob is perfectly fine?

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While I agree that this is propaganda, it's not N4G that posted this, it was a user and it was then approved by other users.

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No story can "only be told through other ethnic groups."

When will people get over the idea that ideas, good or bad, are gender or race specific? Ideas are born from imagination and/or experience. If you have even one of the two, you can tell any kind of story no matter who you are.

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"Have you considered that maybe female gamers don't play games as much (assuming your claim is true) because they don't have characters they can relate to in AAA games?"

No. Because I tend to have the hope that people are not so unevolved as to need fictional characters that look like them to be able to enjoy what's meant to be entertainment. It's more likely that the themes of games are what drive sales, not the characters. If more and more shoote...

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Actually you'd be wrong about that. The acceptable number is 2000.

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Nadine's existence is proof of forced diversity. Her invincible plot armor proves that Naughty Dog are not good at it.

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"There is no such thing as forced diversity for most companies."

Yes there is, and it is clearly visible in how poorly done the "diverse" characters are. Diversity is not important. Good characters are. When you have a good character, nobody cares what skin color it has or what genitals are between its legs. You're not paying attention to that. And if you are, then you have a problem. Forced diversity is real, and everyone that talks about it can see...

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Wait, are people actually suggesting that businesses cater to the largest demographic that spends the most money? Heaven forbid! That's the worst possible thing we can ever do! Everyone knows that the key to success is to make more games for the people least likely to play or buy them. Everyone knows that great ideas and great characters are skin color and genital specific! Everyone knows that a great game depends on the identity of a fictional person and not great design and gameplay! ...

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"And how do some of you guys get laid lol."

You know, it's kind of "message" destroying when you use women as an incentive while trying to champion the cause of women.

"I mean seriously, girls aren't cancer!"

No, but feminist propaganda is.

As to the study, I find it interesting the focus on females it places and I'd be interested in knowing the specific questions, as well as...

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@elda: Miss Crabtree? You don't know your South Park characters too well do you?

I have to repeat what you say because your structuring is so terrible that it's necessary to be specific as to what I'm addressing. How you continue to function with such a poor grasp on basic literacy is a mystery that the world will never solve.

It may be my opinion, but it's also the opinion of the majority and it also happens to be a fact. Nothing I've...

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@elda: First of all, learn what the space and enter keys do on your keyboard, as well as proper structure while you're at it.

Now, moving on.

"You & a few others are basically the minority that says the same BS over & over again."

Keep dreaming that it's a minority. You know that it's not. Not only because you insist on continuing to defend a terrible game every chance you have, but this is no different tha...

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Someone once discussed in a topic about Japanese fans that they will always vote in the most recent thing as "the best of all time" so take this stuff with a grain of salt.

Persona 5 is alright. It was my first Persona game and in my opinion it takes the concept of "on-rails" way too far. Definitely not the best RPG of all time imo.

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@elda: "You've been saying this about FF-13 for eons now,because you didn't like it stop trying to stop someone else for trying something they may like or may enjoy."

And you've been saying FF13 is your favourite for eons now. There's no accounting for taste. In case you didn't notice, the majority of conversation about FF13 is how terrible it is, because it is. You take that personally and so defend YOUR decision any time someone talks down ab...

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People need to get used to the fact that Sony has abandoned BC.

It won't be available for the PS5.

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Nothing. It got nothing right.

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@EDMIX: For your own sanity, do not play 13. Trust the overwhelming negativity that game has received. Don't play it unless you want to be disappointed.

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Mario says hi.

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"You know what hasn't? Dragon Quest because unlike Final Fantasy, its traditionally stuck with the elements of old school RPGs."

That isn't why. Persona has been doing well whilst "stuck with the elements of old school RPGs."

DQ hasn't done well because it was never marketed well towards the western audience. It was always a niche Japanese game that you had to look for. Enix never put the attention on it that Squaresoft put...

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People are equating their own personal opinion to say the series is successful or a failure when the numbers are what you should look at.

FF has been on the decline because it has forgotten what the second F stands for. Each new FF game is more just Japanese Sci-Fi with Western graphics obsession.

Excluding the MMO, the last proper Fantasy title for FF was FFV. FFVI is where the reliance on sci-fi aspects started seeping in and FFVII is where it really to...

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I know about the Seitengrat. I didn't mention it because it's a weapon with no license requirement that everyone can equip and wreck the whole game with regardless of job.

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