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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


They are the only devs who use closed mega theaters to show new trailers. #10.1.1
I want them to remake FFTactics in the same style as Valkyria Chronicles. At least in terms of the actual battlefield itself, not with a focus on guns. #5.2
Uh, I don't think anyone was begging and crying for FFVII to go Action-based. They saw graphics and graphics only, that's the way gaming is today. Once the PS3 tech demo showed FFVII with those graphics, that's when people wanted it. I'd bet money that most figured a remake would be FFVII simply upgraded in the graphics department and with additional content. #3.2.1
The problem with SE is that they are one of the most tight-lipped devs in existence and that very thing causes them harm because they always cause controversy by releasing as little information as possible and just pissing everyone off. #10
"and I'm pretty sure the story is the thing that carries the game, not the battle system."

I question whether you have actually ever played it even though you say it's your favourite. FFVII has probably the most complex battle system in the entire series, definitely the most customizable bar none. The story, frankly, doesn't carry it. #5.2.1
Lol, I love how the title of this article suggests that Final Fantasy has anything to worry about over Persona.

Not knocking Persona, but I mean come on now. Remove personal preference and think about both franchises for a second and you'll see that this should be the correct title.

"Persona 5 could release at the same time as Final Fantasy XV and still sell boatloads."

FTFY. #14
Your preference does not preclude Persona from being niche, and it is. When comparing the market penetration of both franchises, it's clearly fact that Persona, with its pretty unchanging formula, sells strictly to its fanbase alone, which is dwarfed by the FF fanbase.

Good or not, Persona is most definitely niche. #6.1.1
Dedication doesn't mean it can feasibly compete against what is arguably the most influential JRPG franchise in the history of the industry. Hell, if a turd like FFXIII can sell 6 million, what hope does P5 have against FFXV? #5.3.1
I believe his contract is up next December though so it's really just a year's wait. #3.3
@kalkano: No, I'm telling you that I know Final Fantasy better than you.

Also, Final Fantasy is not a genre, and there is no definition of JRPG that exclusively means turn-based. Since the beginning of Japanese made Role Playing Games there have been Action based JRPGs. You'd better get used to that fact. #6.2.6
Congratulations. I've been gaming since 1987 and others have been gaming longer than that, do you want a medal?

I don't care if you're a programmer. That hasn't helped you to see the clearly evident. If Squaresoft had the ability to shape Final Fantasy towards Action combat when it was starting up, they would have. That's plainly evident based on how ATB works. That they didn't is either because they couldn't, didn't know how to, or because the... #6.2.4
Really hate typing on my phone. Sorry for the spelling errors. #1.3.12
@Dabisiebowski: Legitimate customers should be prepared that the service they pay for is never guaranteed to be running 100% of the time regardless of what causes it to o down. And I'm sorry but you don't know how people spend their time "these days" enough to claim that online is how peiple enjoy their family and friends. Again, if your enjoyment relies so heavily on online, you're as much to blame as they are. There's plenty of fun to be had with offline games even... #1.3.11
@Dabigsiebowskie: Yes, people have the right to use what they pay for, however there are 2 important things to remember. First, online is never a guaranteed service. Even excluding deliberate DDoS attacks, there are any number of things that can affect the availability of any network. What would you say to people whose network was inaccessible due to legitimate trafgic issues, or issues on their ISP's end? Hell, there's a town here in Canada who's been without internet for over a... #1.3.9
MGSV has better gameplay than Bloodborne? LMAO! Yeah ok. MGSV is the most repetitive game of the year. #1.1.2
@Crimzon: Lol that you think PSN was down for significantly longer than Live last year when A) Lizard Squad said PSN was harder to take down, and B) Live went down to DDOS more than PSN did.

Also lol at all of you who really can't just, I don't know, play an offline game for a day. Geez. #1.3.7
"Those are Action RPGs made in Japan. JRPG doesn't just mean its from Japan, its a style of RPGs and there are American JRPGs. JRPG is a genre. LOL."

1. You're replying to the wrong comment.

2. JRPG is a genre that denotes a style of Japanese Role Playing games but that style doesn't limit itself to turn-based games. There have been action based JRPGs since RPGs began so you're not really making a point.

"I do h... #9.1.2
Yes, I am pulling the technical limitations argument because it's valid. You can clearly see that Square always wanted FF to be an ARPG. The very fact that ATB stands for Active Time Battle and that you can choose between Active (where battles don't pause when you're deciding your moves) and Wait (where battles do pause) is proof of what Square always wanted to go for. Then later on, as their games became wildly successful, they simply stayed with what worked. But you can easily s... #6.2.2
The fact that this is a remake should preclude the idea that what the young kids want matters at all. This game's primary audience is the fans of the original. #9.1
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