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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Dude, that track is amazing. Sounds like something Bon Iver would make. Nice link man. #14.1
Life is all about change and hopefully the changes you're making in your life will lead to better and brighter places. Good Luck with everything you do in the future.

As the saying goes, I hope that you will succeed in every task you set out to accomplish save for one, so that you will always have something to strive for.

"Shame it doesn't adequately address most of what I said. Most people who've brought up this benign question about Link being a girl understand that there are other games out there that do that. Just because that's true shouldn't make the initial premise be dismissed."

And now you're going to give me an example of an iconic game character that was gender swapped of course, as well as explain how that was "expanding" the character's... #4.1.2
@Pogmathoin: I've heard some good things about Acanac. Might have to give them a shot considering Rogers gives me a measly 1Mbps Upload speed for streaming. Can't do anything with that. #1.1.22
A) See "games are subject to the limitations of their mechanics." To address most of what you said.

B) "Technically, Link's doesn't even fit the typical role of a silent protag since he does "talk" via dialogue choices made by the player but doesn't utter any sound, which I think is due to the designers not wanting the Hylian accent to disrupt the player experience"

That would apply to most silent protagonists as all... #4.1
Legend of Zelda is a perfect example of Nintendo overall. Stuck in the past. I just watched a video about how Nintendo issued a DMCA claim to take down a fan made, free, HD touch up of the first area of Super Mario 64. A free project hurting no one and Nintendo stuck with an ancient copyright law to protect an old IP they aren't making any money off of anymore. That's the way Nintendo thinks. They are unwilling to do anything remotely different with their IPs. Personally speaking, I w... #3.1
Guys, Leaguer doesn't know me. Anyone care to tell him how much I love Microsoft and Xbox? #1.1.19
Yeah, not paying for themes. Never will. Don't care if that means I have to stick with the default theme or whatever crappy free themes there are, I won't be spending money on terrible themes or good themes that should be free. Don't understand how anyone can think charging for a background and some icon changes is right. Plus, I don't think theme creation will be a thing with the PS4 so yeah, Sony won't be getting my money from themes. #6
Well yeah, this game's RNG seems to be a lot more forgiving so far than the other Souls games. I'm just a little jaded with grinding thanks to Dragonball Xenoverse and its terrible RNG. #9.2.2
The load times are, at most, 20 seconds. That's not long. It's just the frequency of loading makes it seem long. #21.1
That's already an in-game system.

You can only engage in co-op with people who are your level * 10% +/- 10.

People who are level 999 can't co op or PVP with anyone who's, say, level 100. #20.1
You only need 10 insight which you can get in the first area. You get 4 from Cleric Beast, 4 from Father Gascoine, and 2 from the Madman's Skull items in Central Yharnam around the sewer area. Get that, you're good, it'll open the bath for you. You don't need anything else.

**EDIT** I believe you also need 1 insight to buy the Bell and using them requires insight as well. #13.1.2
I haven't used the glitch but I hate grinding. Has nothing to do with the difficulty of it, it's the boring tedium of going through the same area over and over for an item. I have found that the dupe glitch is just a time saver in Demon's Souls, so it's probably the same here. It's the people that abuse it to grief others that are the waste of space, not people who simply just don't want to lessen their enjoyment of a game by being forced to grind. Grinding is not a go... #9.2
You only need like 2 pebbles, which you can get for free by farming some crows or hell just dupe more pebbles. #5.2
Not enough over exaggeration of frame issue in trolling attempt. 6/10 Polygon. #4.5.4
I think you're hoping it's an April Fools joke, there's nothing in the quotes that suggests it is. Plus, this is Kraptaku, it's not beyond them to report on nonsense like this. #7.1
Actually, the article really only mentions 2 people and apparently one of them is going to try and use government pressure to make changes to the character. #6.1
They want her to have Escrima sticks and speak in a Filipino way by saying things like Aray (which supposedly means ouch) when hit.

It's the embodiment of being nitpicky.

I mean, it's not like Japanese developers went out of their way to create a character after a Filipino hero (also gender swapping said hero, #WhyCantLinkBeAGirl), and even designed her look around the Philippines National Colours. No, they totally faked a Filipino character because s... #5.1
And lo, #ChangeTheFighter was born. #3.1
Not recently. Always. The women are too scantily dressed or have boobs that are too big or their body shape isn't conducive to fighting. Almost nothing is ever said about the male fighters pulling a Potemkin.

http://www.fightersgenerati... #1.1
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