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That's why I said "in most cases anyway."

This game is a rarity, so the SJWs haven't caught on yet. Give it time though.

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The anime rarely makes it outside Japan legitimately, so what you're missing are rabid SJWs spouting off about toxic masculinity and sexual objectification. Japan doesn't give a damn, especially when Japan is the only audience. However, broaden the audience to the prudish, infantile Western market and that's when censorship and cut content happens. In most cases anyway.

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Shouldn't this article be on the tech site?

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@Oreic: Firstly it's Zenimax, not Bethesda. Secondly if it was Bethesda, they have to find a way to make a stable game first before anyone could ever believe they had anything to do with contemporary VR coding.

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@Christopher: The snark is strong with you.

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Everyone complained when MS did it. Where were you?

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@nX: The fact that "Thanks Obama" went right over your head makes your reply the saddest, dumbest thing to appear on this site in at least a year and probably won't be trumped for at least another.

Oops, did you think I meant Donald Trump?

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Indies have always been bad. They are mostly very shallow experiences with inflated pricing.

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$70 is not worth it. Sony does not offer $70 worth of content every month. Most of their sales and Highlights are indie crap. It's like that's all PS+ is for. And locking multiplayer behind a $70 paywall is atrocious.

Thanks Obama.

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"NMS is timed too and will be on XB1 at a later time as well but nobody wants this trash now in its current Early access state at $60."

'fraid not. Nowhere has NMS been said to be coming to Xbox.

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Joe has more credibility than sites like IGN or Gamespot or any of the other big "journalist" sites out there. Why? Because he IS a gamer, he DOES tell it like it is, and what's more is he actually shows you, on screen, every problem with the game. Saying "it's only Joe" just shows your ignorance. He's the biggest reviewer around for a good reason.

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Anyone who thinks average is good is being willfully blind.

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But they are terrible.

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Dying Light is not an RPG.

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Star Citizen is in permanent Kickstarter as the Lead Designer keeps begging for money he isn't using to actually release the damn game. Say what you want about NMS and Hello Games but at least they haven't been leeching money for a very long time and could actually release their game.

Star Citizen is not something to be so proud of that you use it as an example of a good thing.

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@moldybread: Have to agree on this. And it's a perfect example of how we WILL see Neo exclusive games. I don't care what the blind fans or Sony say, the numbers will tell a different story. To think Sony can ignore those numbers and won't push Neo upgrades is naive.

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Well, look at what modders do to Bethesda's games then try and say they aren't better than Hello Games.

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Aww man, no AC1? Altair is way more badass than Ezio. Boooo.

Still... not a bad remaster idea. Maybe it will remind Ubisoft what good games are like.

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How many of you are going to keep arguing based on a false premise? AAA has nothing to do with game quality or game size. It has to do with money, marketing, and units sold projections. That's all.

If NMS had a large budget (typical of most AAA games is $50 million), a huge marketing campaign (usually costs more than development), and sells at least 1 million units then it is considered AAA.

All that said, Sony SHOULD disctiminate. If they don't, ...

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