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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Was this article necessary after the first one which is also about a free Bloodborne theme? Borderline duplicate article which, oddly enough, was submitted by the same user from the same site. #2
The attitude "let's ignore it and hope it goes away" has never helped anything, ever. PT Barnum is famous for saying "there's a sucker born every minute" and they outnumber us. #6.1
Believe it or not a petition was something I was thinking about, but their success rate leaves much to be desired. #2.1.2
"How can you determine what a properly non-ideological games industry is when, if games are indeed art, communicate everyone's stories? Last I checked, games told stories too, and that included women's and minorities. That it should bother you is your right. That it should not exist is not."

How many gods of war do you know? When's the last time you broke bread with an Argonian? Can you tell me what making love to an elf is like? As you can see, just bec... #5.1
Bill Burr. I'd recognize that line anywhere. He was talking about women and football specifically, but women going into anything male dominated in general.

Here's the video.



I like this bit from him better though.

https://www.... #3.1
Agreed. The funny thing is, the Ambassador Award used to be awarded to people who did just as you suggested. One of the recipients was, funnily enough, part of the IGDA and he won it for bringing attention to things like developer work hours, trying to foster community, etc...

Maybe there have been staff changes recently that has led to these changes, I don't know, but the GDC for the second year now has lost its way and decided that adopting an ideological platform is mo... #2.1
I really have nothing to say about this that I haven't already said countless times before, so instead I'm going to just leave this here in the hopes that the ability to think will be used.


And that was written by a woman. This is who Cathy Young is.

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Demon's/Dark Souls/Bloodborne can be seen as pretty much a western medieval fantasy genre created by Japanese devs. If they can do it, American devs can do the opposite. #1.3.3
Found the main character.

http://cdn.splitsider.com/w... #1.1.5
If you know of AlphaOmegaSin on Youtube, he is the one that brought this to my attention and he asked for Einhander too. #7.1.1
This is off topic, but I hope it will be allowed to stay when the importance of it is seen.

Square-Enix is asking for the opinions of their fans. They have a survey up right now and it's all about what you want from them. Give them your opinion of how they are now, and what you want them to be in the future. This isn't like a twitter or facebook thing, it's an official survey from Square-Enix. Here's the link. You can even be entered into a draw to win $100 to... #7
For people who "don't mod for a living" and are "just doing it for fun" they are far more technically skilled and capable than most of the paid devs today. Makes one wonder why devs doing subpar work are getting the money when modders are making games better in less time and getting nothing for it. #1.1.4
Price of the PS4 would have remained the same with or without the camera. Sony removed the camera so that they wouldn't take much of a loss. #2.8
Don't frickin' get me started on the RNG in Xenoverse. That needs an immediate patch. You know I've been trying literally for days to get the Death Ball attack by farming Parallel Quest #22. Even longer trying to farm Super Dragon Flight. I haven't once had either drop even now, no matter what I do, no matter how fast I beat the Quest, in what order I defeat the enemies, those skills just aren't dropping.

I've had to resort to farming the Dragonballs j... #1.1.5
The fact that they know it's daunting and intimidating means they've wanted to go there, probably even started to try, and got lost along the way. Doesn't help that there are far too many PC elitists with the attitude of "don't help" out there. #1.4.1
This is an odd statement to make since Koei Tecmo make the DW games and those games have been 60FPS forever. #1.1.4
@The-Marb: Transparency is always a good thing in my book, and I think that really sites like GameOnDaily have just been caught in the wave of review frustration and that the misconceptions don't really have much to do with you per se, just a general distrust of reviews these days.

@Septic: Lol, well sharing pics of some sweet cheeks and talking about how high you got (lol) is nothing like getting together and trying to get someone fired or preventing someone from finding... #2.1.2
Really great article in my opinion. It's nice that there are some sites out there willing to go into the nitty gritty of how they are run, how they review games, etc...

The thing about the whole reviewer fiasco lately is that there are a lot contradicting opinions. One article claimed that reviewers purposely score games low to bring in the ad revenue. This article says that GameOnDaily argues about reviews internally all the time (which personally I think is great, adds... #2
Rephrase: I meant to say not entirely due to sales. #1.1.12
@Backlash: I doubt that their continued existence is due to sales. That would assume that reviews aren't read at all and that people are buying the games because of the QTEs. No one bought The Order to have that fantastic QTE boss sequence experience. #1.1.11
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