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Never when I look at it, and I live in Canada so we usually are getting the deals at the same time as U.S. with very rare exceptions.

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That Tifa is spot on. Some people are just born into things.

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Buster Sword?

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Remember kids, only virgins like boobs and say they want to touch them. Have the opportunity to touch boobs one time, and you'll hate them like everyone else.

I hope people get my sarcasm. 6 disagrees makes me weep for humanity

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theshredded is right about one thing though. Sony has kept TLOU's price up for more than 2 years. Only Nintendo have ever been that greedy, and they lie saying their games stay in constant demand. I KNOW TLOU has not been in constant demand for 2+ years. Not with the praise it gets.

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Finally TLOU came down in price. How it stayed at full price for over 2 years is proof of greed.

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@Twoforce: "...what a selfish."

What a selfish what? You didn't finish the sentence.

And as to the matter of whether or not I hate indie games. The answer is no, I don't hate indie games. I find the vast majority of indie games to be either completely valueless, or just an endless rehash of the same games over and over and over. I own about 5 or 6 indie games on my PS4, they are the only games of any worth at all.


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Why am I not surprised? Even non-human females must adhere to feminist prudery. You should feel lucky she isn't dressed in traditional bunny attire, which would be nothing at all since animals don't wear clothing.

I'm sure you can petition SE to make a skin in an ultra realistic long dress and petticoat with a shall. Can't be showing ankles or shoulders of course.

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I love Watch Dogs, especially the hacking MP. Hide and Seek was never so hilarious. Watching another player frantically search for you then just start shooting randomly when time is running out. Good times.

I once got someone to get on a train, which I then sent away. By the time he could do anything the time was up. It was glorious. Looking forward to more.

Just wish Jordi was the main character myself.

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Wow, another instance where I agree with moldybread. What the hell is going on?

One thing I'd change is that Sony is relying more on indies than anything else. They are complacent again.

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This 1000 times.

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Bunnies too sexualized for you?

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So did I at first. Lol.

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Definitely. Terry McGinnes is a much better Batman, and a better Batman "son", than Damien Wayne. It'd have to have a kickass soundtrack like the cartoon though.

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No it wouldn't. All Capcom would have to do is issue a statement saying the incident in no way involves them and that it had been handled by the involved parties individually. Capcom does not have to care about what SJWs think. EVO and other events like it would not be harmed by such faux outrage.

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@Brian: You sure showed me with your opinion that you decided you wouldn't back up because all you have is the opinion that I'm wrong but if you bothered to try to go into why, you couldn't. Isn't it great when people say "you said this stupid thing" and then expect you to finish their argument for them?

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The answer remains no because consoles don't have access to private server options. When online only game gets its support pulled, no more game.

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Why restrict it to just video games? Why not make "accessibility" mode apply to all entertainment? How many people would absolutely love to see quadraplegics in the NBA? EVERYONE am I right? Nothing like having accessibility ramps on a basketball court so Wheels McKenzie can attempt 1 foot dunk amidst all the other pro basketball players without a disability.

And of course, visually impaired NASCAR is a must. Have seeing eye dogs guiding the hands of blind drivers...

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What possible reason would Sony have to continue manufacturing base PS4s? When a slim comes out, production on the older model phases out. If you don't think that will happen with Neo, you're naive.

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