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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Lol, I love this part.

"he still won't answer why he cares so much..."

This is your best bit. You really should tour with it. I mean, this could be your tagline because almost everywhere you comment, that exact quote is somewhere in your comment. You're so damn salty that you go around asking people why they care all the while showing that you evidently can't let it go that people actually have thoughts and opinions on things.
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HOLOLENS + MINECRAFT?! LMFAO! Done. Just done. I find that to be way too funny to take seriously or put any effort in replying to. Thanks for the laughs. #2.3.4


"the irony of his reply "i have written in 25 topics and created 13 blogs about the possibility of ffvii NOT coming to the xbox one because i love this game so much. then when someone suggests who cares if it comes to the xbox one i will reply by calling them salty."

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"final fantasy games have come to the xbox platform and final fantasy vii is probably the most popular in the west so odds are it will come to the xbox one unless sony steps in and does a microsoft move and makes it console exclusive. then sony fans will rejoice saying that's where it belongs any ways like they are... #3.1.7
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I know you're going to say "gamers won" but just in case you're thinking it, there's no way that Nintendo won. Nintendo tanked hard. Bethesda didn't win either. They announced Fallout 4 before E3. EA tanked almost as bad as Nintendo, and Ubisoft had Aisha Tyler which is an instant loss. #2.3.2
@summons: I couldn't really get into FFIX. The character designs were too Wizard of Oz for me. Still a good game, but VIII reigns king on PS1 for me. #6.1.4
Is that all you got? A slag against one first party title and a 3rd party title you'd probably be praising if it were still on your precious?

That opposed to the same 4 games every single year, a third party title that looks the same as the one that released the year before (Rise of the Tomb Raider), and backwards compatibility coming in 2 years into the console's life and is restricted?

Such a huge victory. #3.1.2
Oh ok. Yeah I can see that. #7.3.1
So you'd rather formulaic B.S. and BC win as opposed to gamers getting what they asked for? #3.1
FFVII remake was in development before FFVII PC Port to PS4 was announced. Years in actuality is likely to be 2 years so who cares.

Are you saying that BC won? #2.3
Crystal Dynamics said that exclusivity was never intended. Expect Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. FFVII however has the intent of selling PS4s as stated by Nomura himself, it's not coming to Xbox One. #1.1.6
I'm not talking about graphics. I'm saying that if you took Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2013 and put them together in a video without any indication of which was which, you'd probably think they are one whole game. #2.1.3
Would really love to hear what he thinks about it.

And I'm betting the music will go J-pop, but not somber or simplistic, fully synthesized stuff instead. #7.1.1
That's what they said when they redid FFX's music, that they used actual instruments from Okinawa, and it changed the awesome sounding, absolutely perfect Besaid Island theme from this...


(I can listen to that all day erryday)

To this monstrosity.

http... #7.2.1
I agree with you though. FF8 is a better game to me. #6.1.2
Based on this interview, it seems that the FFVII remake has a secondary intent behind it. That being selling PS4's in Japan.


"Square Enix is making a concerted effort to make sure the PlayStation 4 is more attractive to the audience in its home country."

"We wanted to reas... #3.1.5
Because FFVII takes precedence in the FF series. Always has, probably always will unless something drastically surpasses it, which could probably only be done by Sakaguchi himself. #6.1
I wish someone would interview Sakaguchi and find out what his thoughts are on it.

I also want to know if Lord Uematsu will do the music for it. I don't want another FFX like Rearranging of the music and ruining it in the process. Looking forward to seeing how this sounds in the remake...

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #7
Calling them niche is a reaching argument, and that they sold bad merely proves my point about FFVII. JRPGs die on the Xbox brand, that's even less incentive to put FFVII on the Bone.

Are we going to move into the sass part of the argument now? Why won't Sony put any of their games on PC? Because it's THEIR games. First party titles. FFVII is still very much SE's game, but that DOESN'T mean that Sony DOESN'T have console exclusivity rights. Since you&#... #3.1.4
If SE are going to test the waters with FFXV then it's almost assured that FFVII will not make it to Xbox One. JRPGs go to Xbox to die. That's just the reality of it.

PC sales of FFVII are significant enough that 3 versions have been released on PC and its port is being released on PS4 and iOS. I don't have numbers, but the fact that PC continues to get love for FFVII should say something.

Maybe the original FFVII was a happenstance exclusive, but... #3.1.2
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