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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


"That gives console and PC dominance rather equal footing time-wise.
Don't pretend like everything doesn't feed into each other."

No it doesn't. Gaming became far more dominant on console after the 90s and continues to this day. Nintendo started a still continuing trend of consoles being the place where gaming is most popular and makes the most money.

"PC (and this is simply speaking of recent) birthed and popularized the M... #4.1.3
I feel sorry for the young'uns who simply can't play a game offline. I mean, yeah the gripes with digital copies not working due to license validation problems, and other games not working because you can't log in to a service is a real gripe, but those people who simply can't enjoy gaming unless they are online wouldn't survive a day back in the golden age of gaming. #6
My bad, you're correct. #2.1.2
The Olympics have been perverted. They were never meant to be an exclusionary event that allowed only certain people to compete and were never supposed to be about taxing the body's limits. Originally, anyone could compete in the games, but these days it's all about spending your entire life volunteering and training for 4 years to get a quick shot at glory. Having video games in the Olympics is stupid because there's no real physical test involved unless you count the possibility... #1.2
Especially considering they're using Unreal Engine 4 for this game instead of their own custom Luminous engine. Compromises will be everywhere. #2.1
You're seriously that big of an RTU fanboy that you'd make a Sex-e-coco account and try to type that kind of accent? Wow. #5.1
@Tempest: Again, you're stating a mitigation technique, and that's all that can be done. You can't stop the damage, you can only hope to reduce it. As for your method, you're asking the system to identify every IP and what it's doing amidst the chaos of the traffic surge. That's nearly impossible. If the system could do that, then blocking the IPs performing the DDoS would be the best solution and an actual way to stop the attacks, but it's not possible especially... #1.1.14
You don't even own a Playstation product radler, what you're displeased about doesn't matter to Sony. #3.2.6
You're still using Windows XP?

Anyway, here's a clean link for you then.

http://www.digitalattackmap... #1.2.2
@radler: How many DDoS attacks have you stopped? None? That's what I thought.

DDoS can't be avoided. The reason it can't be avoided is because all it is is flooding servers with traffic. The only actual way to stop it would be to shut down the servers, which pretty much has the exact same impact of preventing legitimate users from using the service.

So because you can't avoid it, your only option is mitigation. To mitigate the damage you have... #1.1.11
@Dante: Added to that that a lot of retail companies hire a 3rd party company to do customer service and said company usually tells the stores to break policy and give the consumers what they want anyway. #12.3.3
Don't know about the U.S. but here in Canada I bought a laptop from Best Buy years ago, took it to the LP desk where I promptly opened up the box and checked all of the stuff inside with the LP guy and left satisfied. It is a consumer right to inspect a product you are going to pay money for. Do it at customer service desk or LP desk but they can't refuse you. #9.1.4
Actively trying to lose bubbles with your constant lame "PC Mustard race" comments. #1.2.3
This blog is merely continuing to prove what I already knew. That the people who think gaming is about self-identification and representation have other problems in their lives their just putting on gaming. #12.1
@donthate: MS has done a great job of stop Lizard Squad this time haven't they? #1.1.9
@DarkAstronaut: I don't care how the sheep of NeoGaf choose to categorize themselves or their site. And no, rumours go through their first. News comes from actual sources that aren't afraid to reveal themselves. #2.1.6
Halo sells a lot in its first week, then the sales bomb. Halo as a series hasn't touched Gran Turismo as a series in sales. Wake me when it happens. #12.1
I'm sorry but f*** NeoGaf. That place is the cesspool of gaming news and the biggest echo chamber in existence, that's why you have to be approved to join, they only want sheep. #2.1.4
It's shameful the absolutely pitiful effort put into talking about Secret of Evermore. Such a great game deserves more than "It's not Secret of Mana, but it's not bad either." #5
I don't think that site has an editor. #4
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