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She isn't oversexualized. I love this idea that there is somehow an appropriate level, one never outright stated (because it can't be since it's subjective) and you only know when something has gone "over" that level. She's showing cleavage, she isn't nude, don't be a prude. And also, here's the important part, she is not a real person.

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I would love a merger of DW and ROTK of sorts where you can be Kingdom and try to build it up but every battle is fought like DW style and you can have co-op and alliances and pvp with friends and other gamers.

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Good point. Something could have happened at the settlement. Your theory about the Fireflies attacking seems plausible. I was thinking maybe Tommy's wife or both could have been killed, but that would have put Joel over the edge and it'd be his game again.

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"Saying how can he be a ghost if he carries a gun and parts grass does little to actually debunk a theory like this"

Actually it does a lot. You're expecting people to believe that Ellie is remembering a figment having physical impact on the world and being able to conjure up that impact when she is nowhere around. If Joel is a figment, she wouldn't need to "remember" him from, as Nicaragua stated above, his own visual point of view entering the ...

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"Haha. This guy says you can just hold circle through a battle. You're either severely over levelled, or you're grinding level 5 enemies."

Is there a literacy problem on this site? Ahem..

"Sure, you can't win by just holding circle, but the fact that you can "just hold circle" to attack is a problem"

It's literally the first sentence of the first paragraph I wrote. And holding circle is how ...

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"That said, you have a strange misunderstanding of MP and magic in FFXV."

I don't have any misunderstanding at all. From a game mechanic perspective, taking in all of the previous FF games in the main series, precisely 3 games had magic as "consumables" but still implemented much better than FFXV. The idea that magic does not consume MP, which stands for Magic Points makes zero gameplay sense. The fact that you can also only have a finite amount of m...

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"has a very fun combat system."

No it doesn't. Any combat system that takes you out of the equation by allowing for auto-battle is not a fun system.

Sure, you can't win by just holding circle, but the fact that you can "just hold circle" to attack is a problem. Plus either purchasing a skill with AP or using Wait mode (which is tedious enough to even activate) just to learn enemy weaknesses is inefficient.


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"Well he could be dead but she's not talking to a "ghost"

Ghost was used for simplicity. I could have also said figment of her imagination but I was lazy.

"It could be in her imagination where she would be remembering him as if he would have been there and what he would have said in that situation."

So she would remember the sound of grass being walked on, the sight of mud being kicked up, the sound of feet ...

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The way the first game ended lends credence to the idea that she knows Joel is not being completely honest. But he didn't outright lie, he only half lied. The Fireflies didn't have a cure. They hoped they could develop a vaccine using the spores from Ellie's brain, but there was no guarantee which Joel was honest and right about.

I think someone took something from Ellie. Maybe the Fireflies, maybe not, but she looks like something important was taken from her. ...

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"Nudity in games is stupid for the simple reason someone spent weeks or months of their life modeling a vagina and dick. It seems pretty pathetic."

Was it pathetic when biology did that for you in your mother's womb?

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Neil put Nadine in UC4 and made her a playable character in the DLC. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. That said, thankfully he isn't the only employee at ND and Sony own them so, I trust Sony to rein them in if they have to.

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Since when is grinding fun? Even the term grinding means unenjoyable, repetitive action.

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"Nadine was a great character and I'm thrilled to see more of her.....I'm far from alone in that sentiment."

Nadine sucked. She was a character deliberately created to pander and nothing about her was good. Her personality sucked, her plot armor sucked, and her general abilities as a leader sucked.


This Uncharted game was the first one I played. I played a demo for the first game and did...

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"His a vision, she sees him the way she remembers him."

You base that on nothing.

"What purpose does a dead man have for clothing?"

Exactly but in this instance it would have no bearing on the story to have Joel naked as a ghost but would have a bearing on the game rating and potential audience.

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"essential driving force of the game and story is the SETTING and THEMES."

No actually it isn't. TLOU has a cliched setting and themes. TLOU's driving force was the relationship between Joel and Ellie and their experience in the world.

You can't do much in a cliched setting other than tell the same story with different people over and over.

Joel and Ellie survive in a post apocalyptic world in TLOU
Bob and...

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"The main antagonist beats up Drake and his brother with ease even though they've faced people much stronger than her. She then was the only antagonist to survive. We now have a Story DLC featuring her and Chloe instead of Cutler and Chloe. Want to know why? Because girl power."

Yes, THAT was an SJW move, but TLOU 2 isn't. It's natural to think Ellie would have had her own game eventually because that's just the way the story frames the world. A wo...

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If they brought in new characters, how would it be different than the first game? The first game was basically about Joel and Ellie surviving long enough to make it to the Fireflies. What would a sequel with new characters be if not a similar story but with a different end goal? Believe it or not, outside Ellie and Joel there isn't much story to tell. With the first game they did away with having to have a sequel be the same thing and they can focus on a different kind of revenge story. O...

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Don't go there man. Neil Druckmann is a huge SJW, but making Ellie a main character is not an SJW move. It's basically natural progression. Now, if they have a TLOU 3 and the main character is once again female, and even moreso if it ends up that Ellie has a daughter, then you may have a point. But with TLOU 2, it isn't an SJW move.

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The prevailing theory has a huge flaw. What use does a dead man have for a gun? Joel walks in with a pistol. And nothing in the previous game suggests Joel would be dead. Nothing.

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He only half lied and it's very likely Ellie knew he half lied. The Fireflies had no cure. They didn't even have facts. All they knew was that Ellie was immune and in an attempt to reverse engineer a vaccine they'd kill her to see how she was immune. There were no guarantees and Ellie could have ended up dying for nothing. I think it's more likely that Ellie finds out that the Fireflies weren't on the up and up like she originally thought, something happens to Joel (person...

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