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Great, I can see what's about to come thanks to this. I'm all for artists being able to do this kind of thing if that's what they want to, but the headaches are coming because of it. *sigh*

Batman Arkham Assault was A)Not really a Batman movie considering he was in it for a cumulative total of about 15 minutes, and B)A FANTASTIC movie thanks to DC actually trying to go more adult with this stuff now. That scene with Harley and Deadshot? YAHTZEE! Loved the whole mo... #5
I have no idea as to the depth or intricacies of Sony's policy, only that there's some kind of expectation that any games that arrive late on Sony's consoles get some kind of compensation for being late.

I also believe that it doesn't have to be some major change, just a change. Some kind of distinction that adds incentive for PS gamers to spend money on a game they weren't good enough to receive when it launched.

Perhaps demand wasn't... #1.1.7
@darth: You expect Sony to not demand that its userbase be compensated for decisions beyond their control?

The improvement doesn't even have to be anything major. It could be the basest of exclusive dlc content. So long as there is a distinction. Otherwise I would agree with any platform holder that says "I don't want sloppy seconds."

If the PS userbase wasn't good enough to put the game on the console in the first place, why should the... #1.1.5
@defiance187: I have 3 things to say to you. ID@Xbox, No Man's Sky is a new IP, and it's coming to PC.

Anything else? #1.1.3
@Angelic: The difference is that Tomb Raider was already coming to the Xbox One anyway. Phil was aggressive in ensuring it didn't come to the PS4 and PC. That's not getting the Xbox One games, it's taking games away from everyone else that you would have been able to play anyway.

If Phil is serious about games, then why isn't he putting that money into first party studios? What happened to all of that money that was allegedly invested in first party exclusive... #1.1.26
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There is a duration, but all you need to know is that N4G has this blog exclusively for 2014. #5.2.2
Wow, someone is terribly mired in dat Xbox fanboyism.

Black Tusk is working on an unoriginal IP, as is 343, and I haven't even heard of the other two.

Tomb Raider isn't going to be greater due to MS funding. It was already being developed which means a budget was already set for it which means that everything that was going to be in the game was already planned for. It's likely that the money MS paid for this is going to go to marketing, not game... #1.1
Yeah, that's really the unfortunate part. For every one of us that wants value for our money, and don't want to be toyed with or patronized or ignored, there's at least 10 people that have no concept of value or patience or even pride. So long as the apathetic outnumber those of us that are trying to make things better for all gamers, it will always be an uphill battle that will hardly ever see us gaining even the smallest bit of ground.

But we have to do our part... #7.1
@LeCreuset: "PR backlash forced Phil to tell the truth."

Seems to be a trend with Microsoft lately doesn't it? They only come forward with the truth when PR backlash gives them no other choice.

@Azzanation: Are you serious? First of all, a "few years" actually equates to almost 20. Naughty Dog's first game on PS consoles was Crash Bandicoot and that was in 1996. Naughty Dog was Jam Software prior to changing their name in 1989. Tha... #1.8.5
I'm not at liberty to discuss current business partnerships. As you know, discussing amounts is bad for business so I'm afraid that information is classified. #5.2
Yeah but PC gamers get hit the hardest with this. Not only do most of the games not even come to PC, but if they do there is a good chance they are bad ports. #6.1
He didn't anything about Sony's involvement. The most you could get from his hint is that MS were approached by SE, and that they were approached first and said yes, but even that could be wrong. #8.1.2
@rmw2hot87: Actually you're not getting it. What about PS4 owners not being able to play the game benefits Xbox One gamers? People who already own an Xbox One were getting the game anyway, so how does it benefit them to have PS4 gamers not get a game that Xbox One gamers were always going to get in the first place?

Does it make the game a better game? Does it make it more enjoyable? Does it make the game cheaper? Those would be benefits, none of them are happening. #3.5.2
@Silly Mammo: Nowhere in the article does it say that. #3.3.4
No one is paying $400 for one game unless they have more money than sense. Tomb Raider won't be a system seller. #1.6.1
I find that Phil Spencer tried to be as honest as he could about Microsoft's intentions in this interview, but it also paints them as a company that doesn't try very hard when it comes to creating their own IPs. They'd rather buy someone else's games than make their own.

I also find it telling how, on more than one occasion, he tries to throw CD or SE under the bus by implying that either SE came to them with a deal (leaving the idea of if they went to Sony an... #1.1.14
You know what's funny about how Rich said that TLOU sucks? He championed the remaster. The guy flip flops on everything but in the end he'll always kiss that corporate a$$, unless they're Nintendo. #2.1
If you would have read my blog you'd have seen this...

"I recently stated that the only way SE and CD would learn a lesson about what they did with Rise of the Tomb Raider, because it's honestly not Microsoft's fault for offering, it's SE's fault for accepting"

I'm not blaming Microsoft for offering the deal, I'm blaming Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for taking the deal.

Your theory isn't realistic... #4.1.2
"As far as Tomb Raider Goes..."

-Unlikely. The game was already being developed and was announced at E3. Corporations don't just start development all willy nilly. They plan, they budget, they develop. The most that would come of this deal would be advertising dollars, a bandaid solution to SE's troubles because they think that more marketing will mean more success, but they foolishly cut off 3 out of 4 potential platforms and millions of consumers to go for... #4.1
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