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Wow, you can see how many people think it's a great thing that Sony is being sued over resolution by the disagree count on my comment. Yeah, some of that is people who disagree with me just to disagree with me, but still.

It's frickin' sad that people think resolution is worthy of a lawsuit. If anything proves how too focused everyone is on graphics these days, it's definitely that lawsuit. #1.1.12
I am so sick and tired of how many people kiss big corporate a$$ the way this article and SO many youtubers do.

This is either a mistake, or purposely done as a mockery to the people who file lawsuits over resolution.

Imagine taking Sony or Ubisoft to court because you expected Assassin's Creed Unity to be at 720p and instead it was at 1080p. The hilarity. If I were the judge I'd laugh that out of court myself. #1.1.4
@lelo: Even assuming what you said is true, dualshockers can't tamper with the actual document which you can read for yourself, so what they're saying isn't a lie and is only clickbait for people looking to see MS fail. Your argument is invalid. #1.2.11
I think you mean non-existent. #5.1.1
I was just going to ask the same thing myself because the dev is also not going to be playing it on the Xbox One either. #1.4.2
I have been playing more PS3 than my PS4. I have maybe 6 games for my PS4, 2 of them are AAA games the rest are indie and I can't really get into the indie games.

See, there's this concept known as "taste" which is different for everyone.

If you love indie games, then the PS4 is doing great for you. If you love remastered games, then the PS4 is doing great for you. If you love AAA games then the PS4 has dabbled in pleasing you but has a lot... #1.1.31
Also artstyle. For example, you could take a game with a more cartoony artstyle and make it 1080p pretty easily because you're not trying for more realism that requires more resources. So the Xbox One could get Diablo at 1080p, ok. Why couldn't it get Ryse at 1080p then?

I mean, judging from this articles logic, the consoles are on par right? If any game getting to 1080p is the bar we judge things by, surely the Xbox One should have been able to get Ryse at 1080p right? #4.1.1
So wait, because an old game like Diablo 3, which isn't exactly a graphical powerhouse, can reach 1080p, that means the consoles are more on par? Wow. Well, I see that the standards bar has been considerably lowered.

I love reading through these articles for the inevitable reasons why the Xbox One can catch up because they always ignore the idea that the PS4 can and will improve as well. I suppose the only hope is that Xbox One will improve while Sony just rests on their... #4
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Hey, I'm up for demos more than renting for sure. But renting allows you to try an entire game, demos don't.

Plus, demos are dead. Publishers have tried to convince us that they cost sales and we know they don't, but because of that they stopped producing them and we just let them. #1.1.2
@JimmyDM90: Every time someone busts out the most obscure possible meaning to a spelling error there is a huge potential for hilarity. And you my friend did not disappoint. Lol. +Bubs. #2.1.3
Or, you know, both?

That way you can try before you buy, and if you buy then maybe get a discount if you rented since you already put money into the service to rent the game. Plus if you buy, then you can play it as much as you want without restrictions.

Renting games is a good thing. I grew up in the era where you could do that at your corner store in some cases. It's a great way to really try out a game and see if you like it enough to actually buy it. #1.1
@greenlanter2814: You know what I'm wondering about though? Can he even sue Sony over this? Sony has in their EULA a no class action suit clause. Now, I know the enforcement of EULA's is murky at best but, if this person agreed to the EULA then he also agreed to not file a class action suit. Doing so means he waves all access to the Playstation Network which means he can't download games, he can't play online, he can't do anything but play single player games on his Playst... #8.4.4
I don't see adding multiplayer and western influences as chasing after CoD.

Now casual multiplayer, skill becoming optional, and the multiplayer polluted with frat boys and you'd have a case. Lol. #3.2.1
Umm, Konami has been chasing CoD with... what exactly?

Also, I know it's all in futility. Konami disbanded the Suikoden team so we're never getting Suikoden 6, or at least not any time soon. #3.1.1
LOL. I love that troll. #1.2.1
So where the hell is Suikoden 6 then. No excuses Konami. #3
@Stalker McGee: If I were you, I'd drop calling anyone names, or even making any kind of disparaging comment to anyone anywhere. You have a sick obsession causing you to lie about going to NeoGaf, and creating multiple accounts to follow me around. And so basically what I'm telling you is that I'm going to keep throwing that back in your face every single time you reply to me, even if it brings me down to a single bubble in the process.

I don't follow you arou... #8.4.2
Welp, I knew that this was going to happen. We all did. Google just killed Twitch. #1.1.4
@Stalker McGee: You give me no reason to care about responding to you on the topic at hand because you yourself don't care about the topic at hand. You follow me around just to oppose anything I say, you as much as admitted it and your identity with your comment.

I also have to laugh that you made this big to do about going to NeoGaf and never had a membership. That means for months on end, years even, you did nothing but seethe and be irate while fixating on me, making n... #7.1.5
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