Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile.


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Lol, look at this butt hurt comment made literally for no reason and 4 butt hurt people agreed with you.

Well, to you and those people, sorry to say that the story has been told pretty much since the game was announced. Anyone who is a fan of the Souls series and has paid any attention to information on the game would have heard everything I said in my comment.

Dead Sea levels of salt won't change that.

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But, we already know what the story is about.

The story is the telling of the past Lords of Cinder after Gwyn and the Chosen Undead of Dark Souls 1 all the way up to the events of Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 3 is technically the real sequel to Dark Souls 1, and a prequel to Dark Souls 2 since Dark Souls 2 is hundreds of years after Dark Souls 1 and there is no First Flame to rekindle.

What's so hard about that? Is the contest for gamers who don't know an...

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Picture is nice, but irrelevant to the story.

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Cells, Fusion Cells. Cores are not used for much but Fusion Cells are, and comparative to how much you can fly through them you don't find as many as you should, and can't buy as many as, say, 10mm ammo or 45 ammo.

Get the Nuclear Physicist perk maxed out, and a Gattling Laser, and one Fusion Core lasts forever. Use any other laser weapon and you'll run out quickly.

In any case, the glitxh was still harmless.

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I never understand patching out glitches that are beneficial to the player in a single player game. Want more than 500 Alien Blaster Ammo?

Pre-Patch: I'll just use Dogmeat glitch.

Bethesda: F*** You! *patches out glitch* You mod it to use basic Fusion Cells, which we never let you buy or find a lot of, and you LIKE it!!

Like, there are actual problems to fix and they patch out a harmless glitch. *sigh*

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Why is Arkham Knight being re-released? Is it the PC version? This game is like, what, half a year old?

Warner Bros. are really going hard for that coveted "Most Out Of Touch And Completely Corporate Corporation" award aren't they? Definitely giving EA a run for their money.

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Uh... twitch?

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*womp womp*


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Why are you so racist?

Did it ever occur to you that melanin levels should have no bearing on who wins awards? Why should the level of melanin in your skin entitle you to anything? In the animal kingdom, you don't see Black Bears complaining that Grizzlies are hogging all the berries now do you? Nope, because animals know that if they don't take what they find before someone else does, they die.

So then why do you hate black people so much that you t...

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Why are you so racist?

Also, you do know that South Africa was under British control for a LONG time and so as a result there are plenty White South Africans right?

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And I keep trying to tell people it's because of the Creative Director and other people in charge.

Bad ideas don't have an expiration date, so no matter how much development time there is, if the core premises of the game are bad, the game will always be bad.

The people in charge think they know what we want better than we do. That's been proven when everyone has practically begged for an AC set in Japan and the Creative Director comes out and ca...

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@frosty: Looked it up and it's allegedly The Division that will have those settings. If that's true, I wonder how the downgrade debate will change.

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You don't remember that part?

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The PS3 was definitely not underpowered compared to the 360. It was more powerful than the 360 and nothing proved this better than the exclusives. PS3 cost as much as it did because Cell was new technology (also why multiplats suffered in quality due to programming difficulty), and the Blu-Ray drive was also new and the PS3 was the cheapest player you could get. The PS3 was sold at a $250 loss per console for Sony until manufacturing costs went down, so the PS3 was priced cheaper for what it...

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Actually there is a game releasing soon that will allow consoles to have basic graphical settings. I can't remember the name of it but I think it's an EA game. I saw a video about it yesterday. So we'll be able to see if people truly prefer performance over texture quality on consoles soon. It's just basic settings like removing motion blur, adjusting aliasing, things like that.

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People want the Holodeck, VR is a stepping stone to that. People want VR, they just don't want a hefty price and lack of content. VR is not like motion controls or 3D.

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I can't wait to hit their weakpoint for massive damage.

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Intel's funeral. They don't get to dictate what consumers do with their hardware. They'll learn that the hard way I suppose.

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That's because it's easier to reuse assets since the architecture isn't too different. Ubi loves reusing assets.

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@ifistbrowni: Not for long. Mods hammer down hard on people who do what you've done. Not allowed to spare people from supporting unwanted clickbait that way. Thanks while it lasts though.

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