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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Assassin's Creed Unity's multiplayer precludes the inclusion of female avatar's. There, I just ended the "I'm yet another person ragging on Ubisoft for not having a female Assassin option in AC Unity" blog that this is.

For someone who is apparently "not saying" things, you sure do say a lot of things indirectly. #1
Your blog does nearly nothing to address the point you're trying to make, and you started it off quoting your response to my response to you saying the reason Sakaguchi didn't want to develop for the PS3 was because he didn't like Kutaragi. I provided proof of that to you, but instead of accepting that as the truth you decided to stick to your original point and make a poorly written blog about why Sakaguchi isn't developing on Playstation consoles. Oh wait, sorry, it was supp... #1
"But when the MAJORITY of your staff is made up of one gender and one race then that's weird and it should be a talking point."

Not it shouldn't. You have no basis to know why the majority of the staff is made up of one race or one gender. It could be that no one of any other gender or race applied for the job. It could be that few applied and were less qualified. It could be the fact that companies are generally their own entity and can hire whomever they w... #4.3.3
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"Do we know how many people who were not "white males" that were turned down writing positions at Giant Bomb? Do we know the reasons that anyone was turned down a position?"

No we don't, and it would be irrelevant to know unless the answer to your second question could be proven to be racism.

The fact is Samantha Allen is racist and misandrist. Ironic considering Samantha is a transgendered person.

As for trolls, I say... #2.1
"So I can say that games don't represent a large number of people who play them. Gaming isn't exclusively white males."

For starters, no one anywhere has ever said that gaming is exclusively white males. That is except for the Social Justice Whiners, Feminists, and their White Knights who create controversy by saying the industry is indirectly proclaiming that it is.

Secondly, RACE IS UNIMPORTANT! I would love to see anyone prove that skin c... #1.1.4
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That's not why. He and Ken Kutaragi didn't get along, that's why. #1.3.1

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.4.2
Most of the controversy about this comes from people with selective illiteracy or comprehension problems. When this was brought up, Ubisoft was answering it from the position of making an actual female character that would also work with the multiplayer mechanic in the game. Then that idiot dev that used to work on AC3 was like "just make it a reskinned male character" and people were like "YEAH!" They didn't understand what Ubisoft were saying.

Plus,... #1.2.1
I don't think gamers are sexist, I think gamers want a good game and don't care about gender.

Now feminists who call themselves gamers are definitely sexist. They, and those with like minds, are under the impression that gender in games is important. When you ask them why, they either can't come up with a reason that equates to it boosting the actual quality of the game, or they trump up the reason that female protagonists are necessary for the industry to mature... #9.1.2
Level design isn't graphics. Presentation is about artstyle.

Call of Duty doesn't triumph because of design choices. It triumphs because its goal is to be a game for the casual shooter fan, a game that anyone can get into and be good at while encouraging friends to do the same.

Call of Duty will never win recognition for graphics, or well designed maps, or awesome presentation. It's success is due to its ease. The "pick up and play" game... #5.1.1
I understand that it's your opinion, but graphics never determine how great a game is. Ever. It will always be the most superficial aspect of a game. Yeah, people are curious about graphics to see how far they can go, so in that sense, curiosity will see graphics never regressing; but other than that there is no real argument to make that can actually back the claim that graphical fidelity is both necessary, and beneficial to make a game great.

Plenty of games don't p... #4.2.2
"Is gameplay really king?"

Yes. Next Question.

Elaboration: There are plenty of games that have a practically non-existent story but killer gameplay and are amazing experiences. Pretty much all Super Mario games, taken in their own context and not in the context of the series' trope, are probably the best example. But others include games like Dark Souls for example.

Conversely, games with amazing stories and poor gameplay still... #5
Countless games and how successful they've been prove you wrong. In terms of visuals, artstyle is VASTLY more important than fidelity. #4.2
"Cliff Bleszinski Announces Return to Video Game Development."

I can't be the only one who thought...

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.1.8
"The Author presents a good message, but the fact remains he wrote an article on a false premise."

As opposed to the altruistic reason you posted your comment, that being "HE INDIRECTLY AND VAGUELY SAID SOMETHING NEGATIVE AGAINST THE XBOX ONE!!! I MUST ENGAGE DEFENSE MODE!" #6.2
LMFAO! You never give up do you? It's like you're being fed intravenously with a pulpy mixture of Microsoft company pamphlets. #1.7.2
No you can't because your entire issue with my comment is the last sentence, which is evident given how defensive you got when you wrote about it.

And another thing you're obviously upset about is when I said Ubisoft were guilty of false advertising, which they were. Unless you're going to show me the hacking wheel in game now. Are you? No? Ok then.

So let's get into what you think aren't facts.

You can spare a lot of time... #9.2
1. You've never tried taking a corner in anything but the Offroad Motorcycle if you think that it's easy to take them at high speeds.

2. The gunplay is fine, except for the fact that you'll usually stick to one or two main weapons with no real need to use any others. You can also buy the best weapons pretty much immediately.

3. The problem with the combat is how inconsistent enemy reactions are. Example: You can hack any number of objects in the g... #9
It will never look like that. Bethesda is more interested in the community fixing their games for them than putting that kind of effort in themselves. #7
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