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No one cares about your twitter UCForce.

Kotaku articles should be instantly banned for reducing global IQ. No one attacked this woman for being a woman. They don't like the animations because they were done by a rank amateur and that's what they attacked and would have if it were anyone, man or woman.

I think it's sad that Kotaku's ideological pandering is most likely going to make it through but GG is verboten.


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"@DragonKnight So they should just remove the mechanic entirely then, yea? If it has no bearing whatsoever... "

That's your take away from "they should SHOW neither" in a trailer? Fine, if that's where you want to go...

Yes, they should remove the mechanic altogether since it has no bearing on anything. It's needless fluff that adds no real experience to the overall intent of the game. The story isn't impacted, the char...

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"Expanding the audience (what the wii did) is holding it back. "

Actually it is. In the sense that the audience is expanded to casuals which caused the casualization of games and thus retarded the idea of challenge. That's why there is a whole new genre called Souls-like, in honour of the first game to actually be a challenge in a long time, Demon's Souls.

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Mock all you want but that could make exobiological sense. There's nothing to suggest that a human and a Martian even COULD have sex, let alone even have an attraction to one another.

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They should show neither. Neither has any bearing on the game whatsoever. Showing either is showing it for the sake of it, which is the very definition of pandering.

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"I'm pissed guerilla games made Aloy female when I'm male."

You should be more pissed off that....

A) Aloy is the only ginger in the game.
B) Homosexuality is seen as normal in a game about the survival of an entire planet's biological life
C) Racism exists but seems to be based on the physical location you were born rather than things like skin color or religion (which is, again, antithetical to the theme).

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Actually I think you'll find that us straight folks don't care about romance in general in the games either. If it's there, cool. If it works well with the game, great. If it's not there, where do you see us clamoring for it? I want you to find one single comment on any Andromeda trailer you can find where someone is excited about there being hetero relationships in the game.

We seriously don't care. We begin to care when you try to single something out ...

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No it wasn't. This was an MS fanpiece if I've ever seen one. MS dictates the future of gaming because they introduced hard drives and online gaming? Really?

Well who introduced CDs to consoles? Who introduced DVDs? How about Blu Ray? Why did the king of online gaming come out with a console that DIDN'T have wifi at first but their competition did? Where did Games With Gold come from if not as a direct response to Playstation + which itself was a response to Xbox...

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Can't make fun of International Women's Day? Funny, no one has a problem make fun of International Men's Day, that is if they even acknowledge it exists.

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90 million FREE downloads. That's why it's a flop. Most of the people who downloaded it aren't paying for the full game. How is that so hard to understand?

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See the problem that no one will call Sony out on is that if they spoke only about the games coming out in 2017 then their list wouldn't be satisfactory. Another problem is Sony's habit of hyping up games that are nowhere near coming out. I'll get bombed with disagrees and apologetics, but Sony is the worst for this and it is very annoying. Talk about what is coming out at least this year, leave games that aren't until the year they are coming out. It isn't a difficult con...

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"We just built one for my brother-in-law and his final cost came out to about $600."

With or without OS and monitor (and KB/M but I'm being generous)

Because it's hard to believe that you built one for $600 that included the OS and Monitor.

That is a common misleading statement many PC enthusiasts always use. The idea that everyone has an appropriate monitor or a spare OS copy just lying around.

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He wasn't emo. He barely showed emotion. He was an introvert.

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"Oh and FF VII is objectively not the best one"


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First says this...

"The story wasn't even that remarkable. It was the generic "rebels vs empire" plot..."

Then goes on to describe FFVII with this...

"rebels vs cliched omnipotent madman hellbent on destroying everything"

"Kefka wasn't that great of a villain either. Sephiroth, Kuja, Caius, and Ardyn all stomp on him."

With special emphasis in referenc...

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"FFXIII is my favorite"

And for a second time.

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"though I'll take VI for the Switch instead."

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FFVII wishes it was as good as it's older brother FFVI. FFVI is superior in all aspects but visuals. Saying FFVII is the best is a cliched sheep response. Everyone knows the best FF game is FFIV.

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ninsigma give up. You're wasting your time. kalkano doesn't have the cognitive ability to discern the difference between gameplay and genre. Genre denotes common systems, gameplay denotes how you play the game. In kalkano's mind turn-based is the genre even though turn-based is one part of the game and NOT the genre.

He doesn't understand that the genre is JRPG. That is to say a Japanese Role Playing Game. And we know that RPGs have many similar components. ...

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Hahahahaha. You guys apparently don't know but kalkano is in his own world when it comes to the difference between genres and gameplay.

See, he thinks that JRPGs have sub-genres that are the actual genres. Meaning Turn-based is the genre, not JRPG.

It is perhaps the most ridiculous statement I've heard anyone make about games.

And the funniest thing is is that kalkano contradicts himself every time when he doesn't consider F...

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