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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."



Firstly, to the left of your keyboard is the Caps Lock button. Press it to turn it off.

Secondly, because no one likes exclusivity deals in any form. Battlefront isn't the first game to release first on a particular console, then later on another console. Just look at Rise of the Tomb Raider. The idea is that if the game is... #1.2.7
@4Sh0w: You're now going to point out where I say "I speak on behalf of all PS4 owners" while coming up with a way to eliminate when I said "approximately 1% of PS4 users even care about EA Access" because that latter pretty much invalidates the former. #1.1.4
Dammit N4G, get your act together.

@Paytaa: Oh yeah, I'm so butthurt that I don't get to pay EA to give me discounts on their terrible games. Oh woe is me that I get to play games that are actually good and worth money. I'm so distraught and despondent over not getting to play Garden Warfare early, whatever will I do? #1.2.5
What the hell is mut and fut?

Oh wait, it's an EA game, that's why I don't know what it is. Because EA games are worth nothing. #1.2.4
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People will disagree with you because you obviously are lying and actually do care about EA, you're just butt hurt that PS4 doesn't have the awesome EA Access where you get to pay extra to have early access to such high quality games like... and....

So there. #3.1
Lol, approximately 1% of PS4 owners even care about EA Access. It's EA, their games are worth nothing and we're not losing sleep over not having EA Access on PS4. #1.2
Personally I'd say the bigger problem is cookie cutter experiences that literally never change and the death of IPs fans are begging for but never will come to fruition because companies have decided trying to attract the gamers with low standards of quality is better than making games for gamers who actually want something great.

I mean, you have games like Shenmue 3 needing a Kickstarter to even exist because Sega wants nothing to do with making it, while Call of Duty c... #17
But let's face the fact that technology is the biggest reason for all of this. Guaranteed that if today's tech existed in the late 70s early 80s, we'd be seeing the same stuff then as we are now. It's about greed. #12.1
Adjusted for inflation, that $60 today equals $89.37 which you're not paying for a game today are you?

While game development costs have gone up, they are not the problem. Marketing costs are usually double the development costs, sometimes much more than that. There have been plenty devs who've said the $60 model is too much for games, but because we will pay it none of them will lower the cost of their games. DLC is purely about greed, that's why nonsense like sk... #8.4
Or he sees nothing of interest from the other companies. #4.1.1
I agree that Cliffy is overrated. He also talks almost as much as Jaffe and should really shut up because he hasn't done much in years except back Oculus and yet people still listen to him like he's relevant. #2.4
@XBLSKull: Bungie made GoldenEye for the N64? #1.1.6
What? Really? Dark Souls 2 is terribly underwhelming. I guess being the easiest entry in the series is probably the only redeeming quality for people who otherwise think the Souls series is too hard.

I'm just glad Miyazaki is actively involved in Dark Souls 3 so hopefully it won't be a fan service game with a weak story, poor level design, uninteresting enemy designs and a marginal improvement to combat.

The Sword Arts mechanic is already looking awes... #4
@saltybread: Let's see here...

First paragraph is laced with your butt hurt and antagonism towards me... there's also proof of my point when I said to you "if FFVII did come to Xbox One, your satisfaction would not be derived by that fact but by the fact you could find me and say I was wrong" It also contains a fallacy in that MS has to impress everyone, not just current Xbox One owners.


Yes,... #5.1
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"We can argue..."

Yes we can except in this instance posting links to comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the blog (which I can't believe I have to constantly reiterate IS NOT about whether the tech works or not) is literally the definition of Off Topic.

"Yes you are saying people can't be excited..."

Nope. I'm actually not saying that at all. Your insecurity about people saying anything negative... #4.1.4
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I didn't dodge or deflect at all. You posted irrelevant things in your comments, a mod seemed to agree and that's why you were marked off topic. You then furthered that by doubling down. So if you want a response, stay on topic.

"How come people can not be excited for something like the demo for Crackdown 3 shown without it be ridiculed by you as nothing more than hype?"

Didn't say people can't be excited, but it is nothing more than... #4.1.2
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Read the blog again. Read it 50 times if you have to. You will NEVER see me saying MS demanding anything. #2.1.4
Who the hell said anything about MS demanding anything? Geez, you really didn't read a single word I said. I'm wasting time talking to you as it would literally take forever to explain to you what I'm saying because you just refuse to pay attention. #2.1.2
Your entire comment is once again off topic. I'm writing this to tell you, for the last time, that my blog is NOT about the tech working or not. AT ALL. This is the last reply I will make to you if you continue to post comments talking about the tech working or not, or referencing comments not related to this blog. You were marked as off topic because it was clear that you made an off topic comment. I unfortunately was already in the middle of writing my original reply to you while you we... #4.1
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"You can't just simplify this and lump it into the 'always online' argument. It's not that simple."

Yes actually I can because my argument is about the people, not the tech itself. Everyone knows the tech requires always online, but the people making blanket demands that it be used by all third party developers conveniently forget that they also didn't like the idea of always online when the Xbox One launched and threatened single player games am... #1.1.2
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