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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Bet you speak as an expert. #12.1
Trophy name would be "Raided her Tomb" #11.1
Give it time. Kotaku may not be saying anything, doesn't mean their article won't be used to fan the flames though. #9.1.1
Well, it's video game based porn. So, it sorta counts. #8.1
Here's what I want to know. Obviously these people are hardly known at all. How did Kotaku find out about them? Why are they reporting about them? I'm going to be keeping a watch out for videos saying that the game industry is perpetuating rape culture because of these people, and when a video like that does come, I'll know exactly who to blame for stirring the pot. #9
Remember that this is Kraptaku. They are the tabloids of gaming media. They sensationalize everything. That said, I haven't watched the videos. #1.1
Yeah, these "incidents" seem to be coming up a lot more and they always contain what seems like spurious information.

There's also the possibility that that individual could have been unpleasant on the phone, or just got the wrong person in customer service, etc... I don't know how many times I've had a customer service issue of some sort (never for my consoles though) and found that if I called back and talked with someone else because the first person... #1.5.1
Read the article, read the first comment, clearly the term "gamer culture" isn't understood by the author or the commentor in the article.

Gamer culture isn't dead. It's been around for 40+ years and will continue to be around.

Here's what gamer culture is.

This site, the people who consistently visit it, the various conferences that only core gamers are interested in year after year, the desire to interact with game... #5
This Honest Trailer about the game is everything you'd really need.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2
Those fell woefully below Capcom's expectations, and lifetime sales matter little compared to immediate sales. #2.3.1
It got exactly the hate it deserved. There's so many reasons I could easily go into, but they've been stated before so I won't. Devil May Cry 4 is indeed what most are waiting for. Truthfully, the only reason Capcom is releasing this is off the hope that DMC4 will help to sell this DmC definitive version since the original flopped so badly. #2.2
@BluesCowboy: Congratulations on talking about games without worrying about SJW stuff. Pray you'll be able to keep doing that. See, the identity politics in games movement is still young, but if you've paid any attention to it at all you'd see its rapid growth. All young movements always begin with people having the idea that it's not something to worry about, it won't achieve anything of note, nothing will change. Then it happens, seemingly without you being aware of it,... #6.1.3
You insist upon addressing me even while having me on ignore. I don't know whether to classify that as childish, futile, or confusing.

Anyway, your assumption about Tim Schafer's twitter handle would need a timeline to prove it, or an interview, but in any event my question to you about it is. Are you really choosing to focus on that aspect of my blog first and foremost? Really?

You're not seeing what? That GDC is more and more adopting an ideolog... #7.1
Was this article necessary after the first one which is also about a free Bloodborne theme? Borderline duplicate article which, oddly enough, was submitted by the same user from the same site. #2
The attitude "let's ignore it and hope it goes away" has never helped anything, ever. PT Barnum is famous for saying "there's a sucker born every minute" and they outnumber us. #6.1
Believe it or not a petition was something I was thinking about, but their success rate leaves much to be desired. #2.1.2
"How can you determine what a properly non-ideological games industry is when, if games are indeed art, communicate everyone's stories? Last I checked, games told stories too, and that included women's and minorities. That it should bother you is your right. That it should not exist is not."

How many gods of war do you know? When's the last time you broke bread with an Argonian? Can you tell me what making love to an elf is like? As you can see, just bec... #5.1
Bill Burr. I'd recognize that line anywhere. He was talking about women and football specifically, but women going into anything male dominated in general.

Here's the video.



I like this bit from him better though.

https://www.... #3.1
Agreed. The funny thing is, the Ambassador Award used to be awarded to people who did just as you suggested. One of the recipients was, funnily enough, part of the IGDA and he won it for bringing attention to things like developer work hours, trying to foster community, etc...

Maybe there have been staff changes recently that has led to these changes, I don't know, but the GDC for the second year now has lost its way and decided that adopting an ideological platform is mo... #2.1
I really have nothing to say about this that I haven't already said countless times before, so instead I'm going to just leave this here in the hopes that the ability to think will be used.


And that was written by a woman. This is who Cathy Young is.

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