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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"You realize most people probably want even report the bugs. They just want to be in the preview program to get stuff first."

You mean like literally everyone who wanted to be a part of the preview system? What's your point? #1.4.3
"Says the..."

A) You're insecure about me asking a question, not what the question was. You tried to insinuate that I was tying only Xbox to digital sales when I wasn't and there was no reason to come to that conclusion unless you felt you had to mount a defense.

B) Who's "we"? You speak for yourself and only yourself.

"First you..."

Look at your butthurt here. Look at how fierce a de... #9.2.3
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I'm not tying buying digital to Xbox, I'm speaking specifically to the Xbox owners in this comment thread who've already mentioned hating to change discs and yet have a controller that requires changing batteries.

Sounds like you're insecure.

"To answer your question as an xbox owner who has gone all digital, this cycle ( just seems to have happened! lol) I have a rechargable battery pack...SO I change batteries about as often as I change... #9.2.1
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The point

Your head #9.1.1
Just gonna say this now, anyone here who has an Xbox One and says they went all digital because they don't like changing discs, how 'bout changing them batteries tho? #9
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SE have been out of touch since they made FFXII. I like FFXII, but it signaled the beginning of SE's huge departure from doing what made them great to trying to make a JRPG that has the pacing and level design of a shooter. #3.1
Here in Canada the prices for digital and retail are the same. The only benefit to digital is no tax and since games here are $70, tax brings the price up to $80 so it's more economical to go digital even though it sucks. #2.1.2
You can say bull crap. That's not a swear.

Also, he is full of it. Many older gamers prefer physical discs because we know better. Especially when digital is the same price, or sometimes more, as physical. #1.1
Twitch has something similar only it's for archived footage. It mutes 30 minutes of audio if any copyright is found. I personally find that more annoying as if a livestream is cut, you can restart it without the copyright, but there's nothing you can do about Twitch's muted 30 minutes. #4.1.1
I predict Youtube's gaming app is going to seriously outclass Twitch very quickly. It has Google's money backing it and an already established viewer base. Twitch can't match Google's money even with Amazon, so Twitch had better beat Youtube in features. The winner will be the one who offers the best stability and the most features. #4
I also don't enjoy having to manually add every gaming channel when I'm subbed to a lot of them. There should be an "add all" button. #3.1
PC is not Microsoft's platform though. #1.14.2
@otherZinc: Do you notice what you did there? "games you may have in your own home." True, but also games you don't own in your own home. Can XB1's BC play games you don't own?

@Death: https://s-media-cache-ak0.p... #1.11.3
Crackdown 3 is a cult classic despite not being released yet? Ok. #1.9.3
I can give you several straight answers. #1.6.2
You understand that the more people using it, the higher chances of bugs being discovered and ultimately fixed right? #1.4.1
@Software_Lover: Have your parents ever given you the "just because your friends jump off a bridge.." lecture?

I ask because you're making an excuse here. You're saying "Well if facebook can do it, why can't Microsoft?" And companies love people like you because they can get away with everything. #1.3.7
@ThePope: Feel free to volunteer $20 more per game you buy. No one is stopping you. #1.2.3
@saltybread: I'm honestly sick and tired of you. Completely. This literally is the last time I will respond to anything you have to say because after this I'm putting you on my ignore list, which is not something I do very often. I'm completely tired of you following me around looking to antagonize, so from this point forward you can have fun arguing with your computer monitor.

I'm not going to bother going over your whole post because you consistently have sh... #1.4.21
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@FlexLuger: "The same reason KZ: shadow fall was sony's big launch game."

I thought Xbox One was going on 2 years old now. Why are you talking about launch games?

"The same reason sony spent millions for extensive year long DLC for a game made by a former MS studio that only makes FPS games, as their big system seller last year..."

To get a leg up on Microsoft.

"The exact same reason why DLC for o... #1.4.19
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