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Irrelevant. We've seen that parity is more important to devs than full hardware use.


No one buys consoles for their UI

"Digital Storefronts usability"

Physical still exists on consoles and no one buys a console because the online store is user friendly.

"pricing and return policies."

Pricing is da...

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No one is entitled to everything. Just because you do 90% of your gaming on one console doesn't mean you get to have the games from consoles you don't own.

You want the privilege of playing other games, you need to have the other hardware. Simple as that. And people who whine about that fact fail at life because it's a staple of literally everything.

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"Jontron put Playtonic in a position and just because they dont want publicly associating with those views doesnt mean a great deal."

No he didn't. NeoGaf put Playtonic in a position. NeoGaf is an SJW cesspit looking to punish thought crimes. All Playtonic had to do was issue the following statement.

"The views of Jon "JonTron" Jafari are his alone and do not reflect or represent those of Playtonic Studios."

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You need to watch a dev on youtube. His name is Troy Leavitt. He has several videos on the gaming development scene and the levels of consideration they give to SJWs in developing games.

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@KillBill: Lol, you have a massive reading comprehension issue. I made no equivalence to transgender, I corrected a poorly used example. One that has nothing to do with trans people. Lmao, trying to tell me to study something when the point flew so far over your head it is now in orbit. Hilarious.

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"What do I do about it? I ignore it, because quite honestly, I do not have to be held accountable to these people, nor does my life revolve around their approval. "

Amen to this. I've learned that this is a lesson only age can teach. Most people you interact with on even the smallest level in your life are not really important to your life in the least. It's like having your day ruined because some jerk in a car cut you off. It's not worth the time and...

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LMAO EDMIX you post a doctoral thesis of incorrect garbage and then say "I'm not reading your dribble."


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@EDMIX: Didn't say he had to blame them, said he went out of his way to not do so. These are people he's worked with and he doesn't want to burn bridges even if they are in the wrong.

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"Not how that works sweetie."

A great way to get people to consider what you're saying seriously is to open with a patronizing statement.

"Imagine that, starting tomorrow, you were forced to wear dresses and makup and a wig and have everybody treat you like a girl every day"

Imagine that you were born with a physical descriptor of your genetic makeup and then were clothed in a manner that reflects that. No one fo...

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Gonna be ridiculously brief on this one.

@EDMIX: "If it exists in real life, why can't it exist in games."

Answer: Because games are not real life. Magic does not exist in real life, yet it does in games. Should magic be removed because it is not real? Why should something that exists in real life automatically exist in games when the idea is imagination and creativity?

@Princess_Pilfer: Stop being hyperbolic with your exa...

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What? The likelihood of most people seeing 1000 people a day is remote at best unless you live in an area of high population density. I live in he biggest city of my country and have only run into a cross dresser, not a transsexual. So unless you're living in some place like downtown New York City or India, your stats are incorrect.

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"For example, most Japanese performance arts included at least some sort of transgender (which you mixed up with transsexual) exploration from thousand years ago. It was very common for men to dress up as women even more recently, as women were banned from performing just a few hundred years ago (despite actually inventing some of these arts.) "

Poor example. For many hundreds of years women were barred from having basic education as well as forbidden from perform...

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@Jay: Discussion is one thing, pressure is another. Usually when an article like this is brought up, it's done with the intent at exerting a level of pressure on the industry. Whether that pressure is large or small is not relevant, it's the fact that it's not just a discussion to them, it's srs bsnss (serious business).

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"it's time to talk transgenders in video games"

No it's not.

We still are not done talking about actual quality control in games yet, then it moves on to bloated budgets after that, and after that trying to fix the style over substance mentality. Transgender in video games is list item #91239841723904812374123980478 .

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Lowr8 b8 m8, I r8 0/8

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It's kind of damage control if in one breath he explains they lowered the bar, but the entirety of the discussion seems like he's trying not to blame them.

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The patch did more than that. It fundamentally changed a lot of the combat. Bleed builds are completely changed now. In order to get any real bleed build up, you need to use a Blood Gem now instead of going the Hollow Build route. What this means is that although Hollowing can still help the bleed proc, you can no longer use Carthus Rouge in the same way because Blood weapons can't be buffed.

There's also now Hyper Armor on the Dark Hand Lifedrain weapon art.

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Big Rigs is so laughably bad you can't get bored because you're in a state of perpetual shock that something so bad ever released.

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Some people need to stop riding Kojima's ****. His games are not that impressive, and yes I've played them. He isn't on some other plain of development that only the aesthete's can appreciate. Tell me that MGSV wasn't the most boring, incomplete game you've played and I'll call you a liar.

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@DragonbornZ: Was the huge deal because they were men? No? Then it's not the same thing.

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