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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Don't bother with the ratings system, it doesn't work. I've had confirmation from 2 individuals that are in the position to know that it doesn't work. They've both stated that Kotaku receives so many downvotes that it's not even funny, eclipsing any upvotes by a huge margin, and Kotaku is never taken down. The voting system is completely pointless. #1.1.2
THANK YOU! The level of stupid I've seen since EA Access was announced is beyond all reason. It's reached epidemic levels.

How do so many people compare a video game streaming service like PS Now to a video game rental service like EA Access. Where the hell is the connection beyond video games?

I am seriously wish I could hope that people are not that stupid, but every day in plain text for the world to see, people think that PS Now and EA Access are... #7.1
Everyone and their grandmother can see that you're full of it. Nothing that you say falls in line with what the game is, or what the majority opinion of the game is. You may as well be one of those gamers that said the story was boring and the characters were uninteresting.

I don't care about your PSN name and trophies. Anyone could have played that game under your account and got the trophies. I'm interested in how you talk about the game, and it shows someone wh... #10.2.1
@Adrian: "Rooting for the Sam team but discarding the Riley team is bullshit. She could have a thing for Riley just as much as for Sam, her emotions were only hinted at in both of the friendships so it's equal. Thinking of her as hetero was your personal preference. And her feelings did have an impact on the DLC's story, it added emotional value."

Spare me the Social Justice Warrior psycho babble B.S. Nothing in my comment suggested I was "rooting"... #1.1.19
"She was the one that made me care about TloU story and if she isn't the main character in TloU2 I sure as hell won't be buying it."

Assuming you even bought the first one. And don't even try that "I just said she was the one that made me care about TLOU story" because all that means is that you know the story, not that you played the game.

Anyone that played the game would buy TLOU 2 regardless of Ellie being the protagonist o... #10.1
@Adrian: How was it shoehorned in? Its very existence makes it shoehorned in. Playing through the entirety of TLOU without any DLC, there are no "subtle hints" that Ellie is homosexual. If anything, they set you up believing she has, or could have, a thing for Sam. Sure, she talks fondly about Riley, but there's never any kind of hint that she's gay at all.

Then Left Behind comes out and it's for some reason important to make Ellie and Riley homosexual.... #1.1.17
I use Adblock Plus with 3 Filters because some sites are so persistent with their annoying ads being thrown in your face it's ridiculous. Ads also slow the site from loading, and my adblocker on some sites blocks dozens of ads. Why the hell do you need dozens? Like many have said, if the ads were consistent with the theme of the site, then maybe people wouldn't use adblocker, but more often than not they aren't consistent.

I'm sure if ads were something like d... #1.1.4
And it was a mistake. They were supposed to buff them by 25% but made a coding error that nerfed them by that much instead. It's unlikely they'll fix it either. #1.1.1
Man, I hope those make it in game. Especially the miracle, even if miracles have been unnecessarily nerfed. #1
Who the hell cares if she's gay? That's not at all important and the fact it was shoehorned into the game is just the height of pandering.

She SEEMS more bisexual than anything, given that it's completely likely that she could have developed a thing for that black kid whose name escapes me at the moment.

Regardless, Neil just decided to gay it up for no real reason as Bill's homosexuality and Ellie's supposed sexuality do nothing for the g... #1.1.14
While more games is always better, people are getting the impression that, at least with the PS4, Sony wasn't ready for the gen and are leaning way too much on the indie scene to cover for their lack of preparation. There's also the idea that a lot of indie games suffer from the problem of being very similar to each other, we don't want shovelware becoming commonplace.

I don't want the PS4 to become a place where we get less of the AAA games that really satisf... #13
The scope of the game has nothing to do with its completion, especially when the basics of the game aren't finished. I keep referencing the Radiant A.I. because Bethesda tried to convince everyone of how great it was but it wasn't. Bethesda's clear focus was chiefly on the map, just making the biggest came they can make. Everything else received the bare minimum attention they could give it. That's why cooking is pointless, that's why the combat is so simplistic and lacks... #2.1.10
@DrRobotnik: Exactly what you said. You, as the protagonist, seemingly make no discernible impact on the land if you judge it by the reactions from the NPC characters. And worse still, your decisions have nearly no consequences, none if you're talking about factions that you join.

You can join and become the leader of every group without anyone caring. In fact, there is only ONE character in the whole game that even mentions anything about you being a part of 2 groups and... #2.1.8
neogeo: They wouldn't need to have 11 patches if they'd have done the job right the first time now would they? And even with their patches, the job is still not done. AND, if they DIDN'T patch the game they'd definitely be sued in a class action suit for releasing a game with so many game breaking bugs. I don't give credit to developers for doing what they're supposed to do, which is release a complete game that functions. #2.1.6
Then you don't know what a complete game is. A complete game isn't just a game you can beat from start to finish. Skyrim has incomplete Radiant A.I., the story is way too short, the combat is bare bones, it's an incomplete game. #2.1.4
It is incomplete. The bugs are inexcusable by themselves, but the Radiant A.I. is atrocious, the storyline is incredibly anti-climactic, the player's impact on the world is pretty much nil, the combat is bare bones. You're telling me that's a complete game? You're telling me that a game that has dragon's flying backwards and in twisted form, a game that you can carry through a civil war and end it but every person you come across thinks it's still going on, a game wher... #2.1.2
Bethesda knows they can get free labor from the modding community, they don't care to put out a complete product if they'll just have people fix their incomplete product for them anyway. #2.1
Ok, first of all this article is so stupid it hurts. If MS released a new SKU the way this article suggests, it would do more harm than good. Every time MS does a 180, they get slammed for it and rightfully so. They wouldn't have needed to do so many 180s if they'd even TRIED some ACTUAL market research to see that gamers would not like what they were trying to sell.

But this would be the biggest 180 they could make and with it would be the biggest slam. MS would show... #1.1.5
@Stalker McGee: See, your problem is that you're not understanding that you are agreeing with me. That completely invalidates your life mission to be in opposition to everything I say and do. You are agreeing with me but trying your best to remain in opposition to me. You're a living, breathing oxymoron.

"Says the guy who has written 99 blogs, over 8,700 comments and wastes most of his time defending a company who doesn't pay him."

You k... #1.5.4
@Stalker McGee: So you basically agreed with what I said with the "subscription" caveat thrown in. You must have a lot of time to waste. #1.5.2
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