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Who at SE thought bringing the worst 3 FF games into this was a good idea? We don't need more FFXIII. We've been trying to forget about it. When the franchise creator doesn't like the games, it's time to stop trying to make people like them. It's not going to happen.

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@Jaw: Your trolling is sub par. You epitomize tryhard. I mean, you're "that guy."

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Normally I would agree with the sentiment the article is trying to convey, but not this time. Unfair would be charging for these narrative updates. This isn't unfair. If you completed the game that's your issue, it's not one of unfairness. Unless you don't like the game, then there is no reason you can't play it again and the story additions may not even appeal to you, in which case it is again not unfair.

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Tommy could. He's practically her uncle.

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Her mental illness would not conjure up an image of Joel from outside her current location, it would not conjure up him seemingly looking for her, checking out the bodies to make sure what happened, and then wait for her to stop singing. That's not how mental trauma works and it's also senseless.

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Irvine? Or Laguna? Both used guns. Laguna is FFVIII's best character. Game could have easily been about him since his sequences were more interesting with better battle music.

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@goldwyn: Yes. Puberty is the onset of biological adulthood. While mental adulthood takes a bit longer, biological adulthood starts with puberty since both male and female humans are then capable of reproduction. Societal standards of "adulthood" are recent in terms of human history and do more harm to growth and maturity than any good. This is why so many "adults" in the West don't know how to adult these days. They are encouraged to remain stunted.


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Based on the percentage of homosexuals in the world, they are actually over-represented.

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"People sometimes forget that kids are sexual beings too and have their own needs and desires."

Kids are not sexual beings. Kids are asexual until they hit puberty, at which point they are biologically adult and no longer kids It's ridiculous to ever make a claim that a child is a sexual being with needs and desires and is actually a very dangerous opinion to hold given the serious mental health problems one could force on a child were they to treat them as an...

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In response to your link I provide you with the debate recently held at U of T. Pay special attention to the hypocrisy coming from Prof. Peterson's opponents, as well as his no less than 3 statements from law experts.

"Anyways, what Bill C 16 does the province already does with our own charter of human rights. It's the federal government catchi...

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Debateable. FF II is pretty bad. Not FFXIII bad, but close. The rest are gold.

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8 million bought it on hype, not quality.

Hironobu Sakaguchi himself doesn't like FFXIII and is one of the main reasons he left SE. So I think it's safe to say the games are objectively terrible and those who like them have low standards at best.

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You're an hour north of me and haven't heard about Bill C-16 or Jordan Peterson? Pronouns are now law. If you work in any public sector, or are hiring anyone, you MUST use whatever made up pronoun some Tumblrina demands you use or you are guilty of violating the Charter of Human Rights. If you're brought in front of a Human Rights Tribunal, your financial life and possibly your freedom is done.

Further, Canada is attempting to make, and in some cases succeesing,...

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If your job is to find fire hazards, then your job is to notice little things and report them as needing to be addressed. Left unaddressed and you could end up with a 5 alarm fire that took everything someone spent their lives building reduced to ash.

We have to addresw these complaints about sex appeal because social and cultural marxism is insidious. It is a long game played subtly until you reach the point of Sweden or my country of Canada where we are closer to thought ...

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Dude, a Swedish guy made an article apologizing for being male. Sorry but it's not hyperbole. Sweden is screwed up for straight white men.

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This is the reason.

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@Kombatologitst: That's because you don't have a point. You created a false extreme. But to answer your question, There are some games you should look at. Games like Cho Aniki or... Succulent.

Or Rinse and Repeat.

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I like how you're ignoring that she lives in a desert. You can also change Gladio's clothing at any point.

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Argument ended with zero credibility once the term "patriarchal society" was used. We live in a gynocentric society.

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