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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


It's funny because there are so many PC elitists consistently bragging about their preferred square shaped silicon and plastic chips that cause "teh bestest grfx" and yet keep one game away from them and it's like Mt. Etna erupted. I can't remember a PC game that console fans created a petition for. Not saying it hasn't happened, but when's the last time anyone has actually heard of that happening? #1.3.2
Actually it'd likely be "5 reasons why Bloodborne on PC is the best version." #6.1
Hope that 60FPS makes up for a patched together continuation of Dark Souls 1's much better story. Or makes up for the uninspired level design and cut and paste enemies. #3.4
I read the title and just laughed.

No... just no.

Dark Souls 2 isn't better than any other Souls game at all, including the Souls-Like Bloodborne. And I have more than 5 reasons for that. #1.3
Ok, I can't win a bubble war against you, so this is my final comment to you.

"To prove my point..."

Oh there are other reasons to dismiss the Link as a girl point. My issue with your point is that you made a statement you assumed was good enough but one you didn't back up. The point of there being other games is that there is precedent, lots of it, for how silent protagonists are used and how players are supposed to use them. I provided exa... #4.1.6
There are a lot of people who need their eyes checked. #16
The salt is strong in this one. #13.1
Do you pay for Live? #1.1.7
To all of you. Just watch people who've played it at 60FPS and watch them talk about the jumps. #5.4
Except there is a HUGE problem.

Dark Souls 2 wasn't designed with 60FPS in mind. Ask anyone who plays the PC versions of either Dark Souls 1 or Dark Souls 2 what 60FPS does to your jumps.

PC mods allow for the framerate to be adjusted so you can switch between 60 and 30, consoles won't have that. This means a lot of jump deaths with framerates over 30, and I've heard that the PS4 version goes over 30, so lots of fun there. #5
Resting will do nothing for it. Simply not developing a game will not mean that when it is developed it will be good. This attitude that people have of putting a series on hiatus is naive. Good games come from good ideas, not an arbitrary waiting period. #7.1
Too many people do not understand this. I'd say in fact that the majority of people don't understand this. It's actually really sad. Then you hear "this game is (or isn't) AAA to me because..."

Well sorry, your opinion isn't a consideration because opinion has nothing to do with what is or is not a Triple A game at all. I don't know why this idea that AAA games are about quality has persisted as much as it has. #2.4
AAA is not about quality. It never has been. This is what God of War needs to do to maintain AAA status.

Have a large development budget.
Be aggressively marketed.
Sell a minimum of 1 million copies.

If all of those conditions are met, the next GoW game will be a Triple A game.

Subjective opinions are irrelevant as they are not a factor in determining what is a Triple A game. Metacritic scores also don't matter. #1.1.5
@UltraNova: Well I was born in the summer and have loved it my whole life so my personal measurement of what constitutes summer may be different from everyone else's. Also, it depends on where you live. I was born in Ottawa, which is a valley that holds in heat and so it can have some pretty hot summers. I'm talking high 30s Celsius (86F is 30C so 95ish) with the humidex making it feel like 40s (so, over 102).

Toronto isn't as bad but has its moments. To me, summe... #1.1.9
"What? I'm not even sure how you would've predicted I'd bring something like up from that quote."

Actually that wasn't a prediction. It was a statement to say that if you were going to make that kind of generalization then obviously you should have examples to prove your point.

"And all my comments..."

So basically the already covered "Nintendo said..." argument. Again, this is covered in the blog wi... #4.1.4
@JWiLL552: Fellow Torontonian here, I can corroborate your assessment that this winter was indeed freezing. And lasted far too long. I'm looking forward to this alleged "uncommonly long summer" we're supposed to have. #1.1.4
@Palitera: Hits here doesn't equal hits there. Just because the story is at 270 doesn't mean that's good for his site's hits if people aren't clicking on View Screenshots. #2.2
Abriael, chill with using the word hilarious man. You use it WAY too much in your titles. There's this thing called a Thesaurus that provides synonyms that would be useful here. I'm surprised the title wasn't something like "Sucker Punch shares development bugs, you won't believe what happens next." Guess it's only a matter of time.

Delsin looks way better without that stupid beanie. He looked even better with his original, more native looking de... #2
@elda: Come on, you know you love you some Take On Me.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4.1.8
I have absolutely no interest in The Order and I love Bloodborne. I personally would never pay $10 an hour for a game filled with mostly cutscenes but there are some people that would. That said, I loved Heavy Rain even though that "game" is essentially a giant cutscene. As with most things, it's all subjective. I don't think you can verbally destroy a game for lacking what you consider to be the "correct" amount of gameplay because what you consider to be correct... #1.1.10
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