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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Perhaps it is the manner in which you said it, but at least people are agreeing with what you've said in this comment, which is basically the same thing I said.

I didn't even want this blog to be about the actual cloud demo, just about the truth that certain articles will show fanboyism the best and that it's a flat out lie to claim that any one group of fanboys dominates the site. What some people fail to realize is that Xbox fanboys in Sony articles or vice vers... #1.4.1
I merely used recent events as a framing device, because even if there were a straight month of the kind of behavior I talked about, the opposite would still be claimed. #6.1
What I want to know is, why is Major Nelson interviewing his own boss? They should have this kind of interview with an impartial third party. #8
Then you continue to prove yourself to be a huge child, screaming as if to a parent "he started it" in a vain attempt to shift blame and/or remove yourself from some measure of guilt/punishment. Way to be an adult.

Insane logic? Convenient that you completely avoided it and tried to ask me my own question. Tells me to avoid your question until you actually answer mine. I mean, you even once again focus so much on me, and trying to paint me in a certain way, you can&... #1.2.2
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Actually you are playing a SonyToo™ defense. Your reasoning behind one group of fanboys frothing at the mouth involves using the other group of fanboys as the catalyst and employing many double standards while doing so.

It won't stop until you stop using it as a defense to condone behavior you seem to not have a problem with when it suits you.

Which I have already stated, but which you had to go and drag all kinds of inconsequential minutia into for no re... #1.1.2
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Guys, it's ok to be skeptical and critical, but there is no denying that Microsoft is fighting back. Appointing Spencer to head of Xbox is probably the biggest way they are fighting back. If his claims about focusing on games are true, then you can't claim Microsoft aren't fighting back.

However, the question that should be asked is "will it be enough of a fight to even challenge Sony?"

Just because Microsoft is fighting back, doesn'... #1.1.9
Part 2

"Sony shows off something...."

More SonyToo™ maniac? Is that really your "go to" defense from now on? Sony has showed a game streaming service. Are you telling me that a game streaming service through the cloud is comparable to claims that the cloud will boost game performance? Are you really that ignorant to the logistics involved?

Plus, when Sony showed that, they didn't make it a key marketing point of the PS... #1.2
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You're merely proving my point for me and you don't realize it.

You're not denying the frothing and foaming at the mouth of the Xbox fanboys as of late, you're merely employing another SonyToo™ defense.

Your entire comment is half what I'm talking about, half blaming me personally for something that isn't my doing or even what I'm talking about.

If I were to address your points, I could just provide links to commen... #1.1
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Speaking as a Canadian who has had to endure Sony's recent price hike, I offer a reason to adopt digital even if I personally don't want to opt into it fully.

Whenever I go out to buy a physical copy of any game now, I am charged $5 more than U.S. prices, plus 13% tax, and a $3 environmental fee. This means a game that should be $60 ends up costing up to $75.

These problems are completely eliminated by purchasing the game digitally. I was able to buy... #1.1.6
When things like this happen, there is really only one appropriate response.

Story Quality? - WTF?

Like this website? - No #1.1
Actually Death, they said 3x stronger and never gave a time limit for it. But here's my question for you. If Microsoft never had a specific time frame set in mind, why did they try selling the Xbox One on the power of the cloud right at launch hmmm?

Seems pretty dishonest doesn't it?

MS: "Our console will be able to perform as though it were 3x more powerful than it is."

Gamers: "When? Right at launch? THAT'S AWESOM... #9.2.2
@HacSawJimThugin: What's truly disrespectful is your use of a legendary wrestler's name in such a manner, and also your complete lack of respect for basic intelligence.

Ships fighting in the sky and dinosaurs walking is not "impressive use of the Cloud" since cloud tech isn't needed for that, and the A.I. in Titanfall is lame and you know it.

So, permit me to show disrespect by saying "the Cloud in Titanfall isn't impressive&quo... #7.2.3
"Todays demo was real sh1t"

Oh it was some real s*** alright. Real s*** indeed.

"No console can match up to the power of the cloud!"

Guess that includes the Xbox One, considering it is a console.

You also need to stop sleeping with the Microsoft PR Handbook ok, you're scaring people.

"That is already steps above the competition, that has their flagship game, KZ: Shadowfall, on P2P... #1.4.3
"Essentially you get the sh1tty cloudless version. Problemo solved!"

YAY! Let's play SimCity everyone! We all know how great that went right?

We as gamers love paying for incomplete games running on substandard hardware that needs BETTER hardware existing in another environment. I mean, it's so much fun paying full retail price for a game whose quality is dependent on a network connection and subject to the whims of latency, only to have the... #1.2.8
Unholy_One: Ignorant as usual I see. PSNow is a streaming service.

Unless you can link me to a quote where a Sony executive stated that Playstation Now was going to be a cloud computing service designed to use the power of magic leprechauns, and dreams to make each Playstation 4 console as powerful as 3 Playstation 4 consoles?

No? Didn't think so.

@ Cloud fanboys (and funnily enough, NOT the Final Fantasy ones): What you saw today was in... #1.1.14
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For one, I didn't say anything about PlaystationNow, so can we say "off topic?"

Two, PlaystationNow ISN'T doing the same thing. PlaystationNow is a game streaming service, not magic designed to compensate for the shortcomings of a weaker console like MS claims Azure is all about.

Nice try though. #1.4.3
"To say nothing of MS recent Cloud demo that sent the nay-sayers into desperate excuse mode, "but, but, what if you don't have a good internet connection or electricity"

So a controlled, local demo that is not representative of real world conditions sent naysayers into desperate excuse mode?

Are you going to show which game on the Xbox One proves that the Cloud can make one Xbox One console as powerful as 3, because it sounds like you have... #1.4
It's like I said though, her departure reinforces the fact that the story can be changed without her, so I don't think it's a dynamic process. Maybe dialogue might be, but the overall story I don't think so. #2.9.4
No they didn't. They haven't shown the Cloud making one Xbox One as powerful as 3 or more Xbox Ones like they claimed it could. #1.4.1
She's a story writer. Her involvement in the game isn't as protracted as a programmer or artist's is. Any changes that need to be made can be made without her. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that she was let go, especially since that would reinforce my point that they can make changes without her. #2.9.2
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