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It's still much shorter than Dark Souls 2, the controls are worse, the enemies are cheap, the hitboxes are awful. #6.3.1
No it wasn't. This was an article written by a person who needs their hand held, who probably couldn't get passed the first boss, and is whining because he sucks. Saying "Prepare to Die" isn't an "anti-player" sentiment designed to keep people from playing the game, it's the motto of the game and the base element of the story. You HAVE to die because that's part of what's wrong with the whole game world.

This article is written by a... #1.3.1
LOTF absolutely sucks in comparison to any of the Souls games. It's clunky, slow, and with far more cheap deaths than can be counted.

Dark Souls 2 may not be the best in the series, but it eclipses LOTF in every way. But hey, if you need a game to hold your hand because you can't figure things out through the ancient and now seemingly forgotten practice known as Trial and Error, then LOTF is the perfect game for delicate flowers to play. #1.2.6
I have the pleasure of being on that block list not because I follow anyone on the list, but because the creator of that list didn't like what I had to say in the #INeedDiverseGames tag and said that since I'm a man I have no say in anything because I'm privileged and white. It means that Anita, FullMcIntosh, and even Madam Sessler have me blocked. I feel great about that too. #5
Are you saying there is "another way" to look at having your picture vandalized or a syringe mailed to you? #2.1.1
@Bladefist: I don't think you can say that it's because of exclusivity deals when the primary example of exclusivity deals are of a first party nature and the majority of third party console games are still not released on PC. Granted, that has been changing for a lot of devs lately, but the number of third party console titles released on PC is still dwarfed by the number of titles not released on PC. #5.1.7
All I'm saying is that you can't extrapolate your buying habits to a group of millions.

"Next you would have to prove that these 50 people could and would buy your game before you could count them as lost sales."

That's a very important parameter too many publishers don't understand about piracy and used games.

"The fact is that PC is growing fast. With Valve's huge revenue gains year on year. EA saying that... #5.1.4
And you are also a drop in the ocean. You don't speak for all PC gamers, nor does adding up you and your friends speak for all PC gamers.

Do you honestly think that the number of people who want things for free is outnumbered by the amount of people who don't? #5.1.2
Nobody waste your time on showing proof to darkride. It'll either be completely ignored and followed by darkride going off on a tangent about inconsequential and immaterial subjects for paragraphs on end, or you'll be accused of manipulating the information. There exists no proof darkride will accept at all. Anita Sarkeesian could flat out proclaim to the world that she's definitely trying to get games like Grand Theft Auto or Hitman to never be made again, and darkride will insis... #8.2.2
Ok, but you and your friends are a drop in the ocean. #5.1
A specific URL of the pirate bay is down. Pirate bay is not actually down. Hell, just google the pirate bay and see for yourself. #6
@darkride: "Wow..."

You're like a broken record of fallacious content. I quoted Kuchera verbatim, Tito's responses back up what I said, explain how that's "telling people what to think" again. Oh, and you're welcome for the link btw.

"And what's with the obsession..."

No, everyone who disagrees with me isn't a social justice warrior. Everyone parroting "GamerGate is anti-woman" a... #1.1.23
Too busy playing games. #10.1
You know Candy Crush is as much a game as seeing how many times in a minute you can clap your hands and then trying to double that number every minute is. Yeah, we ALL want to be playing more Candy Crush.

So darkride, you think that 52% of the U.K.'s 70% total population of people is indicative of there being more total female gamers in the world than men? #4.1.2
It's a B.S. statement. When you click on the provided link to the study, this is how they came to their conclusions.

"Based on interviews with 4,000 UK residents, the research asserts that women now account for 52% of the gaming audience, up from 49% three years ago."

This after saying that smartphones entice 70% of the U.K.'s population to game. This calls into question what the study is about. Is it about gaming in general including core g... #1.1.1
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"And a hearty "thank you" to DragonKnight for proving my point..."

And here's another example of darkride making claims and providing absolutely no proof, nor examples, of his claim. I provided the proof of what Kuchera did, supported by Tito's replies to Kuchera consistently telling him that no harassment took place and he won't censor the discussion, which Kuchera consistently tried pressuring him into via the blatantly obvious shaming tactic... #1.1.21
@darkride666: You know traditionally when you say "let's look at ____" and then try to say it's a fabrication, you normally provide a link to support your B.S.

Kinda like this...


Then we Ctrl + F Ben Kuchera and we get these tidbits. All of the following are in reply to Greg Tito looking for advic... #1.1.15
Ah darkride, once again submitting anti-GG articles and yet will still say "I don't know what GG wants so I can't be anything but at least neutral because I don't think GG even knows what it wants."

Ben Kuchera writing an article on GamerGate is like Karl Marx writing on the wonders of capitalism. The fact that he would write a GamerGate article, and that you would submit it, completely unironically and without a shred of self-awareness comes as a surpri... #1.1.4
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@NukaCola: Double post immediately made me think of Boomhauer.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2.1.3
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