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AngryJoe is the biggest reviewer out there right now. I think it's a mistake to prevent links to his youtube reviews. Seems unnecessary. I mean some leeway would be a better idea. Totalbiscuit, AngryJoe, people like them should be permitted. But XxCallofDutyFanboy420xX shouldn't be allowed.

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That guy or girl is hilarious. Don't know why you let it bother you so much.

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"In addition, certain terms are used solely as a means to troll and are not allowed, such as ponies, xbots, umadbro, and 'salt' references."

Lol really? You can't say "salty" anymore? Wow. Talk about nannying everything.

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We'll get more FFX-2 and chibi nonsense. I would personally appreciate Final Fantasy going back to, you know, fantasy.

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@4Sh0w: I'm talking about consoles here bud. It's funny how PC is either something to consider, or not important at all, depending on whether or not the game is also on the PS4.

The PS4 has sold pretty much double what the Xbox One has sold. In terms of available audience on consoles, the PS4 is clearly the most logical choice for doing business.

But because that makes your favourite console look weak, you then shift to "well it's also on...

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How unfortunate for them. And putting it as an Xbox exclusive is even more unfortunate when you think about it from a purely financial perspective.

While perhaps they may have only had the funds to make one version, their game would have likely had a greater chance of success on the PS4.

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Here's Gamespot's review of the first game released in '96 for context.

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"Lmao that's like saying I am a souls fan but I don't like demon souls."

Actually, a lot of people say that.

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Have they ever learned?

They purposely produce the smallest possible numbers to drive up demand they never intend to meet. This will be just like the NES Classic.

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It means you'd better expect the same supply issues as the Nes Mini to occur because Nintendo will make more money off VC purchases than this.

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The most recent FF games do not hold a candle to its pedigree. That's one of the reasons this game is getting hate. Another is because of the drastic change it took thanks to having Nomura moved elsewhere mid-development. A third reason is how it was released unfinished.

Personally speaking I find the game to be painfully underwhelming.

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*sigh* And this is the problem SE will have going forward. Useless features still being added to this old game. They plan on making this their business model, so expect KH3 to be released unfinished as they push "games as a service" forward.

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moldy you're being disingenuous. You don't get to say that Sony is somehow uniquely in the wrong for something Microsoft was guilty of the previous gen.

The truth is that this is just a talking point for either company that chooses to be "pro cross-play" and it's usually the "losing" console.

Last gen Sony was the champion of cross play and the Xbots downplayed it. This gen it's somehow a big deal. This is a flip floppi...

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The XBOX (I refuse to call it the One X or any other nonsense when the acronym literally spells out XBOX), is being priced like a brand new console, and so this idea that it shouldn't be thought of as one has its own problems.

If people think that a mid gen upgrade is worth the price of a brand new console then I see two problems.

First, those people have more money than sense and no standards when it comes to game quality. If you're willing to sp...

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I think people are forgetting that what Penello wants or doesn't want means diddly squat. If his bosses want an Xbox console every year, then that's what's going to happen.

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You see you can't have a discussion about Hitler. The only thing that matters about what Hitler did was what he did TO the Jews and not FOR Germany. Doesn't matter that his policies turned the country around, no it's about what he did to the Jews that matters the most, especially in a discussion about the country and not Jews. I mean that's always what it turns into, a discussion about Germany has to turn into a discussion about the Holocaust because that's the only thing ...

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Nah, you'd rather a globalist leader who doesn't care about destroying ethnic and national identity so long as the destroyed ethnicity is White Europeans.

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There's no reason to reinvent the series. That's like asking to reinvent the wheel. At that point, may as well tell them to move on to a new IP.

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Gaming history has had the problem of "too many versions" of consoles before.

It ended up causing big problems for Sega.

Sony and MS should learn from Sega.

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Wasn't it Insomniac that said that all of their games would be 30FPS?

*checks the internet*



So it's not at 60fps because Insomniac is following through with their promise to not have a 60fps game again after the previous R&C game.

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