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You'll love it. Also has amazing music.

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It's the same concept as Let's Plays. People are more there for the player, not the game. That's not to say they aren't there for the game, but most people like the interaction of streams.

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@Genuine-User: You're the one that's projecting. Your immediate response to a comment that should have nothing to do with you in any way is to go on the offensive and insult someone. This sets up the idea that you either are jealous (fragile and insecure), or just someone that likes to pick a fight. Pick one.

You can judge people all you want by what they write, but that's not what you did. You labeled someone who said something you didn't like as basically ...

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@Genuine-User: Does your family know that you're fragile and insecure?

@81BX: Why? Appreciating beauty is bad?

@KwietStorm: LMFAO!! You win 1 internets.

@Genuine-User 2: Ah the standard "if they don't agree with me, they're far right/Nazi" schtick. Congrats on diluting terms and parroting cult chants.

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Her name is Kelly Jean.

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"Its 2017"

Two things. First...



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NewMonday is correct. I first noticed this problem way back when Child of Light came out and Ubisoft allowed you to share video but not audio. The result was watching a clip without sound.

But the most egregious example I personally have seen thus far has been Persona 5. Atlus has blocked all capture potential for Persona 5 on the PS4. You don't even get to have pics when you earn a trophy. It's pathetic.

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If you think Children of Zodiarcs is a true successor to Tactics, you need to either actually play Tactics, or play it again.

Tactics is a level of quality that hasn't been reproduced and, sorry to say, in this current gaming age it won't be reproduced. The game is damn near perfect on every level, and there is not going to be another alignment of planets to make that happen again unfortunately.

And that is a shame too. Because SE knows that Tacti...

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Continue kissing a** all you want to. Far be it from people to prefer that development be focused on the most important aspects and not shoehorning modes in to check off boxes and open up cash grabbing opportunities.

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I think neither of you understand the point.

Time and resources were spent on this feature that nobody was asking for, no one was even thinking about, and to be quite honest nobody wanted. That's time and resources that could have been better spent on literally anything else that was actually more important.

The industry has already given us examples of what adding in multiplayer can do to a single player campaign, and vice versa. Do you honestly thin...

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"Therefore, if you don't agree, you are wrong. Pretty simple."

Actually you're the one that's wrong. Because you're telling people that disagreeing with microtransactions is wrong. Disagreeing with cash grabs is wrong. Take your apologetics and blind corporate defense somewhere where you won't harm everyone else's enjoyment.

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Buy used so they get nothing from you.

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Problem is, this game DOES have a multiplayer aspect that WILL be affected by these Microtransactions. You can pay to build your forces quicker. The same forces that will defend your base in the online mode. This is complete and utter shite.

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You don't need to when they get a basic term wrong and then also say "perfect microtransactions."

That statement is an oxymoron. Microtransactions in AAA games you pay full price for are not now, have never been, nor will ever be perfect. They are not wanted, they are not needed, and they are clear, pure, and unabashed greed.

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"No, assuming you know anything on a game that it isn't out yet other than what has been told and automatically give it a bad rap is virtue signaling."

No it isn't. What virtue has been signalled? In what way are you making an expression designed to improve your social standing with a particular group? It isn't hard to dislike paying full price for a game and then seeing a marketplace where you pay real money to advance ahead of everyone else who has t...

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I make it a point not to take seriously an article which, in the title, gets a basic term wrong.

Virtue Signalling: "Virtue signalling is the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group."

Being against microtransactions is not a moral value, it's a con...

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Again, not Monolith. Warner Bros.

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It's Warner Bros. you need to talk to. Not Monolith

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It's not so cut and dry. Take a look at the FFXV mobile game and see just how bad MTs can make your game. It's not hard to force you into buying them just to feel like you're actually making any progress in the game.

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It's more likely WB's fault, not Monolith's

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