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Play the first FF.

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@Becuzisaid: Nomura didn't fail, he was moved to other projects.

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The very first FF game was open from the start, to the point where you had no clue where to go.

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Why? They'll just abandon it like every other handheld.

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People who don't think we have any other choice are ignoring their own rights.

You have the choice of forgoing online play until these companies reverse anti-consumer practices. Just because you don't want to, doesn't mean you have no other choices. And by paying it because you can't be without online gaming, you're complicit in anti-consumer practices.

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@Goldby: There is no way for criticism against Sony to be well-received here. Doesn't matter your tone. You'll see for yourself as time goes on.

EDIT: No need. This is a precursor. If people want to employ logical fallacies and dismiss this blog because they don't like the tone, then they should be careful of what they wish for. Just wait.

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Ask PC gamers about my allegiance to PC gaming.

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Let other get away? What?

EDIT: So just give Sony a pass because other companies are also terrible?

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@ziggurcat: You're paying taxes on XBL goods in Canada? That has to be MS, because guaranteed that if it were the government, PSN would be charged the taxes too. No way would the government let that revenue slide.

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"You seem incredibly blinded by your hatred for Sony, so much that you can't see that the PS4 is a terrific console with some of the highest rated exclusives this gen. And yes, exclusives that you can only play on a PS4, making my purchase more than worth it. "

You've been here long enough to know who I am. Don't talk with that level of ignorance. Everything I've said about Sony comes from their decisions, their lack of effort. I don't give a d...

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"Ranting over something you don't know? How about you wait until Sep 7?"

Ranting over something I don't know? What have I said here that is still ambiguous and unclear? Is the price of PS+ not rising? Yes it is. And there is no justification for it. What will waiting until September do? Somehow Sony is going to come out with a good reason for raising the price? Don't be naive.

"Also, how come Sony is wrong for giving devs and pl...

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Who are you talking to?

Does criticizing obviously anti-consumer moves constitute a 'grudge" now?

Are we supposed to not criticize bad moves? Are we supposed to worry about fanboys?

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There's no vitriol in my blog. Nothing that I've said against Sony is A) Untrue, B) Coming from a place of bitterness, or C) Somehow insulting or cruel to Sony.

Now if your argument is referencing my descriptive language of defenders, it's still not vitriolic because it's clearly seen throughout the whole site. Look at any article about Neo and you see blind defenders, look at No Man's Sky articles and you see willful blindness and defense simply because...

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Well I mean, why wouldn't they mark your comment as Spam considering it offered literally nothing? If you had time to waste, and you're not playing your PS4 with that time, you're kind of proving me right.

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This is not an inappropriate comment and should not have been flagged as such.

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No it doesn't. Sorry. When Canada's dollar was comparable to the U.S., we didn't get a decrease in price. Canada has ALWAYS paid more regardless of the strength of our currency. That's just historical fact. It's the same with the U.K.

The U.K's currency is stronger than the U.S. currency, and yet U.K. gamers pay more. Of course with the U.K. there are other costs involved, but suggest it's just because the Loonie is weaker ignores a whole lot.

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To Quote your first comment...

"We payed way less than the yanks for years."

To Quote your second comment...

"We payed 49.99 and so did yanks."

To Quote me...

"We have NEVER paid less than the U.S. for ANYTHING."


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"If you don't understand the dire issues Canada has been facing since late 2015 due to low oil prices with other countries, which has affected tons of its economy and still continues to affect it, I don't think I'm the ignorant one here. "

For starters, the price of oil is a GLOBAL problem, not a Canadian one. Canada's particular problem with the oil industry stems from an incompetent government that doesn't seem to get the fact that if Canada ...

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