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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Why should we be surprised? darkride is like a cultist for anti-GG. #1.1.2
@Death: What part of "the Holidays" eludes you? You're such an expert, offer your services to Sony or MS and show them how to make DDoS attacks last the literal one second you seem to think is possible. #1.3.4
@Death: So basically you want Sony and Microsoft to give you exactly what they have been giving you. DDoS attacks CAN'T be prevented and depending on the scale they will ALWAYS take time to fix. Given that this happened during the holidays, do you think Sony and MS just don't allow their employees to have time off with their families? It IS entitled to make ANY demands because there was literally NOTHING Sony or MS could have done to stop this and then they have to force their employe... #1.1.9
Dude, Pizza The Hut avatar. Nice! #1.5.1
I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're from one of those other nations and wished Shaheen looked more like you. #1.3.1
@Anthotis: It's not racist to concern yourself with race, but it is pointless to be concerned with the race of a non-existent being.

@telekeneticmantis: You're racist and you sound like Tommy Sotomayor from Youtube.

@guitarded77: It's not unrealistic to view all people as humans rather than black, white, brown, or whatever. It's idealistic and more correct than labeling and calling it awareness.

@MRMagoo123: The existence of a... #1.2.8
'bout time?

Dude, Prince of Persia man. Most well known Arab in gaming history.

Or, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Second most well known Arab in Gaming history.

There've been Arabs in games. Where have you been? #1.1.3
I knew about the no tax on PSN in Canada but didn't know about the XBL one. I know it's not Canadian law because digital games aren't a physical "good" that can be taxed so what the hell is MS doing? Also, in Ontario that percentage is 13% #1.6.1
Honestly no they shouldn't give anyone a free game.

A)Only Microsoft were warned about the DDoS attack, Sony wasn't.

B)LizardSquad said PSN was harder to attack, meaning Sony tried to protect all PSN users from something like this before hand, but you CAN'T stop a DDoS attack, at all.

C)You don't tell a victim of an attack to give you something, for free no less, because you had to be there for it. That's like telling some... #1.1.5
23d ago by DragonKnight | View comment | Well said
"and there you go reinforcing the stereotype mentioned in the article. Anyone with a valid complaint of the souls series gets shot down by over defensive people saying things like"he probably hasn't beaten the first boss" "he wants landholding"

There are no valid arguments in the article at all.

"having an option to go to the bathroom during gameplay is "hand holding"? unless your game is some kind of maze puzzle ga... #1.3.3
Dark Souls 2 is bad for the following reasons.

1. The story is a mishmashed mess that seems to have had no effort put into it. It feels like they tried remaking Dark Souls 1 in a new location rather than say the difference between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1.

2. The game's version of difficulty is "add more enemies." That's basically it. Dark Souls 2 is really just a numbers game.

3. Enemy variation is pitiful. Look a... #16.2
DS2 is definitely the easiest game in the Souls series. Hell, Sen's Fortress in DS1 is harder than all of DS2. #9.2
It's still much shorter than Dark Souls 2, the controls are worse, the enemies are cheap, the hitboxes are awful. #6.3.1
No it wasn't. This was an article written by a person who needs their hand held, who probably couldn't get passed the first boss, and is whining because he sucks. Saying "Prepare to Die" isn't an "anti-player" sentiment designed to keep people from playing the game, it's the motto of the game and the base element of the story. You HAVE to die because that's part of what's wrong with the whole game world.

This article is written by a... #1.3.1
LOTF absolutely sucks in comparison to any of the Souls games. It's clunky, slow, and with far more cheap deaths than can be counted.

Dark Souls 2 may not be the best in the series, but it eclipses LOTF in every way. But hey, if you need a game to hold your hand because you can't figure things out through the ancient and now seemingly forgotten practice known as Trial and Error, then LOTF is the perfect game for delicate flowers to play. #1.2.6
I have the pleasure of being on that block list not because I follow anyone on the list, but because the creator of that list didn't like what I had to say in the #INeedDiverseGames tag and said that since I'm a man I have no say in anything because I'm privileged and white. It means that Anita, FullMcIntosh, and even Madam Sessler have me blocked. I feel great about that too. #5
Are you saying there is "another way" to look at having your picture vandalized or a syringe mailed to you? #2.1.1
@Bladefist: I don't think you can say that it's because of exclusivity deals when the primary example of exclusivity deals are of a first party nature and the majority of third party console games are still not released on PC. Granted, that has been changing for a lot of devs lately, but the number of third party console titles released on PC is still dwarfed by the number of titles not released on PC. #5.1.7
All I'm saying is that you can't extrapolate your buying habits to a group of millions.

"Next you would have to prove that these 50 people could and would buy your game before you could count them as lost sales."

That's a very important parameter too many publishers don't understand about piracy and used games.

"The fact is that PC is growing fast. With Valve's huge revenue gains year on year. EA saying that... #5.1.4
And you are also a drop in the ocean. You don't speak for all PC gamers, nor does adding up you and your friends speak for all PC gamers.

Do you honestly think that the number of people who want things for free is outnumbered by the amount of people who don't? #5.1.2
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