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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@Pogmathoin: LMAO! Time to end the crap and then you go right ahead and continue it. You don't bother actually thinking about what you're going to type before or while typing it do you? #1.4.2
@Septic: Come on, even you have to admit that now this program is completely redundant. If Microsoft is simply going to ignore every policy that the program has in place, why not just go Sony's route, be done with it, and they'll never have the stigma of this program hanging over their heads again. #1.1.2
I really want to know why anyone gives a damn about Cliff's opinion. He's not Nintendo, hasn't made games for Nintendo, doesn't make games that are anything like Nintendo's games, hasn't released a game in years, coasted about with his millions of dollars until helping to fund Oculus Rift which he wouldn't shut up about for the longest time. He's self-important and yet people are always asking him about the stupidest things wanting to know what he thinks. Why?... #1.3
DS2's re-release will do absolutely nothing to Bloodborne. Everyone in the community is talking about Bloodborne. It's what they want, it's what they're getting, and DS2 will suffer from being completely ignored because of it.

Dark Souls 2 is the old and busted, Bloodborne is the new hotness. #5.1.2
Um, you're mixing your games up. There's only one Demon's Souls, like Highlander. There's 2 Dark Souls. #4.2
@mikeslemonade: It's a frickin' demo man. You expect the swords to bounce off the Behemoth or something? Stop hating, it makes you look childish.

@blackpanther25: I was just saying that most people thought the demo looked amazing and bought the game because of that. Though, that demo was more visually impressive than the end result which suffered noticeable graphical downgrades by comparison. The game sucked in the end and although this looks absolutely amazing, the s... #1.1.13
Now just imagine what Bahamut would look like. Ohhh, I hope they have Alexander. #14.1.1
@rainslacker: Jaffe thinks it's just a general thing that people think devs can't speak out. He's wholly ignorant of a lot. Devs have even told him that jobs have been lost because of SJW interference so his opinion that the hashtag is bizarre is confusing. I suppose he's somehow against it because he thinks devs can speak out whenever they want to, but he's looking at it from his own experiences which are, like I reluctantly said, privileged. He's someone who has noth... #1.2.11
@rainslacker: This somehow got twisted into devs complaining about their jobs when that's never what it was about. This is about devs speaking out against the SJW agenda, not being afraid to call out game media on their unethical behaviour, and being able to talk about their experiences irrespective of their boss giving them a hard time.

I don't know how people got the idea that this was about the devs towing the PR line, but it's not.

And I for o... #1.2.9
It's a pretty serious sequence. Though there is a crucial part of the video you should know if you actually want to see the summon. I can tell you if you don't want to see it, but it's information in how you actually summon it because it's not the standard way we're used to in FF games where you just select "Summon" #4.2.2
@kparks: Man screw that worker ant mentality B.S.

No one gets anywhere in life by being an invisible fixture. You have a problem, speak up about it. If you're not around at that company because you spoke up, then that wasn't the company for you in the first place. #1.2.6
@kingdomtriggers: You should be more concerned with the level of hype being higher than less concerned. Remember, publishers are not above doing whatever it takes to get you to buy their game, even if the game sucks. Tempting you with admittedly the most epic thing I've ever seen period in a game is child's play for them.

I'm just saying, people thought FFXIII looked amazing because of the teaser given with Advent Children, and it turned out to be trash and pissed... #1.1.5
Could be like Final Fantasy XII in a sense. In FFXII you could summon at any time if you had the Mist for it, but if you met certain conditions the summon would do it's ultimate attack. Like for example one of them had the condition that it'd have to be paralyzed and then it would do its ultimate. #7.3
It is. I watched the video and dude was playing the demo. Maaaan. You're going to pass out when you actually see it. Frickin' best summon in any FF game period. #4.2
Keep your hopes grounded. SE did the same kind of "oooohhh, sick visuals" stuff with FFXIII and look what we got. Just wait until the game comes out to lose your mind.

**EDIT** That said, HOLY MOTHER OF @#$%!!!! THAT'S A SUMMON?! #1.1.2
@CaptainObvious: Half of it is people that don't like me and disagree just because of that, and half of it is because they like Jaffe and you can't say anything bad about him, just like Cliffy B.

@Hammad: It's not about devs speaking out against their employers, though technically most devs could since most development studios are typically an "own your own business" type thing unless they are owned by a publisher. It's about devs speaking out agains... #1.2.4
Shouldn't this be on Techspy? #13
Jaffe is an idiot. Plain and simple. He makes all of these claims that devs aren't afraid to speak, then ignores the devs using the Hashtag to in fact support the idea that devs shouldn't be afraid to speak out of fear of the gaming press or losing their jobs.

What Jaffe meant to say is that he's never been afraid to speak. Good for him, there's not much that can be done to a guy who made a couple iconic franchises and is settled enough to where he can have hi... #1.2
@Concertoine: "It's a hard game regardless of whether or not you choose to 100% it."

Which is completely irrelevant to whether or not kids will play and enjoy it....

"And see that's the thing, the DK games got harder since the 90's...."

And? Again, irrelevant to the idea that Nintendo's games are meant for kids. Do you think kids are incompetent? It's been a proven fact for a long time that kids pick up... #1.1.8
@Concertoine: This is where you're making a key mistake. You are assuming that everyone plays games with the same intent that you do, thus your intentions are hardcore and anything less isn't. One doesn't have to 100% DKCTF to play it, nor even to have that game marketed towards them.

As a core gamer, you obviously started gaming when you were a child. Games are becoming progressively easier and the only way to determine that fact is to play today's games and... #1.1.6
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