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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@gangsta_red: "HA! BullSH**! It's the only concern you fans have..."

Yeah, one guy who actually is a producer on the game and is named said it was for parity, another anonymous spokesperson sent an email with a bullsh*t reason that you Xbox fanboys are taking as the gospel truth no matter how stupid it sounds that A.I. which is a process handled by the CPU is somehow magically affecting resolution, which is a process handled by the GPU. Being made from the groun... #1.1.27
No one is raging that it's 900p. Everyone is raging at WHY it's 900p. #2.1
@Death: Your continued descent into obvious fanboyism makes your ability to argue a point increasingly poor.

"Parity is a two way street."

By definition it isn't. Parity ALWAYS requires someone giving something up, it never requires someone receiving something that wasn't taken from somewhere else. When you have only one side making a compromise, then it's only a one way street.

"I don't see any support for Kine... #1.1.20
"The xbox one offers FREE DEDICATED SERVERS to ALL developers, but several devs have stated the reason they will not use the FREE dedicated servers is because they want parity in the online experience. Would you all agree that dedicated servers gives you a better online experience than peer to peer???"

Do you understand how monumentally insane your comment is? I want you to think about what you just said, because you just said that developers are willingly passing u... #1.8.2
People completely miss the point.

The resolution is a secondary concern for PS4 users. If the game came out at 900p just because, then we wouldn't be as upset even though it would still suck.

No, the true problem is the issue of parity. It's the same issue PC gamers have. There is no legitimate reason for parity to be a consideration, especially parity with the Xbox One considering how poorly it's doing in comparison with the PS4.

... #1.1.15
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It's funny how you go off on a tangent about criteria, then proceed to criticize games you believe aren't top 10 without providing criteria.

Sales should NEVER be included. Sales doesn't equal quality, and THAT'S what should be foremost.

By that kind of logic, McDonald's should always win any "top 10 restaurants in the world." #4.1
LMAO! 100% fact right here. #5
Precisely. Plus there's the fact that many people go into LP's knowing that spoilers can happen and they are prepared for that, and still others that go just FOR the spoilers alone. #3.1
The scale is, if you believe Ubisoft's PR talk, not the problem. It's the A.I.

Again, IF you believe their PR email from an unnamed source. #2.10.1
@cgoodno: You're forgetting that the power of the cloud plus the dGPU is going to make the Xbox One version better than the PC version of the game. MisterX said so and he has insider information on everything. #2.8.3
@AndrewLB: You're a huge disgrace to the name Andrew if you're going to post such obvious stupidity. You think Sony can legally make last minute business decisions based on the reaction their competitor's policies get? You don't know the first thing about how businesses work, and you conveniently ignore that Yoshida also said, MANY times, that there was going to be NO DRM on the PS4. Guess what happened? There was no DRM on the PS4.

If you think Sony just kept... #1.1.24
@starchild and Fireseed: Let's discuss why you're both wrong, but it will be short.

Article 1: Named source, senior producer of the game who would definitely have the knowledge to make the claim of why the versions are 900p/30FPs.

Article 2: Email with unnamed source sending an obvious PR copy.

You both take an email sent by an unknown individual in which the language is clearly "approved by the PR department" as the truth a... #1.1.11
I've made my stance pretty clear about graphics many times, so I won't go into what I think about their importance.

I will however state that the issue isn't whether or not the GRAPHICS are important, but whether the GAMERS are.

Ubisoft has sent a message with this move. The message is "we can program our games to be the absolute best they can be on the PS4, but we don't want to, so you shouldn't expect to have anything more than what... #4
Shadow of Mordor is ridiculously fun. Dat Shadow Wrath Kill tho. Damn. Love that game. #1.12.2
@donthate: That comment isn't serious is it? You can't honestly believe what you wrote can you? #1.1.30
@Death: Did you read it? Quote: "We know that the Xbox One's CPU clock was recently raised to 1.75GHz from the 1.6GHz of the original devkits, a respectable 9.37 percent boost. Sony hasn't stated an official figure for the PS4's CPU speed, though rumors point to it being the same 1.6GHz as the pre-boost Xbox One. Depending on the CPU speed, this means that for CPU-heavy games the Xbox One may have a slight edge over the PlayStation 4. This different won't be very noticeab... #1.1.21
@Death: Wow, I was hoping you weren't serious, but you're actually trying to say that the PS4, the console which in EVERY way is more powerful than the Xbox One, with the games to prove it, is less powerful in CPU performance than the Xbox One to the point where the PS4 version needs to be gimped to keep up with the Xbox One version? You're insane. Which console has had consistent, and necessary, downgrades to its games since launch to a number way beyond coincidence hmm? Hint: It... #1.1.17
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No. And that's something that has been true for the 40+ years that gaming has been around. #19
@Death: Tell me you didn't just try to say that the PS4 is holding back the game's potential. Please tell me you're not that delusional a fanboy. #1.1.38
Nobody is ever going to put Handheld or PC games on these lists. They aren't ever in the same league of consciousness that console games are. PC games have no advertisement and rely on the users to find them themselves, and handheld games are the afterthought people have when they can't game on consoles for some reason. #1.3.11
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