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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@joab777: Take care of that which you love and it will take care of you.

Solidarity will be seen, it will be appreciated, and eventually it will be reciprocated.

Shenmue 3 proves this.

Bloodstained proves this.

The future will continue to prove this. #1.1.4
I personally love this game, especially the online which still has a decent amount of players. Nothing funnier than invading someone's world, initiating a phone hack, and then tricking them onto a train which you send away. #3
@Rookie: You seem to have a reading problem. So allow me to copy and paste what I told you, and emphasize.

"Did I? Where did I say "Gears of War is a generic shooter" -->IN THIS COMMENT THREAD!<--
============================= = =

But I guess that this is a common mistake for you eh?

@gangsta: I hope I'll have enough room. If not, oh well.

"This was my..."

Your first... #3.1.18
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@gangsta: "Hilarious, so basically this is your way of not having any type of real answer. Just redirect and shut down."

Well see, you came here to answer a question I asked someone else with a different question. I never asked you a question, I asked someone else well before you came here, and the question I asked was a question of intent because if the only reason it was asked was to praise a franchise that that person likes, any answer would be a waste of time. B... #3.1.15
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@Rookie: "You claimed Gears is a generic shooter."

Did I? Where did I say "Gears of War is a generic shooter" in this comment thread?

"By the look if it, you haven't even play any of the Gears games. So for you, a very aweful Shooters player from that quote from your history, how do you just sit here and claim it is a genric shooter when you have no credibility to judge it as such."

Oh that's simple. If I... #3.1.13
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@slate91: Not exactly. I asked you a question of intent. It seems obvious that you were waiting for someone to suggest Gears of War, so I simply wanted to know if you wanted a serious answer or just a reason to praise Gears of War. #3.1.11
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@gangsta: Ok, so since all you want to do is evade, I can freely ignore you. I didn't ask you that question, I asked the person who asked me a question if he actually wanted an answer for that or was he just probing because it should be fairly obvious what anyone would say to the question "what generic shooters did he make?"

So thank you for answering my question with nothing. #3.1.9
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@gangsta_red: So is that your answer then?

@Rookie: Comment historians are hilarious. And what makes it even more hilarious is that it's completely irrelevant. It's actually borderline ad hominem as you're not addressing what I said so much as you're addressing me as a person. Do you have anything relevant to say? #3.1.7
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@gangsta_red: Wait wait wait, so because Gears "defined the Xbox 360", which is debatable, it's NOT generic?

Ok I'll bite, what about Gears of War was innovative and/or revolutionary? #3.1.4
Do you want an actual answer to that question, or are you just looking for a reason to talk up some franchises? #3.1.2
According to your disagrees, we don't have enough generic shooters. #3.1
"If the argument that "The characters don't physically exist so it's" okay was legitimate than we wouldn't have a rating system."

We have a ratings system because of people like you who choose to take offense over the most ridiculous things imaginable. We also have a ratings system because certain material, when processed through an immature mind, can be psychologically scarring. A 5 year old would not know how to process a chainsaw ripping thr... #8.2.4
What makes it unnecessary? To qualify something as unnecessary surely you have a standard of what IS necessary?

Do you know R. Mika's character at all? If you did, maybe you'd understand why it's necessary that she's dressed the way she is, or act the way she does.

And maybe you should reflect on the fact that you have a problem with how a non-existent person is dressed with clothes that don't exist, and why exactly it's a problem for... #8.2.2
" insecure..."

That you answered it isn't what makes you insecure. That you answered it with full on defense and irrelevant information, along with completely misconstruing what I said makes you insecure.

"Well if you ask..."

And it takes you 3 paragraphs of repetitious B.S. and ad homs to do so? Verbose much?

Also this... "You were given an answer to your question in a fair and mature way... #9.2.5
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Love it when people judge things that have literally just launched. #1
Because that would be misogynist. #14.1
Oh no, a fictional character is performing an unrealistic move. This must mean the game about fighting with magic powers and defiance of the laws of physics can't be taken seriously. Why won't anyone think of the super cereal "progressive" gamers who don't like sex in any form? #8.2
"You realize most people probably want even report the bugs. They just want to be in the preview program to get stuff first."

You mean like literally everyone who wanted to be a part of the preview system? What's your point? #1.4.3
"Says the..."

A) You're insecure about me asking a question, not what the question was. You tried to insinuate that I was tying only Xbox to digital sales when I wasn't and there was no reason to come to that conclusion unless you felt you had to mount a defense.

B) Who's "we"? You speak for yourself and only yourself.

"First you..."

Look at your butthurt here. Look at how fierce a de... #9.2.3
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I'm not tying buying digital to Xbox, I'm speaking specifically to the Xbox owners in this comment thread who've already mentioned hating to change discs and yet have a controller that requires changing batteries.

Sounds like you're insecure.

"To answer your question as an xbox owner who has gone all digital, this cycle ( just seems to have happened! lol) I have a rechargable battery pack...SO I change batteries about as often as I change... #9.2.1
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