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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Wow. I've never seen so much willful ignorance in my life.

@Death: Do you honestly believe for one second that the light placed upon Zoe Quinn has strictly been about Depression Quest? We're talking about a woman who sleeps her way to the top with impunity, successfully ended a project that was DESIGNED TO HELP WOMEN GET INTO GAME DEVELOPMENT, and managed to convince so many people that a movement filled with thousands of people who are made up of members of every eth... #1.1.13
Ok, let's check out the author's own shoddy writing.

Right off the bat we get this...

"tinkering with an established canon’s can turn hardcore nerds into rabid beasts."

So tinkering with an established canon is can? Right.

"This builds up your combo meter so you to pull off special moves almost immediately."

So you to pull off? What?

"I don’t care where a game... #2
@Concertoine: I have to reply to someone else, so I'm going to try to be brief because clearly you're mired in this belief that you speak a consensus and only fact.

Paragraph 1: Call of Duty has value only in the latest releases just as you'd accuse AC of having. When's the last time you heard of someone extolling the value of Modern Warfare 2? Right, moving on.

Paragraph 2: You're reading into things. I didn't put words in your mouth,... #1.2.12
My "Offensive" report brought to you in part by...

A racist comment made by a racist person. #7.3
DID YOU JUST SWEAR?! YOU TRIGGERED ME! Don't you know that I have PTSD and am trying to rebuild my life?! That's it, I'm going to sue you. See you in court for causing malicious emotional distress! I'm going to sue you for the whole penny you're worth! #4.1
I'm sorry but, did you mean to write "and" or "'n"? I apologize, seeing all of those "in" was kinda distracting.

Anyway, it's always up to the individual to decide if they are willing to risk their health or not. It is a law pretty much everywhere that one is allowed to put their own health first and refuse to do a job if their health is at risk. I doubt this would fly in a court case against Nintendo. #1.2.1
No, you are not the only one. I want a Final Fantasy Tactics remake that you play like Valkyria Chronicles, and a sequel that has nothing to do with the B.S. FFTactics Advance series. #1.2.2
That's why Wolverine would be the hero for Marvel. You know you want a keyblade named Weapon X. Come on, admit it. #5.1
"Yeah, nevermind the low resolution, the awful framerate, the many graphical glitches, etc. You might've gotten a lucky first playthrough, or you might just be selective with your memory for all I know, but you can't deny the game was a mess. It was downgraded, the performance is poor, and even the patches are lowering the visuals further. At a certain point we should stop defending half ass products. As generous as Ubisoft was with the reparation, they still shouldn't be def... #1.2.7
@Concertoine: Did it now? Funny, I have AC Unity. AC Unity has had the following bugs for me.

1. Fell through the world twice.
2. The Intendent of the Cafe periodically moves like The Flash.
3. The floor has this odd flashing effect in a specific hallway of the Cafe where it looks like a blinking light.

Other than that and a few instances of pop in for the NPCs.

Oh no, that's like soooooo broken isn't it?
I really just want them to pick some kind of unexpected, new location. AC's been the following.

AC 1: Israel (Arguably Asia, Arguably Europe)
AC 2: Italy (Europe)
AC2 B: Italy [Rome] (Europe)
AC2 R: Constantinople (Asia/Europe)
AC3: United States of America (may as well be Europe considering the time frame but... North America)
AC4: Caribbean (Sandwiched between North, Central, and South America but, again, European colonialism)
I'm calling the police. Don't worry, I'll save you from the terrible people forcing you to spend money on Assassin's Creed games. It'll be ok AngelicIceDiamond, it'll be o..k... #1.5.2
"oh joy! I hate having more games to play and I think that my opinion of what is stagnant represents reality rather than just what I think...blah."

FTFY #1.2.2
WTF? This is the absolute height of entitlement and a complete waste of time.

You don't like how the game ended without a "happy ending" so you are going to petition for DLC to change the ending? GTFO with that B.S.

And the worst part is that this is giving publishers ideas to sell possible endings to their games. We've seen this before with Capcom , Square-Enix, and Bioware. We don't need this crap being considered by large publishers l... #6
My bias? My bias for what? AC is one of my most favourite franchises, so obviously I don't have a bias against Ubisoft. Do elaborate on your nonsense.

@ginganinja: Poor sarcasm is poor. Ubisoft wasn't one of the biggest publishers for 30 years, that's only in their recent history. Though I admit to forgetting about Prince of Persia, think about Ubisoft in, say just the last gen and ask yourself if their success is due to Prince of Persia, or Splinter Cell, of if y... #7.2
"Wow. I've never actually seen anyone before who thought Canada and the United States both used the same currency."

Wow, I've never seen anyone before actually completely fabricate meaning the way you have.

Yes, I know Canada and the U.S. don't use the same currency bud, I've only been a Canadian for 31 years. #5.3.1
Can't really disagree with most of what you said other than trusting the userbase to gravitate towards the good reviewers. I mean, Kotaku is still around for example. #5.2.2
I attribute Ubisoft's attitude to the acceptance of Day One patches and releasing broken games. Gamers have to stop taking this garbage and actually take a stand against these tactics, as do reviewers. #6.1
TotalBiscuit put it very well when he said that embargoes, done correctly, are beneficial to reviewers as it gives everyone a chance to get their reviews out at the same time and with decent quality rather than rushing out a review so that you're the first one to get it out. But this practice of having embargoes up until right at, or 12 hours after, launch is all kinds of wrong. It definitely portrays a lack of confidence in the game and after such nonsense as Aliens: Colonial Marines, an... #5.2
That's a very nice sentiment you have. #5.2
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