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"Like it or not, placing minorities in prominent roles helps expose their issues and inform those who didn't have an opinion, or thought that every black person was a criminal, or that women should be in the kitchen instead of the office, or that only gay people have AIDS."

It's only education if the creator decides to make it so. Let's take Riley from TLOU. She was only a minor DLC character, but did she teach you anything about being a black lesbian ...

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"The real question is why do gamers always have to play as a white character?"

That's YOUR question, and it's one based in YOUR inferiority complex. It's no one else's question because no one else is even thinking about it. They are thinking "is this character good?"

"Why do you care so much about only playing as a white character, everytime?"

Literally no one does. Again, this is YOUR probl...

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Representation of anyone doesn't matter.

What all of you are forgetting is that these characters are not real people. They don't have actual struggles, they don't have actual problems, they don't face any kind of actual difficulties. Anything and everything these characters go through is scripted so that means any character can go through any problem if it is written that they will go through said problem.

The issue of being able to relate...

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Because "Hold Circle to Fight" isn't repetitive.

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Turn based being because of hardware limitations died with the SNES. The SNES has many action based JRPGs. It was a design choice, one that worked and could easily still work.

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Action style is not an evolution. Action based JRPGs are not new. Turn based mechanics are still viable else games like the FFX HD remaster would not have succeeded. People want a good combat system regardless of if its turn based or action based.

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Combat in FFXV is as shallow as it is in FFXIII only with a different style.

FFXIII was auto battle, FFXV is auto battle with a few pauses to defend only because you have to.

In FFXV Hold Circle to fight is all you need to know. You won't win all the time because the game is horribly unbalanced and it isn't right to have a game that you can coast through every battle, but just because the game's lack of balance forces you to have to defend or ...

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Turn based games aren't popular in the West? Funny since all of the FF main series games were turn based until 12, which didn't completely do away with it, and they sold in the millions. I think BAD turn based games aren't popular anywhere. Turn based is still very viable.

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Only those with poor attention spans, which is their problem not the game's.

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Hahaha, no you didn't. The strategy for 90% of the battles was using a Ravager. Ravager, Commando paradigm until stagger, then switch to 3 Commandos until death or stagger wore off. 8 of the remaining 10% of the battles required buffs and debuffs thrown in to effectively get to stagger and the remaining 2% was the very few battles you were forced to have a Sentinel and there were maybe 3 battles tops that had that. FFXIII was designed to require as little player interaction as possible, s...

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I think you're being a bit too cynical Fox. Though with how FFXV is an unfinished game, it is more conceivable that this was planned content for the finished game, free is free. No reason to complain about spending $0.

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He's a PC gamer.

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Ever heard of power fantasy?

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@Skinman: You're either lying or were phished. Accounts don't get hacked in a DDoS.

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Sorry but you're as wrong as the author. People don't care if a character is this or that. People care when a character is this or that to pander to an agenda. You want a crippled black lesbian woman as your character? Go ahead, just make sure the character is good and don't go proclaiming it as something revolutionary expecting everyone to notice "teh divurcity."

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It's a good thing you're reading about a game then isn't it?

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Sold well on hype, reviews are irrelevant these days, and only in Japan where fan favourites are picked per game release. Yesterday was Lightning, today is Luna, tomorrow is Aerith again.

13 was a terrible Final Fantasy. Convoluted, poorly told story you understood more by reading about it than through in-game portrayal. Poorly scripted AND voice acted characters you either wished died, knew they were designed as throw aways, or in Lightning's case was a try hard mascot...

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"Someone is still in denial they are in the minority... "

Yes, you are. There is no reason to tell me that you have bad taste in games, I already knew that.

"Plus if you are bringing a COMPLETE series over then that would include the 13's."

Like I said, the 13 games are not old enough to need to be part of the collection.

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The FFXIII series is not even old enough to need to be in the collection.

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This is Nintendo we're talking about. The word "learn" is not in their vocabulary. They are well over 100 years old and are seeking to become the avatar of the term "draconian business practices."

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