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What's sad is A) Current year arguments and B) That suits and representation ideologues are still so out of touch with actual gamers that they are not yet aware that we couldn't give a rat's a$$ about who is on the cover.

Is the game good? Then we'll find out and buy it, never once caring about box art UNLESS it's a Collector's Edition, then we care for money purposes only.

And for games with character creation, either go the way o...

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"Yes they are underpowered because their specs say so."

Non-argument. That means everything is underpowered because there is another device of greater specs. And you can't say that there is a set bar where something is considered adequately powerful enough because there isn't.

"Also I like how you dismiss mods."

Because they deserve to be dismissed. Mods are not the base game. If the only way you can prove yo...

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Yeah, I'm here for the comments also. We get to see both extremes in one thread. I got the pizza, who wants to throw in drinks?

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EDMIX, you need to see someone about how often you laugh at your own stuff man, seriously. I mean you're now saying Lolz.

"You are the LAST PERSON ON THIS SITE someone should be saying that about lolz."

I'm going to assume you're talking about SegaGamer, and then I'm going to turn on the derision and sarcasm and say "Yes, because EVERYONE knows SegaGamer and SegaGamer would NEVER do *insert whatever here*" Like I said,...

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ziggurcat: "And so is every bit of your argument, frankly."

Not really. How many 32X games could be played on the Genesis without a 32X? How many 3D 3DS games can be played at the same settings on a normal Nintendo DS? Is that conjecture? That's really all I need to say. Incremental upgrades have been tried before. Whether from attachments a la 32X or in game cartridges with extra memory, or complete hardware revisions a la 3DS. They always create a division a...

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EDMIX you make things way too easy on everyone here. You post novels and say nothing. So let's address.

"How many..."

This is a non-question completely unworthy of any real reply.

"Did they not..."

You must think you're hilarious because you're the only one that always laughs at your own jokes. Seriously. The amount of times you put "LMFAO" in things you post is beyond sad. As...

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When the retort is "it's still underpowered" then you know there's nothing they got. Crysis is always a PC gamer's fallback position and it still doesn't hold up. Then of course mods are brought in to try and take away from the fact that the base game doesn't look as good and needs help. Keep it up. Underpowered indeed. Best game of the gen at the moment and the PS4 is underpowered. Makes perfect sense.

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Wth is wrong with you people? Do you get street cred for attacking Xbox in an article that has nothing to do with it and where even Xbox fans are praising a game they'll never have on the Xbox? Sad.

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Why be "that guy" dude. Even die hard Xbox fanboys are praising this game and you have to slag an Xbox exclusive. Bad form.

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I love how people are calling them underpowered without pointing to any PC game that even matches UC4.

Yep... underpowered.

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Call me paranoid but I consider outlets that even have a .1 to .9 (minus .5 because half a point can be explained, but how do you explain a 1/8 a point) as trying to purposely manipulate the metacritic aggregate score. I haven't figured out what benefit there would be in doing that, but going from 8.8 to 9 just stinks of suspicious IMO.

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@SegaGamer: MS was rightfully blasted for it but when Sony is RUMOURED to be doing it it's ok? Your support of this proves me correct. You and those with the same opinion about this are inconsistent and the companies play to that. They love people like that because they can get away with anything. You claim to hate MTs and DLC yet ignore the anti-consumerism in incremental, half-gen, full priced "upgrades." Worse still, all of this is mere conjecture and you're already openi...

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That's your retort? The point remains the same. Is it your contention that mere numbers dictates what is good and what isn't? I mean your argument is that "gamers" want this right? Well "gamers" wanted that as well. So now explain why when Sony does something you want, it's good but when MS does something you don't want it's bad even though others do want it.

Remember, this is your argument, not mine.

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Jmanzare had it right. And if you think Sony is listening to gamers then you're a fool. Nearly 3 years ago when PS4 launched, how many gamers asked for a console re-release? On the ps blog where gamers can request features for the PS4, is "an incremental upgrade for better performance" even listed as a request, and if so does it appear ahead of "external drive support" or "folders" or "custom themes?"

Point out to us all please th...

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SegaGamer: Every bit of your "you'll be able to do this and that without this or that consequence" is conjecture. Either link me an official Sony source, or stop trying to plead Neo's case off of third hand information. History is against ideas like Neo. It's been tried before, it caused endless issues, it failed. There are facts that back it up unlike your faith in third hand information.

Gamers like you, ready to throw money into the wind, are why Ac...

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Many gamers wanted Xbox One's original DRM scheme. Does that mean that MS should have ignored all of negative feedback and went through with Mattrick's plans?

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At this point, since Sony are deciding to be stupid about this whole situation and not address it, I'm also done talking about Neo. Let Sony be morons and release the damn thing. Let them fail miserably with it like they did with PSPGo. Let them realize that incremental console upgrades have ALWAYS been a bad idea, that history has shown them to be bad ideas, and that they are never going to be a good idea. Then, after they've lost millions of dollars on their arrogance, maybe we can...

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Why can't they just make Blue Sentinel and Darkmoon Covenants independent of another player having to equip Way of Blue. Way of Blue is pointless because it has zero covenant rewards and so no one will ever equip it. Just make Blue Sentinels the help covenant and Darkmoon Blades should function the same as it did in Dark Souls 1. I don't see how they continue to get this wrong.

They also need to make Offensive miracles, both dark and non-dark, more viable. As it sta...

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Poise does exist, however it's not actually Poise it's Hyper Armor. They've basically reverted back to how it was done in Demon's Souls. In Demon's Souls only the ultra great weapons like Greataxe, Greatsword, Meat Cleaver or Dragon Bone Smasher had hyper armor on specific attacks, and that is what's happening here in Dark Souls 3.

Prove of this is when you use Morne's Greathammer's Weapon Skill. You'll be hyper armored during the whole t...

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