Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile.


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I put him on my ignore list a long time ago because all he would do is follow me around and be a holier than thou contrarian. Dude doesn't own a single current gen console yet feels like he can dictate to people who do about any given subject under the sun so I had enough. And look at this thread, no one else commented except me (initially) and he had to post something. No doubt it was in opposition to what I said and probably ended with something like "some people" or some simi...

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@saltybread: This is what I hate about N4G. I have you ignored and yet still receive notifications that you replied to my comment. Quite frankly I don't know what you said, nor do I care. You know that I have you on my ignore list, so posting replies that are never read has to be done solely for you to find people who agree with you and thus boost your ego. Whatever, I have not and will not read what you post so feel free to waste your time and exist in whatever circle jerk you want to bu...

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Why? As we've seen before, mobile games are not a lasting source of revenue for most game studios. Devs that have gone full mobile (which I'm not saying is Bethesda) didn't stay there long and came running back. Studios see mobile and think "Low Dev Costs, less work, microtransactions = ¢a¢hing!!!"

Then they find out that the market is oversaturated and competition is insanely high and innovation is not really a consideration to people who buy...

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We meet again Horseshoe Theory.

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Is it too much to ask for games like this to NOT be exclusively handheld or mobile? Geez.

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So let me get this straight, you don't like Uncharted and that's sad and somehow a problem. You don't like Gran Turismo and that's fine because "not everyone cares to pretend to be driving a sportscar." But, everyone should care about being a ripoff of Indiana Jones?

I don't care for either franchise. Guess what, there's nothing sad about that at all. It's called having preferences. And no matter how big the mob is, majority rule doesn...

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At this point there isn't a voice actor in the world that Nintendo or LoZ fanboys would accept so there's no real point.

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@bully: Sorry but in interactive media, reading breaks immersion and makes you fully aware that you are not part of the story, just a plot moving device.

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Oh you beat it already? How's the ending?

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First two Infamous games eclipse SS in all ways except graphics, but SS is still a lot of fun.

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If you're gonna go by that metric, then the only one to own will be Gran Turismo Sport. Uncharted is not Playstation's biggest, most mainstream, most successful franchisr, GT is.

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Why is Uncharted 4 the only game you should feel sorry for missing out on but not Bloodborne? At the risk of being Captain Obvious, that's the height of subjectivity.

I dislike the Uncharted series. None of the game's appeal to me at all and I don't feel any regret in my decision to buy Dark Souls 3 over UC4. Are you saying that I've had no games up to this point worth playing even though I have a game with endless replayability such as Bloodborne? Lol, right....

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People need to stop thinking these games are being downgraded. Most initial reveals are shown on high end PCs that are more capable than consoles and are target renders. As development proceeds and game builds become optimised for specific platforns, there will consequently be changes that are more reflective of the capability of said platforms. The devs will try to remain as close as possible to the target of course, but expecting consoles to ouput graphics and performance equal to high end...

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Same here. Especially pvp.

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@Mr Lahey: "Wtf! Ever heard of verbal abuse? Bullying? It can be just as toxic as physical abuse!"

No it can't, and I'll prove it to you.

You and I are standing face to face. I take a shovel, and smack it upside your head, killing you instantly.

Physical abuse kills.

You and I are in different countries playing an online match together. I make fun of your race/gender/age and say I had sex with your mother. T...

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@lifeisstranger: First, GTFO of here with that sexual harrassment against female gamers because of their sex nonsense. This is an SJW talking free zone and we don't need that brain destruction here. Men face just as much sexual harrassment as women do online. Or are you telling me the constant insults like "are you still a virgin" or "I bet you've got a small d*ck" etc don't counf? Also, men receive MORE online harrassment than women in all categories except c...

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The map doesn't need to be massive to be good. Bigger doesn't always mean better, it could just as easily mean too much time traveling not enough time doing. I mean, Valenwood may be smaller, but it's also dense with living forests. It doesn't have to be big.

Conversely, Elsweyr is mostly desert, thus not really inspiring. How many people have played countless RPGs with desert areas and just really hated the desert area in general?

They just n...

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@DARKKENT: "unlike you my feelings don't get hurt over a console... Which is why i can criticize.. If you don't like me criticizing your beloved 'yes beloved' sony do i looklike i care? Its your problem being so invested in a company that you can't bear to hear any criticism.."

Feelings have nothing to do with it. You're a bandwagon hater. Meaning, all you did was look for a reason to jump on Sony because you don't like them and just want...

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@Perjoss: Truth is, that's always been true only today it's more publicized. Offense is a choice yet so many think it's a reaction.

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