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@morganfail: I love how when you're proven wrong and get backed into a corner, you completely change your original argument. You are a living, breathing logical fallacy.

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@morganfail: And I'm still here waiting for you to tell me what I'm a fanboy of. Sony's conference was not pure fail, but it was mediocre. I laugh at the fact that when Xbox fans like Septic make opinion pieces saying that MS' conference was mediocre, everyone agrees. When I, a Playstation fan, say that Sony's conference was mediocre, I am called a fanboy while you literally live in denial. And you're not the only one that does this. It is a symptom of the Sony fanbase...

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Won't increase revenue when people know that the game has nothing to do with the movie. It doesn't work that way. Mad Max tanked.

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Nope. Not a movie tie in.

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@morganfail: You've been here long enough to know who I am and thus know better than to try accusing me of what you just did. Exactly what am I a fanboy of? Xbox? I've never owned a Microsoft console in my life. Throw out baseless accusations all you want, but if you put on your comment historian hat for a sec and look through my history, then you'll be able to see that you're the blind fanboy.

A game being heavily inspired by another game, which is DEFINITE...

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@morganfell and bendover: Both of you say some really stupid things. Guess what, I only own a PS4. What reason would I have to feel "salty" about Sony's conference? It sucked. I expect more from Sony, instead there were maybe 3 games of note.

@morganfell specifically: Oh wow, you sure got me with the bow hunting. Yep. Bow hunting means that Horizon doesn't look heavily inspired by The Witcher 3. Never mind the facial animations, the map, pretty much everyt...

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You guys are so crazy you don't even know. Magiciandude and Rooke are not the same person. Anyone who has been on this site long enough would know that. You're being played so well it's just sad.

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Look, you guys are fooling yourselves if you think Sony's E3 this year was anything special. Last year, Sony destroyed the internet with their show. The reveals were insane. This year, yeah it was games. None of them indies, no business/PR garbage, no focus on Neo, but it was an hour long filled with maybe 3 games of note and the rest was as thrilling as Dragonball Z filler episodes. You all know it. Stop with the blind love. All of the VR games sucked. Yes, even the RE7 gameplay. What th...

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Don't be so quick to believe that ISIS really has anything to do with it. There are times when people will claim any reason to justify their hate. The reason for his shooting is homophobia. His own father spoke of a time in which the shooter was out with his son and saw two men being affectionate with each other and he couldn't stand it. He said (paraphrased) "Look at that, they're doing that in front of my son."

He hated gays. Had nothing to do with I...

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Who's this "we" you speak of?

Not me, I'd love for Sparda to have his own game.

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The music was the only good part of this trailer.

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Xena Warrior Princess the game?

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Finished the game and finished Titan's Challenges and got most of the ultimate weapons. The game sucks more than black hole.

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Of course they do it for attention. That's the entire point of cosplay. Everyone who does it is doing it for attention. They want people to see how much they love a certain fandom, how much time they spent on their costume, or to connect with other people who enjoy the same stuff.

Ohhhhh, you think the attractive cosplayers are shallow, not in it for the fandom, and are only doing it for the ceaseless leering of perpetually horny guys that haven't discovered free po...

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Had to check to see this wasn't satire.

FF13 is hands down the worst game in the franchise. Even the microtransaction riddled mobile games are better than FF13. There is so much wrong with FF13 one could probably write multiple articles on each point alone.

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Never when I look at it, and I live in Canada so we usually are getting the deals at the same time as U.S. with very rare exceptions.

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That Tifa is spot on. Some people are just born into things.

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Buster Sword?

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Remember kids, only virgins like boobs and say they want to touch them. Have the opportunity to touch boobs one time, and you'll hate them like everyone else.

I hope people get my sarcasm. 6 disagrees makes me weep for humanity

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theshredded is right about one thing though. Sony has kept TLOU's price up for more than 2 years. Only Nintendo have ever been that greedy, and they lie saying their games stay in constant demand. I KNOW TLOU has not been in constant demand for 2+ years. Not with the praise it gets.

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