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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


What makes any of you think that once those small devs get real money they won't immediately turn into Ubisoft, Activision, or EA? You think because a dev is indie they are beyond corruption and greed? LOL! #8.1.3
kalkano hates SE because they've moved away from turn-based and more into action-based for their JRPGs. kalkano thinks the only way a JRPG should be is turn-based, everything else is inferior. That is literally the only reason you see kalkano in any JRPG news these days. To confirm it is in fact turn-based, and to complain if it's not. #1.1.14
If you accept that enemies are bullet sponges in Destiny and justify it with "alien physiology" but have a problem with humans being bullet sponges, then your problem isn't with the gameplay it's with your own ability to suspend disbelief. A grind is a grind no matter who your enemy is, so don't try to pretend that bullet sponge aliens are more fun/higher quality than bullet sponge humans. It's literally the same thing.

Plus, until you play the fina... #8.2.4
I feel like these games are just a way for Ubisoft to say they gave us places like China or India so that they don't have to make full experiences in these areas. Which is sad when you see how beautiful they could be and how much rich content is ripe for exploitation. #4
XIII is in no way underappreciated. There are people who actually like it, and apparently Japan likes it the most, or disiikes it the least. It was directed by Motomu Toriyana, the same genius that gave us Brother's Angels (FFX-2) instead of the FFX prequel the game was supposed to be. Motomu knows he lacks talent, that's why every FF game he directs has to be spun the wrong way so that it won't be directly compared to better FF games. Too bad they always are. FFX-2 was originally... #1.1.9
@Goldby: Of course they are his ideas, whose do you think they are? Yves the CEO of Ubisoft? He's in charge, he says what stays and what goes. Taking a year to five into bad ideas will not make then great so long as the one in charge won't be reasoned with. My brother in law is friends with a dev that worked on AC: Brotherhood and AC3 and he said that woking on those games was hell because no one ib charge would listen to the suggestions being made to improve things. Firing the CD an... #
@ninsigma: Nope, I don't, because like I said before bad ideas don't have expiration dates. Taking a year off to "refresh" the series won't work if the same people responsible for the series being arguably stagnant are still calling the shots and still responsible for the main direction the games are taking. They need to fire the creative director, that's the first thing they need to do. They then need to fire all the writers. Then they'll have solved their probl... #1.2.4
Franchise fatgue is a myth. Development time only affects superficial aspects of a game such as graphical quality or stability, bad ideas are always bad because of the people behind them. Whether 2 years, or 20,bad ideas don't expire. It's the people with the bad ideas that need to go, not increasing dev time. #2.1.2
Sorry Fox, but yes.

A game taking a year off will not make it better when it comes back if the same people with the same bad ideas are running its development. Bad ideas don't have expiration dates.

But those people who don't like the games have the right to skip them, but don't have the right to have those games removed from the people who still enjoy the franchise. My guess is you don't play them anyway, so why do you care if others do? #1.2
A dev can't know what consumers want until they release something. And if consumers don't want something, they're free to not buy it, changing it is reactionary to whining, either taken to prevent it based on market conditions or past experience, or done after mob tactics force the change. Devs have an original vision for their game, changes that they make on their own are because they don't think something fits any more. Forced changes are always obvious and always censorship. #1.1.11
Ah kalebninja, N4G's resident morality officer, doing their best to hide the fact that sexuality is not a bad thing, people act and dress immodestly, and what they want is wholly irrelevant to anyone but themselves.

"what is acceptable by society"

I'm glad you posted this because it says a lot.

Firstly it shows that you're a prude because you seemingly take great joy in censorship of the female form as it's "w... #1.1.8
He's still making a very poor example anyway. For starters, Elon Musk didn't go on Kickstarter and make claims of a price that would then eventually double as soon as the retail version was ready.

Second, the two products could not be any further apart in similarity. A car is partially a necessity (I say partially because it depends on where you live really), while VR is not so making an electric car mainstream has A LOT less work to do than VR would comparatively. <... #5.1.1
Pff, Polygon has never heard of LobosJr. Go watch his challenge runs where he plays with restrictions like no dodging, no healing, fists only. #9
Well, the demo had weapon slots with 4 different weapons assigned to 4 buttons. There was a sword that drained HP, a spear that allowed for the jump skill, a great sword that had a sweeping attack, and the standard sword you see Noctis using. Each special attribute cost a certain number of what I'll skill points to use and if you didn't have those points then all you could do was a basic attack. So it has some customization only locked behind a point based mechanic. Kinda like how mag... #1.2.5
I think it should be kind of like the Souls series but with some changes. What I mean is that weapons themselves shouldn't have damage values, instead your own strength stat should determine damage values and thus for different weapons you'd need different stats. So like, a Greatsword would require more strength to wield but would do more damage, and should you then decide to equip a standard longsword, because you increased your strength then it would mean you swing harder and/or fas... #1.2.3
Gamespot won't load for me on my P.o.S brand phone. Someome please tell me that he isn't comparing Oculus either to the genius of Nikola Tesla (in which case that is the toppest of keks), or the company Tesla which actually creates affordable, genius, innovative products.

I see Facebook's money tends to dumb down the IQ and ramp up motormouthing and word vomit. #5
@Hazardman: You might not want to make assumptions unless you enjoy looking like the first 3 letters of that word. I have never played an Uncharted game to completion because, quite frankly, I didn't enjoy the first one from the start.

And stop trying to deflect criticism of this game off onto Uncharted when Uncharted waa inspired by Tomb Raider to begin with.

Finally, gameplay is not the only way in which a game can look "samey." If it were, a... #3.3
This game still just looks like TR2013 to me, which I thought was only "alright." I also am not really a fan of Lara's general personality. She doesn't seem like the archetypal (sic?) archaeolgist that we've grown accustomed to. I mean, she's no Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, but she's also no Tia Carrere in that tv show she was in where she was a Polynesian Indiana Jones. Honestly she feels like a whiny Princess type thrust into a world she shouldn't be abl... #3
$800 in Canada is B.S. #3.2.2
What was your threat supposed to accomplish? Do you really think you threatening "trouble" against Ubisoft will even be heard, let alone acknowledged and acted upon. Just exactly what are you going to do if Ubisoft decide to make every character purple with pink polkadots hmmm? #14.3.3
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