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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Jaffe is an idiot. Plain and simple. He makes all of these claims that devs aren't afraid to speak, then ignores the devs using the Hashtag to in fact support the idea that devs shouldn't be afraid to speak out of fear of the gaming press or losing their jobs.

What Jaffe meant to say is that he's never been afraid to speak. Good for him, there's not much that can be done to a guy who made a couple iconic franchises and is settled enough to where he can have hi... #1.2
@Concertoine: "It's a hard game regardless of whether or not you choose to 100% it."

Which is completely irrelevant to whether or not kids will play and enjoy it....

"And see that's the thing, the DK games got harder since the 90's...."

And? Again, irrelevant to the idea that Nintendo's games are meant for kids. Do you think kids are incompetent? It's been a proven fact for a long time that kids pick up... #1.1.8
@Concertoine: This is where you're making a key mistake. You are assuming that everyone plays games with the same intent that you do, thus your intentions are hardcore and anything less isn't. One doesn't have to 100% DKCTF to play it, nor even to have that game marketed towards them.

As a core gamer, you obviously started gaming when you were a child. Games are becoming progressively easier and the only way to determine that fact is to play today's games and... #1.1.6
@MSBAUSTX: They most certainly were. First Metroid game I played was on the NES, I was a kid. Same with Zelda. And I'm not the only one. Millions were the same and millions are still the same now.

@Concertoine: "How many kids have the patience and knowledge to beat Windwaker, the most kid-friendly zelda game in appearance?"

Several thousands. Just because the game seemed hard to you doesn't mean anything. My niece was playing Twilight Prince... #1.1.4
Let's be clear here. Games developed by Nintendo themselves are Family Friendly. All of them. If you're thinking of games like Bayonetta or Hyrule Warriors, they didn't develop those games.

So yes, Nintendo's games are centered around the family. #1.1.1
I didn't think of his joke in the same "he's racist/sexist" way that most people are. I simply cringed because it really wasn't at all funny. Like, only people with terrible senses of humor would laugh at that. #5.1.2
Well, he's terrible at math so it's no surprise. #5.1
@GenuineGamer: Keep dreaming that Bloodborne isn't a GOTY game. GOTY doesn't require the general public to like it. Since when was GOTY a "by public consensus" award? And Uncharted 4 isn't coming out in 2015, it's coming out in 2016, it's been delayed. #1.1.19
"there are higher amount of people than all those three companies combined."

Lol, no. #1.3.2
There's also customerservicescoreboard.com which has Steam listed as Terrible.


Read the comments. #1.1.4
Nah man, Polygon would be more like.

-We couldn't play the game on our console, but it wouldn't matter because we wouldn't want to anyway since this game reinforces Patriarchy and Homophobia.

10 "Big Red" STFU out of 10

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #3.3.4
I think it's because Bill was actually written that way from the start. I'm more and more convinced that Neil Druckmann shoehorned Ellie's sexuality in just to have a DLC that everyone would talk about. #6.2.1
I don't really care either. For me, Tess was the better female character in the game and they killed her off. #1.13.1
"You don't kiss a girl unless you are a lesbian. There are plenty of "straight" ways to show appreciation for a friend without kissing in the mouth. Kissing in the mouth is a romantic gesture. It's not something friends do."

Hahaha, this has to have been written by someone young and very naive. Or a Quaker maybe. #1.9.2
If the character were written as a lesbian, why was the idea of Ellie and Sam being a "young love" couple easily teased in the game? I think Ellie was re-written for the DLC as a lesbian, or at the very least Neil Druckmann shoehorned the sexuality thing in at the last minute because the reason everything is so contradictory is because of the Sam and Ellie thing coupled with the kiss event being open to interpretation.

This is why I personally think the issue of sex... #1.6.7
-10/10 trolling effort. Didn't read up on the situation involving the account and instead parroted fanboys looking to hate on Sony.

+100/10 Microsoft benefits. #11.2.3
0/10 trolling effort. 10/10 Microsoft employee benefits. #11.1.3
There are literally people who follow users around just to disagree with them. I get it all the time. I could say "water is wet" or "I like money" and get a disagree. It has nothing to do with anyone actually disagreeing with what I just said, it's just that people don't like me and want to hit disagree to show it.

That, or disagree fairies.

I didn't disagree even though I think this glorified pause feature is pretty pointless... #2.1.6
Bioshock, TLOU, and Heavy Rain are games. RPG is a genre. There are far more epic RPGs than those 3 games. #6.2
I think the last Sim game I played was either a browser game like 4 years ago, or Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX. Other than that, the standard SimCity for SNES. #5.1.1
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