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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"the irony is..."

Uh no. You need to look up what criticism means because clearly the concept of it escapes you.

"it's not, that's the thing you cannot grasp..."

"Your" is used in a general sense. The rest of your anecdote doesn't interest me.

"whether you care..."

Clearly it is important to you, as you continue to make assertions about my credibility based... #5.2.2
"You talk about 'instant gratification' as if they're giving Sony a list of demands. From what I've read it's a list of suggestions."

I talk about "instant gratification" because I've seen this before. People are constantly on Sony about certain features and when they are going to come out. Most people making these so called "suggestions" do not understand the logistics behind implementing them.

And ok, th... #6.1
To the people talking about how you pay a fee for this service and so should be getting *insert feature here*

Paying for what you get means different things to different people. I pay $50 a year for PS+ and I use it to play online. That's all I'm interested in, so I'm getting what I pay for. You can't claim that the lack of *insert feature here* means the fee is not justified just because it's a feature YOU want and are used to from another service.
"You do know that In Europe you can actually get a fair trial in most countries no matter who you are."

I doubt you can make such a generalization about a continent with 50 countries including communist nations. #1.3.2
"are you a consumer or a spokesman on behalf of sony?..."

Is it your suggestion that consumers do not have opinions on the products they use? That only the company can agree with, or criticize, anything? It's funny how you come at me for this when other people in this blog have also criticized the requested features.

"coming from a user of psn in the early days..."

You're speaking to a psn user in the early days. I... #5.2
I don't think you should apologize for that. The way the site appears, at least to me, is like the share.blog.playstation site that Sony started way back for the PS3, with requested features to be voted on. The social stuff was going to happen regardless and Sony did at least respond because of that.

Also, seems we're on the same page for a lot of the reasons listed. #4.1
The thing about the approval system is that you are missing a lot. For one thing, as you can see by the number of pending submissions, there are literally hundreds of submissions per day waiting approval. N4G even has a system in place to make approvals easier after certain periods of time has passed, and if no approval is to be found after those periods, then the story is auto-failed for lack of interest.

Interest is another thing. It's complex though because most users... #5
His answer is kinda in the blog.

"specifically, the lions pit which is the approval system now."

This is referenced later when the author states that trying to get approval is kinda like being in the lion pit, that being having to fight to get it, which you actually address later. The crux of the author's problem is that it's difficult to get one's stories approved with the current system. Which I wholly disagree with. If getting one'... #4.1
Do you have any idea of the logistics involved in some of these requests? The cloud requests alone would probably take almost as much time as the CDN request. It requires buying servers, having place to put those servers, effectively linking them to the service, all of that costs time and money. Instant gratification age. If it doesn't happen this second, it's too long.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2.1.3
Oh man, you're going to get so many disagrees for that ending. Lol.

Sony's overall sharing I think is better than Microsoft's, but MS planning to use Azure YEARS before the Xbox One was even announced and allowing for the share functionality to make use of Azure even just for posterity purposes is something Sony should take note of.

Had I the ability to store my gameplay vids in the cloud, I wouldn't have to worry about them becoming corrupted... #3.1
I had to post this comment because I had already slashed my blog so much that I couldn't write it in the blog. Thanks to the morons that DDoS'ed the site and the subsequent "fix" that logs you out after awhile, in order to make sure I didn't lose this blog I had to write it in notepad then Copy and Paste it here, so that's probably why the formatting is weird. Sorry about that.

Also, I can confirm, after using a character counter many times in the pr... #1
I legitimately lol'd at that one. XD #4.2.2
@Shinuz: If the kid is under 18 then his parents should absolutely be held responsible. If he lives with his parents and is over 18, they should be held partially responsible if he committed those acts under their roof. Parents need to be better stewards of children these days because you never know what your kid is doing unless you look for yourself. Their kid has been a problem for business, which can effect the lives of employees. The parents did not do their job raising him properly and n... #7.1.2
He actually thinks he can't be touched? Lol. This when Jared from Subway was detained for possible child porn. Yeah, this little brat is soooooo invincible. Pff. The best hackers don't draw attention to themselves and those are the ones never caught. This kid just hides behind a VPN using tools that REAL hackers made. #4.2
And when you're an ex-CEO you can show him where it's appropriate to have public feuds. #1.2.1
"This remake is not targeted at the people who enjoyed any of the older Final Fantasy games. Square's only interest is making money, not a combination of pleasing fans and making money."

Disagree. This isn't like what Sony said to justify porting TLOU to the PS4 where Xbox 360 users are coming to PS4 and want to play such a great game.

New gamers wouldn't know this game, they wouldn't have the same passion for it, and they sure as he... #1.1
The same can be said for Batman though. Even moreso than Superman. Superman has been willing to kill before, specifically with people like Darkseid. Batman outright refuses to end anyone's life for any reason. The only reason Superman isn't willing to kill Batman is because they're best friends. If Batman had done to Superman what Darkseid had though, it'd likely be a different story. #7.2.3
@P_Bomb: How are Batman and Superman not themselves?

Well for one the movies is based on the Dark Knight Returns. In DKR Superman was written pretty much as a lackey.

Superman would never agree to apprehend Batman simply because the President tells him to. Superman would give Batman the benefit of the doubt until he actually sees Batman giving him a reason not to.

Batman is not the kind of person who gloats about a victory. He doesn't bea... #7.1.11
P_Bomb: "They are themselves. There's always been an antagonistic undercurrent because they're polar opposites. And opposites attract, lol"

Not between them. Batman and Superman have different ways of doing things, but the majority of the time both respect each other too much to let that come between them. I'd say it's more of a rivalry than antagonism.

"But seriously. Check out Dark Knight Returns pt2 on Netflix or the one wher... #7.1.8
@ninsigma: "Well yeah, immobilising the target is how it would work. It's not immerssion breaking because to perform a move such as omnislash, you're gonna have a big cutscene like event to show off the move, so enemy gets immobilised then bang bang bang bang bang in spectacular JRPG fashion."

Of course it's immersion breaking. You're telling me that you wouldn't think it's immersion breaking to be playing a game like DMC and then in the midd... #1.4.12
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