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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Off Topic? Really mods? Off topic despite the fact that the blog actually talks about whether or not this blog should be posted here, and the person I'm replying to actually discussed having the opinion that it does belong here, and you mark my reply off topic? Wow. I'd absolutely LOVE to see the reasoning that went into that one. #2.2
You'd be surprised how many people think this doesn't belong here. 2 stories about it (might be more by now) were failed because it's apparently "not gaming news" despite the fact that the man did commercials for an LoZ game, has an interview on Kotaku, went to E3 every chance he got, and the list goes on and on about his involvement with games and gaming in general. Try telling Nintendo that this isn't gaming news.

The world really lost someone trul... #2.1
Truly a sad day. :( #5
A truly sad day indeed. He was a big part of so many childhood memories.

R.I.P. Robin Williams. #1.2
@Death: I don't have a PS+ subscription and won't be using PS Now, what does that tell you about my opinion on either service? I could argue that PS+ and Now are a better value simply by virtue of selection, but the truth is that all of these services will become mandatory (those that aren't already) in the future, and that's the problem.

@Gozer: I don't give a damn where EA Access is. If it were on PS4 I'd have the same opinion about it. It's a ri... #1.1.9
Couldn't have said it better.

I'd find some way of adding something along the lines of

"You want the game on this day? You subscribe bro? Otherwise you have to wait a week because you're not paying us monthly to give it to you on this date."

And to think other publishers won't go this route is just naive. #4.1
See "you don't have to buy DLC" turning to Season Passes and "you don't have to buy microtransactions" turning into freemium games forcing you to pay to progress.

The attitude of "you don't have to do something" doesn't mean it doesn't have a negative impact on the industry that will affect people who didn't do something but still have to deal with the B.S. anyway. #1.4.1
@Dudebro: "First off..."

Where did I say that anyone thought DLC and microtransactions were good for the industry? I said people used the same B.S. logic you're using. That they "might like the idea of..." and "you don't have to pay for it" lines of thinking are what pushed the industry to abuse DLC and microtransactions and you're definitely part of it if you can't see the problem.

"Second, You are making as... #1.1.5
"Its the fanboy flag. Since Sony turned it down making it an XB1 "exclusive" by default, "gamers" are defending it without thinking.

Hell, maybe EA paid Sony *not* to offer it just for this result."

Go ahead and point out to me please any part of my post where I'm defending Sony's decision. Saying Sony saw through EA's B.S. is not praising Sony, it's an indictment on EA's service. I'd have the same opinio... #1.2.2
My comment makes zero sense to someone who is blind.

You're showing publishers that they can milk every penny out of you any time they want to and do anything they want to ruin the industry in the process.

EA Access takes off, and like Jim said Ubisoft will be next, Activision will revamp Call of Duty Elite to encompass all of their games, Square Enix, etc.. etc... etc....

Pretty soon you're not buying games anymore, you're just s... #1.1.1
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Oh look, someone besides Sony can see through EA's B.S.

Used to be a time when that was everyone; but ever since EA Access was introduced suddenly EA is trustworthy, was never voted the worst company in America, and EA Access is the same as PS Now even though it's not.

Gamers, you have it within you not to support the future continued gouging of your wallets by not supporting this service that will just prompt every publisher to try and do the same th... #1
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@Bixxel: All of those were the game's antagonist. AC1 had multiple V.I.P. "boss-like" targets and that was the last game to have that. #4.1.2
Well, if you get to actually buy and use those weapons (pikes and staves would be new, spears were introduced in AC2) then that aspect would be new because the only way to get a spear in AC2 was to disarm a guard using one. And you didn't get to keep it either. #3.1
We won't agree on this, and it's all a matter of opinion anyway. #3.2.4
I'd wait and see on the combat.

It could be that either the person playing really sucks or they're purposely trying to make it look tough. #4.1
Story wise AC2 doesn't hold a candle to AC1. They flipped the script and made it about an Italian play boy's revenge story while Altair's story was the very beginning of the true story that the AC games should always be. That being Assassin's vs. Templars with Altair's redemption added in.

Gameplay is nearly identical to AC2. AC2 just improved on what was already there and added some new stuff, doesn't mean that it's completely different from the f... #3.2.1
I really can't wait for this game. The more I see of it, the more I like it, and the fact that he said it was philosophically like Assassin's Creed 1 but with the vast improvements this game is bringing is a very good thing to me because AC1 remains my favorite game in the franchise and more of that is never wrong in my book. #3
Sony Defense Force for talking the truth about a multiplat game? I'd say it's more likely that you're just the anti-Sony troll force.

Lament of Innocence sucks, it was not the inspiration for LoS and it's clear as day when you see how the combat works and the overall theme of the games.

Castlevania only set the bar for how many people are willing to accept mediocrity, and Bayonetta only set the bar for how many people forget that Devil May Cry... #4.2.2
Considering that Castlevania: LoS is a ripoff of God of War, no they don't have to look at it. #4.2
@The_KELRaTH: Umm, I'm not misunderstanding anything. Someone cares so much about resolution that they are suing Sony because a game isn't what they consider to be native 1080p. Like so many have said countless times, Microsoft advertised a buttload of games as being native 1080p on the 360 and have received exactly zero lawsuits for having 720p games upscaled to 1080p. Guerrila Games even explained the whole situation.

The disagrees are definitely because people want... #1.1.16
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