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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Jack The Ripper's identity has been proven. He was a Polish man long suspected of being Jack.

http://www.theguardian.com/... #2.1.5
It's a 2D side scroller, not worth it. #4.2.1
Shadow of Mordor played more like the Batman games than the AC games. It was also too short, and they should have swapped the world maps so you started on the second map first and vice versa. #2.3.4
Just because a game in a franchise is released every year, doesn't mean a year is the amount of time spend on developing the game. Studios like Ubisoft are massive with multiple teams working on games with alternating schedules. The team making Victory was probably the team that made either Black Flag or Rogue while the team that made Unity is going to start working on the game coming after Victory. This allows for the 3-4 year development time you people think is necessary to make a good... #2.2.6
The marathon started with Sony jumping to an insurmountable lead. The most MS can hope for is finishing the race with a decent time. #9.1
Zune. XD #3.3.1
Man, you new members seriously know nothing about this site. The bubble system is not easily manipulated. Every member has a hidden trust ranking based on their actions. This means that you can make 989746123894279 dupe accounts and still not be able to bubble yourself up due to low trust ranking. Plus, it's easy to spot dupe accounts.

You also need to stop caring about bubbles. I have 10 now, there was a point where I had 2, I've never really changed how I speak. Bub... #1.4.5
wheresmymonkey: "You wouldn't be..."

You immediately miss the point when you insist on labeling thought based on political positions. Is it outside the realm of possibility that rights are inherent and don't require one to occupy a position in politics to be true? I am neither right wing, or left wing. I deal with matters on an individual scope and interpret their worth in that manner. In that frame of thought I believe you can't say freedom of expressio... #1.1.12
LightofDarkness, Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony have rendered your comment erroneous. They are just some of the most hate filled, obscene talk shows in existence.

In the first place, obscenity is not a crime punished under law. It's far too subjective and it's like literally saying "F you" will land you in jail. Defamation is something that can damage a person's livelihood and involves making false claims, that's why it's punished, not because... #1.2.4
Yeah, Hatred is really just indiscriminate killing, but then so is this game. The difference is that you are rewarded with points for killing homosexuals, not anyone else. You CAN kill everyone, but you're encouraged to kill specific people. It's definitely a game made to be purposely antagonistic, and it's stupid and badly made, but those facts are not justification to remove it and at the same time allow games just like it. Double standards. #1.1.10
That's the exact reaction people should have had. To laugh at these morons and let their game die because of how stupid the idea is and also because it was poorly made, not this "oh no, this game is killing fictional people with a non-existent sexual orientation (because non-existent people can't have a sexual orientation), let's rage and get the game pulled" mentality. #4.2
"You don't have a right to say or do anything you want."

Wrong. You do have the right to say anything you want. You don't have the right to just go out and kill someone, so technically you're right that you can't do whatever you want. Freedom of expression is literally the right to say whatever you want and not be imprisoned for it, you aren't free from how people take it though.

The artistic merit of this game is that it is the... #1.2.2
Heh, I knew this would happen. See some of you, like moldybread, miss the point. Freedom of expression literally means that yes, you can say whatever you want to. Sorry, that's how it works. You just aren't free from the consequences of what you say. You are not in control of how it is interpreted and "living in a civilized society" does not mean "conditional free expression." That would defeat the purpose entirely. Problem is, there are too many weak people in the... #1.1.8
Sorry but Lennoxb63 is right. Resolution has more to do with your screen than it does with actual graphics processing. The only way they affect each other is in memory use. Trying to up the resolution of something will require resources that will need to come from somewhere, usually framerate which also has nothing to do with graphics. In fact resolution is a short hand term for a specific technology or measurement, in this case display resolution which is the level of information on a displa... #6.3.3
Guys, this is Uberporn.


It's just a song. #4.1.4
@KNWS: A settlement usually occurs not because of the chance of a loss, but because the company doesn't want to waste time and money on a frivolous lawsuit they can not benefit from. Ledore winning over Sony could have been a pay day for him, Sony winning over Ledore would have simply cost them money. IF they settled, and there's no reason to think that they have at this point, it's because Sony didn't want to waste years on this case.

In any event, Ledore is... #2.1.4
I have it and am immensely enjoying it. It has far more weapons than Metroid, but you'll find yourself sticking to about 3 of them for the majority. Still, it's cool to try out so many different weapons and tools, even if it constantly makes you backtrack to get them. #1.1
Part 2: Gaming is hardly more expensive today than it was during the PS1's time. It definitely is more expensive than the Atari to SNES era, but that goes without saying with leaps in tech. Gamers are not to blame for DLC and microtransactions beyond being an excuse to continue implementing them because of idiots supporting them.

The problem is the publishing of games. It's the industry itself that doesn't know how to business, props up retailers they claim to hat... #1.1.10
Yes, yes moldybread, I've heard all your corporate shilling before. *sigh* very well.

"if things cost more to make then the additional costs will be passed to the consumer one way or another. is this really hard to understand?"

Wholly irrelevant to the quote you used. This is a tacit admittance to defending corporate greed. But let's take a look at something shall we?

You say it costs more to make a game today than it used t... #1.1.9
That destroyed my ears. Whoever uploaded that completely muted one channel and all I hear is sound from the left earphone. How, how could you be so cruel? :'( #3.1.1
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