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@Ashlen: Sorry, but if you support equality then you're anti-feminist. You can look at what feminists do to see they aren't for equality, they're for power and dominance. Ironic considering their hatred of the invisible Patriarchy.

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Ah kalebninja. Along with ginganinja (coincidence? hmmm) and mixelon, you form the 3 SJW...keteers of N4G. Filled with blind obedience to misguided ideology, you further the cause of limiting freedom of expression to what authoritarians deem appropriate, guided solely by "teh feelz"

Let's unpack and refute.

"I take issues with games just like plenty of others do."

The difference is that others take issue with things li...

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"The big sites almost never have to suffer consequences from this kind of mistakes."

Kotaku's relationship with Ubisoft, Sony, and Bethesda disagree.

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Joe can get pissed on twitch all he wants, twitch didn't make him the biggest reviewer online, his ANGRY reviews did. Just saying.

He's at best Slightly Annoyed Joe these days.

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PS+ offerings for this gen have been indie shovelware and generally inferior to PS3's offerings. I can't speak for GwG, but as a PS4 owner, almost nothing coming from PS+ has interested me or been good. Exceptions were Axiom Verge, Shovel Knight, Rogue Legacy, and Resogun. No, I did not like Transistor.

I'm far from the only one who has this opinion either. Sony is just letting indies carry PS+ with zero Quality Control.

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As someone said in the comments of the video, Joe should rename it to Happy Review. He must have health issues because he hardly ever gets genuinely upset anymore even over things he should.

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WTF? Are some of you actually defending Sony moving PS+ away, for the most part, from offering AAA games for free in favour of indies?

Geez, you know I have a reputation as being a supposed Sony die hard, but I pale in comparison to people who NEVER call Sony out on anything. Sony's indie push is all about mo' money, less work. Sony doesn't have to go through nearly as many hurdles to offer indie games for free so the Principle of Laziness applies. Sony's PS+...

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What women? Cammy is not a woman, Cammy is a group of data compiled together to look like a woman. It is impossible to disrespect people who don't actually exist.

Also, there are PLENTY of lesbian and bisexual gamers that love this stuff. I know a lesbian girl from Germany who can never stop talking about nude mods for female characters, especially Lara Croft.

Prudes think nudity is disrespectful. We are born nude. We as a species originally only covered...

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Necessary in what way? If, and it's a big if, the resources going to Evolution are now going to ForwardWorks, then it was not necessary, it was planned.

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If you thought the scene was awkward and cringy, then it wasn't poorly acted because that was the point. Tidus was meant to do something that stuoid. Clearly you don't understand. Not liking it =/= bad acting.

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I'm sorry but, with the exception of effects which is what QB excels at, QB looks like a PS3 game. We've all DEFINITELY seen better games both on PS4 and XB1. I would definitely say that Ryse, overall, looks better than QB. I won't even bother going into PS4 games because that's not relevant here, but QB is not the beauty people are making it out to be. Not a bad looking game by no means, but not "the best looking game ever" the way some people are claiming.

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"why do we now see almost no negative talk about the PlayStation 4 and the rumor that it will have an updated SKU, one that will offer potentially better performance?"

Yeah, no negativity there.

"Yet the same PlayStation fan will pay or DEFEND $15 a pop games (whether or not they wil...

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"How can they be so ignorant to the fact that selling more doesn't always mean being best in all scenarios?
And beyond that, that being the best for one or two or three reasons doesn't strictly mean "the best for all human beings on the planet" ???"

A) PS1 and PS2 were inferior in performance. PS3 and PS4 were/are superior/ PS3 first party games is proof of that last gen, and general PS4 is proof of that this gen.

B) PS4 i...

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Hahaha, oh this blog was fun. Ok, here's a few things.

First this...

"this site is a hive of moderator protected agendas and biases."

Heh, no. No, no no. Just no. Look, I've been here a long time. I mean a REAL long time, and my time here has earned me a reputation that perhaps you may know about. If you think the mods are biased and are guilty of favourtism, I have a long list of tickets I could show you that prove otherwis...

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""vague" and "iffy" are terms used by gaming writers that are trying to draw views to their site with clickbait articles to cast doubt on sony's response."

DING DING DING!!! You hit the nail on the head.

Yoshida did not provide a vague response.

Question: Will Sony allow cross network gameplay.

Answer: We'll need to work with the devs on that one.

That's a direct answ...

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Your comment highlights the problem exactly. People like the author, or BLM, or the regressive "liberals" in general are trying to talk for you to the point you have to say "wait a minute, I'm black and I actually want MORE of this."

That shouldn't even have to happen, but it's sad that you have to do something like that just to avoid having your opinion attacked as racist.

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"We see at 60FPS..."

I'm sorry, what?

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A crime is indeed a crime, but punishments are specific. Selling cigarettes is not a crime punishable by death. There is NEVER an excuse for excessive force. Police are trained first to diffuse a situation. This means negotiation first, force only as a final resort and even then all precautions must be made to ensure maximum protection of life. Choking a guy to death is, at best, gross incompetence, which makes the police officer responsible for it a huge liability.

But the B...

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@donthate: "There are very few console games in general that run at 60fps and that is hitting 60fps most of the time, not minimum 60fps."

Allow me to both date myself, and be facetious at the same time, when I say "there are very few 'current' console games."

Many people seem to forget just how many console games pre-3D ran at 60FPS and indeed that fact is one of the reasons why retro games are difficult to play on newer tvs, even...

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"Secondly, I'm not talking about Kotakus ability to make money, I'm talking about N4Gs."

And this is where the "Kotaku is a drop in an ocean" part reappears. As a news aggregator site, N4G can potentially have news from thousands of sites show up on the site. N4G doesn't receive stipends from websites to host stories, it's revenue is the same ad based, click based revenue as any other site. Kotaku doesn't make more money for N4G with it...

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