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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"so i doubt nintendo really wants him to do angry videos about their games in the first place."

Wow. You don't watch very many of Angry Joe's videos do you?

Take a look at how "angry" he is with, say, Skyrim. His name is Angry Joe because he doesn't hold the punches in reviewing games that are bad, not because he's always angry.

Also, really wish people would stop thinking that people like Cliffy B or Jaffe... #1.1.3
@ifistbrowni: Self-acclaim gets you nowhere. I don't care who you are or what you do. When I reply to a person, I typically remain contextual and direct. You want to assume things that I'm saying, that's your business if you like to be wrong and/or stupid. You made statements, I replied to them. Don't like it? Oh well.

Nintendo needs advertisement. From anyone and from anywhere they can get it. Without it, they lose sales and money. Joe has the attention of 2... #3.1.8
Seems like you're trying to go through it quickly. That's something you can't really do with these games until you're really familiar with them. Sure, it's not for everyone and I understand the tedium of having to continuously go through an area feeling like you're not getting anywhere, but these games are all about persistence, patience, and memory. If either of you need help with anything, you can always summon the help you need. #2.2
"Why would Nintendo upload full playthroughs of their games? do you see how ridiculous that sounds? I don't see the problem, Mario party 10 was on the white list too, joe couldve easily partnerd that video for 50%, instead he is just being greedy."

A) Because they are sticklers for IP laws, if they want to make money then they can do it themselves. The question isn't why would they, it's why won't they?

B) Nintendo's partnership... #3.1.6
Tell that to Nintendo. #9.1.1
@ifistbrowni: Nintendo only has a bigger following in so much as it is a result of the fact that they make games. Nintendo wouldn't get more views than Angry Joe in any other way unless they used youtube to announce games, which they couldn't do every day, or even every month. Joe would still come out on top thanks to the fact that he has 2 million viewers who will watch his stuff and his schedule is a lot more flexible than Nintendo's. #3.1.4
Now see, I doubt that this will be taken down by 2KGames. Pay attention Nintendo. This kind of stuff hurts no one, and actually can bring new attention to your stuff. #9
They really only need to do 2 things.

The first is not make a game that costs you $10 an hour and is really mostly a cutscene fest. Make a game, not a movie.

The second is to not make a game designed to be a footnote for its own sequel. Make an actual game, not a playable cutscene trailer.

Do that, and they'll be good. #1.1.5
Why? They are ridiculously niche titles and chances are no one would even know what you're talking about anyway. Plus, do you really care what people think about what games you play? They're games. If people care that much about what you're playing, they aren't worth your time to know. #7.1
Nintendo is draconian. They are part of the old Kyoto businesses filled with CEOs who think in traditional terms. They are quick to react, slow to change. Everything about them is anti-progress. They have been allowed to continue to have the mindset that they dictate trends and direction by people too lost in nostalgia to see how the world has moved passed Nintendo and this is why they are failing.

Nintendo is within their legal rights to be anti-youtuber. But, they will pay... #5
Easy. If Nintendo uploaded a playthrough of any of their games with no commentary, it wouldn't equal even half of the views Angry Joe would get for uploading a video with his commentary.

The game is the medium, it's a formality. People come to see the Youtuber. #3.1
Yeah, I personally don't pay too much attention to overall character design myself unless they are wearing something I consider to be cool. That's why I like Seifer's look from Kingdom Hearts 2 for example. Other than that, I'm more interested in doing stuff than worrying about appearance. #4.1.1
For the umpteenth time Joe is NOT making money off of Nintendo's work. Joe is not claiming that Mario Party 10 is his game, he's not claiming to own the rights to it, he's not claiming he works for Nintendo. Joe is making money off of people wanting to see his reviews of games, and his reactions in Let's Plays. Remove the Nintendo games and people still would be there looking for the content HE provides.

I don't understand you corporate defenders. It's... #4.1.3
You give Nintendo's IPs too much credit. Old school gamers know the pedigree, new gamers look for games. If no one is talking about Nintendo's games, new gamers won't see them and will avoid them.

You're also acting like Splatoon and Xenoblade are even in the same league of exposure as Mario or Zelda, and nope they aren't. #1.2.1
@thorstein: Joe absolutely holds power. He is the biggest reviewer on youtube right now and what he says does in fact carry weight. You think companies are going to ignore someone who has the attention of 2 million people?

You're forgetting something. Joe is big, and if he says he's gonna stop doing Nintendo videos in any way, then yeah people can go to other channels but what will also happen is that other channels will follow suit. Nintendo's partnership program... #1.1.9
Japan. Giving absolutely no ****s about what the so called progressives want in games. Gotta love it. #4
Oh great. This is starting up again. Well here we go, more power of the cloud nonsense. All talk, no show. #7
@moldybread: Actually it does. Remember the word "community" that I used? Yeah, well whiny members of the community affect the game for everyone. Dark Souls 2 is the best example. Pretty much everything got nerfed because of the complaints, most of that coming from the PC userbase. The amount of people who think they are entitled to have their whims catered to is annoying. Be dismissive all you want, just shows you don't know what you're talking about. I doubt you have Blood... #1.3.11
@moldybread: Not talking about cross play alone, though that did cause issues. People who moved from the console version to the PC version had the same complaint. Hackers, Cheat Engine users ruined the game and the overall community. There were more complaints about how people play the game coming from the PC userbase than the console userbase. Complaining about weapons, spells, even overall builds. Funny since so many of them copied the builds of people like OroboroTheNinja.

... #1.3.9
There's a bigger glitch, at least with Father G, when you play online. Twice now when I fought him and he reached the point where he transformed, both forms appeared on screen. His human and beast form. His Beast form acted normally, but I as a co-op helper couldn't damage it at all. His human form stood still and slowly floated forward towards the stairs at the back end of the area and did nothing else. That was the form I could damage with no risk at all. It didn't attack back a... #1.1.4
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