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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@Fallout: So then remove the reason they gave, and use the reason they didn't give that's even more legitimate and an even bigger reason.

Assassin's Creed Unity CAN'T have playable female models because the multiplayer is based off the Watch Dogs mechanic where you, the player, will always see yourself as the main campaign's protagonist, Arno, at all times. Whether someone is helping you in your game, or you are helping them in their game you will always s... #3.3.2
As predicted, the comment section is chiefly filled with people calling other people fanboys and counters of the same.

MS Fanboy: Sony fanboys like *insert name of person MS Fanboy thinks is a Sony fanboy* are the worst fanboys in all of gaming and need to *insert suggestion as to what should happen such as "kill themselves" etc..* MS fans are generally respectful and better.

Sony Fanboy: *Repeat above example swapping out Sony for MS where applicab... #1.1.6
And you're a racist. You automatically jumped to race in your response to me having nothing to base your assertion on. Thanks for showing your character.

Oh and, no one is afraid of you, your sister, or whatever movement you follow. Absolutely no one. Pity and annoyance are the emotions most tend to have about people like you. #2.1.2
@DefenderOfDoom2: First of all, wtf are you talking about with this?

"Funny thing is you get mad at people crying racism."

Where have I ever done that?

Secondly, this person IS racist. Read how Samantha composes herself, and the idea that a non-white person should be hired just because they are not white is racism. She doesn't care what the qualifications of the person are, she only cares about their skin color. And this is hila... #2.1.3
"Why can't my sister play as a girl in her games?"

Because she's playing games that don't have a female protagonist. Why isn't she playing games with a female protagonist or the option to create one?

"Seems strange in 2014 companies refuse to allow certain members of society the option of seeing "themselves" in games."

What do you mean they are "refusing?" By not having a female option,... #2.1
I was just gonna post that update in the blog. Notice however that the female only events are not open to male gamers? The segregation is still there, but as usual it favours the women now.

I find their reasoning to continue to be utter crap. You don't promote female gamers by separating them from male gamers, you allow everyone to compete and encourage everyone to aspire to compete by showing a united love of gaming and competition.

This still creates a... #4.1
All you people saying ____ game needs a break need a break yourselves.

Who is forcing you to play these games? Absolutely no one. There are fans of series' and franchises that you're putting your own interests above. If you don't like the game, don't play it anymore. But it sounds like you actually like the game, you just want it to be the way you want it to be.

I understand that kind of thinking, but at the same time making a franchise take a... #1.1.17
"Why Some Men Opt To Play As Women When Given The Option."

And how we'll completely manipulate that title to tell a story about how women are under-represented in games so as to continue the pointless Social Justice war that serves no purpose other than to annoy people.

Moving on, you'll notice that the article's reasons do not include "because I like being a woman" and are wholly unimportant in the grand scheme of things. #1.1.9
I would suggest you don't try to comment on interactions you weren't a part of.

I would also suggest you take your bias and.. well...

Anyway, you're commenting from a position of ignorance and fanboyism. My comment had little to nothing to do with "defending" the PS3 at all, but your comment had everything to do with trying to attack (strong word, but unfortunately most applicable) me and my position on baseless grounds and complete igno... #1.1.1
From what I can tell of the plot, it centers around Arno starting with nothing and working his way up to being an Assassin. I have no idea about any of the details, such as is he doing it for revenge or to help someone specifically, but from what I can gather the story seems to be more personally centered around Arno than the previous AC games have in the Past. Don't quote me on that because I haven't done any extensive research on the story, but it does seem like Ubisoft want you to... #1.2.1
Different type of multiplayer. It was a completely separate campaign in those games, in AC Unity it exists in tandem with the single player. It's the Watch Dogs' style of multiplayer wherein you'll always be the protagonist. You will never see yourself as anyone other than Arno whether someone is joining your game, or you're joining their's.

Therefore, unless the protagonist (and therefore the entire game) is changed to a female protagonist by default, it&... #1.1.1
I obviously can't speak for anyone else, but every game related store I have around me has Vita's in stock, so it's a bit much to say North America if I can find it in at least 6 stores in less than a 2 mile radius. #7
Assassin's Creed Unity's multiplayer precludes the inclusion of female avatar's. There, I just ended the "I'm yet another person ragging on Ubisoft for not having a female Assassin option in AC Unity" blog that this is.

For someone who is apparently "not saying" things, you sure do say a lot of things indirectly. #1
Your blog does nearly nothing to address the point you're trying to make, and you started it off quoting your response to my response to you saying the reason Sakaguchi didn't want to develop for the PS3 was because he didn't like Kutaragi. I provided proof of that to you, but instead of accepting that as the truth you decided to stick to your original point and make a poorly written blog about why Sakaguchi isn't developing on Playstation consoles. Oh wait, sorry, it was supp... #1
"But when the MAJORITY of your staff is made up of one gender and one race then that's weird and it should be a talking point."

Not it shouldn't. You have no basis to know why the majority of the staff is made up of one race or one gender. It could be that no one of any other gender or race applied for the job. It could be that few applied and were less qualified. It could be the fact that companies are generally their own entity and can hire whomever they w... #4.3.3
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"Do we know how many people who were not "white males" that were turned down writing positions at Giant Bomb? Do we know the reasons that anyone was turned down a position?"

No we don't, and it would be irrelevant to know unless the answer to your second question could be proven to be racism.

The fact is Samantha Allen is racist and misandrist. Ironic considering Samantha is a transgendered person.

As for trolls, I say... #2.1
"So I can say that games don't represent a large number of people who play them. Gaming isn't exclusively white males."

For starters, no one anywhere has ever said that gaming is exclusively white males. That is except for the Social Justice Whiners, Feminists, and their White Knights who create controversy by saying the industry is indirectly proclaiming that it is.

Secondly, RACE IS UNIMPORTANT! I would love to see anyone prove that skin c... #1.1.4
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That's not why. He and Ken Kutaragi didn't get along, that's why. #1.3.1

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.4.2
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