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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I was once gonna do a nothing but fist while naked at SL1 run. Then I realized that I'd have an aneurysm if I did that. Lol. #3.1
I honestly don't think that Bloodborne is streamlined. There's really nothing in it that is "easier" to come to know that wasn't in the rest of the Souls games. Well, ok, it's more streamlined than Demon's Souls but about the same as both Dark Souls games.

Like, you could never know what, say, mercury stone was for in Demon's Souls because finding out about the upgrade system is a chore. But in Dark Souls 1 and 2, and BB, you're flat out... #1.1
Oh man, someone needs to put Kaz Hirai's laughing face on someone who is twerking. #5.2
@moldybread: "they could and perhaps a few titles like gta could get away with it but instead they take a less drastic approach, dlc and seasons pass."

Doubtful. GTA comes out every few years and Rockstar couldn't live off of charging $100 a copy and hoping it lasts them 4 years.

"maybe but we would still complain."

In just over 2 days it will be Friday and there will be a lottery drawing. I was thinking that since you... #1.1.4
That's because the prison hasn't caught up yet. He IS allowed to play an Atari 2600 though. #3
Their moms took away their cellphones. #1.1.2
No, there very much is a specific definition of what AAA is.


"In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced "triple A") is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion. A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game and to be among the year's bestselle... #1.2.1
@drpepperdude: Lots of people, in order to learn and grow their talent, take a work that already exists and see if they can improve upon it somehow. In this way they perfect specific skills they want to focus on rather than try to do everything at once. Think of it as if you're trying to learn photoshop and you use a specific tool for cutting images out of a picture over and over until you've perfected using it. #3.3.2
"those are all examples of a faulty infrastructure where developers feel handicapped to charge over $60 for games that now cost 10's of millions of dollars to create. so you have the following options to try and recoup those investments."

Or they can charge more and not sell any copies.

"1. you keep the budget intact and don't make expensive games, the downfall is these games become secondary b grade or indie status."
"It's still very much this way. Nothing's changed except for the fact that it's mostly digital, and there are tons more sources for readers to find news, reviews, etc."


"Nothing was replaced. The readers simply became more surly and now focus entirely on writers who write things they don't like, instead of seeking out content that they enjoy... #2.1
Hey would you mind uploading your video? #3.2
No. We need more 2D Metroid, not ridiculous shooter Metroid. #3.1
Is this game really worth $20. I saw a gameplay video of it and was REALLY tempted to get it, but if it's short or something then I don't think I can justify spending $20 on it when I can save that for Witcher 3. #1.3
Exactly. There was never going to be real effort put into this game. #6.1
No it doesn't. A) This game was likely given to an inexperienced B-Team because they are only making it to shut people up about an AC game set in China and B) Resting doesn't mean that the people with bad ideas will stop having bad ideas. #5.2
Yep. If you notice, Ubisoft is only interested in AC games where they can reuse assets. That's why European architecture features prominently in the series because they can claim they made whole new maps based on historical settings but really they are just reusing AC2 buildings and stuff.

If they made an actual game in China, they'd have to put a lot of actual work into it. #1.2.1
That's NetherRealm for you, they haven't made a game with decent netcode yet. They need to hire some competent people with WB's money. #1.1.1
It's not a reach. Haytham as a character had conviction but even as a Templar Grandmaster he had that touch of humanity about him in trying to help his son. Achilles brought the character of "The Old Man" that is part of the actual history of the Hashashin back to the game in a big way, but that was really the best part of the game. Connor never really grew up and ended up being everyone's errand boy. The Colonials were blatantly deceptive and incompetent. The setting was pr... #10.1.2
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