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You can't. That was patched so that item value per unit of weight factors into experience gained except for jewelry. You can level up fast making necklaces or armor. Daggers provide a pitiful return. Or you can just spam sneak attacks on either NPC you follow at the beginning of the game.

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Probably has to do with texture loading.

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"PlayStation players have been eagerly awaiting their chance to bask in the follow up of the award-winning reboot from 2013."

No we haven't.

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@ark: "Still unnormal (in the meaning of uncommon) for woman."

Lol, no.

The most searched form of pornography is lesbian porn, and women look it up more than men.

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Athena taking human form to become Kratos' wife, while being his sister. To what end though? She didn't have a real grudge against the other gods, only Ares, so what would be the point in helping Kratos kill every other god? Still, would be very interesting.

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That's because you don't enjoy sex or sexuality and think it's a shameful thing. Humans are the only creatures on the planet with modesty and what real benefit has that brought civilization really? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to see rampant sex everywhere, but think about what you're saying and try to come up with an actual harmful reason that modesty protects everyone from.

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What does "principle" mean though? Explain, if not for sales OR popularity, what benefit there would be in adhering to SJW "principles."

Women have the real life opportunity to be soldiers, and the overwhelming majority of them are like "nope." Do you think they really want to play as female soldiers? You understand that most of the time, men are the ones playing as or with the female characters right? Principles are not served in games, nor sh...

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They can't cry misogyny so long as Zangief wears that spandex. No one is less clothed than the Red Cyclone.

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1. It's Japan. The last place on Earth where zero f*cks about feminism are given.

2. It's Japan, merit before gender.

3. Still waiting on ANY product geared to a unisex audience that is made better because a certain number of execs have XX chromosomes instead of XY.

Good or bad ideas/perspectives do not discriminate against gender.

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Or instead dieing, maybe just lose their jobs.

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PC development and console development are not even close to the same. PC development takes the best possible settings as the goal and allows for scaling down. This is how you allow for multiple configurations. Console development is just the opposite. Usually hardware environment dependent, the goal is to find the lowest common denominator and then optimize for a unified experience. Uth's comment is accurate and when you think about it, it's more likely that there will be Neo version...

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Always has to be that one guy who likes to pretend he's above it all when in reality if he were he wouldn't have to say it.

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@Tobsesan: That's because they showed those games in previous years. Are you saying it's ok to skip an E3 so that you don't have to show anything new at the next one?

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@Godmars: Tell me that comment was just a brain fart brought about by sweltering heat. Otherwise, I have a lot of work you can do out of love instead of for money.

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The gap depends on how you view success. Japan is mostly only concerned with pleasing Japan, that's why most of their games are full of fan service and are niche titles. The fanbase has no problem with that and neither do the devs, as it means spending less money on development.

The culture of Western devs can be summed up with Call of Duty as one extreme and Fallout 4 as another. They are always looking for that massive selling hit they can resell over and over, or a h...

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@ziggurcat: "The dev admits he doesn't have any idea what's going to happen. So that tells me he doesn't really know what he's talking about."

The dev also made an educated guess, which is more than can be said for you. Who is in a better position to talk about these possibilities, us or devs? Exactly.

"And every time this "issue" is brought up, it's just been to spread FUD."

Because not...

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"People get angry over the stupidest things."

Like accurate cosplay eh?

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@ziggurcat: "... and yet there's nothing to suggest that the thing you irrationally fear is going to happen will ever happen. the dev interviewed in this article doesn't have a goddamned clue, and even admits he's clueless. both MS, and sony have made it perfectly clear that there will be *no* games that are exclusive to the upgraded consoles, that *all* games will be playable on both iterations, that the only difference will be in visuals/performance"


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