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Neo doesn't yet exist to have its own exclusive games. But if/when it does, you'd better believe it will have its own exclusive games. What makes you think developers want to spend more money making multiple versions of one game? They won't. They'll make the better version and say screw you to the base PS4. Why wouldn't they?

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"As pointed out by extermin8or, no one is forcing you to buy an upgraded PS4, why do you feel the need to complain about it?"

Sony is most definitely forcing everyone to buy an upgraded PS4. This will turn out to be exactly the same as cross gen development. It will be a waste of resources for developers to make multiple versions so they just won't.

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"All games must to current levels of performance on the current model just will have optional better graphics/frame rate etc on the new model/higher resolution."

if you believe that, you're naive.

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The Lothric Knights have incredible AI. They practically force you to dodge instead of block and good luck trying to stay on their shield side. You'll get so many shield bashes to the face you'll have a concussion.

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It caters to the core audience is a more appropriate way to term it.

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If it's not "balanced" with today's patch.

Also, if the glitch isn't patched out, everyone needs to take advantage of the Sword Master vs. Dancer of the Boreal Valley glitch. 50k souls in the first 15 minutes of the game and access to a late game area with large titanite shard drops and lots of titanite chunks.

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And what kind of Japanese name is "J'Nique"

How do you even pronounce that?

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@Murbroski: I have an answer to your title.

The reason that it wasn't notice is because gamers, in general, don't care. Gay, straight, bisexual, trans, polyamourous we don't care. If the character is good, and their story DOES NOT center around their orientation, you will not find a single gamer who focuses on that with any real effort.


A) The characters aren't real.
B) We only care when it's forced.

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I am personally loathed to submit a Kotaku article as I cannot, generally, support them as a gaming news site. However, this story really touched me for personal reasons and I wanted to submit this (assuming it's not a duplicate, which didn't show in the search at time of writing this comment) because in the hugest possible sense of irony, this article should show Kotaku and the world what gaming is about. Friendship and enjoyment. Not gamers vs. gaming media, resolution or framerate,...

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Unless Activision are visited by the Ghosts of Gaming's Past, Present, and Future, you can forget a new Crash game that's any good and also forget aboit Spyro moving out of Skylanders.

Grandia... yes please.

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They need to patch in the ability to skip the opening cutscene on new games. Most Souls players make multiple characters for concurrent playthroughs but every time you select "New Game" you have to wait through the opening cutscene. It's tedious.

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Toriyama is probably too busy with Super to do it.

Get rid of that B.S. RNG system. Getting a Z ranking still doesn't guarantee the drops you want.

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Has nothing to do with this site. The game is objectively the best in the series in all categories but graphics.

Better story
Better characters
Better music
Better gameplay
Better pvp (Trolling potential was never surpassed)
Better setting

These are all true, factual statements.

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Demon's objectively the best.

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MS is still being treated like Sony was last gen. It wasn't right then, it's not right now. Not after the kind of work put in to change things. I'm no fan of MS or the Xbone, but there is a time and place to go after companies that most fanboys just don't understand.

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I guess not. I'd want Platinum to take a stab (no pun intended) at their idea of a Force Unleashed type of game.

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Souls changes all the time. The change from Demon's to Dark was massive. The change from Dark to Dark 2 wasn't as big but nearly totally overhauled the stat allocations, new weapon types and movesets, new spells and spell types, transport from the very start etc... The change from Dark 2 to Bloodborne was as massive as from Demon's to Dark, maybe even more so. And now Dark 3 is a blend of Demon's, Dark 1, and Bloodborne with a smidgen of Dark 2.

Repetitive is...

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Miyazaki said this is the last Souls game so people calling it repetitive can rest assured you won't have to suffer through these great games anymore.

It's always easy to hate on what's popular.

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Judging by your disagrees, people seem to be fans of the same ol' same ol'.

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