Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile.


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"but the fact this issue continually comes up suggests that a sizeable portion of gamers feel this way."

Nah, just an immensely naggy, loud, vocal minority. Game sales are a measure of who wants to play what, and it seems most people couldn't care less what fictional, non-people wear or how they act.

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Beige implies Caucasian, why are you racist against blobs of color?

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SJWs think the world is nothing but a series of systems designed to keep straight white men in power and everyone else down. SJWs invented microaggressions as a way to say that just when you think the world isn't anti-everyone-but-white-men enough, nope there's still more oppression.

SJWs don't know how the real world works because they're lost inside their own delusions. WILLING prostitutes actually exist in the real world. *gasp* And it's not a bad thing...

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"Nah I'll just continue to mock it now, lol. It only looks foolish to a bunch of people I have no interest in appearing reasonable to in the first place. "

So then idiotic trolling. Got it. At least that grants a method of addressing you.

"False equivalence, weighted historical situations, yadda yadda. Simplifying things down to a "everything should be the same" binary ignores the fact that historically they haven't been even...

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*sigh* Sometimes, the sheer level of feminism that has infected my country (this is from Canada) makes me quite ashamed. CTV didn't bother to actually fact check, it just repeated feminist dogma because it's the current year.

Men face more harassment online than women, that's just a fact, but that fact is verboten. Especially during Women's History Month.

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Nope, I mean Women's History Month. March is Women's History Month.

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Mock when there is a Men's History Month. Until then you just look foolish.

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*sigh* You know, I'm so tired of this crap.

How about writing something unique, like 7 Male Stereotypes in Videogames that need to go. How about that? And write it NOT coming from the position of "male power fantasies and how they're bad."

What am I saying, it's Women's History Month.

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That's not totally true. User bubble votes are responsible for affecting bubble counts, it's just that there is a huge system behind it involving hidden trust rankings, total number of votes needed to affect bubbles, etc. Mods can just completely circumvent the system if they want.

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Demon's Souls for me too. The trolling possibilities alone would be enough, but that game oozes more atmosphere than the other Soulsborne games combined.

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And I have now.

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And now you've proven, beyond all doubt, that you are not a fan of Final Fantasy and know nothing about it. You actually think that turn-based combat is what defines Final Fantasy and nothing else. You've lost it. You've cemented your reputation as a turn-based fanchild.

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Stop using Bing translator. Allow me.

"What you see as problems matter only to you and are not an objective, factual indication of a serious issue affecting the over all quality of the game. Your tantrums make you look like a spoiled 3 year old who thinks JRPGs, especially long lasting ones, are solely defined by their combat mechanics and thus any deviafion from what you want is automatically trash and will be met by furious screaming and throwing of fits."

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Note: Going back to its roots doesn't have to mean going back to turn-based.

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Incorrect. The combat system is not a problem the game has. YOUR problems with it do not equate to the system itself being a problem. But thanks for proving how immensely childish and petty you are. You're not a Final Fantasy fan, you're a turn-based fanchild.

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You don't think about what others can't play but will try to make damn sure there is a time period where others can't play some games. Stop lying Phil, when you make exclusivity deals, you do it with the sole thought of ensuring your competition's fanbase can't play games so that it appears as though the only place to play it is on your console. That goes for Sony too.

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But what if Majin had a big taco bell lunch and the emergency was in the pants region?

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I don't understand the praise Witcher 3 gets. I have the game. I bought it because everyone was talking up the Witcher series and videos of it seemed good. I've been extremely disappointed with it. The only game more boring to me is MGSV, but Witcher 3 takes , and I'm wholly uninterested in the story . The game also suffers from a problem a lot of bigger open world games suffer from; that being more travelling less doing. Witcher isn't anything special in my opinion.

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Please, you'd sing a different tune if FFVII Remake was turn-based. Give it up, things don't go your way, that's life.

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Get over the fact that turn-based doesn't define JRPGs or even Final Fantasy. Turn-based is a design choice, not an identity. Final Fantasy, whether you like the combat or not, is still the premier JRPG in the world. No other JRPG is as well known or as successful.

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