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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Yearly franchise doesn't mean only had 1 year of development. #7.1
@Gangsta_red: It's not even remotely the same. Single player games have to make up for the limited lifespan of their campaigns. They do this either with compelling stories and characters, minigames, replayability, etc... They have to be more than just gameplay.

Multiplayer games are games that publishers have made to be lazy. A multiplayer game doesn't have to be anything but gameplay and graphics. Multiplayer games, for that reason and only in my opinion, aren't... #1.1.6
"Near AC's system, it is a big step forward."

Not really.

"First of all, you can mash the attack button, but it's less effective to play like this, since if your timing is right, you'll get critical attacks instead of normal ones and maximise your combo counter."

Which is completely inefficient and holds no real benefit. When you're surrounded by 20 enemies attacking you at random, you're mashing that T... #10.1.2
GungHo Online Entertainment owns the franchise? Geez, well it looks like we won't be getting a new Grandia game or remastered series any time soon. Grandia Online has been offline for 3 years. Just sell the franchise to someone who will do something with it. #6
Thing is, that statement is actually wrong. The Arkham series combat is not really impressive. It's button mash attacks until someone goes to attack you then counter. More often than not you're stuck in a counter loop and that's how you kill enemies. How people haven't seen this is really surprising. #10.1
Ubisoft need to really fire a lot of people. Victory is a much better name than Syndicate. #8.2
Nope. Ubisoft needs to have a series of firings and a series of rehirings in their executive positions. That's all. #6.1
Why? Will keeping the games from people willing to play them prevent you from enjoying other games or force you to play any AC game? #5.1
"Finally, they should take a break with the franchise. Same with CoD. Take one of the three or so teams and throw them at a new IP. No one wants to play these franchises for two generations straight and you know theyre all pushing for a third one."

Why? What would not making the games accomplish except keeping games away from people that want to play them? And speak for yourself, I want to play these games for as long as they are made so long as they aren't abso... #3.1
I'm interested in knowing why you'd think they need therapy when the only way they could get pleasure out of it is by activating the very neural centers needed to get pleasure out of a real woman or man. #10.3
You understand that the very reason anyone could get off on fictional sexuality, whether it be strictly visual as in porn, or tactile as in a figurine with squeezeable boobs, is because they can get off to the real thing right? I doubt anyone is actually getting off to something like this in reality, but the fact that people can get off to real men or women naturally leads to someone being able to be aroused by fiction. If it didn't, humanity would be in trouble. #1.2.2
Damn, you're right. I can't believe I made that kind of mistake. My bad. Apologies. #13.1.2
I had a blast with multiplayer. Getting people to try and find me, and trying to find the best hiding spots was challenging, at times hilarious, and immensely enjoyable. #12.1
"1. Bland protagonist"

Agreed. Jordi was the best character in the game.

"2. HUGELY downgraded visuals."

Which is just a talking point, not something people really care about. You can't tell me that Watch Dogs didn't look fine when it released.

"3. Awful driving mechanics."

Agreed. This is why I used a specific motorcycle the whole time because it was the only vehicle tha... #2.1.3
I've always agreed with the idea of businesses becoming too big for their own good. It just causes way too many problems, and the people who go to school to be CEOs never understand what actually happens on a field level or how damaging their policies can be. #4.1
Pretty much. What we can say for certain is that their quality standards are fluid. They don't demand the best, they demand sufficient. #3.1
This is a North American branch exec. He can say this all he wants to, it will amount to nothing. When a Japan exec says it, then you can say where they are screwing up. Konami treats their NA branch terribly. #2.3
Ubisoft's reply (just like anything fans ask for)

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8.2
Jack The Ripper's identity has been proven. He was a Polish man long suspected of being Jack.

http://www.theguardian.com/... #2.1.5
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