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'When fan remakes get more attention than the originals, that's doing harm to the original product.'

Have you considered why a fan remake would get more attention? Could it possibly be because the IP holder has already done harm to the original product themselves, like Nintendo HAS done with Metroid?

"If re-releasIng Metroid 2 was gonna fail to sell, then it should be because Nintendo sucks at advertising and/or didn't make it a remak...

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I'm wondering where the refutation of my point is.

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You're such a....

Anyway, most fanmade games detail the fact that they are inspired, derivative works made by fans and for fans for free. There has never been a fanmade game that has damaged the original IP and that's why companies like Sega love them and why other companies like Sony or Epic Games have funded different methods for fans to make games.

No one is stealing anything because no money is being made and Nintendo still has full legal cont...

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@opinionated: Sega loves fanmade games. Nintendo has options they refuse to use.

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The colloquialism is the problem and so overused that, like many regressive terms, the meaning and impact have been diluted. IMO, "toxic" means poisonous which when extended means actually harmful.

Words are only as harmful as we allow them to be, so to label a community as toxic is to say that that community is somehow harmful to people. Sorry, but I disagree. The few instances of legitimate harassment and cyberstalking may be harmful, but no way can anyone hones...

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Vendors choose to have sales, so it doesn't spite them to take advantage of what they are offering.

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What? Ok, so now that we've established that you don't even know what logic is, I'll remind you of 2 facts.

1. Everyone rips off of everyone. It's actually called inspiration.

2. One is completely capable of liking derivative works (even when they aren't actually derivatives), moreso than the original works or even completely dislike originals altogether. You can't make the claim that if you like one, you must then inherently like ...

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Sega LOVES fan games. Absolutely loves them. Plus, modders can be considered to be doing the exact same thing and Valve and Bethesda love them too. So no, Nintendo is choosing to be draconian with this.

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What kind of logic is "if you like Naughty Dog, then you have to like Tomb Raider?"

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The answer to this question is yes, but only to the following people/ideologies.

Clueless Parents
People with Issues
The Thin-Skinned
Mainstream Media
Old People who have never tried a game before
People who feel the need to out themselves as different
People whose very identity is intrinsically linked to a special interest group.
And Politicians who are p...

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Caring enough to make a comment =/= caring about the game. One could be tired of the obvious insincerity and decide to comment due to that.

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No it won't. For all the bluster the fanboys are frothing at the mouths with, i predict Neo and Scorpio are going to suffer the same fate as any other incremental update ever has. The mass market is going to take one look at it and wonder why the hell they'd bother buying another PS4 when they have one that works perfectly fine as it is. Sorry to burst fanboy bubbles but, the core audience isn't 40+ million strong.

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Typical SJW response would be either that because he's showing off bulging muscles, it's a male power fantasy; or that the fact that he's naked isn't due to that being a focus of his character or usability in the game. In other words, you can't win.

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Please, this is the internet age. Even if, and that's a big if, they haven't played it, they've more than likely heard about it. And if they are interested, they already know the story. Game's story is 20 years old, get over it.

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You're reading into things too much. The game never explicitly says only the Cetra can hear the Planet. It does in fact say that modern humans are splintered from the Cetra and that they were Cetra who tired of their endless journey, so it's plausible that anyone can hear the Planet. Obviously those Cetra who maintained their skills or are closer to pure blooded Cetra will have an easier time with it, but there's no reason to believe that training or some kind of predisposition ca...

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And put them back on without anyone seeing.

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Just because the game is being remade doesn't make the story brand new. It's not a spoiler to say she died considering how old the game is, and how many versions of it there already are.

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Like Versus XIII?

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Don't bother. Kalkano doesn't consider any FF game that isn't turn-based to be FF. He's saltier than the Dead Sea.

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'For all you know I against all of it lolz."

You're not. If you were, you wouldn't feel the need to make a pointless sentence like that.

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