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Even though so many of the characters in DW3 had minor palette swapped weapons, Gan Ning's moveset is what made him the best with that sword. Nothing like getting a Musou Full for 30 seconds power up and one shotting everything.

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Wish they'd give Gan Ning his sword back and bring back his original Musou that just wrecked everything on the battlefield.

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There is a term that applies to your weak argument. That term is "whataboutism"

What it means is that you don't have a valid counter to my argument so you instead deflect to "well this company does this too so..."

Which is basically a way to condone the actions of one by citing that if others do it too then what's the big deal?

Do you like being told what you want? Like for example Backwards Compatibility or ...

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I suggest that the "victims" of stream sniping take a hint from the Souls community (whose streamers always get stream sniped, even by hackers) and *ahem*

Git Gud

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The Moors were Muslims that DIDN'T rule in Medieval England, which is basically the basis of Tolkien's books. There were no Knights in the land of the Moors. Try again.

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A pointy-eared black person?

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@BlackPantherParty: Dat racist name tho. Also...

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Well, the character is black so all they need to do now to be truly representative is make the character...

-come from a ghetto

Then it will have all the necessary points.

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Why does it need to be pointed out? What part of the character's skin colour is relevant?

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Says this...

"racist cowards"

User name is BlackPantherParty

85d ago 6 agree2 disagreeView comment!!!! A BLACK CHARACTER?!!!! IN A FANTASY GAME?!!!! THIS IS SO UNPRECEDENTED!!!! Nothing is the same anymore!! The game has changed forever!!! We have done it folks. Black characters in games. Finally!!!

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Outselling doesn't mean anything. McDonald's outsells pretty much any restaurant you can name, but are you going there for a good burger, or just a quick one?

People always create caveats for Sony, and that's why Sony will always tell you what you like, and will always make anti-consumer moves and then tell you you like them, and you will agree. Every single frickin' time.

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The reading wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the immense amount of forced exposition and on rails plot progression. The amount of time you can't do anything but sit there and listen to people realize the most basic stupid sh*t that everyone already figured out is inexcusable.

This game takes forcing you to manage your time to insane levels and the second half was clearly rushed through development.

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@NotoriousWhiz: Nice logical leap, hope you didn't break any bones.

@Princess_Pilfer: Nadine isn't a main character. And how many supporting characters do you know that are designed to outclass the protagonists in every encounter in the Uncharted series hmmm?

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No it wasn't. Check again. The info shows who approved it and not a single mod did.

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Again... Laura Matsuda

Cleavage. Underboob. Perfectly fine.

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So Cammy's suit is a no go but Laura's cleavage and underboob is perfectly fine?

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While I agree that this is propaganda, it's not N4G that posted this, it was a user and it was then approved by other users.

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No story can "only be told through other ethnic groups."

When will people get over the idea that ideas, good or bad, are gender or race specific? Ideas are born from imagination and/or experience. If you have even one of the two, you can tell any kind of story no matter who you are.

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