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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Nope. Difference is though, I know that my opinion is simply just that, my opinion. It's valid, it's allowed, and I'm not pretentious enough to believe that anyone cares; but Jaffe is different. #6.1.2
Uh, thanks? #1.4.6
I must have misunderstood because it seemed as though you said that Nintendo wouldn't want someone like Joe reviewing his games because of his personality.

That is what you said right?

I did just show you a video of a game that Joe LOVED containing no anger afterwards.

Helldivers and Bloodborne videos were done on Twitch, then uploaded to youtube. Different situation. Joe uses Youtube for reviews mostly, and Twitch for gameplays. Sure he&... #3.6.2
"You mean the music..."

I mean the music industry that had WORSE copyright policies and were beaten down by mp3s. They fight every day to try and stop youtube from taking everything away from them, but year after year more and more people are not buying music in traditional avenues, not even listening to it in traditional avenues. 2014 had no Platinum Albums. For the entire year. You know why? Because the music industry is a dying industry. At least in the tradition... #4.2.4
@Christopher: How many parents watch Angry Joe? #3.3.2
This argument was used already and is very poor, bordering on petty.

Joe is called Angry Joe because he doesn't hold back any punches when he reviews bad games. But have you seen him review a game he likes?


Where's the "angry" and "foul mouth" in that?

Yes, let's be prejudiced to someone becaus... #3.6
Jaffe is an idiot. Every time he opens his mouth, stupidity flows forth like a rushing wave crashing out of a broken dam. The last time he said anything smart was when he laced into Ben Kuchera. #11
David is never spot on. He's a talking head who thinks his opinion is relevant when it isn't. He's also incredibly whiny. He totally reacted well to the criticisms of his stupid drawing shooter game. #6.1
"Joe needs to get off his high horse here. He's making it into more than it is because he wants to make money off of Nintendo and this one video wasn't allowed to do that. Yet, I search for Super Mario Kart Wii U videos right now and I see a ton of them on YouTube without problem."

Nope. Joe wants to make money off of himself. His channel hosts videos of any number of games from any number of companies. Fans wanted him to do Nintendo stuff so he decided to o... #4.2
Now how many of you actually used the music box? Because if you did, this boss is a cake walk. #1.1.6
Troll spear was the best weapon in the game. Loved it. Probably makes Demon's Souls PVP the "hardest" and the funny thing is that a lot of people weren't using it because the damage output is shite. #1.4.3
Gwyn's music is your favourite for a boss fight? It's ok I guess but I personally prefer Maiden Astraea's theme. You take that and add the dialogue and, like Sif, you really don't want to kill them.


Excellent remix of it too.

https://www.youtube.com/wat...... #7.1
I wish that that would have been a staple of the series. Having other players be a boss is a very unique and innovative idea that FromSoft should capitalize on, and it's loads of fun.

I used to invade as the Old Monk with my FuryMail build. That's an Adjudicator's Shield +5, Regen Ring, Scraping Spear, Stormruler, and Acid Cloud. Either way I would win. If I won, great. If I lost, I broke their stuff anyway. One guy I faced literally had 5 weapons with him, I brok... #1.4
*Insert Really Good Comment here*

Worth two bubbles? LOL!

You know, I wish I was in the position to be able to do things like that for people when I leave a company. It's nice to leave a parting gift, even if it's a small one. Bringing some goodness to someones day just feels good to me. Maybe one day.

Heck, if I was a filthy rich guy, I'd probably make it rain money. Figuratively speaking of course but that's just because I d... #3
What I meant by that is that if even the Partner Program has Smash blacklisted, what do you think Nintendo would do for people who aren't on the Partner Program and used Smash? #1.2.2
Yes. #2.1
Didn't know who Charlotte McKinney so I googled.

My reaction.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #3.1
@PockyKing: Learn what arrogance is before you use the word. It isn't arrogant to say that their opinion doesn't matter because I'm not raising my opinion up to be any higher.

Their opinion doesn't matter. They are talking heads. They are also obsolete talking heads. They both have things in common. They both are responsible for critically and financially successful games. They then left game development for awhile, fat in the pocket. While gone they continued... #1.1.5
If you don't get a lot of views, it's unlikely Nintendo will claim your stuff. Smash is also on their blacklist for the partner program so consider yourself lucky. #1.2
"so i doubt nintendo really wants him to do angry videos about their games in the first place."

Wow. You don't watch very many of Angry Joe's videos do you?

Take a look at how "angry" he is with, say, Skyrim. His name is Angry Joe because he doesn't hold the punches in reviewing games that are bad, not because he's always angry.

Also, really wish people would stop thinking that people like Cliffy B or Jaffe... #1.1.3
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