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@morganfell: 1. The Polygon story was not wrong because it didn't say the content was LOCKED behind microtransactions. When you learn basic reading comprehension, go back and read it again. Every single review that talks about the real ending talks about how it's a forced tedious grind to get to, as by that point in the game you have done everything else you can do to increase your abilities. You are therefore forced into grinding fortress missions for hours (some reports stating anot...

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@Moldybread; Wrong. A gaming crash will not occur due to an overabundance of games in a cutthroat environment. That's not even what caused the first crash. It was caused by an overabundance of BAD and CLONE games with no standards of quality. And that's happening again, and it's being financed by people who are too stupid to speak with their wallets, continuing to award developers for making poor quality games that are so lacking in engaging gameplay or story that an entire econom...

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Pleased to be of service.

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There were no loot boxes in Middle-Earth.

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To people defending the MTs by saying there's no real grind, it's in actual reviews. It is literally there.

To the people defending MTs saying the cost of games has not risen but the cost of making them has. The cost of games HAS risen. No longer does $60 get you the real experience, it gets you access to a basic experience, but not the full experience. To get the full experience you have to pre-order sometimes multiple different version, and pay for a Season pass w...

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@4Sh0w: "lol, read before you comment, he has BEAT THE GAME, you refuse to support based on 2nd hand info.= You only prove his point about uninformed gamers."

Yes, you can BEAT THE GAME without microtransactions. You can even get the real ending without them. That isn't the point. The point is that to get the real ending, you have to grind. This is confirmed by many other reviews if you'd care to actually, you know, read those. Such as this one, that menti...

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First, they are an issue. I'll get into why in a second.

Second, isn't this the game in which you will not get the true ending without a tedious grind fest designed to encourage you to pay for microtransactions?

Third, microtransactions in this game are definitely pay to win when it comes to the online portion of this game.

Now, why is this an issue? Microtransactions are predatory. They play on addictive personalities to gamble...

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Because Nostalgia Goggles.

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Remember when Sony used to let people make their own Dynamic Themes for free and not just a glorified background you have to screencap from a game?

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Legend says that in the distance you can hear a faint whisper of someone asking...

"Where's Deep Down?"

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@Cmv38: I read the article and Bungie are idiots. Kek and Kekistan are memes. Nothing more. It's hilarious how the regressives label everything a hate symbol.

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The next Elder Scrolls will be the one they really push the microtransactions of the "worse every time you hear something new about it" Creation Club. Bethesda gets worse by the game.

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"won't have everyone working on the same project even if they wanted to."

You assume they have only one project. And again, there direct quote is

"We want to be entirely focused on the development of these projects."

But I'm sure you know the business and their goals better than they do.

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I understand that Cyberpunk 2077 obviously doesn't require as much attention as CDPR said it does.

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@Goldby: That's awesome though. Bugs that are hilarious and don't ruin the game are ok in my book.

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"That game could be what ME:A couldn't be, a great space RPG."

Have you played a Bethesda game recently?

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I never have a problem calling out B.S. ideologue nonsense in games when I see it, but this isn't such a case. South Park craps literally on everything and everyone equally. This isn't a statement against white people. I understand why it's easy to jump the conclusion that this is anti-white or pro-black or whatever, such is the world we live in, but remember who is behind this game. Matt and Trey have no problem taking it to everyone, and you shouldn't be surprised if there i...

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