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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"Here is Final Fantasy 7. You will be able to play it on other consoles but if we announce it people will act like we are special."

First, citation needed.

Second, you mean like Star Ocean 5, Nier, or World of Final Fantasy? Bet you'll love playing Street Fighter 5 on your Xbox One too won't you? #1.1.6
My reaction to this news.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.1.6
"Shemue for Xbox One is not counted out.."

Yes it is. Sony is funding it.

"FF7 will eventually come out Xbox One.."

Based on what evidence?

"and the Last Guardian look old and dull."

Deep Sea Salt.

"This might be a turning point my friends."

It won't be. #1.2.3
Lol at this article. Watch 1% of the Xbox One userbase actually make use of BC. Not knocking the feature, I definitely think Sony was stupid not to actually address it, but FF7 and Shenmue 3 broke the internet.

To the "FF7 is timed exclusive" people: This isn't Rise of the Tomb Raider. When that game was announced, it was announced as Xbox One and PC immediately. FF7 was announced "first on PS4." See the difference between Tomb Raider and FF7 is that T... #1.1.31
"but as a ps3 owner that game isn't being made for us. it's being redone for the ps4 now."

saltybread, you probably don't even see how stupid this statement is do you? Here let me show you.

"as an Xbox 360 owner, Gears of War Ultimate isn't being made for us. It's being redone for the Xbox One now."

Come on now. Don't let that salt make you say stupid things. I mean moreso than usual. #8.6
@saltybread: What does anything of what you said have to do with what I said. MS' own actions are not SE's actions and bringing games to the PC is not bringing games to the Xbox One.

"ffvii may come to the xbox one later who knows but you sure are doing everything you can to try and convince otherwise. why you care so much if it does or doesn't only you know."

Good question saltybread, why do you care what people say so much? Are you a B... #1.1.25
Living under a rock wouldn't be enough. You'd have to be living in a cave on Mars with your eyes shut and a finger in each ear while going "LALALALALALALALA" if you think people didn't want a remake. #1.2.7
In one sense it's fair to bring up Rise of the Tomb Raider. Both games are from the same publisher, both had similar wording in their announcement.

On the other hand, frickin' lol at the idea that FFVII fans are on the Xbox One, that a JRPG would do well on the Xbox One, and at the fact that A) SE is bringing Nier, World of Final Fantasy, and Star Ocean 5 console exclusive to PS4 and B) There have been several versions of FFVII, spinoffs of it, and other FF Remasters... #1.1.22
I've been watching reaction videos on youtube to FF7 and Shenmue 3, there was a lot of grown mean squealing, crying, jumping, in shock. It's all quite hilarious but highlights the same thing. We all love our games very much, and games are very important. #1.1.5
This is why.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #16.1
You're nitpicking. First you complain that Last Guardian is 2016 without a month or quarter detailed, then you list games that say "Winter 2016" or "Spring 2016" so using your same argument I can say "Microsoft didn't detail a month or day they're releasing." See how that works?

Rather than looking for issues before they've even begun, how about being happy that games gamers have actually been asking for are at least being made. I... #8.1.4
You are aware that Sony is being criticized for games not releasing in 2015 when Microsoft isn't releasing any games until November right? So for most of the year MS doesn't release any games, and it's fine because of 3 months at the end of it, but waiting a couple more months for 2016 is such a big deal even though Sony actually has released games throughout the year.

So you waited to buy Shadow of Mordor, great. Are you going to criticize Sony for releasing Unch... #8.1.2
Are you happy that every E3 Microsoft only announces the games they'll have for 3 out of 12 months of the year? Did you pay attention to the releases for MS' games? It's all "coming this holiday." November to January, probably not even January. So you're left with 9 to 10 months of absolutely nothing from MS, and yet you're complaining that Sony will release more games next year? So a few months is really all that's the difference between Sony and MS and that... #8.1
Ain't a crow big enough for that mouth. XD #9.1
HA! Not bloody likely. Sega is too concerned with succeeding in the Pachinko market. #7.2
See what happens when you actually listen to us when we tell you what we want?

And could a group of children without jobs fund this game? #2
INB4 "Square-Enix are attacking trans people by keeping the cross dressing scene in the game." #6
No no. I'm not saying someone who may have some concerns over the logistics is a whiner. I'm saying people who flat out don't want the remake, or have immediately written it off, or who think it is a waste of time, or even who think that being happy about this remake will justify the current climate of remasters are whining. #12.1
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