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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Developers care about sales, and gamers care about the games developers make, so if you're a true gamer that only cares about games, you unfortunately have to care, at least peripherally, about sales. #1.3.1
What a great idea. People LOVE subscription models where they are invariably locked into a contract they have to pay a ridiculous fee to get out of just so they can end up paying more than the product is actually worth while not using it as much as the payments suggest they should be using it.

It's wonderful to offer large corporations more ways to fleece us all out of our money.

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"We know the outage isn't affecting everyone and according to Microsoft people that were affected should be able sign in now."

That the outage isn't literally affecting nearly 100 million people doesn't mean it's only affecting 1 person. The point is that you first try to downplay something you don't know the extent of, and then later contradict yourself.

"The support page states that Core Services are "limited" si... #1.6.4
First says...

"There are a limited amount of people experiencing sign in issues with Live."

Then says...

"We have no idea how widespread it is or what region is being affected."

http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photo... #1.6.2
Part 2: "however it’s Vanille’s reaction to this explosion which is most notable. When her eidolon produces this massive explosion Vanille closes her eyes and throws her head back with what can only be described as a look of ecstasy on her face and of course the trademark high-pitched moan returns as she does so."

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one aren't you? This just shows you're reading way too much into this and actually have a dirty mind. W... #1.1.4
Here are my questions.

First. Who, besides someone trying to get everyone to take him more seriously than he deserves, calls Vanille by her whole name? I haven't seen anyone do this until now.

Second. Is this guy frickin' nuts? Let's examine.

The word sexualize, or its variants, are used 17 times in the article. Sometimes in quick succession. This sounds like someone who is either obsessed, or really trying to drive home a point n... #1.1.3
FFTactics is still my absolute pinnacle for strategy games. I doubt anything will surpass it except maybe an actual sequel to it. #19.1.1
I swear to Leknaat there'd better not be a Suikoden Pachinko machine. #12.1
I just want Suikoden 6 on consoles. Every answer I gave except for Rocket Knight and Bomberman, when they asked where would you want to play it, my answer was consoles. I specifically avoided mobile because knowing Konami if they even bother listening to this survey, which experience tells us they won't, they would put most or all of these games on mobile.

All I want is Suikoden 6. Is that really so much to ask for? #1.3.1
You didn't provide facts, you linked to reddit. What's more you linked to a biased subreddit. So what was that about suiting views? #10.1.2
I'd say the truth is that both XBone and PS4 are lagging in SP but it's because the industry as a whole is lagging in SP. Too much focus on online in general and let's not forget the games with awful SP in favour of focusing on MP. #1.5
@Both Bladefist and starchild: You really expect me to just suddenly forget the recent whinings of PC users about "poorly optimized" games and believe that 99.9% of games run better on PC? Lol. Ok, I'll be inclined to do so when you erase history. #3.7.3
"Well, PC gaming is arguably better for many subjective reasons."

FTFY #10.1
I'm just going to point out that games like Batman Arkham Knight exist. Games that make you have to go into the .ini and mess around just to make it work properly because the devs didn't give a damn. Batman Arkham Knight requires 0 messing around with on consoles, so the situation is as follows.

Just because PC offers you the option to be able to mess around with stuff like the .ini or drivers or whatever, doesn't mean that that's the ideal situation that you... #3.7
No, sorry but that's not exactly true. PC is superior for people who care more about silicon than games, but where consoles shine are the incredible experiences you won't find on PC. That's just the facts. #1.4.1
@Imalwaysright: Yeah sure, you can find it, and then you get a situation like MotionInJoy where using it causes a Blue Screen of Death and you find out that it's pretty much trash now. So then you have to hope there are other software options out there that don't mess around with drivers and crash your computer.

Conversely, a controller always works on the console it's meant for, barring actual hardware problems. No fuss, no muss. #1.3.2
Have any of you actually played type 0 HD? If you had, you'd understand that having it at 60FPS would probably give you a headache thanks to the ridiculous motion blur going on. Speeding up that blur would not be good, trust me.

As for mouse support, why is it a big deal? You wouldn't gain anything from it, it's a JRPG not a shooter. #4
"All I'll say on the matter is that if you genuinely think that the mainstream media "couldn't care less about good games" then I can only assume that The Last of Us, GTA V, Bayonetta 2, The Withcher 3 and Bloodborne must be part of their 'artsy fartsy' narrative."

Sorry, but even the mainstream gaming media have to pay the bills sometimes. But when you read an article like this...

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@TheCommentator: "You prove that it can. Unless Sony announces such advancements are possible it is already proven that it currently cannot. Meaning it can't."

Literally the worst reasoning ever. #1.1.23
You can't totally dismiss the "selling 25 million consoles on hype alone" argument though. I say this only because of the nature of how these things are sold. Best example is the PS2, which didn't reach many Asian markets until very late in its life and you have to know that those people get console news later than the rest of us, so it's very possible that hype still contributes larger than you think. #1.1.3
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