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Which is why Nintendo hates everything fan made.

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I'm sorry but when Sony chooses to decide what I want for me, they are no more "for the players" than Microsoft has ever been.

When Sony stops telling us what we want, and actually listens to what we want, and doesn't take an entire generation to put out basic features, maybe then they'll live up to their slogan.

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So, now who developers AREN'T working with is news?

Why do people approve this crap?

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@Aenea: I think you're downplaying the severity of what happened and just what was actually missing. I'm sure you've seen this before, but in case you haven't, the list of what was missing at launch is right here.

That's not "expectation." That's a list of things that we...

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Nah. Demon's Souls will be easier for you than Bloodborne for sure. It's the kind of game that's only difficult if you've never played any of the Souls series games, but once you have it's very easy. Only like 3 bosses are somewhat challenging.

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"Trump Jr. Email scandal is clearly fake news. Even though there's proof and a confession, Russia interference in USA elections is all fake news!!!"

Trump Jr. was completely forthright about the whole thing, and even the Russian lawyer, who was supposed to be the smoking gun that proved collusion, corroborated his story. There was no Russian Interference. How many times will "nothing happened" have to come up before people just accept that Trump won ...

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Demon's Souls is where it all began, but you'll find that it's fairly different than the rest of the games. If you're used to speed after Bloodborne, then Demon's Souls will seem very slow to you. Not Dark Souls 2 slow, but slow enough. However, I would suggest playing it first because the atmosphere of that game is superior to all the other games hands down. It has some systems that are a bit convoluted by add some interesting elements to the gameplay. For example, every ...

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There is one HUGE flaw in this theory.

"What’s the first thing you do in Dark Souls? Name your character. It seems so insignificant. What RPG can’t you name your character in nowadays? But what if Miyazaki is pulling wool over our eyes? What if, in this smallest thing taken for granted, he’s concealing an incredible truth? That we’re not naming our character in the Character Creation screen, we’re naming our world."

This creates the fact that th...

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Nintendo will never win the console war. They are stuck so far back in the Past and believe that they can do no wrong and only their ideas matter. They don't listen, and they don't learn. That's why they lose.

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eSports is the lamest idea ever. Gaming is not a sport. While I will never deny that there are many skilled gamers out there that put on tremendous shows, I can't ever consider gaming to be something that requires real skill on the level of a sport.

Plus the colour commentators are ALWAYS awful. Maybe if eSports ends up getting someone who is the equivalent of a Good Ol' JR or Jerry The King Lawler I'd be more inclined to think more highly of it, but as of now t...

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This shouldn't be your first FF game. It's not a terrible game, but it's not the series' best. It plays like a pseudo MMO game and the story is HEAVY in politics and The Queen's Olde English. This is the kind of game you work up to, not jump into.

Unless all you really care about are the Hunts. Then go for it. The Hunts are great.

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As much as I loved this game on the PS2, it's not worth $65 for some enhanced graphics, trophies, and the International content. Hell, FFX/X-2 remastered was cheaper than this, and FFX is a superior game.

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Microsoft can start being smart for a change?

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There is a problem with trying to stick so strictly to the title though. Actual gaming news is not something that happens every day. There are often long periods of information droughts that opinion pieces, editorials, etc.. fill up in the meantime.

You won't be able to have developer interviews, new trailers, new info dumps, and leaks for games all the time. Sometimes filler is just necessary to fill the void.

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Open Zone was awesome. You could even be forced into it. Don't know why they ever got rid of it. Must have been some kind of a hassle on the tech front.

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The problems with moderation are many. Some are unavoidable, others are not.

That moderators are human is both a blessing, and a curse because of subjectivity. I mean you just have to look at trolling. There are doubtless many instances in which one mod considered something to be trolling that others did not and therein lies a potential for problems.

The site lacks structured moderation, and numbers. You have every mod dealing with every problem when they...

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I mean, the only one that's in the wrong is whoever came up with the promotion. It isn't wrong to take advantage of the promotion because you don't like how it's done. If you don't set up proper rules, you only have yourself to blame. If they didn't want to lose out on money, then they should have restricted the kinds of games that they'd accept, or they should have placed limits on how many games you could buy.

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Well try playing them, then stop for awhile, then come back to it. Rust is also a hurdle with the Souls games more than most other genres.

That said, Souls is also made way easier if you play certain games too. I found this out by coming back to Bloodborne. Hadn't played it in quite some time but found it to be so much easier when I came back to it.

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@hockeyfan242: "Why wouldn't you accept an interview with a cosplayer discussing HOW they put their costume together, or what it's like to go to a conference?"

Because this isn't a sewing site. What does "I used this kind of fabric" have to do with games?

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AngryJoe is the biggest reviewer out there right now. I think it's a mistake to prevent links to his youtube reviews. Seems unnecessary. I mean some leeway would be a better idea. Totalbiscuit, AngryJoe, people like them should be permitted. But XxCallofDutyFanboy420xX shouldn't be allowed.

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