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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Crimsonland is not an RPG, it's more of a Zerg Rush shooter.

Geez, ever since companies like Bioware tried masking shooters as RPGs everything is an RPG these days. May as well eliminate all genres and call everything one big RPG. Technically it'd be true since most of gaming has you playing a role anyway. #3
FromSoftware have a reputation for quality. Pre-ordering a game from them is not the same as pre-ordering a game from Activision or EA or Ubisoft. I think it's an idiot who lumps all developers together and immediately decries a program as entirely bad just because some publishers abuse it. #9.1.2
Bandai Namco doing pre-orders right? Wow.

FromSoft doing trolling right is nothing new. They should have a "tip fedora" gesture even if the character doesn't wear one. #8
Gotta maximize dem clicks somehow. #3.1
@blockcoc: My reply to that is I don't care about PC. Steam doesn't have more users. It has 8 million concurrent users and probably 10 times as many accounts. PSN is fairly equivalent to that number since it was free on PS3 and still is. The length of a DDoS attack is proportional to the severity of the attack. Steam therefore likely hasn't been hit as hard as XBL and PSN has and, I repeat, IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! Engineers are at home with their families, not at Sony HQ or MS HQ a... #1.3.10
@giganinja: I admit I didn't elaborate on the flag thing so thank you for doing so however what you did elaborate on is still insane. The students should be reprimanded, the flag shouldn't be temporarily banned. That is the wrong action that sends the wrong message.

On the topic of public toilets, if Sweden is going to mandate anything then they'd better mandate that women clean up after themselves period. Ask any woman or janitor and they'll tell you that wom... #1.1.9
Caring about social issues doesn't make one a social justice warrior. Imposing the idea that everyone needs to care about social issues or else they are part of a fictional societal structure of oppression, and being insistent that only those who are oppressed can see who the oppressors are, and demanding steps of an allegedly socially conscious nature be taken in areas of art such as video games where freedom of expression should be considered above harassing people to make concessions t... #1.1.2
I didn't make it up. No one with a working brain reads Gawker. That site is known trash. You don't even have to take my word for it. Here's a classic example of the kind of trash associated with Gawker media.


Gawker is funny only to drunk frat people who've recently suffered head trauma, it's only insightful to recent lobotomy patients, an... #1.2.5
See? Even when you submit what you consider to be a "positive GamerGate article" you just can't resist being a *insert derisive term here* can you?

One person writes an article talking about what they think GamerGate is about, and all of a sudden that's what GamerGate is about. You SJWs have such a comprehension problem. #1.1
@peterdawa: Thank you. I'm honored that I was a positive reason for you to sign in and comment. #1.1.16
Yes Death, I'm bullying you so much by telling you why you're wrong or why what you're asking is stupid and/or unrealistic. Oh no, random people I don't know and will never meet might not like me, how will I sleep? #1.3.7


In which you made a comment about GameJournosPros and Ben Kuchera in response to William Usher, but didn't provide a link to the emails and said that Ben Kuchera's pressuring of Greg Tito was a complete fabrication. So basically you made a claim and didn't back it up. My reply. <... #4.1.7
@darkride: Really? You want to have a go again? Despite how many times you've run away from proof? Well I'm not usually a comment historian as it takes up way too much time but ok.


The Zoe Quinn article you submitted and your first comment in said article which dismisses GG as a harassment group with no... #4.1.6
By people you mean people who've always been opposed to GamerGate, so no one of importance. And no, the vast majority of the thinking world actually thinks feminism is a failure. #2.2.1
You linked to Gawker. Please tell me you're joking. No one with a brain reads Gawker. #1.2.1
"Show me. I have systematically destroyed every last Gamergate fanatic that has come at me with reason, logic and facts."

Oh really darkride? By my count, our interactions have always ended up with me destroying you with absolute proof and logic. Remember how you said GamerGate was about Zoe Quinn and then I destroyed your statement with a timeline of events that proved that Zoe hasn't been a focus of GamerGate since September 1st and how she keeps trying to ins... #4.1.4
Oh give it a rest darkride. People have shown you the evidence that there's corruption and you dismiss it outright or say it's fabricated. Remember how you have been ignoring Ben Kuchera's pressuing Greg Tito to censor GG discussion on The Escapist? That's how far you're willing to go to combat the corruption. That is to say you'll say it doesn't exist and then ignore and avoid all evidence to the contrary.

DoritosGate, GerstmannGate, GamerGate, th... #3.1.2
Why should we be surprised? darkride is like a cultist for anti-GG. #1.1.2
@Death: What part of "the Holidays" eludes you? You're such an expert, offer your services to Sony or MS and show them how to make DDoS attacks last the literal one second you seem to think is possible. #1.3.4
@Death: So basically you want Sony and Microsoft to give you exactly what they have been giving you. DDoS attacks CAN'T be prevented and depending on the scale they will ALWAYS take time to fix. Given that this happened during the holidays, do you think Sony and MS just don't allow their employees to have time off with their families? It IS entitled to make ANY demands because there was literally NOTHING Sony or MS could have done to stop this and then they have to force their employe... #1.1.9
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