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@Man-Eee-Faces: My point isn't that The Order is good, my point is that Kotaku has no credibility. Anything and everything they say contains 0% credibility even when or if they are correct. They could say the sky is blue and I wouldn't trust them at their word. #4.1.8
*insert laugh even harder video here* #9.1.2
"Off to the cupboard with you chip it's past your bed time." #1.2
@Neon: Good for them, doesn't mean they have any credibility. Like I said, they could have MADE the game, know it inside and out, and they still shouldn't be trusted. #4.1.4
INB4 the arm chair psychiatrists who will give dissertation length reasons as to why who they consider to be fanboys "hate" on something, all done in complete hypocrisy or lack of self-awareness and with complete confidence that what they are saying is 100% accurate and cannot be argued. #6
They want brilliant gameplay? Are you REALLY sure that that's what people want? Take a look at the consistent sellers every year and then think about what you said. #9.1
No it isn't. This is Kotaku. None of the writers of Kotaku have an ounce of credibility. They could have made the game and their word would be less credible than any random Amish person. #4.1.2
THIS!! #3.1.1
Why the hell are any of you listening to what Kraptaku has to say? They are the tabloid of gaming news and their opinions are either bought, wrought with ideology, or coming from completely inept people who insult millions of people then get mad when mainstream media does the same.

More to the point, why do people continue to submit Kraptaku articles when NO ONE likes the site?

I would listen to their opinion of any game, let alone The Order, if and when pigs... #1.1.3
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AngryJoe didn't start off the interview, and then proceed to carry it, by attacking anyone's character. You can do your job without being insulting. #11.1
@Septic: Hey Septic. How's it going?

I agree, Peter handled this interview very poorly and his defensiveness was very extreme. He was trying so hard to seem like a good guy that he volunteered way too much information and played right into the interviewer's goals.

@Nicaragua: Wanting to get to the bottom of Peter's tendencies in over-promising and under-delivering can be accomplished in so many ways besides attacking his character. As you can see... #1.1.6
Who said anything about favouring anyone? I said the opening question is a deliberate assault on Peter's character and for Peter it frames the interview as a clear attack on him; or do you think asking someone point blank if they are a pathological liar is a friendly way of saying hello?

And I don't care about other interviews. They don't matter here. I'm talking about this interview, and responding to Nicaragua who asked a question about why people are gettin... #1.1.2
@lex: Paragraph 1 - "there is a large problem with the gaming "community".

No, there isn't. You yourself say that there is a minority of people acting this way yes? Then it is not a large problem, it is a pronounced problem being exacerbated by people like Leigh Alexander, Kotaku, Polygon, etc.. and seemingly you, that exaggerates the actions of what you've already admitted to being the few and says it taints the many. No, it doesn't. Again, you can... #1.1.9
It's because the game is painfully boring. #3.3.1
@Unspoken: You know what's really funny? This.

"Steam still has the edge but this is unexpected from consoles."

Steam still has the edge. Do you know what that means? It means that my statement was correct and you smacked your head for nothing. Maybe think first, then type. Could work out in the future. #1.1.5
Game length isn't an issue until it feels like one. When you play a game and feel like it ended too soon, then it's an issue. That could be because the game is so good you want more, or because it legitimately is so short you didn't feel like it offered enough in terms story or character development, but a 5 hour masterpiece is always preferable to a 50 hour borefest. #1.1.7

The average gamer is an adult male in their 30s and 40s. Leigh is perpetuating the idea that the industry is not catering to those people and is instead catering to 12 year old boys. She knows that's B.S., everyone does, but SHE is spreading FUD as though it's fact. She insulted the gaming demographic by lying about some supposed prevalence of a toxic culture... #1.1.7
People are getting worked up about it because that question deliberately frames the interview as an attack on him. It could only have been worse if it had been an ad hominem, but since Peter hadn't made a point yet, all it is is a deliberate attack on Peter's character. It's poor form and antagonistic and has no logical reasoning behind it. #1.1
"Those are the things that were/are making news in the mainstream media and tarring the image of gaming."

Guess why? Because of non-gamers. Not because of gamers, but because of people who have a narrative to push, who either create the conditions for antagonism, or cherry pick and over-exaggerate isolated incidents as though they are the norm in order to move forward with their perpetual welfare, I mean Patreon, funding. People who have serious personality flaws, v... #1.1.5
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