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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


All I can say is "YESSSSS!"

Thank the universe that Google was blocked from buying Twitch. #5
It'll never happen. SE had to demands for this game. One was cross-play, which MS won't allow, and the other was that players not be charged by the console sub service, which MS won't allow.

It's not going to happen. Xbox is not the place for MMOs, which is odd considering it had FFXI. #1.1.4
What the hell is in Kirksville that everyone wants? #1.1.5
Looks like one of the "1337 hax0rz" disagreed with your completely factual statement. #1.1.2
"I can guarantee the fact that no one in this world feels the need for another game in the series."

Oh can you now?

You know, the thing about people who say "X franchise needs to end" is that either they continue to buy these games themselves, and thus are hypocrites, or they don't buy the games at all anymore and so the games releasing has no effect on them.

Is Assassin's Creed preventing some OTHER open world, pa... #7
These missions are fine so long as they are optional and don't count towards anything you'd really want or significant to the story. The problem I have is the annoying voice telling you to hurry up. That needs to go. #8
I bet they have literally no skills at all short of typing "how to DDoS someone" into google. I know I've heard of programs that do it for you, so I don't even give them credit for having 5th grade DDoS skills.

And if they wanted to get back at "greedy corporations" then why aren't they targeting banks? #4.3.3
"They are basically a Japanese version of Microsoft (and vice versa,) encase you have never heard of them."

dafuq? No they aren't. #1.7.1
I find the lack of Suikoden 2 disturbing. Still, a good list all around except Last Remnant never came to the PS3. I wonder why no one sued Square-Enix over that bit of false advertisement? #7
This is likely separate from the main campaign. Ubisoft has stated multiple times that they want this game to be Arno being built up to becoming a full fledged member of the Assassin Brotherhood, so it's unlikely they'd focus most of the game on switching between Assassins and Templars. This could be side missions for example. #6.1
If they want to repeat the success of the PS2, then they need A LOT of JRPGs, because the PS2 was the king of JRPGs and it thrived because of it. #1.1.5
Yeah, this guy is a tool. Notice how he complains that The Order 1886 is like Gears of War?

Now notice his Gears of War 3 review.


See what I mean? Tool. #1.1.18
Most of the comments replying to people like ape and the article's author could have been summarized with this alone.


Hype would have sold 5 million for sure, but not 10 million. #1.1.20
Attraction is subjective. It could also be that she knows she's not what a lot of guys would consider attractive and makes up for that in... other ways. If you know what I mean. #10.2
The difference between Sony and Nintendo is that Sony was talking to devs when making the PS4, they try to foster relationships with devs along with marketing their own console in an efficient and effective way.

Nintendo has all of their collective heads up their collective behinds and are insistent that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Look how long it took for them to admit that the name Wii U was a bad idea.

The Wii U's lack... #5.1
That's a common response. People without the ability to see the bigger picture, or the future, or really don't care to can't see how this hurts everyone and instead just calls us crying babies for using the few rights we do have against these practices. #1.1
Oh definitely. Microsoft doesn't help itself by buying timed exclusivity. It doesn't help their future needs. If they had used their money to build first party studios and finance first party IPs then they'd have truly exclusive games that they could capitalize on indefinitely instead of trying to capitalize on a game they were going to get anyway. #1.1.1
If you hack the console, you can perform some mods.

In this instance, it's likely that the hacker merely found a way to change the sexual acts already present in the game to apply to online players while also making himself invincible and forcing certain animations on the characters. It's likely something like animation hacks that don't require any outside resources and use in-game resources. #20.1
I don't think that anyone should be surprised at a gaming journalist butchering the English language. Lol.

And I would agree that hacking games has shifted from trend to norm. #15.1.1
No one deserves threats of physical harm or death threats. But I won't say that people insulting her for her infidelity and dishonesty are in the wrong. #2.1
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