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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


The fact that she's a woman. Duh. #2.2.2
@SonyWarrior: You forgot to put your glasses on. She's quite an attractive woman.

@Rhaigun: The patriarchy at work. Am I right? #1.1.5
That's actually not much of a difference liquid considering that Sony has to pay for servers, utilities, and building rental fees for the center that houses them. Plus you're missing the point. Arcades charged per session, PS Now is charging LESS per session with more costs to work with and different price models from 3rd party publishers to deal with. And you're actually wrong about the consumer base being the world considering that PS Now isn't going to have a global launch,... #1.4.2
Does anyone remember arcades? Have you ever spent more than 2 hours in an arcade pumping quarters into games?

7thLevel brought this up on Youtube and he makes a damn good point.

You younger gamers may not know what an arcade is, but for us older gamers, we've already spent WAY more than what PS Now is asking for games, and for inferior games as well.

I remember when Cruisin' U.S.A. came out in the Arcades and spending hours with my fr... #1.4
"sony cares about right now and the xbox brand always thinks towards the future."

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.1.1
7thLevel did a great video detailing the numbers.


Sony is in first, Nintendo second, and MS 3rd based on the numbers of total exclusives. #1.1.44
You wanna know the difference between a game like Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey? One is a Sega game. That should be enough of an indication as to the problem, but let me spell it out for you.

Sega can't market for sh*t. They also don't know their userbase AT ALL because they then decided to put the sequel on the PSP and not even release the third game outside of Japan.

But in the end, every single JRPG on the PS3 did better than every JRPG on t... #5.2.1
Now you see, if you approach commenting the way you just did in your reply to me, maybe people wouldn't immediately write you off as a troll, including the mods, and maybe you'll actually gain some bubbles instead of losing them.

The rate you're going, you're going to be known as just another 1 bubble troll before long.

Addressing your opinion about FF7, I kinda agree that the genre for the most part isn't the same. There are some games he... #4.2.2
Lost Odyssey's problem was being an Xbox 360 exclusive. JRPGs go to that console to the Xbox brand to die. It wouldn't have been a game that was missed on the PS3.

The other 2 games I'd personally replace with Suikoden 1 and 2 myself. #5
You realize that you're going to be down to 1 bubble in a matter of days, constantly flagged for trolling, and continuously berated for your stupidity right?

You have 25 comments, all of them negative about everything. It's incredibly sad that you've got nothing but this going on for you. #4.2
Darkstares: Sony charges a percentage fee of the final price for hosting the game on their service. That's the only influence they have over the price. If the publisher/developer wants more money, they'll factor in Sony's fee and raise the price of the game so they make more. If they don't care, then the price won't be as high.

Square-Enix are trying to charge $30 to rent FFXIII for 3 months when you can buy the game for $20 online. What does Sony gain fro... #1.4.3
"Sony just blew a lot of goodwill."

How many of you are ditching your Playstation devices over place setter prices?

I'm not. Anyone else not getting rid of their PS devices? #1.1.7
18d ago by DragonKnight | View comment | Well said
A lot of people think I have unusual beliefs about social justice issues within gaming, but I really don't. I'm just the most vocal about them on this site. Lol.

But yeah, I can't count how many times I'd have an argument with someone in the comments, but then in PM discussions the conversation is completely different. It's an odd paradigm that exists pretty much all over the internet. #5.1.4
I love The Stick of Truth. It's not a stretch to say that it's literally like playing an episode of South Park yourself and that's exactly how it should be. I completely agree with you on this blog. I personally feel that fans of any given source material should work on creating games that take from that source material. It's the only surefire way that due respect will be given. #3
@Septic: We've already been discussing this, but your friend who's supposed to be the "Sony fanboy" seems to lack the necessary knowledge to defend his position at all. He knows next to nothing about Driveclub other than its existence, and focuses solely on LBP3 as his exclusive of choice. It was pretty painful to watch.

But neither side has much to brag about this year in terms of exclusives. This year is all about the multiplats. #1.1.17
I never understood the mentality of wanting any game to fail. I could understand wanting a franchise to end, but wanting a game to fail? That's actually the height of gamer entitlement and selfishness. #1.1.13
I will agree with the sentiment of being ashamed of the gaming community sometimes. But facepalming over a community is very different from being ashamed to identify as a member of that community.

There are always going to be bad apples, but they'll never be the majority. #5.1.2
I have a personal saying that applies to something like this.

Freedom isn't only "not free", it's also not always pretty. Freedom for one has to mean freedom for everyone and that means you won't always like what people choose to do with that freedom.

Because I understand that, I don't bother allowing myself to become offended by what other people say. There will never be a time when all of humanity will always agree on even one thin... #3.2.1
@LeCreuset: Ok so let me see if I got this straight. You reply to my comment with "your argument doesn't persuade me to give a pass to bad behaviour" thereby immediately making the implication that that was either what I said, which you just admitted didn't happen, or what you believe I implied, which you then didn't even touch upon in your pointless dissertation aimed at my points? Does that about cover it?

I'm not responsible for your assumptions,... #3.1.12
I did read it, and that's the entire theme of the blog. He loses pride in being a gamer due to how others act. It has nothing to do with his love of games or not, he would slink away if he identified as a gamer based on the actions of other people.

The root of what I said remains the same. One's ability to love gaming, and to take pride in being a gamer, should firstly, and lastly, be about the love of gaming and not about what other people say or do.

... #5.1
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