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"It's no one's fault but your own irresponsible financial decisions that lead you to buying a console you don't use."

Oh goody, I was hoping you'd comment on one of my blogs. I've heard lots about your unwavering, factless defense of all things Sony.

What's interesting about your comment is that you ignore the timeframe. I specifically mentioned weeks, not years, so that should logically indicate that I have had a use for...

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@moldybread: Yep. Last gen MS got flack for those caps big time. This gen it's Sony doing it.

@Harkins: Link?

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If any of you have been following this then you'll probably be on the fence about who to believe on this.

Bethesda have not been kind to Sony or Playstation fans. We all remember how broken Oblivion is, how broken Skyrim is, how long it took to get the DLC, and how MS got first dibs on mod support.

That said, there are reasons to take Pete Hines at his word this time, even though normally he's an arrogant mouthpiece.

While both ...

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Your entire comment is excusing and justifying what should not be excused nor justified. So because it's normal for PC, and because what's new is seen as exciting, the entire industry should capitulate to putting graphics first and foremost above everything?

These arguments people make are so shallow.

"Smartphones do it" is not an argument, it's an excuse. To use an analog, if your friends jumped off a bridge, does that mean you have...

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I don't own a gaming PC. And your logic needs to be questioned. If my blog is lamenting the focus on graphics, why would I want PC to rule considering there is no place where graphics elitism is more prevalent?

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Not really. I'm not writing a dissertation and not looking to impress an English teacher. Did you understand what I had to say? Yes? Then that's all that matters.

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To adapt P.T. Barnum, it is for the suckers that are born every minute.

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Your comment is devoid of logic. The amount of time it takes to develop a game is not dependent on whether or not it's part of a pre-existing franchise and/or is a sequel. Halo 5 can take just as long to develop as Ratchet and Clank because IP is irrelevant.

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UC4 is underwhelming and overhyped, coming from someone who has only played UC4 in the series. R&C is a remake for a movie and thus mote family friendly than the original, but if remakes float your boat more than original and new stuff, congrats to your low standards. Sports games? Really? Lol. SFV? You mean that unfinished game? Star Ocean 5? You mean that second unfinished game that's mediocre at best?

Great examples.

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They'll see for themselves. Then they'll say we have no other choice but to support the nonsense.

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Actually you can find out fairly easily by using average walking speed measurements and time spent walking.

So like if you walk 10 km/h x 12 hours you've walked 120 km. But it'd be more like 10 meters per hour instead.

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All that's needed to make a Superman game is a solar energy bar that depletes whenever performing certain feats.

Example: Using Heat Vision will deplete the bar a lot, but picking up a car won't as much.

Making a Superman game challenging is doable.

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I actually laughed when I saw "we discussion."

It's like the article was put through Bing translator.

No offense to people who can't speak English well, it's one of the hardest languages to learn, but you'd laugh at us the same way and you know it.

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See, this is the kind of stuff that makes this gen pathetic. If I provided a reason to question this idea that there won't be Neo exclusives, I'd be told Neo hasn't even been announced and to wait for that first. And yet people are taking Destructoid at their word even though Neo doesn't officially yet exist and everyone knows there won't be Neo exclusives because... reasons.

Ya'll are the reason the state of the industry in relation to consumer righ...

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Because all corporations are honest and unchanging at all times about everything.

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They don't. Professional victims and ideologues do.

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And you're not considering the amount of websites there are, the amount of websites that are created each day, and the amount of submissions that pass through here each day. Coupled with a small moderation team comprised of volunteers with day jobs, your siggestion is still impractical.

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More interested in a Terry McGinnis Batman game.

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The Spam comments are worse than the malware links. At least we can protect ourselves from malware links and never see anything.

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