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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


*sigh* For the love of... I really can't believe I have to say this, and it's a real shame too because I'm having to use my last bubble just because there are so many who refuse to actually read, I mean outright refuse to.

I wrote the first half of this blog talking about my experiences with being offered writing positions on sites as a way to show not only that my writing has interested others enough to offer such a position to me, but to showcase that anyone can... #4
It's not about offense. I do not get offended, especially from specific individuals like yourself.

You seem to not know what the meaning of that saying is, so I will elucidate it for you.

The saying "one who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones" means you are guilty of the offense or characteristic you are accusing someone else of being guilty of.

Therefore, it's hilarious that an Microsoft fanboy like yourself... #1.2.3
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. #1.2.1
It doesn't matter if people were asking for it or if people were 360 gamers who now have a PS4. The people asking for it are the same people who will then go on to complain about other B.S. moves that these companies make and yet give the go ahead on blatant cash grabs? It's B.S. and you know it.

Why is this ok but MGS Ground Zeroes not? Answer is it's not ok. Same crap different day. If you're against Day One DLC, On-Disc DLC, Microtransactions, releasing unf... #1.1.8
As much as I love TLOU, probably one of the best games I have ever played in my life, I have to say that this is a blatant cash grab that Sony should be ashamed of.

The PS3 is not an ancient console, The Last of Us is not even a year old, and there is no justification for re-releasing this game at full retail price.

I don't want to hear "but it's good for people who haven't played it yet" or "but it comes with all the DLC" or &... #1.1.5
I detest how selfish these comments have started to sound as I'm not trying to make this strictly about me and my work, but about how I see gaming journalism today. You seem to be blind to it as you are clearly ignoring the sensationalism the "professionals" with "morals and ethics" have been using for YEARS. Unless you are trying to state that IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, or on a more individual level Adam Sessler have never said nor done anything controversial and sensatio... #1.1.3
Your entire comment is narrow, and biased in its own right. You're making assumptions, and the entire purpose of your comment was effectively to say "you're a fanboy and shouldn't even consider branching off into gaming journalism"

For starters, I have to reiterate that you don't know anything about the situation, so your comment here is riddled with your own personal opinion about me. Though you are correct when you say no one could know what the PM... #1.1.2
doolin, I have always and will always respond to any comment made to me. That's what discussion is. You can continue to critique me in the vacuum that you do, but you've no idea of anything I've done outside this site. I could show you the things I've written and the comments section therein, but it'd pointless to do so. Even here, you have to nitpick and focus on the fact that I said "Halo swag" because you want to see bias instead of just taking the examples I... #1.1
There is context. What makes your definition of casual the only accepted use of the word? Casual in this sense means lessened in difficulty/challenge.

I can't believe you're going off on a tangent when your comment is essentially splitting hairs. The problem is that the game is being made easier, and when the term "casual" is applied in this instance it's being used in the sense that a casual game is easy. Easy is a relative term. What's easy for one... #9.2.2
@No_Limit:- First paragraph.


Second Paragraph.

LMFAO that you actually believe that. #1.2.6
While Pyromancy doesn't require any stats to use, the power is directly related to the level of the flame, and how high your int or faith are. With Miracles or Spells there is also Skeptic and Simpleton's spice which allows you to lower the necessary Faith or Int requirement for the spells. Theoretically, you could get WotG down to a Faith requirement of 10, but I would assume the power would then be drastically lowered.

Flame Swathe is definitely a slower casting spe... #6.1.2
People also need to learn what context is.

These nerfs are making the game easy for the target audience, hence casualizing it. The people who enjoy these games enjoy the challenge. Nerfing the easiest boss in the game (Last Giant) is making this game way too easy, hence it feels like a casual experience to the target demographic.

This has Namco Bandai's hands all over it trying to bring the casual players into it. #9.2
Wrath of the Gods is worse, believe me. Flame Swathe is easier to deal with because the AoE isn't as wide. #6.1
Wrath of the Gods. It's a miracle you can't get until either NG++ or you use a Bonfire Ascetic twice at the first bonfire of Drangleic Castle and talk to the Chancellor. It's OP right now. It can kill most players in one hit if it hits you. #4.1.1
The only thing I approve of in this patch is nerfing WotG. It could instakill most players. But the rest of this stuff is making the game casual and ridiculous. #4
Phil is the one that said they were 100% committed to the original vision AFTER the DRM was removed, now he's saying that the controversy and backlash over it hurt him personally? Yeah right Phil.

Actions speak louder than words. You say you're about the games, then work to prove it, but if the DRM comes back like you implied it's going to, remember that no one will forget a day like today.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking... #1.1.9
"but making the other seem much inferior to the other is killing your own sales."

Not really, up until the PS3/Xbox 360 there was no such thing as parity at all and all the games did fine. Xbox games always looked superior to PS2 games because the hardware was superior, didn't stop multiplat games from selling better on PS2.

Parity is B.S. #1.2.1
The actual exclusive feature is that every now and then the protagonist will look up, say "that cloud looks like ______" where blank represents an MS promised feature of the cloud, and then go "heh heh, clouds."

You won't gain access to it without Live though. #1.1.6
You know that B.C. will be locked behind Live. Anything even remotely worthwhile on an Xbox platform is locked behind that.

Sony's no better in that regard. It's very likely that PSNow is going to have its own sub fee.

I personally hate how more and more corporate gaming has become and is continuing to be. #3.1.2
Oh but cloud compute boosting console and game performance ISN'T a pipe dream despite being functionally the same? The hilarity. #1.2.2
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