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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Great blog. You pretty much got it with this one. The internet allows people to say what they want pretty freely. I know, though, that most people could seem to be the worst kind of fanboy in the comment section of any site but when you talk to them one on one it's a different situation. Some people tailor their behavior to how they are approached, some people love to piss people off, some people just like the feeling of being anonymous and being able to say whatever they want.
... #3
That is a reason. "You should do this because someone else does this" is a stupid way of looking at things.

By that logic Sony should put Netflix behind the paywall of PSN and Microsoft should design consoles that don't need external power bricks. #2.2.2
Well, when you fabricate situations, no one will know what you're talking about. #4.1
Why? #2.2
Why is any article criticizing Sony a bunch of nitpicking nonsense? Why is an article criticizing Microsoft met with a bunch of SonyToo™ statements which are then rallied against when the statements are MicrosoftToo™ comments? Why are you trolling everywhere? #1.6.1
Neither of you have been on the PS4 store. #1.3.2
Are people actually complaining that Sony is maintaining their network? What the hell is wrong with people? The same people who b*tch about this are the same people who would b*tch if a lack of maintenance resulted in unscheduled downtime or worse happening.

"You can please all of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, you can never please all the people all the time." #1.1.11
Yeah, I mean we're only the people that pay them, thereby ensuring they have the ability to live every single day. But, screw us right? #8.1.1
I have 2 serious questions to ask.

1. Does anyone here, in complete and total honesty, think that this bit of software will negate the hardware differences between the 2 consoles, and why?

2. Does anyone here, in complete and total honesty, think that PS4 devs will twiddle their thumbs the entire gen and do nothing to improve development for that console, and why?

Thanks. #1.1.11

Frickin' PR snakes running the game industry. #8
@Black0000: Ask fans for the series what they play Dark Souls the most for.

"Which is why the A link Between Worlds & Mario 3D World run at 60 fps lol, maybe you'd have a different mind set if you were a PC gamer who was used to playing different genres of games at 60 fps you'd understand its benefits for gameplay. The only games where it wouldn't have any benefits are turn based games or a interactive game like Heavy Rain."

Firstly,... #1.2.23
@Vegamyster: Sorry but that's incorrect. Dark Souls 2 benefits more from a stable netcode than it does from framerate. The draw for the Souls games is primarily the PVP, and 60FPS won't help you with network lag that causes input delay.

Dark Souls 2 doesn't require the response times that 60FPS helps with, save and except MAYBE parry windows and only in PVE.

"Any game with 60 fps will feel and play better, it doesn't have to be a shooter... #1.2.18
No, are you kidding? He only plays dem hardcore gamez like LoL and Minecraft. Those are dem true hardcore gamez. PC Mastah Race Fo' Life. #2.1.2
Framerate is only a bonus, and only so in games that require a quick response time. Games like Dark Souls DEFINITELY don't need 60FPS at all, but a game like Infamous MIGHT benefit from it if only due to the fact that it has a semi-shooter mechanic to it.

People who want 60FPS for every game are likely people who primarily play shooters and don't expose themselves to games that aren't twitch or response time based. Note I said LIKELY. #1.2.15
@Army_of_Darkness: No it doesn't.

Infamous 1: 2009
Infamous 2: 2011
Infamous SS: 2014

3 games with an average of 2 and half years apart doesn't scream milking.

Just because you don't want to play Infamous games anymore doesn't mean there needs to be a break. Maybe you need a break from them. #1.1.12
Although I am definitely interested in another Darksiders game, I question how good it will be now that we have no idea who will actually be developing it. THQ owned the IP but if I'm not mistaken it was developed by Vigil Games which was owned by THQ and disbanded when THQ was. This means that an entirely new team will be handling the development and we have no idea if the game will be even remotely similar to the previous 2.

Still, I'm hopeful that it will be. If No... #6
There's nothing to think about. Death did die, but when War broke the seal it immediately revived Death which is why he and the other 2 Horsemen are heading to join War at the end of Darksiders 1.

Also Darksiders 2 isn't a prequel, it's a simultaneous story. It occurs after War initially is summoned to Earth at the beginning of Darksiders 1 and he is defeated in the opening of the game. He is put to rest for 100 years and it's during that time that Death's... #4.1
"Hironobu Sakaguchi, all of them legendary and well-respected game creators who've been shit on by the companies they made successful just cause they'd rather subscribe to the big fads and milk those game teats."

He didn't leave because he couldn't make the games he wanted, he left because A)He didn't like how Enix was running the company since they were in the power position after the merger, and B)He didn't want to work with Ken Kutaragi an... #5.1
You have a computer that has a usb port and you're telling everyone that you can't play the movies and music on that external drive? What is stopping you? #1.9
I don't pay attention to his writing at all for that very reason. I think that, because he actually has to be in a video, there's that feeling of putting a face to the words rather than having that little bit of anonymity. Yeah, his name is on every review, but I think it's the feeling of it that is different. If that makes any sense. #1.1.1
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