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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Frickin' LOVE Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, 3 was meh. It's a, shame that Nautilus was disbanded and the IP is owned by a nothing Japanese company, as the dark tones and unique style of Shadow Hearts would be a welcome resurgence to the much more heavily anime/bright/child-like style that current JRPGs are mired in.

I literally was just talking about these games on youtube yesterday trying to get A German Spy to check them out. These games would turn me into a hypocrite if... #3
You haven't once answered how turn-based isn't being stuck in the past, despite being repeatedly asked to do so to explain your butthurt over SE not catering to you and you throwing a tantrum every damn time any SE JRPG is discussed.

Now that you've ran out of bubbles and dodged so many times, I'll answer it. FFVIIR remaining in traditional turn based would be an example of being stuck in the Past. Forgoing whether that's good, or bad, what it isn't is... #8.3.1
Your evasion stat is 255 isn't it? #8.2.1
How many main FF games, including remakes and ports, have been ARPG?

FFXV and FFVIIR will be the first, out of 13 games and many remakes/ports. That's how it's new.

So now explain to me how turn based isn't being stuck in the past? #8.1.1
@Kalkano: If you want to play that game, turn-based combat is as old as fantasy role playing, so do try to answer my original question and stop dodging.

I'm waiting for you to explain how turn-based combat isn't old and would make a remade FF7, which had turn-based combat in 1997, somehow new and innovative and cutting edge. Go ahead, enlighten me. #8
@kalkano: If by stuck in the past you mean actually doing something new with the combat, and thereby not using the traditional turn-based model (tradition meaning a reference to the past), then being "stuck in the past" with my action rpgs (hilarious) looks to be great.

And now you'll tell me how 19 year old turn-based combat is "new" right? #7
FFXIII Trilogy ruined the series. Think about it. No game before that trilogy ever made fans really question SE's skill with FF games (largely due to Squaresoft being a better developer than Enix), but ever since the FFXIII trilogy came out, and how much SE were trying to push Lightning as the new brand mascot (will never happen. The order goes Cloud, a Moogle, a Chocobo, a Cactuar, several summons including Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut, Shiva, and Ifrit, several dozen other characters includ... #6
The article misses the very crucial distinction between the demographics among gamers. Core gamers, casual gamers, gamers who only play specific genres and titles within them, the list goes on and on. Gamers are as varied and diverse as grains of sand when viewed through a microscope.

So while core gamers could band together and not bother picking up the unchanging sports games EA releases every year, how will that stack up against whole countries who buy nothing but Fifa reh... #6
OoglyBoogly, this is clickbait. Clickbait articles are designed with attention grabbing headlines or pics and almost always lack any substance. While this is an opinion piece, it's a clickbait article as it attempts to use titilation (sic?) to gain views on one of the millions of sites that use things like sliders to maximize clicks. The base, minimum requirements of an opinion are included but you could basically grab every NSFW game, throw them all up in the air and the 10 that land fac... #1.1.7
Has the Japanese release date been announced? If so, add about 3 months, go to that months last Tuesday, and that's probably when NA, will see it.

Can't wait. #3
Doesn't make sense to own a console for one multiplat game. #8.2
I think you're conflating Character Tendency with World Tendency. Character Tendency has no impact on the world it only impacts the amount of HP you have in Soul form and in co-op, as well as base damage done against enemies, and the damage values of Demonbrandt, Soulbrandt, and Northern Regalia. Character Tendency is the "lesser" mechanic in that sense. Also, your character tendency is influenced almost exclusively by PVP and co-op. The only exception being when you defeat NPC... #2.2.4
The concept of entertainment is for all people, but not all entertainment is for all people. The Romans held gladiator matches to the death as entertainment. Enjoyable for some, especially the nobles, but not for everyone.

I repeat, your skill or lack thereof has no bearing on the quality of the game design. If you suck, it's because of you, not the game design.

And lol, it actually does cost to make difficulty modes. You have to program stat values, AI b... #14.1.4
All games don't have to be for all people. That doesn't mean it's poor game design. If you can't beat it, that's your problem to overcome, not the game's. #14.1.2
The thing about Demon's is that it's not integrated the way Dark or Bloodborne is. There are 5 worlds with 5 distinct themes. Boletaria Palace is the typical knights theme (which is actually most fans' favourite) and that's World 1. World 2 is Stonefang Mine, pretty self-explanatory. World 3 is what influenced Bloodborne. It's the Tower of Latria. A dark, dungeon-like place with Cthulhu like humanoids, gargoyles, and manipedes, centipede like creatures with human faces. Wo... #2.2.2
@Septic: Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 did the same thing as Bloodborne. Dark Souls 2 messed it up. If you get a chance to play the first two Souls games, jump on it. You won't regret it. #2.2
The point of souls lore is your experience, not a strict story with clearly defined and cliched writing conventions. Souls lore is subtle because it's not meant to be the focus. It encourages questions but doesn't force feed answers. The point is for you to get as much or as little out of the story as you want, so no, it's not told in a terrible manner. Unlike games like FFXIII where terms are thrown out left and right like you're supposed to have some innate comprehension of... #1.1.2
INB4 the prudes.

Never expected playboy to do anything involving games. #7
"Hard" and "fun" are subjective and not necessarily interchangeable. Just because someone sucks at a game, doesn't mean it's poorly designed. #14.1
The author clearly has a case of millenial A.D.D.

I say that because he's fallen victim to this age's penchant for needing quick or instant gratification with little to no effort. Demon's Soul, Dark Souks, and Bloodborne are not hard games. They are intentionally designed to punish twitch, reactionary gaming styles and force methodical play. This is why these games resonate more with older gamers because we come from a time where we had to play most games in this... #1.1.3
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