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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Let me tell you why people dismiss Polygon, or at least give you 2 examples.

The first is Ben Kuchera. The second is Arthur Gies.

These 2 alone are enough to get people to dismiss the site. Ben Kuchera is pro-censorship as long as you're censoring dissent against feminism. Arthur Gies took points off of Bayonetta 2 because of Bayonetta's "overly sexualized design" despite the fact that Bayonetta was designed by a woman.

The... #11.1.3
I find it incredible that anyone can be offended by fictional sexuality. Even more so because I know that offense is a choice, hence the ability to take or not take offense whenever you wish. It's one thing to say one is disgusted by something, that's a legitimate reaction, but offence is not a reaction so they are either disingenuous shysters or they live their lives CHOOSING to be upset over the most nonsensical things. #1.3.2
@miyamoto: Even MS are not spewing this SJW tripe. Polygon is the same kind of cancer that Kotaku is. Fitting since a lot of the staff used to work for, or run, Kraptaku. #1.1.3
Yearly release doesn't mean one year of development. #6.1.2
The entire FFXIII trilogy was the mistake. SE are not at the point of no return. They just need to get their collective heads out of their collective rears and at least TRY making an FF game the way they used to. If it doesn't sell, then they can use that as leverage to say "look, we tried to go back to our roots but it didn't work." #5.2
Excellent idea, more studios should do this kind of thing. Might stop the entitled babies from whining about downgrades, but likely not. #4
It's a copied idea? WTF are you on about? Man, you Nintendo fanboys think everything in gaming is an idea someone copied/stole from Nintendo. #2.1.1
"Why not just show of the footage to put an end to these kind of discussions if he was telling the truth?"

Because it won't. Read the comments here, read the comments anywhere, too many people are so stupid they don't understand the difference between a showpiece and an end product. They could show you the game running on the world's most powerful super computer and you'd still be among the people calling them out for being disingenuous or outright l... #2.2.8
If this were true, then it looks like people who want a 2D Metroid game will have to be happy with Axiom Verge. On the plust side, Axiom Verge is a great game. If Nintendo doesn't want to make a good Metroid game any longer, others will. #3
Unless you want an actual Metroid game, or a 2D Metroid game. #1.2.1
Are you serious? So rather than thinking "hmm, you can swap characters in this game? Cool, you couldn't do that before" you're thinking "You can only swap characters in this game at this time? Pfff, Ubisoft don't know how to innovate to save their life."

Geez, people like you bring a new definition to the term jaded. I bet you loved Shadow of Mordor even though it basically ripped its combat from Arkham, and its stealth from both Watch Dogs and... #2.1.1
I literally have never seen a group of people more in denial in my life, who also seem to read what they want to read and not what actually is written. Who the hell ever said anything about resolution? I sure as hell didn't, and yet it's being harped on about over and over.

Delude yourself into thinking the Xbox One performs better than the PS4 all you want, you never seem to think it does until Digital Foundry tells you what to think. #4.1.7
"It's right on their official youtube channel, "Debut Gameplay Trailer" https://www.youtube.com/wat...

If it wasn't gameplay then they shouldn't say it is."

Did you watch it? It's clearly a conceptual video. Just because it says "gameplay" doesn't mean that someone is actually playing the game, it means "here's an example of the gameplay.&... #2.2.6
Read the answer to number 3. Number 3 asks if they're going to put out actual gameplay footage before release, his answer is "not sure, but will look into it."

What this tells us is that up until that point the footage shown was bullshots, not in-game footage. So either CDPR lied about it being in-game footage, or it was a mistype in the trailer, or they mean something different when they say in-game footage.

In the end, my point still stands. P... #2.2.4
@Rookie: Who said anything about resolution? It's a known fact that the PS4 has superior tech and is literally the superior console. ONE game having better framerate, and issue that is about display tech, not graphics, is an exception to the rule, not the rule itself. You're going to try denying that the PS4 has better hardware than the Xbox One? This isn't about preference, it's about FACTS. #4.1.5
How could there be a downgrade between a showpiece reveal trailer and actual game footage? What you saw in 2013 was a polished PC showpiece. What we see in 2015 is the end result of the work done on the actual game.

Like the link I provided, ads will show you an idealized product, but give you a less than idealized product. It's not a downgrade because a downgrade didn't occur. They showed a polished, hype trailer and then they showed you a real actual gameplay traile... #2.2.2
Disagree all you want. He said "console version." Is PC a console? No it is not. Less than a percent? LOL! You wish. #4.1.2
Then you must fail to see how anyone can get aroused from the real thing, since arousal since both are activated by the same part of the brain. The fact that someone can be aroused by any kind of nudity simply means their minds are more sensitive to it. Not being aroused doesn't make one somehow superior to someone who is. But on the other hand, not being aroused also doesn't mean there's something wrong, it's simply the disassociation aspect at work. #9.2
@inveni0: Why? Does fictional nudity offend/scare you? Or do you plan on letting children play the game? #1.1.3
Really? The fact that the PS4 is technically superior and thus outperforms the Xbox One is somehow in question with you? #4.1
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