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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


"Dark Souls is the definitive Souls game."

No, no it's not.

Boletarian Palace has more atmosphere to it than the entirety of Dark Souls. In fact the way that Demon's Souls did hub worlds made each world memorable while Dark Souls connected world, while not exactly forgettable, doesn't stack up.

Dark Souls doesn't have anything close to Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland (though Sif is damn close)

And I&... #1.2.4
Dude, Tenchu has the best stealth system ever made. MGS' stealth is very overrated. It is not at all impressive. It's basically the same as Skyrim's stealth for goodness sake. #5.1.2
How will that help?

Let's say the team of AC Unity stopped making another AC game for 5 years, and the team for Syndicate did the same.

5 years later both teams come back and the exact same people working under the exact same conditions return.

Do you think that that 5 year sabbatical will suddenly improve the previously awful ideas of the team? Will that 5 years make the creative director any better a leader? Will that 5 years eliminate... #6.1
MGS5's stealth is not impressive.

Crouch the whole game and go into reflex mode if you're caught? Such stealth. #5.1

Breaks don't do anything for anything. You yourself can take a break and the next time you come back to it it might be good for you or not but the series stopping will not stop bad ideas from being used when it comes back.

If a series is bad, it's because of the people involved, not because of how often it releases. #1.2.1
I was on 1up as well. add a 22 to the end of my name and that was me. Was banned because a German "doctor" complained about me. Lol. #1.2.1
@donthate: "with one selling slightly less than the other forcing competition."

slightly? #1.1.8
@Volkama: Your comparison is terrible. Share Play is a new (for consoles anyway) and unique feature to PS4. Without a PS4 you can't use it. Without an Xbox One, you can still play Xbox 360 games if you have an Xbox 360. You just used the typical "space" argument as a plus for BC when it's really not.

Also, you can't just play any 360 game you want on Xbox One. You have to own it and it has to be compatible, so this "I can play games I never had befo... #1.3.4
@r2oB: But at that point you'd have to buy the old Gears games to make use of the BC, meaning that the BC is no better a feature than remasters on PS4 are, in fact remasters are better because you get more. So again, it really seems like BC is not as great a feature as some would claim. #1.1.9
@Rookie: Who is the option for? Not for Xbox One owners with a 360, and not for Xbox One owners without a 360. You're saying, why not?

With a 360 you don't need BC.

Without a 360 why do you have 360 games in order to play using BC?

So yeah, it's a nice option, but it's really only for those people who thought of selling their 360 for an Xbox One and hoped later to buy another 360 when they had the money, which is unlikely sinc... #1.3.2
I want to know why people who consider themselves gamers do not own an Xbox 360 if they care about playing Xbox 360 games. And who has Xbox 360 games to play, but not an Xbox 360? I ask because BC really isn't some godsend feature to anyone who actually cares about gaming. I mean, there is no real reason to be rid of the previous gen console just because a new console comes out, and if you use a previous console to pay for a new console, then you do so understanding that the likelihood yo... #1.1.7
That position is already taken by Mark Cerny. #1.1.1
Because Imperials are better with money.

#AllBrawnNoBrains #UlfricWasWrong #TiberSeptimWantedToBeImperial #2.1.1
This is beautiful. It really shows that gaming has, and always will be, for everyone. Everyone loves to take on a role that they can't in real life, everyone loves some good ol' fashioned escapism. Good for you Grandma Shirley.

Should have been an Imperial though, Imperial Luck doubles all found money. #2
I understand not wanting to click on a Kraptaku article, but come on now.

And no, Brian Ashcraft is not a girl. #8.1
This is why people consider men to be so repressed and insecure about sexuality, because there are people making fun of even the idea of a man calling another man hot. Women calling other women hot is perfectly fine, but if a man does it then there's something wrong with him.

This despite the fact that bodybuilding, as a sport, actually exists and caters to men. #7.1.2
Spira, Donkey Kong Country from the Super Nintendo, or Star Ocean 3 Elicoor II from Star Ocean 3. #16
But you feel like a savvy consumer supporting the biggest, most accepted DRM scheme, the most prolific use of pirating, and a development scene that actually promotes laziness on the part of developers because there are consumers out there who will do the work for free? #2.1.2
What? How does one even come to that kind of conclusion?

With that kind of logic I could say paying into PC is paying into the right to be an arrogant douche. #2.1
It's not likely to happen though because that would require writing and voicing them and they probably don't want to do that. I can't see them wanting to add more work than they have to onto the game. #1.1
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