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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Dude, don't act pompous and then end your comment with "a word of advice"

I don't really care that Seshomaru wears fur and Sephiroth doesn't. When you look at them, both are tall, both have long brightly colored hair, both are arrogant... I mean I can keep going. There's inspiration, and there's just remaking the same character over and over. You don't have to be an artist to see that so kindly take your smugness elsewhere. #4.2.2
@Magicite: You probably forgot to use Libra. #1.2.5
@Snookies12: You know I could easily reverse your statement to apply to your statement about Sephiroth right? I mean, this is basically you just ignoring that Sephiroth's design is nothing new to say that he has one of the best character designs.

For what? For his already overdone design? For an FF game that has better designed villains?

To each their own.

@Baka: What? Shin and Sephiroth are nearly the same in every way. Long silver hair,... #4.1.4
@Spotie: Context. Remaining on topic. Do you want me to build a time travelling DeLorean and go back to when the .hack games were made to criticize them playing themselves when those games were being discussed? #1.2.3
@donthate: "Yes, because you have your head so high up in Playstation fanboyism, you don't actually see the dire situation of the rest of Sony corp."

You have to be injecting yourself with heroine while doing crack after having had your head smashed in with a sledgehammer. That's literally the only way to explain what is probably the dumbest comment ever made on the site, ever.

Reading all of your comment, I'm going to try explaining to... #1.1.11
First link: "My account got deactivated."

That's not a hack. The guy got phished clearly. All you need to deactivate an account is the email address and password associated with the account, which is not hard to get.

Second link: An email address and password change is not a hack. Can easily be explained, again, by phishing.

Third link: Again can be explained with phishing or game sharing. Also important to note is that in those... #8.1.2
Point out a single quote in this entire thread where I downplayed the Xbox One's B.C. #1.6.1
"Why else do you think FF13 all but played itself?"

Oh geez, now you've done it. Now all the "you must not have played FFXIII if you think it played itself" comments are sure to flood here. #1.2.1
I hated Augustine. I didn't find her intriguing or compelling at all.

I mean, she claimed to be trying to help Conduits, by making the world view them as monsters, training them to be killers, just to lock them up. That's just stupid reasoning. When you compare her to the likes of Kessler, she falls flat in a big way.

It's funny because both Augustine and Kessler had similar methods and motivations, but Kessler was just a much better done villain. #3.1.2
That's debatable.

Sephiroth's character design is very cliche anime style. Hell, even the more obscure anime/manga have it. Ever heard of Tenjo Tenge? Take a look at Shin Natsume.

http://pre13.deviantart.net... #4.1.1
Because it will be. Come on now, you should know by now men are evil. Making a woman the villain will just invite sexism and misogyny claims. #3.1
Sephiroth is a pathetic excuse of a villain, so anyone can top him and have.

Kefka on the other hand. You'd have to really ramp up the psychotic, "evil for the fun of it" sadism to top him. I mean, Kefka essentially became a god just to destroy the world. Not because he wanted to rebuild it in his own image, not because it was his job to, just because he could. Good luck topping that. #4
@4Sh0w: You won't go into them because those "technical reasons" you mention have no bearing on PSNow being B.C.

Can PSNow allow one to play older PS3 games on the PS4?


Is Backwards Compatibility the ability to play older games on newer hardware?


/thread #1.1.13
So far in this string of comments the following arguments have been used.

"Playstation 4 has no games"

Games are shown

"Xbox One has more games"

List shown showing number of PS4 games.

"Quantity doesn't matter, it's quality that matters."

PS4 has more 90+ games.

"Quality doesn't matter if there isn't enough quantity." <... #1.1.16
@PistolsAtDawn: Because they don't need to. They have a B.C. option already. They may not want to call it one because it can stream to non-Playstation devices, but the goal of all B.C. is to be able to play older generation games on newer hardware which is what you can do with PSNow on the PS4.

Sony has no plans to have a feature that's like what Microsoft is calling Backwards Compatibility. No argument there.

Microsoft's version in my opinion is... #1.1.11
@donthate: Once again the point is so far over your head it's in orbit. The point isn't that MS hasn't yet sold the Xbox division, it's that business analysts were predicting they were based on the fact that Xbox, as a division, has been a bad division for Microsoft on the whole since it began. The division has bled money from the very start, and the Xbox One's launch was probably the most panned, worst received launch in the history of the industry. THOSE are facts.
"If by day one, you mean months after launch then sure."

Sure, that's what I mean when I'm talking about the Xbox's B.C. I'm saying that the Xbox's B.C. isn't native because PSNow wasn't on PS4 day one. Yep, you got me there.

And I'm also saying that PSNow's limited selection is pushing an agenda because the Xbox One doesn't have a limited selection at all and I'm just trying to downplay the fact that the... #1.3.1
@donthate: You basically just said I was right but won't allow yourself to allow a situation in which the Xbox One can be criticized so you invented loopholes and technicalities to really end up saying nothing. The mental gymnastics are truly gold medal worthy. #1.2.4
Must resist urge...

Ok, so let's begin.

Xbox Fanboy #1 who literally doesn't hide that he's an Xbox fanboy.

"Does PSNow allow you to play games offline? It isn't backwards compatibility, its a video streaming service."

When and where was Backwards Compatibility officially defined as allowing offline play? That B.C. started with console incapable of being online to begin with doesn't mean the feat... #1.1.8
Dark Souls is not better in every way. Just because you have a semi-open world (Dark Souls was just as linear as Demon's Souls, it just didn't have a hub world) doesn't mean Dark Souls is objectively better. Dark Souls had the more difficult "level" progression? Really? How so?

And how many of you immediately knew what to do with the various shards? #1.2.3
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