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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Really? The fact that the PS4 is technically superior and thus outperforms the Xbox One is somehow in question with you? #4.1
More stupidity crying over the difference between a reveal showpiece and a final product.

I wonder if you cry the same when you go to McDonald's and your Big Mac doesn't look as advertised.

http://alexandrahighcrest.c... #2.2
@redey3: Allow me to show you the difference.


What you see is not always what you get.


Showing you an idealized product and delivering to you something less than idealized is a cliche in the Free Market. Y... #1.2.4
This is precisely what I mean when I say there hasn't been a downgrade.

A reveal trailer is a piece, one portion that's heavily polished because it's meant to be a showpiece. You're seeing the game at its absolute highest potential, something that's unfeasible for the market.

In 2015 you're seeing what is feasible for the market. How they have worked on the game to make it as close to that polished vision that they can get it. That'... #1.2.1
Oh for the love of... really? A guy even went so far as to say that the train model is incorrect too? Man, some people have WAY too much time on their hands. I can just see the boycott now. #4
Probably the same dev they originally outsourced FFXIV to then. #6.1.2
Prices are set by the publishers, not by Sony (unless it's a first party title). That's another con to digital. #2.2.1
I bring your attention to P.T.

No, you can't re-download whenever you want. You can re-download as long as the game is still available on the servers. If you keep the game disc, that's not a problem.

For me the no tax pro is the reason I buy digital. Games are $70 in Canada and after tax they're $79. Why am I paying $80 for a $60 game? #1.3
I honestly don't understand why SE would even touch the RNG system in this remaster. Some say its for the casual players, but FFX is not a hard game to begin with. Yeah the optional stuff can be hard, but only real fans will go for that stuff and already know how to exploit it anyway. This fixed RNG can ensure you lose Blitzball games you were sure you could win (example, the initial game against Luca is now one you can possibly be guaranteed to lose), and I imagine it also impacts things... #6
Yeah I'm not getting the PS4 version unless they patch the RNG. I'm a hardcore FFX fan and the fixed RNG will be something I immediately notice, and that will just ruin the game for me. I'm glad the PS4 allows for the option to choose the original soundtrack. In my opinion it is vastly superior to the remaster. I hope they fix the audio bug because it's shameful to deny people the ability to experience each track in its fullest glory. #4.1
@Death: Don't forget Miss Cleo.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4.2
And it has fixed RNG.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
Why is anyone surprised? Arthur Gies removed points from Bayonetta 2 for being oversexualized. This is the same crap I've been talking about for years. The agenda pushing has come to a head and it's only getting worse. Unless more people like Adrian Chmielarz come forward and start denouncing reviews that remove points for ideological/political agendas, expect this kind of review style to continue and grow.

Reviews can absolutely be objective, and they should be. Leav... #1.1.3
I doubt there was an actual downgrade. What has happened is CDPR is guilty of the same crap Ubisoft is guilty of. Showing a better looking PC build of a game first, then showing the obviously less capable console version more recently. It's all about the bullshots.

You can't blame consoles for the game looking worse on PC. Nothing is preventing CDPR from making the PC version the best it can be. MS and Sony could not complain about parity issues because they'd hav... #1.1.7
Please procreate as much as you can to spread your brand of rational thought in the world. We need more women saying "uh, I don't really care what I play as, as long as it's good." #1.4.1
The Unity screw up did give us free DLC though, so I'm kinda hoping it's a terrible buggy mess. Lol. #5.2.2
It may have been too ambitious for them for now. They may bring it back in the next AC game after working on it. #6.1
Well it requires resources and focus in development, resources and focus that could be better used in the single player ensuring a smooth running game. #5.2
Not really. In Watch Dogs, if you never accessed online at all, you'd never be invaded. I played the PVP A LOT and I was never invaded until after I tried invading someone else. I'm talking about a dynamic system like in the Souls games (not Bloodborne as it's less dynamic by relying on the bell-ringing woman) where you could be doing your thing and then all of a sudden someone invades you in the middle of stalking a Templar and they try to kill you. Or, they could implement some... #4.1.1
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