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Uh, Joel doesn't have an attitude problem. The dude had to do some terrible things to survive for 20 years AFTER losing his daughter. Throughout the game his character growth brings out the guy we met at the beginning of the game. I think the author doesn't really understand Joel's character at all.

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Shouldn't need to be a justification. It should just be "this is what we wanted" and it ends there.

And on another note, Abriael, fix your site's layout. Like seriously. It sucks on mobile, and this is what I get to see on desktop...

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"But, it's new to PS4 owners."

But it's not a new game. In gaming, a year is an eternity. By that time people could have played the game via friends who own it, or they could have just watched an entire playthrough on youtube, etc... What incentive do PS4 users have to buy an old game they weren't good enough to receive a year ago? And no, the fact that it is new on PS4 is not an incentive if its overall age is a comparative eternity in the industry.

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"Why do you feel as if the publisher of ROTR is obligated to compensate PS4 owners? Is your assessment based solely on the fact that the game was initially released on another platform?"

They want PS4 gamers to buy a year old game. They have to give PS4 users a damned good reasons to forget that they weren't good enough to get the game a year ago and $30 is not a damned good reason.

@AndrewLB: The game is a year old period. Doesn't matte...

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Uncharted 4 was the first and only Uncharted game I ever played. To me it felt like Assassin's Creed 4 without the ships but with worse combat than TLOU and I found half the characters to be annoying as hell. I hated both female characters for different reasons, hated the antagonist, Sam was alright, Sully was pretty cool, and Nate was forgettable.

I think people just want to overhype UC4 because it's a Sony first party exclusive from Naughty Dog and you're not ...

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"Square Enix doesn't owe you a damn thing, nor does any other publisher or developer that decides to make their game a timed exclusive for one platform over the other."

If they want money and success they sure as hell owe me a damned good explanation why I'm supposed to buy their year old game they couldn't be arsed to release to everyone a year ago. And $30 is not a damned good reason.

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"but also has better graphics than most games coming out this year."

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DashieXP all the way.

To whomever downvoted DashieXP, you telling me this isn't awesome?

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No one asked them to. Most American fans prefer the Japanese box art for FF games anyway.

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That has more to do with their dwindling population as men in Japan have come to prefer porn over actual women and aren't starting families. This is rooted in Japan's heavy emphasis on placing work as the top priority of life to the point that salarymen just live in capsule hotels close to work and never bother going home to their wives, if they even care to find a wife anymore.

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"Anyone else getting a prohibition-esque vibe from the feminists recently? As if they would like nothing more than to ban video game nudity, censor cleavage, and regulate body proportions just to say the least?"

You're not thinking big enough. Feminists want to ban straight white men from existing, and also to thought police. Thought policing would encompass every possible thing you can come up with that feminists want to ban.

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"serves to reinforce that women are sexual objects and offer nothing but cheap thrills and sex appeal to male players."

Reinforces to whom? Men? Because men are more mature about sexualization than feminists are, they don't care.

Women? Women who think that they are expected to be a sexual object based on consumed media have self-esteem problems that they need to work on that is not the fault of the media.

I always see peo...

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"Wrestling is fake"

*Proceeds to tell D-Lo Brown that he did not in fact paralyze someone from the waist down with a bitched suplex because wrestling is fake.*

The outcomes are pre-determined, and the wrestlers are trained to sell moves, but being thrown can't be faked.

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You don't have to be a statist to see that regulation does have benefits. Certain protections are one.

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People like this are what comtinue to give gamers and gaming a bad rep. Bunch of children that haven't learned that competition doesn't have to equate to being your very life so they lose focus to the fact that they are playing a game that's meant to entertain.

Then the regressives use this to say gamers are toxic and violent. Thanks douchebags.

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I will always put Demon's at number 1. To this day no other Soulsborne game has equalled or surpassed its atmosphere imo. It was also when the community was at its best and purest. No constant whining about weapons and spells, trolling was fun, funny, and fair. Still has the best online stability of all 5 games. It did so much right.

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The problem with Sony and handhelds is twofold. First, they are WAY too afraid of software piracy so they go overboard with security measures on their handhelds. Nintendo's DS and 3DS have been pirated to hell and back but are immensely successful with far less restrictions and expenses than any of Sony's handhelds. Proprietary hardware like the memory cards or batteries that drive costs are a huge reason for Sony's handhelds being relatively unsuccessful (even though the PSP did ...

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PC Gamers don't even need this. They're getting something they wouldn't buy for free.

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You can't. That was patched so that item value per unit of weight factors into experience gained except for jewelry. You can level up fast making necklaces or armor. Daggers provide a pitiful return. Or you can just spam sneak attacks on either NPC you follow at the beginning of the game.

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