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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


I get it. The author wants you to stealth kiss the Uruk, either that or stealth kill your wife. #8
Unfortunately N4G doesn't care about that system. Polygon is here to stay. #5.1
In the interest of sparing people from reading things that everyone already knows.

12. Log in with Facial recognition (knew that from day one)

11. Easily take screenshots (you mean no one knew about Sony's most discussed feature?)

10. Charge your controller from standby mode (really?... really? ugh)

9. Manage your data (*facepalm*)

8. Switch between applications with ease (is it just me, or does it seem l... #1.1.7
Actually I saw today that the Canadian Dollar is now worth 90 cents American. So yeah, it just went down. Lol. But I doubt it will go down to the 67 or 68 cents it was a few years ago that prompted lower costs on most things. #4.1.2
I suppose lack of physical media is definitely the biggest advantage, I hadn't thought of that.

"BTW - your point about physical media not taking up space on the consoles HDD is moot since the first thing any next gen console does it install the entire game to the HDD."

True, but I also mentioned that with a physical game, you can delete that data to free up space and any time in the future you can just reinstall it. You can't always do that... #6.1
Canada's trade fees aren't much different to the U.S.

The reason we've always had to pay more was due to our dollar, not taxes. We don't, for example, have anything like VAT the way Europe does. Though I admit I'm not very up to date with Canada's trading fees.

I don't think the situation will change any time soon either, but the digital market prices are a problem everywhere, including the U.S. #4.1
Nah, I get frustrated by it, but if I really want the game I'll still get it and the price won't affect my enjoyment unless the game is terrible. Thankfully for me, that's hardly ever happened. But I agree with you that digital games should be at maximum a flat $50. $70 is ridiculous, and I feel worse for the European gamers like LightofDarkness above who have to pay even more thanks to VAT. #3.1
Your reasons

1. Sure it's a reason, but I wouldn't classify it as objectively "better" than physical unless someone likes to be lazy.

2. Not true. A lot of the times I've had to wait until the store was updated in order to get the game. For PSN, that's a Tuesday afternoon. Admittedly though, I haven't pre-ordered a digital game off the PSN marketplace so you may be right in that event. Still, for me that's not really a "... #1.1.2
"Everyone who is pro videogames use the same arguments as you and everyone who is against videogames use the same arguments as Jack Thompson."

You mean facts vs. fiction? Jack Thompsons claims were officially refuted and debunked. 9, count 'em, 9 federal courts rejected his claims outright. This means, scientifically, games DO NOT affect behaviour. This isn't an opinion, this is a fact that Jack Thompson was fired over. Google is your friend if you don't... #4.1.1
Video games having a positive influence on skills that improve through use, such as hand eye co-ordination or problem solving, is VASTLY different than video games influencing negative BEHAVIOUR patterns.

An improvement in multi-tasking, or hand eye co-ordination requires nothing but physical activity, absent of a positive or negative context. Influencing behaviour is vastly more complex. It's been widely refuted that gaming influences violent behaviour, which we know tha... #4
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I've needed a new game for a long long time, so I was tired of waiting. Why should I hope that Shadow of Mordor will go on sale next year (no guarantee) if I can get it immediately? The point is that Sony has no actual reason to charge $70 for any game and "market environment changes" isn't a real reason. #1.1
Hey, it's a very real possibility that that's the reason why. Think about it. Would you want to be a dev that has to deal with Femnazistani women attacking you for your game when you can release it in your own country and people, you know, don't lose their sh*t over it? #8.1.3
Because the women of Femnazistan would crucify them for it. #8.1
I'm sorry what? I was too busy knowing that professional gaming was a thing and is a career choice.


What was that again? Oh, sour grapes? Got it. #6.1.2
How have you failed if your daughter is making 6 figure incomes?

This is again making sex something that's dirty and immoral, yet everyone loves to do it and it's necessary for the survival of any species that isn't asexual.

It's like saying that you look in the mirror and think to yourself "look at this disgusting immoral piece of trash looking back at me, I'm gonna throw up" or after having sex you cry about the disgusting acts... #5.2.4
Not distasteful at all. What's immoral about the human body? You have one, everyone does, in many cultures throughout the world, nudity isn't seen with the same puritanical taboo that it is in the West so morality in this case is subjective and no one has the right to insert or enforce their morality on someone else.

I'd really love to know how someone using their body, which they obviously have to take care of if they want to make any real money off it, is immora... #5.2.2
Implying that you can't make money off of gaming. #6.1
"shame most girls get famous online is by taking off clothes."

How is that a shame?

So using the innate assets one is born with is shameful now? Everyone uses the skills or assets they've been given to make a living, a woman's body is no different. If she chooses to bare all and becomes successful off it, who are you to say that that's shameful? #5.2
Guys don't "judge by looks." They judge looks as an initial statement, but that's because we're visual creatures that way. Just because a guy's first comment may be "she's hot (or not)" doesn't mean he's judging the person, it's just making a simple, visual statement.

And if it's seen as such an unusual thing that an attractive woman games, you have to remember that gamers have been fighting the stigmas of that identity... #3.2.2
It'll just be one sentence. "She's obviously suffering from internalized misogyny." That's the go to argument for feminists trying to silence women. #1.1.1
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