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"5 Cole"

As in McGrath? Nice choice. We need him back. Too bad SP is working on Spiderman instead of Infamous.

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Why? What is going on here? I went to his page and all I see are gifs and vids of clips of him playing the game. Are you suggesting that playing the game is a skill GG needs? I platinum'd the game, it was easy, where's my flight to Amsterdam?

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One of the easiest Platinums to get.

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@Senor: "Superman has only one weakness."

Lol, you have no idea what you're talking about.

I bet you love Iron Man though.

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@ziggurcat: I said nothing racist, nor sexist, so begone regressive.

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@ShadowWolf: First you say this...

"Not remotely unfathomable, dude. Nadine's been trained, taught, to fight and kill since CHILDHOOD. "

And then follow up with this...

"You're also missing the ludonarrative dissonance."

Really dude? So we're meant to accept that Nadine is a trained killer, but Drake's entire life actually facing off against armies, regardless of whether he "ac...

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Eh, IGN hasn't stirred the political pot before, I'm inclined to believe they aren't doing so now either. David Jaffe has just proven that he sucks at game development now. The only SJW thing about this game is, afterall, David Jaffe. I'm sure he'll run his mouth about this.

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"Sully's history as a Marine, however, didn't neatly fit into what Naughty Dog wanted to explore in an Uncharted game."

But Nadine's history as the leader of a PMC does? Specious reasoning.

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Well let's see. Let's remove ND making her into a Super Saiyan for the moment and look at her from how she is portrayed as a person in the game.

She has typical Angry Black Woman syndrome only ND changed it from being a stereotype in the US to being a character trait for her. She's pissed off all the time and has no qualms about flying off the handle at the drop of a hat. If she didn't inherit the PMC, she wouldn't have the temperament to be an effective...

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"Dude just can't fathom that a woman trained as a soldier her whole life could beat Drake or hold off both of them when their fighting experience is as a brawler and not as a soldier trained to pick apart and kill an enemy."

That's because it's unfathomable. Drake has taken out whole armies by himself. He took out HER army by himself. He survived in 3rd world prison conditions. And we're to expect a woman half his size, who became the leader of her...

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Cultural appropriation is stupid. The concept itself is ludicrous. You cannot take anyone's culture because culture is not a tangible thing that can be taken. If a white person dons a traditional Native Headpiece, that does not prevent a Native from doing the same for example.

Horizon Zero Dawn has massive problems in the attempts at conveying the political message it is obviously trying to convey.

It isn't feminist because Aloy is a female, for e...

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"T =/= D. That's not a complicated concept. If it was not knowing how to spell or pronounce a word like wild, an actual example of a word that doesn't make any sense, then yuo'd have a point."

Would you like me to scroll up and point out all of the mistakes you made with some of your other comments here? #SmugLife

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"The answer is all of those things I said."

No it isn't, because NO ONE would ever buy consoles for the reasons you listed. Not unless those reasons translate to some kind of improvement in the games, and only hardware and potentially software could maybe do that.

"There is a wonderful thing called a settings menu. Even some PS4 Pro games have them now. Even without them, the game can look identical but run significantly better on diffe...

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"IT's a choice *for you.* Many people simply don't have the option to buy multiple consoles."

Actually everyone has the choice to buy multiple consoles, they just have to either sacrifice to do so, or work harder to do so. No one is prevented from buying as many things as they want to by anything other than their own willpower. If you have the money for one, then you have the money for many so long as you are willing to have some patience.

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Have you considered that English may not be their first language? That they hear the word parity and think it's spelled parody because English as a language is f***ed up? No, no of course you didn't. How silly of me.

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Irrelevant. We've seen that parity is more important to devs than full hardware use.


No one buys consoles for their UI

"Digital Storefronts usability"

Physical still exists on consoles and no one buys a console because the online store is user friendly.

"pricing and return policies."

Pricing is da...

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No one is entitled to everything. Just because you do 90% of your gaming on one console doesn't mean you get to have the games from consoles you don't own.

You want the privilege of playing other games, you need to have the other hardware. Simple as that. And people who whine about that fact fail at life because it's a staple of literally everything.

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"Jontron put Playtonic in a position and just because they dont want publicly associating with those views doesnt mean a great deal."

No he didn't. NeoGaf put Playtonic in a position. NeoGaf is an SJW cesspit looking to punish thought crimes. All Playtonic had to do was issue the following statement.

"The views of Jon "JonTron" Jafari are his alone and do not reflect or represent those of Playtonic Studios."

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You need to watch a dev on youtube. His name is Troy Leavitt. He has several videos on the gaming development scene and the levels of consideration they give to SJWs in developing games.

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@KillBill: Lol, you have a massive reading comprehension issue. I made no equivalence to transgender, I corrected a poorly used example. One that has nothing to do with trans people. Lmao, trying to tell me to study something when the point flew so far over your head it is now in orbit. Hilarious.

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