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Dorian in Dragon Age Inquisition is full on gay and no one cares. Witcher 3 actually has a sidequest where you help out a gay hunter and no one cares. In fact I bet most people don't even know about the gay hunter, it's that innocuous.

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You know I would love for a developer to announce that a character is straight in a game like Overwatch but without any kind of comic or out of game content. Just make a huge announcement that the character is straight and then mock the reaction, just to show how ridiculous it is to make a big deal out of the orientation of non-people.

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How? Does her being gay have some bearing on her presence in game? Does her being gay make her play better or offer you a bigger incentive to play as her because there is some purpose that can only be fulfilled by the fact that you are playing as a gay character?

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@IvanSF: Explain a scenario in which Tracer's orientation improves Overwatch.

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First you say this...

"it's just fleshing out a character some more..."

And immediately follow with this...

"if it's not a big deal dont turn it into one..."

Without once acknowledging that Blizzard made it a big deal in the first place.

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I would like to ask your friends how much better their personal lives have become now that a fictional person is gay.

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@rainslacker: "Found it kind of weird they made Ellie gay without one single hint in the original."

Right? I thought that Ellie and that black boy whose name I can't remember were kinda being set up to maybe be something and that even though he died the game kind of hinted that Ellie was open to something. Then the DLC comes and she's gay? It's like... what? Why? It felt like an unnatural development, which was evident in how everyone questioned Druckm...

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@Eonjay: It's not that the character is gay, it's that an event was made out of the character's orientation. Who cares that Tracer is gay? No one. But Blizzard made it look like Tracer being gay is a big deal, is important, and needs to be celebrated. Why? Orientation is not something that should be celebrated. No one celebrates water for being wet, or fire for being hot. Imagine if someone did that, then ask yourself what you'd feel if someone did make a huge event out of ice...

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Part 2: "And on top of that this is a pretty..."

Empathy is irrelevant where fiction is the topic. These characters are not people, they do not go through what actual people go through, and no one's life will be made better by living in some kind of fantasy that seeing a gay character in a game will somehow change anyone's perception on real life gay people.And again, the inclusion of these characters is not the problem I'm discussing. It's WHY the...

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"But in saying this..."

No, not I'm not. For starters I'm not a conservative. Secondly, it's an argumentation flaw to suggest that anyone who is not parroting progressivism must therefore be conservative, and finally I haven't even stated an ideology that I may even believe in for any developer to have to tow its line. I've very clearly stated that I'm against the kind of tactics that have been consistently used to push developers into towi...

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Likely a banned account.

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@Dee: I don't have the "bubbles" to properly address everything you said (because the bubble system still exists, it's just hidden) so I'm going to go over some small points.

Firstly, save the trigger warnings for people like you who need to be warned that life is happening around them, because that's all trigger warnings are good for, warning the perpetual professional victims that they are a part of a world and that life is not meant to cater to ...

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A) Debateable and B) That doesn't mean his opinion matters enough that an article needs to be made.

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Europe only.

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What are you on about? We all know that everything tastes like chicken. The Matrix told us so.

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"1 out of 23 is 4%. Hardly against the odds."

When you only have 23 people total, yeah it's 4%, but not when you have 300 million or 7 billion. Taking 23 people out of billions and assuming that 1 of them is gay is against the odds and that's what I said. LGBT make up 3 to 5% of the GLOBAL populace.

"Says Blizzard themselves. If you watch Gamespot's The Story of Overwatch they talk about it at some point that they made the chara...

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"It's called world building...."

It's not world building when there is no world to build. Banter is not a story. Again, it's like saying that Titanfall's story was Citizen Kane by comparison. If you and I sat in purgatory and spoke about this discussion, thereby signifying we had past interaction, and talked about how boring purgatory is, we did not just create a story or build a world. We had a 5 second interaction. Story requires more than "...

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"What 'facts' are these or have you just plucked them out your arse ?"

Do you REALLY want me to go into this ginganinja? Because we both know that I can, that I can show you things like, for example, the actual number of LGBT people in the world and how if they really wanted equality (which they don't) in representation then having relatively few LGBT characters in gaming is actually equality and going over that number is overrepresentation. Christophe...

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My bad on the numbers, but you didn't describe a story. Banter is not a story. By that logic Titanfall had a much better "story."

You are ignoring the question of why. That's what people care about. Why was it necessary to "diversify their cast of characters" in the first place, and why so long after the game released? Why do it for out of game content where the brownie points don't matter and there is literally no impact (there wouldn't ...

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Careful, there's sexism afoot. :O

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