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Why are romantic comedies marketed towards girls? Why is Meow Mix marketed towards cats? Why is viagra marketed towards men suffering from ED?

Ask stupid questions, and you should know what you get.

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"It's either MTs or $80-$100 games becoming the standard."

There are many things wrong with your position here.

First, no, it's not. Why? Well let's get into it.

I can assume you said this because you believe, erroneously, that publishers MUST do this. Games are sooooo expensive to make right? Wrong. Games cost no more to make now than they did 20 years ago, and that's a real fact you can look at yourself. A ga...

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@UnHoly_One: Except I do know that it's not necessary. Again, I refer you to the PC market. PC games get basically zero marketing, and yet PC game sales are on par with, and in some cases greater than, console game sales. You don't see stuff like PUBG getting commercials, or banner postings, or any of that stuff that you'd see games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 get, and yet when you look at community engagement, those PC games with no marketing are always selling well and being pl...

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@UnHoly_One: I refer you to the PC market, where games with zero marketing are hugely successful. But let's say for the sake of argument that you are correct, is over twice the development budget a necessary expenditure for marketing? Especially in the internet age where anyone can make incredible ads for free?

I would like for you to elaborate please on why $200 million is necessary to market a game whose core demographic will already know of its existence and will hav...

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@4Sh0w: 1st: You're arguing for the allowance of a developer to provide for a way for people to not play the actual game. That's what you're legit arguing for when you say "let casuals pay for shortcuts." So I submit this question. What point is there in playing a game you do not intend to play?

2nd: They are not a necessary evil. They are not even necessary at all. Games do not need this extra revenue stream, especially full retail priced games. Publi...

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Blizzard have no room to talk on this issue. They are the very reason loot boxes became popular and they should stay out of this conversation or else we can play a game of "Let's spot the hypocrisy."

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There are no such things as loot crates done correctly because they play on people's psychology. They are designed to be enticing and Blizzard is the reason loot boxes became as popular as they are. Because of their "loot crates done right" they showed the rest of the industry just how many whales there are, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the result. So no, Blizzard is not off the hook for this.

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"You can hate what he is saying but he’s right. Accounting for inflation, games have gotten actually cheaper and production has gone up exponentially. Couple this with naive, self deserving gamers and you get a “controversy”. I like to call them mill nail controversy’s cuz they’re always very “me me me” centered. The original destiny ended up at $400 million all in to get to release."

You actually proved my point rather than I proving his. Destiny did not cost $40...

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EA is encouraging piracy.

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This prediction is so easy to see that even Michael Pachter would get it right.

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EA going for that Worst Company in America trophy hard this year.

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@4Sh0w part 2: "Take into account that games haven’t increased in price for 10+ years, but gaming budgets and development costs have gone up literally 4-6x since LAST generation started. Also, consider people like you bitched about DLC costing extra (because, you know, that should be free to you entitled brats right?)."

Considering this to be a good point is asinine. It isn't a good point. The budget for games has not gone up as much as the industry wants you...

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@4Sh0w: Before going further, I'd like you answer a simple question.

Can you name an instance in which the gaming industry, in terms of features not absolutely necessary to the basic function of games or devices, has been remotely trustworthy with implementing those features in a consumer friendly, non-exploitative sense?

"This is what I want to know."

The answer to your question is in a descriptive exercise. Picture yours...

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The real answer

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"No you are the sheep dragon that believed everything written about this game, Everything and you bought right into it."

You mean I believed that the true ending was a grind fest whose very existence encourages the purchase of microtransactions or forces you into a tedious grindfest? Yes, yes I do believe that because that's actually what happens, and if you'd actually bother to read anything I've written on this topic, you'd have seen I've foc...

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@bolimekurac: The claim was made on behalf of the victim by a friend of the victim's sister who posted the victim's claim on facebook. I know that the link here shows the facebook post, but there is a backstory that talks about how it's not actually the victim posting it. No name for the victim is stated or known. Therefore this can't be considered as anything more than a 3rd hand rumour.

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"As long as they remain like Shadow of War's (Everything can be gained in-game or purchased with in-game money earned through diverse activities. Even the special cash, Gold, can be earned by completing certain daily and weekly challenges, no need to spend any real money), it won't be an issue for most."

They won't. When has that ever happened with greed markets?

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morganfell I suggest you take a look at just how many people disagree with you.

You are in the extreme minority in this because everyone else actually cares about having a good experience and understands value for money.

You need to take a look at AngryJoe's review for this game. He calls it out correctly. This is a staging ground, a light taste of what's to come. Pubs like WB are merely seeing how much they can push and get away with. They'll...

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It's because of the nature of this story. It is a rumour, in which the only info on it is all second or third hand. We do not know the name of the "victim" in this case, and all relevant info comes from forums, archives, and private facebook posts that were shared.

Until there is some kind of official comment about this, most of these stories will be failed. Post it in the forums, even though the forums are not very popular.

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And here I was going to post this hours ago, but after conversing with a mod decided against it because at the time all info was in forums and archives, and no names beyond Malka's were known.

Guess I should have just gone with it. Oh well.

Screw NeoGaf. I hope that cesspit vanishes into obscurity.

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