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Problem is, this game DOES have a multiplayer aspect that WILL be affected by these Microtransactions. You can pay to build your forces quicker. The same forces that will defend your base in the online mode. This is complete and utter shite.

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You don't need to when they get a basic term wrong and then also say "perfect microtransactions."

That statement is an oxymoron. Microtransactions in AAA games you pay full price for are not now, have never been, nor will ever be perfect. They are not wanted, they are not needed, and they are clear, pure, and unabashed greed.

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"No, assuming you know anything on a game that it isn't out yet other than what has been told and automatically give it a bad rap is virtue signaling."

No it isn't. What virtue has been signalled? In what way are you making an expression designed to improve your social standing with a particular group? It isn't hard to dislike paying full price for a game and then seeing a marketplace where you pay real money to advance ahead of everyone else who has t...

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I make it a point not to take seriously an article which, in the title, gets a basic term wrong.

Virtue Signalling: "Virtue signalling is the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group."

Being against microtransactions is not a moral value, it's a con...

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Again, not Monolith. Warner Bros.

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It's Warner Bros. you need to talk to. Not Monolith

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It's not so cut and dry. Take a look at the FFXV mobile game and see just how bad MTs can make your game. It's not hard to force you into buying them just to feel like you're actually making any progress in the game.

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It's more likely WB's fault, not Monolith's

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@Genuine-User: You must be living in a cave. That's the only explanation for your lack of knowledge of what has been going on in the U.S.

I'd suggest starting with something easy. Like googling Evergreen State College.

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"But I'm sure the white ethnic group has received the least amount of Racism throughout history."

You'd be wrong. People forget that humanity's history is older than 500 years.

"Systematic privilege is very real."

No it's not. Majority privilege is real and that's what so many conflate systemic racism with. For example I, as a white person, could not go to a country like Afghanistan and demand la...

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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy's existence is probably the saddest moment in FF's history.

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The game is 20 years old. It's your own fault for being spoiled by a game that old.

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Since Aeris was one of the most useless characters, with the most annoyingly flakey personality, I didn't care about her death at all. I'd have cared more if it were Tifa.

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Spoilers - Germany lost World War 1
Spoilers - And World War 2
Spoilers - The United States won their Independence
Spoilers - Slavery was made illegal
Spoilers - This list contained spoilers of events that occurred before any of us were born. Therefore they are still spoilers.

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When there are whole games you can't play unless you pay for the service after already paying for the game, the service is not optional.

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"If you call constant updates, down time, taking forever to come out with features and getting hacked optimal."


I have something that might help you out.

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And continue the tradition of expensive handhelds they don't support.

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I think people need to be honest about Nintendo and Third party games. Defending Nintendo doesn't help anyone, not even Nintendo. When you deny that Nintendo doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to third party offerings, you're enabling Nintendo to have a subpar total library of games on their consoles. You're also depriving Nintendo fans of good games. People NEED to be hard on Nintendo about this. Same way people were hard on Microsoft for the Xbox One launch, or P...

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Incorrect. He said what he wanted to say, after months of agonizing over it, then he was conciliatory to spare himself a deluge of hate that he ended up getting anyway but from the otherside of people who wanted him to lace into Anita.

A bunch of shoulda would coulda by people who haven't grown up and had enough life experience to understand that it's very different to say "this is what I would do" and then actually doing it when you're in the position...

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No they aren't. They are being greedy. A server is not an infringement. Blizzard is being anal about control and gouging.

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