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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@Death: Replying to you first because it's easy to refute your post. You provided no proof. You provided a link in which a random company said PC revenue surpassed console revenue with literally no metrics, no breakdown, and the implication that tablets and smartphones are now counting as PCs. If all you require is someone's word as proof, then you'll love the Igloo I have for sale in the Sahara Desert. I promise you the desert heat hasn't melted it.

"You... #1.1.28
To the mods that changed the picture: No way in hell was that picture "offensive." Who could it possibly offend? Fictional women who don't look as good as Chun Li? #12.1
@saltybread: Nothing convenient about ignoring your music analogy. It was blatant because your music analogy is completely irrelevant to what I had to say. Get over yourself.

You said yourself you're primarily a PC gamer, I'd wager your alleged PS3 and Xbox 360 gather dust, so I'm not really inclined to buy your compassion for news about gaming consoles you don't own such as the PS4 or Xbox One, yet there you are in each and every article concerning yourself w... #1.1.25
@saltybread: "this is why debating with you is like talking to a spelling b contestant who only knows half the alphabet. your views are from a playsation fan, that's all you really care about. you have no empathy towards other consoles or the pc platform. so of course you don't care much about how bad a job they do farming out the pc port. that is why your views have no value outside of that to the same playstation only fans."

I literally could say the same... #1.1.23
@Death: You really tried to use the "PC revenue surpassed console" argument? Really? Here are just some of the many reasons that argument is incredibly flawed.

1. The PC game market encompasses far more genres than the console market, including but not limited to genres that have little to no presence on consoles such as RTS' the "Facebook games" genre and MOBA's. For developers who don't make games in these genres, they're making more mone... #1.1.22
SPACKEKATGAL?! Goddammit CBC, stop making Canada look even more like a country filled with progressive idiots. Brianna Wu's opinion and an empty sac is worth the sac, Adapted Rule of Acquisition #109.

I don't know what's worse, the endless obsession over graphics, or the endless senseless outrage over fictional body parts. #12
@Death: They are more interested in a PAYING userbase. When they look at their metrics, they see that when they release their games on consoles, they always make more money than they do when they release their games on PC. They also see that it requires less work for them to release their games on consoles because every Xbox or Playstation has the exact same configuration as the next.

So you take a platform where piracy is very real, where the configurations are as varied as... #1.1.17
"even though they are willing to spend more to get better performance."

Which translates to absolutely nothing for the developers making the games. Why would Warner Bros. care that you spent $400 for a PS4 or $1500 for a PC? All they know is that they make more money on the PS4 and risk piracy on the PC, so I ask you, oh he who hath said that we should be paying more money for our games, why would they treat a platform that makes them less money and risks making the... #1.1.13
Name one day out of those 364 days where there wasn't a massacre in the hundreds of thousands of years of humanity's history. #18.1
Thousands die literally every day. Should we cry about a day in which one place had a spike at one time in the day?

What if I had a way to take the thousands of deaths that occur a day and concentrate them in the least populated place in the world that had just enough to equal those amounts of death. Would you call it genocide and demand that day be cordoned off as a day where only sadness can be the emotion of the day?

Those who allow themselves to be stuck... #14.1
Oh for the love of, are people really going to get this uppity about a date?

Look, this is the same situation with things like words and such. If all you ever do is ensure that the day is a day of somber attitude and sadness, then you can never actually move forward.

I can't speak for any of the people that died on that day, especially since I live in Canada, but I really wouldn't want my life to be remembered for how it ended.

And an... #8
"And yes, you are all going crazy for a game that will be on X1."

Citation needed. #1.1.19
This article contains nothing. It says it's more likely than you think but does nothing to explain that position and even goes so far as to suggest that SE subliminally planted the idea that it is coming to the Xbox One via the quote provided...

"The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings, for they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made."

reunion (riːˈjuːnjən)
1. the... #1.1.9
Lol, I love this part.

"he still won't answer why he cares so much..."

This is your best bit. You really should tour with it. I mean, this could be your tagline because almost everywhere you comment, that exact quote is somewhere in your comment. You're so damn salty that you go around asking people why they care all the while showing that you evidently can't let it go that people actually have thoughts and opinions on things.
... #4.1.1
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HOLOLENS + MINECRAFT?! LMFAO! Done. Just done. I find that to be way too funny to take seriously or put any effort in replying to. Thanks for the laughs. #2.3.4


"the irony of his reply "i have written in 25 topics and created 13 blogs about the possibility of ffvii NOT coming to the xbox one because i love this game so much. then when someone suggests who cares if it comes to the xbox one i will reply by calling them salty."

... #3.1.9
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"final fantasy games have come to the xbox platform and final fantasy vii is probably the most popular in the west so odds are it will come to the xbox one unless sony steps in and does a microsoft move and makes it console exclusive. then sony fans will rejoice saying that's where it belongs any ways like they are... #3.1.7
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I know you're going to say "gamers won" but just in case you're thinking it, there's no way that Nintendo won. Nintendo tanked hard. Bethesda didn't win either. They announced Fallout 4 before E3. EA tanked almost as bad as Nintendo, and Ubisoft had Aisha Tyler which is an instant loss. #2.3.2
@summons: I couldn't really get into FFIX. The character designs were too Wizard of Oz for me. Still a good game, but VIII reigns king on PS1 for me. #6.1.4
Is that all you got? A slag against one first party title and a 3rd party title you'd probably be praising if it were still on your precious?

That opposed to the same 4 games every single year, a third party title that looks the same as the one that released the year before (Rise of the Tomb Raider), and backwards compatibility coming in 2 years into the console's life and is restricted?

Such a huge victory. #3.1.2
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