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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Lol, I like how I explain that there are bad options, then the goal post is moved.

Want an example of too many options as a negative? Play any Level 5 game. Let's start with, oh, Rogue Galaxy. That game has a weapon fusion system whereby you can fuse two weapons of the same type into one better weapon. You know how many options there are? Over 500 combinations. And guess what, you don't need any of them. You can be OP to face the end game with a standard, run of the... #2.2.5
It is between Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Not as fast as BB, and set in a Fantasy setting as opposed to a Victorian, but it will have a lot more customization than Bloodborne and a lot more variety. The main difference in gameplay terms will be in the i-frames so if you're used to a lot of invincibility when dodging, get used to that being reduced. Also, shileds and ultra greatswords. Basically DaS3 is more methodical. You should like it. #4.3
After how bad Dark Souls 2 was....

Well you know the rest. #3.1.1
Oh really? Ok, so let's say you and your family are kidnapped. The kidnappers give you 2 options. You have to choose who dies when their demands aren't met, or they get to choose for you, but you will be forced to watch and be the last person killed. Which option is good?

Not related to games? Ok, new scenario.

A dev has created a new way of gouging consumers in games. They offer you the option of submitting to their greedy practices, or offer you a c... #2.2.3
@LCEVans: Have you heard of Steam Greenlight? Have you watched the countless videos of terrible Early Access games on youtube? Particularly Jim Sterling's videos? That market experience. #1.3.4
Steam Greenlight proves that "options" aren't always good. #2.3.2
Sometimes it does. There are such things as bad options you know. Simply having options is not always a good thing. #2.2.1
You mean I'd get to pay lower than retail for a game that, based on current market experience, would likely be trash, all while paying it's dev to play an unfinished product they have no real ability to finish without my money and feedback? YAY!!! /s #1.3.2
@UltraNova: SE's most recent exclusivity deals with Sony (Nier 2, FFVIIR amng others) are probably what Sony got as compensation, else money would have to be paid out to get out of the contract. Or, who knows, SE might turn on the douche and suddenly announce FFXV as a timed exclusive for PS4, or exclusive DLC. #5.1.5
See, this is how an article about these things should be written. Not a "*insert number here* features the *insert console here* desperately needs" piece, but just a "we're annoyed by the lack of these features" piece.

Good job. #7
@DarkOcelot: You don't owe anyone an explanation or need to back away from what you submit.

The site is made around the approve/report system for submissions. If people don't like or don't want this kind of stuff on the site, then they can report it for legitimate reasons such as if it has nothing to do with games.

That people are prudes, or children who like to complain about puritanical tripe is not a legitimate reason. But, they too have option... #2.2.5
"Eternal HDD"

I wonder what the read speed on eternity is. Dat space tho. #1.2.7
Triple post. Told you N4G on mobile sucks. #1.2.6
Double post, N4G on mobile sucks. #1.2.5
"With PSN's recent issues"

What issues? Been going through Bloodborne again for like a straight month and have had no issues. Why is it that the only people who supposedly get these issues either don't have a PS4, have an awful ISP to begin with, or are bloggers? #1.1.12
@DVAcme: When the bug is entirely an option and not some random, unwanted occurrence, then you're not playing around the bug, you're just not using it. The perk affects headshots and only headshots, therefore if you feel like you can't enjoy the game because it's too easy to get a headshot, you have any number of options available to you.

I mean, with the right perks you can still get this 95% accuracy rate without Killshot. Tinker Tom's special + Crouchi... #4.2.5
You... you're getting rid of the game because you can't read? I mean, how do you normally play games? Fallout 4 was my first Fallout game too and I still knew how to use the perk system because I, you know, actually scroll through stuff in-game and read the descriptions.

I mean, if you went down even one square in, say, Strength, you'd see "Iron Fist" and that it says "Str. 1" as a requirement.

Geez. Sorry for how I sound, but... #13.1.2
You understand that you had at least 4 options available to you that would have "addressed" the "problem" you were having without Bethesda needing to fix what wasn't a real problem right?

1. Use a Melee build. They can't target limbs so the perk is useless.

2. Don't use VATS. Since the perk is only good in VATS, not using VATS would have solved your problem.

3. Don't get Macready. No Macready, no perk. <... #4.2.3
Well generally speaking, most tend not to get up in arms over a corporation failing at cornering a market. It's a good thing that Sony failed. Plus, the news of Sony trying to trademark Let's Play and failing came and went so quickly that most only heard about it after complaining wouldn't have done anything.

This whole React thing was public from day one by contrast. #3.2.4
"I dunno if I'd consider the tank top and mini-skirt proper martial arts attire. Her AC was more martial artsy except for that half dress thing."

She's basically wearing the same thing in AC only it's black and there's the half dress which is just stupid. I mean if we want to nitpick, we could mention that she shouldn't have long hair either, but the point I'm trying to make is that her outfit in FF7, in so much as it is actually beneficial t... #10.1.1
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