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The biggest problems with mods on PS4 are the small file size total (900MB to Xbox One's 2GB) and Sony using a proprietary sound format, so the issues with Fallout 4 mod support are issues with ALL games that may have mod support on PS4 because Sony are too anal about it.

Xbox One and PS4 also can't support, as of yet, script extenders so many of the best mods will never be available on either console.

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"What is a joke is that people that have it on PC will get the upgrade for free while console owners are forced to buy it again."

People keep saying this but really don't understand. It's not about favouring the PC, even though Bethesda does. This remaster provides literally nothing for PC gamers at all. The only way they get this for free is if they have all the DLC already, and the PC has all the best mods out there already, including whole graphical ove...

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I am Setsuna really reminds me of Chrono Trigger so you're probably not wrong.

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@Vegamyster: That article doesn't do anything to help your cause because it's about XB1 not consoles in general. It even says PS4 outperformed everyone. Try again.

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@Elenwil: What makes you think paintball guns can't be made to be lethal. A projectile traveling at the right speed and hitting the right spot can be lethal. Rubber bullets have killed.

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@KRUSSIDILL: A remaster had work put into it to make it better, ROTR will be exactly the same game as the XB1 version.

@Yeahright: No one cares about PC exclusivity. PC gamers port beg for console games, not vice versa.

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Took them long enough. Don't understand why Darksiders 2 had to be the first one. The first Darksiders is superior to Darksiders 2 in nearly every way. I hope this signals that Nordic is interested in finally continuing the story. We need more Darksiders with the final 2 Horsemen.

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So you think Pokemon is mature then?

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"We want news on N4G, but sometimes that news isn't news but is just tabloid articles aimed to spread misinformation or have titles and person-of-interest attachments just for the purpose of making it bigger news."

You mean like most of Kotaku's articles that still infest this site? To be fair to you, that's mostly the members fault for submitting the articles, but as this blog shows, you could easily stop it whenever you wanted.


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Again, I dare you to try to do it and be successful enough to make any money off it.

I would bet real money you've never edited a video in your life, let alone try to be entertaining in one.

Contrary to your opinion, a real job is one where you make money. There is no prerequisite for breaking your back, getting your hands dirty, and working 16 hours while you're at it.

I would hope you're not unemployed or a child either.

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I dare you to try to make one, just one, entertaining youtube video with actual production value and not filming your cat being scared with a potato.

Try it, see how "easy" it is if you care about the quality, multiply that by a minimum of 52 (1 video a week for a year) then say it's not a real job.

Stop being jealous.

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Here's a shocker, he wasn't the only one. WB was actually caught doing this when the game came out. Only reason anyone cares about him doing it too is because A) He's the biggest youtuber and/or B) He has a lot of haters.

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Must we endure ANOTHER whiny article about how fictional women look?

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"A game doesn't have to be fun."

Yes it does. That's why it's a game. Simulators don't have to be fun.

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"No, no they arent. Not nearly to the same degree."


"No, no they arent. Not nearly to the same degree."

"No, no they arent. Not nearly...

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@aawells07: "Stop acting as if you really know what you're talking about cause you definitely don't."

Yes I do.

"You think you know what you're talking about but you don't."

Redundant statement is redundant.

"Unless you were there for the development of this remaster then you're just running your mouth off."

Everything I said can be found online. Loo...

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@Aloren: You're kidding right? Another person who seems to think that this is the same thing as a remaster that has actually had work done to improve it. What has improved with ROTTR for the PS4?

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INB4 C&D Order.

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For me it's a yes too, though I'm not pleased at the price. It quite simply is not worth it. Here's why.

Currently the Skyrim Legendary Edition for consoles sits at around $20 to $30 depending on where you're buying it.

What the remaster offers is not worth an additional $30 to $40. Why? Well for 3 main reasons.

1. The graphical upgrades are A) Something that happened not as an intention to bring the game out as a remast...

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