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@Gamer1982: This is a port of the PC version recently released on Steam. There isn't a working PS1 emulator on the PS4. #1.2.5
@fr0sty: "To give a modern game the full AAA treatment, it would need to have a AAA budget."

Which is why they could do the same thing they did with the original FF7 and partner with Sony to get that AAA budget.

"Remaking an old classic RPG isn't going to sell as well as the original did, we're not all FF7 enthusiasts that are willing to drop more money into a game we've already played."

You're right, it... #1.1.10
If it's stated publicly, someone could actually fight and get the games.

I remember one time Pepsi had a promotion, mid 90's I believe, where they were starting their Pepsi Points program. In a commercial they said, albeit in print, that if you could get 1 million points you'd get a plane. Well, someone did get a million points and they wanted their plane. Pepsi tried to say it was a gag, but he took them to court. The outcome was likely just a settlement, but it... #1.2.5
Good god, people are so unwilling to actually go to twitter and read a page of GamerGate tweets. She's a prime example of supreme ignorance. #3
I thought the same and hoped that DW would incorporate some more flashy style like that in the future. #2.1
It's funny because Wushu isn't really a fighting martial art so much as a performance martial art. I mean yeah, there are "moves" that you can use in fighting, but it's meant to be choreography more than for fighting but it is also a sports based Martial Art too.

I guess it makes perfect sense that CryEngine would be used for a game that's about a flashy martial art. Still, looks pretty good. #1.1.1

http://rs156.pbsrc.com/albu... #1.25.1
@Yewles: No, what I mean is that FromSoftware will use the lessons they've learned, and the engine they developed, by partnering with Sony and use them on other multiplatform games. For example, a spiritual successor to Bloodborne called BludBorn could be made that uses the same engine as the original but is multiplatform and there's nothing Sony could do about it because it's not Bloodborne.

@LeCreuset: Whether or not MS would have snatched it up is irrelevant to... #1.1.73
@PoSTedUP: There is no incentive in this that isn't eclipsed by multiplatform sales. Unless this situation is like Bloodborne (where the dev partnered with Sony for the sake of FUTURE multiplatform games), or Bayonetta 2 (where the game would not exist without a first party studio stepping in to fund production), there's no reason for any 3rd party company to make any game exclusive to a platform, especially an old series like Street Fighter. Exclusives are best used to showcase the p... #1.1.58
12d ago by DragonKnight | View comment | Well said
Look, people trying to justify this as "Sony is striking back", you're wrong. This tactic, no matter who does it, is wrong. 3rd party titles have literally no reason to be exclusive to any console. They may end up being exclusive because the studio can't make it otherwise and then that's just a protected investment on the first party's part, but it's a B.S. move to keep games away from gamers.

So no, it's not ok that Sony has done this for so... #1.1.34
No. See, the idea that one can be sick by more games has 2 problems with it. The first is that it's stupid to be sick of more games. Especially when gamers are always whining about the lack of games early on in console lifespans and also because as a gamer you should always want more games.

The second problem is that being sick of sequels presumes that you're forced to buy/play them and that OTHER games aren't being made AT ALL because of sequels, and that's j... #1
(Why did this post here?)

@Death: You did not just try to use the always easily debunked argument of Equality of Outcome. Tell me you didn't just try to equate Equality with a state in which all people are treated by all other people as equals, and where representation quotas are put in place and try to call that equality.

That's not equality. Equality is already in place. It's a system of laws and rights put in place to grant everyone equal oppor... #8.3
@Death Paragraph 1: "DK, they can't pass a law that is deemed illegal by the Constitution of the United States. Anyone can make a motion or present a Bill to congress. It won't get approved if it violates existing laws which the proposal you give does."

Oh, you mean your Constitution which is violated by your government on a daily basis, that has been practically null and void since The Patriot Act, and is constantly s*** upon all the time? That Constitution... #8.1.9
@Death: Paragraph 1: You've just described a situation in which a person's feelings override rights. I can literally say right now that I feel attacked by what you are saying and have your right to comment completely removed in the world you're advocating for. It is impossible, repeat IMPOSSIBLE, to say that an online threat is legitimate. Hell, it happened to Anita Sarkeesian herself with the Utah university and both the said University and the Police said there was no credibilit... #8.1.6
@Blues Cowboy: Starting with you since it won't take much to answer your point. You think she's "just" a youtuber but you'd be wrong. This woman is thinking bigger picture than youtube. She wants her videos taught in schools, and her friends are going to Washington to have legislation enacted to "protect" women from feeling scared online. These women are organized, they have increasing support, and they are proponents of shame tactics and censorship. Is it out... #8.1.5
Yet. #8.2.2
Feelings aren't rights. Just as you said, your rights and freedoms end when they infringe on someone else's right? Welp, you feeling offended doesn't grant you the right to stop someone from exercising the right to freedom of expression. That's not how it works. You literally just said you're pro-censorship. I guess you love that GTA 5 was taken off of Target's shelves in Australia right? 45K feminists "felt" that the game promotes sexual violence against wom... #8.1.2
"It's like saying American's dislike war and then invade a far off country. There is a a large division in any group large enough in ideology, goals and means to get there."

Bad example. The government decided for the people to engage in war, the people didn't say "we don't like war, but we gots ta kill dem terr'ists."

"On another note, Anita Sarkeesian has never said, or even hinted, that she wants to take your ga... #8.1
"The irony is those that feel gaming journalism is corrupt need to understand the majority of game journalists are fans that decided one day an internet connection and passion for games is all they needed to be journalists."

Wrong. Have you seen the majority of "fans" who call themselves game journalists try to play Bloodborne? The non-journalist actual gamers could make it passed the first boss, the "fans" known as gaming journalists couldn'... #7.1.1
Feminists have absolutely no impact on gaming at all. They are not trying to censor games, or limit access to them at all. They love video games and only want them to be the best they can be.

Said no sane person ever. #13
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