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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


I got a malware flag from clicking on the site. #9
10-2 was another Toriyama gem. Notice the pattern. #1.3.1
You must be a masochist. That's the only way I can imagine anyone missing the pain this game throws at anyone who plays it. #5
@Godmars290: Then Toriyama succeeded because he wanted an RPG with the progression of a shooter, and you just described 99% of shooters. #1.1.3
My console outlived the controller, which I've had to replace already. #1.1.10
@rainslacker: I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. I've seen enough women complain that the women who stream provocatively prevent other women from building a successful channel because all the men just want to see half-naked women.

I'm not saying that the women who don't engage in that are somehow "worse" than the women who do, I'm saying that the nature of competition is such that the women who are willing to do it are going to have an ad... #1.2.14
None of them are streaming naked, so there's no reason for them to go to porn sites.

Going to porn sites would be stupid because who wants to see them playing games there?

Honestly, any man complaining about this is hypocritical because it either doesn't affect you in any way, or you watch it and don't want to admit it, or you can NOT watch it all and focus on the people you like to watch.

The women that are complaining about this... #1.2.12
@Omnisonne: It's not an excuse, it's a fact. What about the thirsty guys who only visit the channel to see half naked girls? Why do they get a pass but the girl who is fulfilling the minimum requirements to be a twitch streamer, that being actually streaming themselves playing a video game (there is no requirement to even engage the chat at all, you just have to stream), shouldn't be respected?

To be successful in any business, including being a twitch streamer, y... #1.2.8
"The ones streaming while half naked deserve no respect anyway."

That's a bad attitude and completely wrong. Do you think these girls would do it if they didn't get any views from it? You know, I see a lot of people like you complain that these girls don't care about games, that they give female gamers a bad name, but you never once talk about the guys that go to the streams just to watch half naked girls and they don't give a damn what game the girl... #1.2.3
You didn't. I did. It was an example. You still haven't provided and solid reason why taking any amount of time off will mean that the people making the games are any better at making the games. Bad ideas are bad ideas no matter when they are made. #6.1.2
Here's my question.

Why? #8
Yeah, but you actually get something enjoyable out of a soda. NeoGaf is the rear end of gaming forums. #1.2.1
Just stop. You sound like an advertising pitch.

"Bloodborne is an amazing Victorian/Gothic"

Bland and uninspired. The most memorable location in the game is Old Yharnam, and then only because of all the damn fires everywhere and the guy shooting at you.

"action RPG with probably the best combat in any game."

Subjective. Everyone has the same playstyle because that's how the game was designed. There'... #10.2.2
Anyone who thinks there can't be a good Superman game simply needs to play DCUO to see how it can be done. #4
Bloodborne is not better than Demon's Souls.

Bloodborne is far more boring than Demon's Souls is. The Chalice Dungeons are stupid, the weapons are so limited (not to mention two of the more unique weapons are so late game you can't really make a build around them unless you are planning it for New Game + which should never be a consideration, ever), the level design is bland and uninspired. The story is pathetic compared to Demon's Souls. There's very few... #10.1.3
"Dark Souls is the definitive Souls game."

No, no it's not.

Boletarian Palace has more atmosphere to it than the entirety of Dark Souls. In fact the way that Demon's Souls did hub worlds made each world memorable while Dark Souls connected world, while not exactly forgettable, doesn't stack up.

Dark Souls doesn't have anything close to Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland (though Sif is damn close)

And I&... #1.2.4
Dude, Tenchu has the best stealth system ever made. MGS' stealth is very overrated. It is not at all impressive. It's basically the same as Skyrim's stealth for goodness sake. #5.1.2
How will that help?

Let's say the team of AC Unity stopped making another AC game for 5 years, and the team for Syndicate did the same.

5 years later both teams come back and the exact same people working under the exact same conditions return.

Do you think that that 5 year sabbatical will suddenly improve the previously awful ideas of the team? Will that 5 years make the creative director any better a leader? Will that 5 years eliminate... #6.1
MGS5's stealth is not impressive.

Crouch the whole game and go into reflex mode if you're caught? Such stealth. #5.1

Breaks don't do anything for anything. You yourself can take a break and the next time you come back to it it might be good for you or not but the series stopping will not stop bad ideas from being used when it comes back.

If a series is bad, it's because of the people involved, not because of how often it releases. #1.2.1
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