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EDMIX your corporate butt kissing has gone beyond pathetic. If you think Ubisoft haven't already budgeted for a game they are already making and need funds from a poor remaster, I hope to all gods to ever be thought of that you're never in charge of a business because said businesd would fail almost immediately.

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Rogue's story and character were incredible, but it's a copy pasta game in every other way. It deserved better.

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Altair is better IMO. Born to be an Assassin, died the God of Assassins. Check out "Altair: The Story You Never Knew" on Youtube.

I also like Edward better than Ezio due to his selfish, anti-hero style. The only version of Ezio I like is Old Man Ezio from Revelations and Legend Ezio from Embers.

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Yet another example of a person who cares more about delivery than the actual message, and people wonder how political correctness has become such a big issue.

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Eonjay, I repeat my comment and add that it doesn't have to be about having the ability to afford it, it could be caring about the value of a dollar, it could be about consumer rights, it could be being a cheap bastard. The point is that the argument of 'if you can't afford it then you shouldn't...' is an elitist, pompous argument coming from people who have no concept of how to spend money because they don't care about what they buy. They only know how to spend, and s...

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Your examples are ridiculous. What it comes down to is user generated content. That's what mods are. Those games show a willingness to even have and share user generated content at all, so the door is open. Arguing semantics just makes you look snobby.

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The "if you can't afford X" argument is the poorest, most anti-consumer argument made by elitists there ever was. Only people with more money than sense ever make said argument, and they are the first to whine when taxes increase. If you can't afford a tax hike.... well you know the rest.

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Privileged regressives who will tell you to check your privilege while they bathe in the money of the working class.

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That description has got to be against submission guidelines. It's an advertisement, not a brief summary of the article.

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MS uses a proprietary format also.

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Sony isn't against mods. Bethesda are just arrogant thanks to a media inflated ego giving them free pass after free pass and likely just demanded Sony capitulate to their desires.

Sony is too anal about control. They simply should draft an EULA for mods that protects them from any liability if you choose to use mods that worsen your experience or potentially harm your console. That way it's all on you if you use faulty mods and wreck your PS4.

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While Minecraft and LBP are not examples of mod support, they are examples of user generated content and that users can make whatever they want in those games and others can play that content shows a willingness there. That's the point.

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That'd be the memory use. Sony restricts the maximum allowed memory use. Something like 5GB of the total RAM use is allowed I believe.

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They didn't cancel it, it was just delayed. And PS3 got the DLC in the reverse order. So Dragonborn first, then Hearthfire, then Dawnguard.

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"I always hear "better graphics does not make a better game", but I have yet to hear one person actually assert that it does. That being said, there is nothing inherently wrong with good graphics, and as gamers I don't think we should have to settle for choosing between graphics or gameplay, I think we can have both. "

Go into any article on the site, especially one about Ubisoft, and look for "graphical downgrades" ever used as an argument...

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"We haven't even had a chance to do anything yet."

LMAO!! All the regressive, SJW nonsense that exists in the world is the result of millennials that think they know better.

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@morganfell; "Doubling down on your errors only makes the both of you twice as wrong."

If anyone is doubling down here, it's you, and you're the one looking the fool for doing so.

"Instead of stopping to investigate you opt to redouble your efforts to headbut that brick wall. Good luck."

Your idea of investigation is taking NeoGaf at their word and believing a factless image. Because NeoGaf says something is ...

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@morganfell; You post a random image, with a url that means nothing, filled with text messages with no identifiers in it, and we're the ones that look ridiculous?

Tell you what, I have an igloo on the sun you can buy. It totally has not melted from the extreme solar temperatures, and if you need proof I can show you a totally legit picture.

Consider that all mods to be put on consoles must be uploaded to Meaning Bethesda already has qual...

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@morganfell: Yeah, a random image with no names is proof. i hope you're not a lawyer.

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