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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


That site also has the full list of people that belong to that mailing list as well. Look it up and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. #2
Yeah I've been called a #gamergater by the delusional on the opposing side. Their arguments are quite hilarious to. Today one of them tried saying #GamerGate has failed because an Alexa rating they viewed showed that IGN, Kotaku, and Gamespot's viewcount didn't go down.

Oh no, we sure as hell lost didn't we? I guess we'll just stop emailing the advertisers and having sponsorships removed, forcing sites like RockPaperShotgun into begging for money on Patreo... #1.1.1
Two of you got it wrong. David Jaffe blasted Ben Kuchera, not Stephen Totilo.

Anyway, nobody believes Kotaku now for the same reason they've never believed Kotaku. Kotaku is the treadmarks on the underwear of the gaming journalism sphere. Bought and paid for by the SJW narrative, there is no reason to put any stock in anything Kotaku has to say.

I wouldn't be surprised if Totilo forces every writer there to contribute to Anita Sarkeesian's Patreon... #1.1.15
There isn't a rule against old games, which is fine, but the video is 4 months old. #1.1.1
The video is 4 months old. Technically this article shouldn't have been approved because the information is A)About an old game, and B)References an old video. Twinfinite had nothing to report on so someone went onto youtube and found something to write about. This is terrible. How can the 5 people that approved this have absolutely no standards as to what makes it on the site? #1
@BattleAxe: Yes they would, they've done it several times before. All software companies care about is money. Take Japan for example. Japanese devs making multiplat games are actually wasting money developing for the Xbox One because it's not going to sell there, so making their games only for the PS4 suits their bottomline well. #1.1.22
I'm sorry for the terrible games you've played going on faith and a complete lack of scrutiny.

We can clearly see the direction of this game from this. The direction is pretty antithetical to the Dragon Quest series and is already being likened to the Musou games. TecmoKoei have that genre on lock and do it extremely well, it's not an area Square-Enix are used to and it has no purpose being a mechanic of a Dragon Quest game.

People like you that a... #11.2.1
Don't have to. The demo shows what they are going for with the game, making DQ8 immediately superior and it's a PS2 game. #11.1.1
Think about the last time Sony controlled the console market. It was one of the absolute best times in gaming history. Endless variety of games made the pain your wallet felt a good thing.

When we look at the companies that have had control over the market, there have been really only 2. Nintendo and Sony. When Nintendo had control of the market, third party developers HATED it. Nintendo isn't above inserting their idea of quality into being a requirement for 3rd party ga... #1.1.19
Can we just get Dragon Quest 8 remade or even just released on PSN please.

This Dragon Quest Musou game is far below the quality that DQ8 was, and I love Musou games. #11
Joe's reviews are always really good. It's too the point for me now that I can guess 80% of the time what score he's going to give because he's very thorough in his reviews.

His Corporate Commander character is superb. #1.1.6
Having been a part of #GamerGate from the very beginning, I can tell you that never was there a time that I can remember (with possibly the exception of the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy) where the gaming media was as hate filled and childish as the past month has shown them to be.

As if by coincidence, or cosmic irony, Bloodborne has shown us that gaming journalists are right when they refuse to call themselves gamers, but not because of the reasons they are adamant about... #2
GamerGate considers Dualshockers to be a reputable site, I had no say in that but dem's da breaks.

Still, this title isn't exploitative really. When the distinction between the players is how one group gains access to private sessions and fails, the other group consistently does better in public sessions, then it's pretty true that gaming journalists suck, gamers don't. #13.2
I really can't understand how they can call themselves gaming journalists and absolutely suck at playing games. They're glorified bloggers at best and it's puzzling how one can write about games yet either not play them, or play them so infrequently as to suck out loud. #8.2
Frickin' wimps the both of you. Accessible isn't good. If you want accessible play the Wii or mobile games. #3.2.2
The Warriors games have always been games that sacrifice fidelity for other areas. If you look at how the franchise design has progressed, you'll see they've placed greater and greater emphasis on maintaining the fluidity of the action, as well as boosting the ability to have the sheer numbers of enemies on screen that these games are known for.

Before, especially with DW3 (still the best in the franchise by far), the "Fog of War" as terrible and some enemie... #1.1.5
Nah. #1.2.1
Yeah, I mean Sasuke using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu seems kind of OP even for a demo. #1.3.3
Rich is not an industry source, he's a youtube blogger. How in the hell did this get approved? #1.1.3
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