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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


This sounds very reasonable to me. I know some people won't agree with that, probably think I'm backing down on whatever, but I don't really care. Many sites have had to take this kind of approach due to how volatile some discussion on Gamergate can become. I am a definite and clear supporter of Gamergate, that hasn't and won't change unless Gamergate's core goals change to something I don't agree with. That said, I personally don't want to hear that Gamergate... #1
Your sarcasm is incredibly lame. Like seriously, did you get some kid to type this out for you? Probably not, they'd be able to express sarcasm better.

Anyway, let's address your non-points.

"and I didn't know you most of the 60 million+ accounts on Steam."

What is this even supposed to mean? Did school just get out and you decided to type this up? Not doing well in English class are we?

"You know a... #2.3.2
@Palitera: Let me quote you.

"1. Gamers are gullible, passive and childish. They do not criticize products they like. Batman franchise is perfect, Sony is perfect, MS is the devil, you can't like Titanfall. If Sony did anything wrong, "they'te getting it right, wait". If MS does the same, "that's outraging"! Naughty Dog puts pay to win on TLOU. Did a s***storm happen? Blablabla.
So no. The fact that it is bad and anti consumerist... #1.2.6
@Fringy: You can't expect people to not pre-order a game just because you personally have a problem with it. Believe it or not, many people pre-order with absolutely no thought about whatever DLC they'd get from doing so. The likes you're talking about don't have to be liking the practice, it could be liking the character, and DLC has nothing to do with seeing game footage, loving the game, and anticipating the game. You're a very cynical person to at first like a game and... #9.1.2
I bet you're the only person who laughs at your own jokes. #4.1
Dude, you're a part of the problem. You literally let companies nickle and dime you and you are the reason DLC is in the bad position it is. You have absolutely no standards, no concept of value, and that's very ironic considering you mentioned Steam, meaning you're a PC gamer and most PC gamers can do nothing but complain about almost everything and gloat about value on the platform.

You sound like the kind of person who'd happily buy a game that has half the... #2.3
@Palitera: You don't see that Allsystemgamer has correctly pointed out the hypocrisy of your statement. Your statement isn't "correct" because you think Allsystemgamer got butthurt that you called out Sony. You are guilty of everything you said and the fact you had to center your enmity on one company, then get defensive proves it. #1.2.4
I've seen some of the oddest trophies have a low percentage of acquirement in many games. Not necessarily hard trophies either, though some of them could be considered tedious. It definitely is an interesting system Sony has in place to show you how your fellow PS gamers play and whether or not they care about trophies or even regular progression. #6
Do you think men who have regular sex don't look at women? #20.1
"I'm not sure which submission is being referenced here. I can't answer to the specificity of it."

It's a minor example really. I had no real problem moving it to TechSpy. It's actually the blog I asked you to delete here recently if you remember. I mean I could the example of Pokket leaving BioWare. She's not a developer, or a publisher, just some member of BioWare's community team that most people don't know yet she has front page posit... #9.2.2
I've actually seen you make this comment on William's blog. So, I'll address it here since it's more relevant here.

"- A new movie being made based on a video game. Would normally go on TechSpy, but might be of interest to gamers."

I think you mean FilmWatch. But, then the same can be said about my blog that was discussing how LizardSquad isn't a hacker group and they only DDoS'd PSN and Xbox One and I was told that that, alt... #9.2
The thing about that is that they made every one of those stone blacksmiths you get embers from look just like Andre. I think it'd have been cooler if you as the chosen undead were actually Gwyn's son and didn't know it. WHAT A TWIST! #1.3.2
Any of you heard of PeevePeeverson, OroboroTheNinja, YukasLegion and the like?

They're all well known Souls game streamers and they all got into the alpha. They all loved it and Peeve said he spent 9 hours playing the alpha because he found it to be that good. The cleric beast is his favourite boss of any Souls series game (if you count Bloodborne, which I think you should considering you can count Dark Souls as well, which is very different from Demon's Souls)
To the people who are of the opinion that something underhanded is going on on N4G, I invite you to look at who approved this blog. It was one mod, by himself, who pushed this through. The mods on this site and I have a checkered history to put it lightly, and this particular mod and I recently had a spat over a moderation decision. It would have easily been within his ability to fail this blog immediately but he didn't. Why is something only he knows, but just remember that act going for... #8
Ok, I definitely agree with you that if the information seems, at best, dubious then people are treading shaky legal grounds. BUT, that said, I still think that things like personal relationships between reviewers and developers/publishers, and lack of disclosure thereof is important information for gamers. I don't think I'm the only one that would want to know whose opinion I can and cannot take seriously about games as it relates to their relationships.

That's n... #1.2.5
"Oh, right, there wasn't one because as stated in the note on PCgamer, everyone involved had already taken the relevant precautions."

Right, PC Gamer would take the time to address a non-existent issue eh? Wow, that's some fantastic logic ginganinja.

"In other words, you're arguing that we should have articles published on here which have little relation to the truth and only encourage ill feeling where there's no reason to be a... #1.2.2
@LightofDarkness: Are you done with your little tantrum? No? Oh well, that's too bad. Anyway, as I've said to darkride I'll now say to you, I don't have to do anything in relation to making darkride look like anything. I would invite you to go into his comment history on any of the Gamergate articles he's submitted and see the kind of arguments he makes, but given your little fit here I can see you'd have your "I love darkride" glasses on and couldn't see... #9.2.7
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@darkride: You understand that no matter how many times you try to say "Oh, I'm a victim of people like you trying to paint me in a certain way" that ANYONE can go into your comment history and see wonderful gems like gamejournospros trying to push the Escapist's Greg Tito into censoring Gamergate discussion was a complete fabrication, and how you completely avoided the subject when proven wrong.

No one has ever had to paint you as anything. Your comments do... #9.1.4
Although I understand your point about the Orth situation, I can't entirely agree with it. Adam Orth only arrogantly confirmed information we would eventually know about come the reveal show for the Xbox One. The fervor would have still been there, only delayed until that day. Orth cost himself his own job with those actions. He could today still have his job and MS would have taken the full brunt of the hate regardless of him. #1.3.1
Well I don't play many shooters.

Also facepalm at the stupid grammatical error that I only just noticed now. I meant "Their." #3.1.2
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