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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Don't mind him, he has silicon loyalty. I'm told it has an effect on neural processing. #1.1.2
I remember the quote you're talking about. Atari was so arrogant they caused the gaming market crash of the 80s. An unequaled feat since then. The Big 3 are coming close to doing that themselves, Sony and Microsoft more than Nintendo but still. #5.2
Yeah, the battery life is atrocious too. I've had to charge my controller multiple times in a single day. That's just sad. #4.1
Oh I wouldn't have bought a new controller before looking up what I could do about fixing the problem with the original one. Quite simply, there was nothing I could do and I know the problem would just get worse over time.

Also, Sony already knows about this as they've addressed the problem with controllers already. They consider the problem small and isolated, but apparently newer controllers are sturdier. My point is that their response initially was "play care... #3.1
I always mix those two up. I figured it was passed as in "passed by" and not past as in "the past." Thanks for the correction, will fix it now. #1.1
Let's not turn this into an MK vs. SF argument where the SF fans always say that MK is for casuals and SF is what real fighters are made of.

Both franchises are great in their own ways. Yeah, SF values the more technical aspects and smoothness more, but MK is just a lot of fun and has its own depth. I probably won't be getting either game, but there's a chance I'll get both even though I pretty much suck at fighters. I don't know why I keep buying them, bu... #1.2.7
There is no legitimate reason except for what FallenRain said. The game is coming to the Playstation platform and that's what matters. It's sad "journalism" to focus on what the game was instead of what it is and will be. #2.4
I've gone an entire month without playing. I get into slumps like that every now and then unless there is a really good game that I want coming out. It's not really that hard at all. Most gamers aren't actually addicted to gaming. #1.5
@Kiwi: A selfie is literally defined as a self portrait. So, yeah it is a portrait.

Geez this B.S. has gone wildly off topic. Look I don't care anymore. Believe what you want. You want to believe selfies are only as old as a polaroid camera, go right ahead, knock yourself out and then get into your time travelling DeLorean and tell this guy.

http://publicdomainreview.o...... #2.3.8
Kal-V3: You're still describing a self portrait. You can try to argue all you want, you're wrong and trying to argue semantics. Selfie's existed in the form of paintings before the invention of cameras. I'm an 80s kid too, doesn't mean my knowledge stops that far back. The earliest known self-portrait photograph (or selfie for you) was taken in 1839. Note the use of the word "self-portrait" as has always been the point.

Optimus: I'm an 80s ki... #2.3.6
I have no interest in the Uncharted games. That's all the justification I need. #1.3.4
Kal-V3: "Selfies have never "always existed" and are not as old as time. They were FAR less frequent even 10-15 years ago and they only came about with the popularity of digital cameras and the ability to see the picture you took right after taking it."

Wrong. A selfie isn't your narrow definition. A selfie literally is a self portrait, which have existed since LONG before cameras came around. Sorry bud, learn history. People commissioned selfie's... #2.3.3
Someone's a bit high on themselves aren't they?

You want quantifiable results in the physical world? Think about what being entertained does for your mood, think about what not being stressed does for your health. The quantifiable results in the physical world are measured in your interactions and overall well being. Your definition of productive is just that, YOUR definition. It's not the end all be all definition.

The fact that you're gettin... #5.1.2
Actually they are productive. Productive in creating enjoyment, relieving stress, or just turning the brain off for awhile. Nothing you enjoy is a waste of time. #5.1
No. Next question. #4
Selfie's are as old as time. They existed since people could paint portraits, probably before that, so no they are not this generation's anything. They are every generation's habit. #2.3
Ashlen, you're arguing like a child. You're taking the "I'm right, you're wrong, I'm going to sing the I was right song" approach and it's embarrassing.

PR influences companies. A company will fold to public pressure because they care about the bottom line. This means they'll do things they normally wouldn't to spare themselves from losing money. Yes, the company made the decision. Why they did is what's important. Clearly they ha... #4.2.6
"Well, actually as proved by what happened "What is or is not appropriate" is decided by the games manufacturer, not the individual."

Two things. First, the "games manufacturer" was bombarded with hate because of this. They were pressured into a decision, they didn't come to it organically. Second, in this case "games manufacturer" is the individual. There's precedent for corporations to be labelled as "people" within... #4.2.4

Anyone with a brain already knew this. This will be completely ignored by the gender politicians of the world though. Oh well, now I have a study to slap in their virtual faces. #10
Yeah I know how language grows, problem is that "transmisogynistic" is an impossible term. One can't be transmisogynistic. #2.2.2
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