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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@BakPAin: Different spelling and different meaning except when a white person says it right? Then it reverts back to the original spelling and meaning right? #3.1.7
7d ago by DragonKnight | View comment | Well said
Why is it wrong for white people to say it but not black people to say it? Explain how skin color changes definitions of words and yet if I were to say "that person is a child molester" it wouldn't matter what my skin color was, you'd accept what I mean by that statement as being a serious accusation nonetheless.

**EDIT** @KwietStorm: Saying "black people are allowed to use it" is not a stupid thing to say. Just because you, as a black person, may... #12.2.2
@Number-Nine: Is it your intention to state that language operates under the idea that there is a correct race that can use certain words? Because you'd be wrong. You'd also be guilty of employing a double standard. A word doesn't suddenly become uninsulting because the right person is using it. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too. I'm going to assume something too. I'm going to assume that whether or not you yourself are black, you think that any time white... #12.3.4
Please don't try to act like he committed some immense crime. For one, I once again leave this here.


For another, what he's talking about literally has nothing to do with wrestling at all. WWE's pre-emptive move shows immense cowardice and is ironic considering the people they are afraid of offending (which aren't the black audience btw) don&#... #12.3
So what it was was that Hogan was paraphrasing Booker T in a conversation he had 3 years ago in which he stated how often Booker T said the n-word himself. And now, I'll leave this here.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11
@Godmars: Alright, alright, if you want to include troll user scores as people liking the game, then I'll just have to give you the final, most ultimate challenge ever conceived of.

Desert Bus.

Known as the absolute worst game ever made, it is used as a marathon for charity. Beyond that, you will not find one person who legitimately enjoys that game. 8 hours of driving in a straight line at 45mph with a bus that veers to the right to prevent you from tapi... #9.1.10
@Septic: Dammit. Ok, next challenge. This is the ultimate. You will NOT find anyone who likes this. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. #9.1.7
You should have said E.T. from the Atari days, though I bet someone, somewhere, likes it.

**EDIT** And then there was Polygon.


I now change it to Ride to Hell Retribution. #9.1.4
Challenge Accepted. Skip to 11:33

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #9.1.1
Just watch this and you'll understand. Change the color from black and white to green, and add in the word Xbox first and that's basically what you need to know.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #5.3.1
Not really as the smaller number of available institutes giving awards would make the percentage higher. So if 4 out of 5 sites gave an award vs 200 out of 1000 sites, the percentage would favour the 4 out of 5. It's the same problem metacritic has with ratings for multiplatform games where more sites reviewed one version of the game over the other so there are more total reviews for that one version but the other seems to have a better score. #4.2.1
Translation: "Does every Sony game have to be perfect? Sony isn't perfect and never has been, these fanboys have to stop trying to defend it even when Sony is in the wrong such as The Order Hype, PSN being down every day for 3 hours, lying in their marketing, Forza is better than every Sony game ever made, etc..."

"You're not allowed to criticize Microsoft because you're being hypocrites when you do and yet complain about when articles like this com... #1.3.4
Anthotis and aiBreeze: The issue of weight is never as simple as "eat healthy" and "exercise" or you're just lazy and that's why you're overweight. There are a myriad of factors involved, and yes for some people laziness and poor dietary choices does contribute, but to generalize that it's most people that are like that is just ignorant.

There are genetics. A pre-disposition to gaining and maintaining more or less weight. My brother-in-law... #2.1.20
The real issue here is that the game characters aren't real people. They aren't meant to represent any real people. How many women are tournament fighters? How many women fight monsters? How many women are tomb raiders that may have to fight demons?

This is why agenda driven critique is not legitimate. #1.3
Animals are violent when they hunt for food. That has nothing to do with territory unless a foreign animal is trying to steal food. #1.2.2
"anyone who banged or dropped their consoles with the game inserted and scratched the game."

Ah, gotta love a blatant troll account saying things it knows are outright disingenuous. #1.1.2
@UltraNova: Every time I'm confronted by someone who wants to be "that guy", I remind them that if they can come up with a reason why where they live is worse, I can show them a place even worse than that. The point isn't to have a competition of who has it worse, it was just to air grievances. #1.1.8
It's only a few years old in Ontario. It's not going anywhere. #1.2.3
@Crazay: Yeah, Sony says stuff like "we need to increase the cost of games to deal with market situations" because at the time our dollar was doing well and it was more expensive to do business here. Now the dollar is down to 77 cents U.S. and of course the price of games won't go down, why would they when Sony is making more money. Microsoft is too, but they never said anything about raising prices, they just did it quietly. But it's par for the course. Canada always pays m... #1.1.6
It deserves to come with it's own actual Buster Sword. #7.1.1
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