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It is.

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They think it will get them somewhere. But that's because it's a proven fact that women gravitate towards men with money, so these guys think that there is somehow a chance that that will work out for them.

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Yeah because once you have sex for the first time, you never like looking at hot girls and boobs. EVER!

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So basically there is no way these girls are hurting these streamers. For the following reasons.

A) Who's forcing anyone to watch these girls?
B) Who's forcing anyone to donate to these girls?
C) What makes you think that if these girls were not on Twitch, that suddenly people would actually want to watch/donate to these "hurting" streamers?
D) What makes you think these "hurting" streamers are actually entertaining eno...

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The problem is that PSX should be like a Nintendo Direct rather that an end year wrap up. Sony should save their surprises and some cool news for PSX since it's their platform specific show.

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Because Overwatch sucks

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This. All of this.

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"Demon Souls servers are closing."

After 9 years and interest waned, not because of expenses. And there are rumours that it's due to a remaster. So your point is not served. Demon's Souls, a 9 year old game that most people stopped playing with each successive Souls release, was able to maintain servers for those numbers of years WITHOUT predatory cash grabs. Please explain how they did so if the gaming industry is ever on the verge of imminent collapse du...

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"The question is do you want to pay more upfront or optionally pay later. I’ll take the option that is optional."

Present us please with the information that has led you to believe they won't just do both, because they know you'll be ready to apologize for them later.

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Every single one of you making excuses for MTs, demanding "evidence" for systems that were better before MTs, saying "cosmetic MTs" are okay, are the very reason EA did what they did, why they are doing it worse in UFC (for goodness sake you can pay for a more powerful punch), why Take Two is going to ramp up their own use of MTs and why every B.S. practice persists in gaming. Because you people APOLOGIZE for this crap, say it's perfectly fine, and allow publishers to ...

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No, no we don't need to accept the "new norm" and it's B.S. articles like this that are the damn problem. Accepting these practices is NEVER the right thing to do. Every damn time you give publishers an inch, they take every mile that they can reach. STOP accepting this nonsense.

MTs are ONLY acceptable in FREE TO PLAY games because money has to be made somehow. They are NEVER acceptable in full price retail games alongside DLC, Season Passes, Multiple Edi...

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How are they ruining games?

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"Relatively inexpensive rate" HA! HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh geez, this guy doesn't know a damn thing. Frickin' suits continue to prove they go to school to obtain worthless degrees and remain stupid.

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Loot boxes that have any impact on gameplay are bad game design. The reason is simple. A dev that implements loot boxes that are tied to progression are saying that their game is not worth playing through on its own merit. They have designed a method in which you don't even have to play the game in order to progress. That is the very definition of bad game design. When you yourself know your game is so bad that you design a way to circumvent playing it, how can you say your game is good? ...

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"Why are you worried about someone else’s taxes? Do you pay more in taxes then you LEGALLY have to??? "

Way to miss the point. They don't even pay the amount of taxes they are legally supposed to, that's the point of tax havens and why tax havens are illegal.

"Indie games are great, but games like battlefront and Anthem are on a scale that requires millions of dollars."

And they do not require more today than...

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@Krysis: Yes, there is. I'll tell you.

MAXIMUM CLICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They don't want to just "make a profit." They want to make ALL the profit. Publishers use tax havens to maximize their profit levels for themselves. Consider the actual quality of games from bigger publishers. It hasn't gone up, it's gone down. We pay more for less and the only games worthy of being called an experience come from smaller studios or indies that don't follow Triple A culture.

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"Well we also want them to push the envelope and want more higher res textures, higher framerates, every game to push the hardware, highest fidelity, professional voice acting, ever expanding and expansive worlds and everything else."

Speak for yourself. Far as I can see, games like Cuphead prove that that's a load of bull. Publishers and devs try to tell us that that's what we want. They don't listen to anything we do want. Hell, Blizzard is on record...

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Rainslacker pretty much has it. But add into the fact that publishers are also using tax havens to keep as much profit as possible, and there really is no reason for game prices to go up again. I already pay $80 in Canada because of a B.S. story about the economic situation, and you'd better believe that that price will never go down. If games go up to $100 just for the basic game, filled with Triple A culture of release first, fix later; I'll stop gaming then. Games are not worth $10...

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