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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Adblocker only blocks adds, not trackers. Use Ghostery in addition.

Also, what the hell happened to the font? #2.1.2
Noice, thanks for choosing my blog and out of the ones I wrote for August, that was definitely the right choice to make. #2
@Conzul: That's what I'm saying, he needs his own game. He oozes personality. I mean, they could make a game with Jordi that could compete with Hitman if they did it properly. His personality is very different to 47, but I found him to be hilarious.

@ShinMaster: Damn, you're not kidding. Jordi is nearly identical looking to Kazuma. Ubisoft's slacking. #1.1.12
Uhh, have none of you met this guy?


Behold the best character in Watch Dogs. #1.1.8
It's like I tried to tell you, Kotaku doesn't write anything worth reading. Saying goodbye to the PS3 may as well be the same as saying it's dead because Kotaku is saying goodbye to a console that has given them no reason to say goodbye to it. He basically said that, for gaming purposes, the PS3 is dead and that's just a pure stinking load of B.S.

Like I said, not worth reading. Just like everything else they post. #10.1.2
No need to read a thing from Kotaku. Even if the article didn't say it was dead, the article itself isn't worth reading anyway. #10.1
Oh he is. #1.10.1
What genuine writers? Kotaku hasn't had a genuine writer.. ever.

If someone wants to be a genuine writer, what reason would compel them to remain at an unethical job?

And did you read the article? Kotaku is willing to try and end someone's career over a Tumblr blog, and that person ISN'T EVEN PART OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY.

Genuine writers indeed. #1.8.1
Look to Gawker if you want to see why Kotaku is as terrible as it is. Gawker, even in its name, is click bait. They have no standards. They'll do or say anything to get a hit.

Thank god for Ghostery.

https://www.ghostery.com/en... #1.7.3
"I believe in writing about games. Not gaming journalists."

That's what we've all wanted from all gaming journalism sites, THEY are the ones that decided that had to change, THEY are the ones that brought politics into gaming, THEY are the ones responsible for sewing the seeds of hatred wherever they could for more money.

Don't get it twisted Abriael, gamers ARE the justicars of the gaming industry. It's OUR money that keeps it going... #1.2.4
Saying goodbye to Kotaku is generally a good idea, especially because they agree with militant feminists that think the identity of gamer is dead or dying. #1.5
You get a Well Said from me. #3.1
Didn't GDC give Anita Sarkeesian that Ambassadorial Award? Gee, I wonder why? #2.2
Apparently the SJWs have threatened a 10 year old boy if the rumours are to be believed.


You can see that on the twitter hashtag of #Gamergate as well.

It's funny how the SJWs think. Anita is off limits, but a 10 year old child is hot.

And they wonder why we're all so pissed off now. #7.1
Here's another video that shows just how far down the rabbit hole these SJWs go with their ideas. Warning, it's an hour long, but it contains information we all need to know and we all should rally against. I didn't know that the B.S. these people are spewing is so bad, one even says that games should stop being about fun. That's how bad it's gotten.

@Blacktric: I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. About what you feel I omitted, I want you to know that I was really only trying to focus on the article itself more than the whole issue at hand. If I tried to focus on the entirety of Gamergate, it'd require multiple blogs and would be seemingly never ending. Besides, with passionate gamers like us, all the info is bound to end up in comments anyway. Lol. #1.1.4
I saw that video when it came up and as usual Internet Aristocrat does excellent work. Someone in the comment section said that someone should create a chart that shows all the connections between gaming journalists and others in the industry, a more comprehensive version of what IA did in this video basically, and I completely agree with that. #1.1.2
The biggest problem is that people like Quinn and Sarkeesian actually CAUSE toxicity. If they think that a group, any group, is going to enjoy having outsiders, or worse insiders, blanket judge the group as *insert insulting terminology here* and not have anything to say about it, then those people are sadly mistaken.

And then to have the greater gaming journalism scene actually defend these people who are injecting toxicity, and blame it on US when we try to defend ourselves... #2.1.4
@Volkama: Those deals you're talking about? Yeah, they're pretty much offset by the electricity bill that will skyrocket with your rig. That's a big cost PC gamers never talk about. PCs take up WAY more power than any console, and in fact there are people out there with PCs that take up as much wattage as a microwave or space heater.

Unless your living condition includes a flat rate electricity bill in your overall mortgage/rent, then you're gonna be paying a... #2.1.2
It's also missing a monitor.

"Genuine question to everyone here. Do you lot think pirating Windows is as bad as physically stealing a PS4?"

Depends. With Windows you have access to a lot more than you do with a PS4. So the question becomes which do you think is more valuable. Software that allows for nearly limitless possibilities, or hardware designed for a specific purpose. #1.2.5
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