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Brianna Wu: "I'm going to run for Congress."

Literally everyone:

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You really don't want to know, trust me. Her game is filled with stereotypes she insists she's against.

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"to say you have a problem with people standing up for other people just shows the narrow lens through which you view the world."

Except that isn't what he said. He said we have our own problems with SJWs because we do. Small example of what kind of stuff happens here in Canada.

Does that look like "standing up for peop...

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"Thank goodness your not developing the game. Your idea is horrible"

Firstly, you're*

Secondly, I'm sure your idea is just fantastic, let's hear it.

@xMANB3ARP1G: Those are some good ideas too. The point is that people who think a good Superman game can't be made are just lacking in imagination.

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Why does everyone think a Superman game would be hard to make? Look at all the other hero games we've had. Hell, we've had terrible Hulk games but they were only terrible because of bad ideas, not because of the premise. A good Superman game would be fairly easy to make.

You start by making it open world because you have to for the flight mechanics.

If people are worried about Superman's invulnerability or general OP nature, that's where p...

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See, there you go again, completely misrepresenting what I've said. Well, I only have one thing left to say.

Merry Christmas.

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"Actually, it's pretty much just you because your so long winded and you seem to think your so much smarter than all the people you argue with, and don't pretend I'm the only person you get into arguments with."

Lol, you're so off base it's pathetic.

"I've been calling you a hypocrite using your own words based on what you said in the blog. Though if you have to keep on proving your not a bigot maybe you should have ...

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"DragonKnight your such an angry person, you have been on a tear arguing with everyone on the site who has a differing opinion. "

That "differing opinion" you seem to think exists is really "call everyone who disagrees a bigot." Because that's what you do.

"You don't even read or understand what I am saying."

Says the guy who misquoted me AND changes his argument all the time.

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"First off saying..."

No, it isn't anything new because people like you are too stupid to understand that a homophobe or a racist or a sexist CANNOT be friends with someone from whatever group of people they hate. In order to befriend someone, you have to be able to value that person as a person. To enjoy their company, their input, and in general just having them around. Hate is literally the antithesis of that. And second, I'm not a racist, or a homophob...

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"No DragonKnight, What you said originally was an extremely rude comment insulting people who want to see characters with similar life experiences as themselves by saying they have serious mental issues."

Bzzzzt. Wrong. I said if you can't feel good about yourself unless there is a fictional (read: non-existent person) character that shares your identity, then you have problems that no amount of media will fix. I said that a person who needs their identity val...

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@ziggurcat: Hahahahaha, I didn't accuse you of being a bigot. LMAO! That's some new level lack of reading comprehension. If I wanted to call you a bigot, I would. If anything, I'm calling you an obvious hypocrite.

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You are misinterpreting it. The user I'm replying to is making an appeal to empathy argument for people in real life. The user is attempting to state that I lack empathy for how real people feel about the identity of fictional people and how that can impact real life. And the user is correct, I do not have empathy for that kind of projection.

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@ziggurcat: You have reached so far to get to that conclusion you inspire Mr. Fantastic.

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@Rainslacker: I didn't mean that she is gay in and of itself was unnatural. I meant the whole theme around her sexuality felt unnatural with the DLC. In the main game she really enjoyed having someone around her age that could have easily developed into something and they had to have known people would have thought that, but then the DLC comes out and that gets thrown out of the window. Then Druckman is all like "Oh yeah she's totally gay."

I think your hy...

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@Goldby: I'd use the idea that it's clickbaity in the mocking myself. Be like "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S CLICKBAIT, JUST LIKE TRACER BEING GAY WAS CLICKBAIT YOU FOOLS!" Or something more eloquent. Lol. We need a real troll dev that is both a development genius and someone will to offend the professionally offended for the fun of it.

Sounds like Rockstar but they tend to just let their games speak for them.

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Don't know why you're getting disagrees for this, unless it's people who have some fundamental disagreement with the idea that all lives matter.... Oh...

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What if I wanted a white harambe? White, male, but not human? Would your sarcasm still apply or are you bigoted against albino gorillas that play with 3 year olds?

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"True gamers dont need your BS polluting their games."

I am so glad I get to use this now...

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@Yi-Long: The projection coming from you is massive.

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@Dee: Guess I'm able to continue, thought I maxed out comments. Meh.

"Obviously it's..."

Ha, an attempt at wit. Discussing the endless flaws in SJW terms (I'm glad you put it that way, it will be useful) doesn't equate to triggering. Notice that in my comments I focused, or attempted to focus, on reasons why Tracer was gay and that, triggered by the fact that I'd dare say anything SJWs could construe as homophobic (which is a...

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