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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@starchild: Actually they don't give a damn. You're the one that consistently tries to say "ok, well maybe the pop in is less prominent on the PS4 version" or some other such nonsense. You keep trying to skirt the issue and keep believing your opinion is the correct one.

"Garbage in, garbage out." Aren't we egotistical. You refuse to believe that Ubisoft went for parity because of factors no one, including Ubisoft, are talking about but you. Yo... #1.1.14
So where the hell are Death and starchild on this eh? They've both been insistent that it wasn't due to parity (Death) or that the game could still be better and we shouldn't care about resolution parity for the PS4 version (starchild).

Of course they're silent. Neither want to admit the Xbox One held back this game and parity is B.S. #1.1.6
@starchild: Yes, you have seen me rail against many subjects, it's called having an opinion. There are 2 differences between you and I.

The first is I don't go around calling people my enemy because they don't share my opinion, only to later try to backpeddle and say "oh I'm just opposed to their thinking" which is basically saying the same thing. I don't turn into a politician that rewords things to seem less of an attack or overly dramatic. I s... #2.1.5
@starchild: Would you give it up. For starters, labeling people as "the enemy" of what you personally want is just a tad melodramatic don't you think?

Secondly, the parity issue is the core of the problem, not the resolution. You and Death both have comprehension problems. No matter how many people tell you, and no matter how similarly they word it, both of you can't understand that people are upset about WHY the resolution is, now WHAT the resolution is. <... #2.1.2
@Eonjay: I was just thinking that it's like being at the movies. Where's the popcorn? XD #1.1.5
Didn't you guys know? It's obviously because FFXIII's A.I. is too advanced and all PCs have garbage CPUs. I mean, that's a more believable argument than parity right? #1.1.14
@Death: So when you say "trust the developers" you mean trust them after one of them came out and said "yeah, we gimped the PS4 version for parity" and actually has his titled and name stated right? What you actually mean is "I'm going to trust an unnamed spokesperson that sent an email" as opposed to someone who staked his name on his comment right?

And now you're trying to dismiss legitimate proof by saying it's dated? Dated proof i... #1.1.43
Death, you've been successfully refuted a billion times. Do you really need for me, or really anyone else, to continue to do it?

You know that the anonymous spokesperson email is bullsh*t PR speak. The senior producer on the game, who put his name out there, gave you the legitimate reason. Parity.

I can't believe you are naive enough to believe that a CPU process like A.I. will negatively affect a GPU process like resolution. Just stop. #1.1.33
First or at the same time is irrelevant because either or will have the same end result. That being a bad game being released. #2.4.3
Been stated already, but the parity clause is no measure for or against quality. So long as a bad game releases on Xbox One first, that bad game will still release. #2.4
Of course they have zero standards and are irresponsible with their money, that's not a judgment that's common sense.

A leads to B which leads to C which will be complained about eventually by everyone.

A is the removal of any kind of backwards compatibility. Though I agree that the focus of any new generation console should be new generation games and that I personally don't sell older consoles to buy newer ones, the removal of B.C. is a problem,... #2.1.1
As you've seen with the comment above, as long as people have absolutely zero standards and are absolutely irresponsible with their money, definitive editions will never end.

Apparently, people like buying the same game twice for some very marginal upgrades. They have more money than sense or standards. Also apparently, we shouldn't ask developers to actually put real effort into making their games so definitive versions aren't necessary.

The answ... #2
@gangsta_red: "HA! BullSH**! It's the only concern you fans have..."

Yeah, one guy who actually is a producer on the game and is named said it was for parity, another anonymous spokesperson sent an email with a bullsh*t reason that you Xbox fanboys are taking as the gospel truth no matter how stupid it sounds that A.I. which is a process handled by the CPU is somehow magically affecting resolution, which is a process handled by the GPU. Being made from the groun... #1.1.27
No one is raging that it's 900p. Everyone is raging at WHY it's 900p. #2.1
@Death: Your continued descent into obvious fanboyism makes your ability to argue a point increasingly poor.

"Parity is a two way street."

By definition it isn't. Parity ALWAYS requires someone giving something up, it never requires someone receiving something that wasn't taken from somewhere else. When you have only one side making a compromise, then it's only a one way street.

"I don't see any support for Kine... #1.1.20
"The xbox one offers FREE DEDICATED SERVERS to ALL developers, but several devs have stated the reason they will not use the FREE dedicated servers is because they want parity in the online experience. Would you all agree that dedicated servers gives you a better online experience than peer to peer???"

Do you understand how monumentally insane your comment is? I want you to think about what you just said, because you just said that developers are willingly passing u... #1.8.2
People completely miss the point.

The resolution is a secondary concern for PS4 users. If the game came out at 900p just because, then we wouldn't be as upset even though it would still suck.

No, the true problem is the issue of parity. It's the same issue PC gamers have. There is no legitimate reason for parity to be a consideration, especially parity with the Xbox One considering how poorly it's doing in comparison with the PS4.

... #1.1.15
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It's funny how you go off on a tangent about criteria, then proceed to criticize games you believe aren't top 10 without providing criteria.

Sales should NEVER be included. Sales doesn't equal quality, and THAT'S what should be foremost.

By that kind of logic, McDonald's should always win any "top 10 restaurants in the world." #4.1
LMAO! 100% fact right here. #5
Precisely. Plus there's the fact that many people go into LP's knowing that spoilers can happen and they are prepared for that, and still others that go just FOR the spoilers alone. #3.1
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