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@Death: There are such things as bad choices. EA Access would be such a choice. But at the end of the day, it's up to each individual to make that bad choice and hopefully learn from it.

My position on this has changed somewhat from when it originally was an issue due to how Sony is acting with mods on the PS4. Sony is being a bit too controlling for my liking.

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Tifa's fight scene in that movie was epic and I'd imagine your wife would like to have your daughter grow up to be that badass herself hence the name choice. Not a bad name either. Could have been Umaro. XD

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If you think about it, that sounds like a really redneck name.

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Like Le-a. The dash don't be silent.

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I think the author is ascribing way too much to this game and projecting their own ideas onto it, especially in the aspect that FFVII somehow challenged traditional ideas about identity and masculinity.

Remember that it was made by Japanese developers following Japanese cultural ideas. I really don't think they were considering half of what the author thinks they were considering. At least not as it pertains to any Western philosophical thought.

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@Funky: That you haven't had a problem does not preclude there being a problem, and that physical games now can't be played is the point. Digital is anti-consumer in every way but convenience, and it has seeped into the physical realm.

@Notorious: But you don't retain the ability to play them forever, unlike the aforementioned example of the classic NES, that's the problem. Digital is not good for anyone. It isn't cheaper on consoles, it isn't faster...

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The reason for the vitriol is the concept of ownership. When you pay for a thing you expect to own it, but digital turns games from objects to services and you pay for limited access, and pay too much at that. With physical copies you own them for as long as you want and can use them as many times as you want. With digital you can only own it for as long as the license lasts or servers are up. If either expires, tough luck for you. And then there's the added fact that with digital came ne...

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Lol, the used games argument is as old as gamimg itself. Devs have insisted it would kill the industry literally for decades. What killed the industry before is what's killing it now only with new additions. Developer greed, bloated marketing budgets, emphasis on graphics over substance, patch mentality, and digital distribution. DD contributes to developer greed as they know they can cut you off whenever they want. Physical copies puts a leash on them in that it is an option they really ...

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LMAO! Screech took a break from being arrested to become Trans and talk about games.

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Best Character Creation Ever

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Report this as spam since it was already submitted and failed by Christopher.

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They've always been bad so he's still an idiot.

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When I saw the title, I was hoping for the word "satire" to appear in at least the description.

But this guy is serious....

Can 2016 end already and hopefully take such nonsense with it?

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@Septic: Lmao, damn you got hammered with downvotes. Some people are just too touchy.

In reality, the only company not drowning in delays is Nintendo. And please everyone, read what I said before you comment. I said "drowning" in delays. Not that they have not had any delayed games.

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No one can prevent DDoS attacks. Not Sony, not Microsoft, no one.

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"Despite threat from script kiddies that use programs real hackers created to DDoS systems, Xbox Live and Playstation Network kept running on Christmas Day."


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Actors should not have to care about the game, but they should AT LEAST play it and get an idea of what the world and characters are like if they are going to be a part of that world in movie form. Method acting works.

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Look at the existence of this piece.

First of all it comes from a site called

That alone shows you that no gamer will care.

And the article evokes the biggest kind of "who cares?" reaction anyone can come up with.

Some people need to have their approval privileges revoked.

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"I know facts are a thing of the past, but we have documentation of laws that were specifically designed to oppress groups of people."

Show me a current law that is racist, or sexist, in intent that is enforced in the First World that is NOT against men and we'll agree. Otherwise you're talking out of your a**. Saying "things used to be like this" is not an argument. It's a common SJW argument to have black and white photos or Dead Sea Scroll...

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How is this at all relevant to anything? Are we going to ask him what kind of shampoo he prefers next? I bet I know the answer to that.

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