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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


@GameSpawn: Exactly this. +Bubbles.

I would also like to point out that people don't want to see the fact that Jim stated that he has hopes for the Xbox One's success, and that he's happy that it's now in a better position to compete, but his problem was that MS' original vision was stupid and that it's their own fault that they had to backpeddle, and that he's NOT going to applaud them for finally doing what makes sense and what they should have d... #1.2.5
"and the other two men on the panel only have the ability to view women's issues from an outside perspective, regardless of which gender they choose to identify with."

Ouch, even I felt that one. Lol. I tried to not focus on the fact that they are both transgendered and thus it presents a kind of conflict of interests seeing as how they were both the problem, and apparently the solution to, with the community's attitude.

I know that trying t... #2.1
"No, they aren't."

Yes, they are. Well, 2 of them are. Carolyne I don't think has yet ever made any piece of writing indicating that games affect life, but Katherine Cross' entire career is based on studying it and Anita Sarkeesian just said in her own recent video and touched on it slightly in the panel that games impact the behavior of people in real life.

She said, and I'm paraphrasing from her video on Women as background decorat... #4.1.6
How do you think I feel? I watched the whole thing. That's why I provided some reward videos at the end of each part. If you're gonna suffer through that panel discussion, at least you get to hear some, IMHO, amazing covers of some great video game music. #1.1
Is Jim not a consumer like anyone else? #1.2.2
Didn't watch the video did you? Jim presents CONSUMER based opinions, not fanboy based opinions. #1.2
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@andibandit: Umm, it's painfully easy to pirate most games, and going to thepiratebay has mostly clean returns.

Example: Say I wanted to pirate Skyrim. I could go to thepiratebay right now and download the Legendary Edition complete with all DLC and the High Res textures and not need Steam to play it. If I wanted to use mods, there's a cracked version of the Nexus Mod Manager on the site too. It requires nothing more than installing the game and the only thing you'... #5.2.1
@djplonker: All PCs have some kind of graphics hardware. All of them. All of them can be used for gaming, the power is irrelevant compared to the use. I have a piece o' crap laptop that can emulate PS1 games pretty well. If I decided to play every single PS1 game I could get my hands on on my laptop, it's then essentially a low end gaming PC. #3.2.3
That statement comes with a HUGE asterisk. The PC market has a lot more pay to win games, microtransactions, and other nickel and dime schemes than consoles have. Consoles have their own of course, but they are eclipsed by the numbers that are representative of the PC market.

Simply going by broad revenue will likely remain in the PC market's favour for a long time until consoles start ramping up their own schemes. #3.1.2
@JBSleek: The PS4 and Xbox One update in the background for a lot more than the Xbox 360 or PS3 (especially the PS3) did, so yeah the consoles maintain the plug and play edge. Even factoring in the updates, the difference is still in favor of consoles against PC which still requires more work. Education and common sense don't eliminate everything. #2.2.4
Not everyone can afford everything. Most people have no alternative but to choose that which will suit their tastes best. #1.3.1
A lot of people will tell you that it's the combination of their preferred console and a gaming PC that dominates. I see no flaw in that kind of logic as you get the best of both worlds. #1.1.6
See now you're just assuming a lot.

"You say that a lot because you think that someone expressing their opinion = demanding it."

Wrong. There is a difference between saying something like "I wish I could play more games with women in them" and "The gaming community is filled with hateful misogynists whose attitudes are fostered by the development scene who consistently poorly represent women as nothing more than objects."
I'm disappointed that a Canadian wrote something like this. It's incredibly shortsighted in some points, and irrelevant in others.

The only reason to ever trade in consoles is A)You need the money for something more important, or B)You're simply not using it that much and would like to put the money towards something you will use.

All of the reasons the author listed are not reasons to trade in an Xbox One. Especially the layoffs and graphics argu... #1.1.19
This isn't about the Xbox One. People said they didn't boo the PS4 but it really wouldn't be surprising if they had because A)They're PC elitists (different from PC gamers) and are just like that. B)It's Quakecon. A convention named after a famous PC game. Consoles don't have much of a place there. #1.1.11
Exactly, thank you. However it isn't the job of these people to acknowledge the good, it's their job to nitpick and find what they consider to be bad, and to make all of us feel like it's bad too. #1.1
OMG, you can't be serious that that many people fell for that picture. I seriously hope that those people were just playing into the troll. #1.2.2
"I think that blanket statement of them trying to change how developers express themselves is a bit disingenuous to many level-headed feminists."

Then you haven't seen enough. Trust me, I have more to show for what I'm saying. I can't say that I'm speaking about literally every feminist that exists, but at least in the more vocal feminists that discuss gaming, what I've said is putting it mildly.

"So, it's okay for busin... #4.1.2
"It is you who continually misses the point. Sony spends a great part of their E3 conferences in reference to things that don't have to do with games and also features that compliment the games. Such as uploading to Youtube, Game Assist and Instant Suspend and Resume. Consumers also want features that the PS3 had such as DLNA streaming capabilities and 3D playback.It's purpose is to be as good of a product as it can be and since it's an ENTERTAINMENT device it can always be i... #7.3.1
I can't deny that I have a bias against feminists, but the difference is that I'm not trying to prevent them from expressing themselves, they are trying to change how developers express themselves. I'm under no illusion that anything I say here is going to change them, they are under the illusion (closely coming to reality) that their opinions are necessary and should be used to change the industry to suit what they approve of. #4.1
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