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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


I honestly have had almost no problems with this game. In fact I've had 1 "problem" and 1 recurring yet hilarious glitch and I've beaten the game.

The 1 problem I had was falling through the game world. It's happened twice and that's it. Other than that, the only glitch I experience that is recurring is The Flash glitch where the Intendent moves across the room at light speed whenever I take money from the box.

Other than that, I hav... #1.1.7
It's funny, the article title mentions PSN, but nowhere in the article does CNET quote DerpTrolling saying that they have PSN information. And at one point, the article gets pretty specific.

"We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords," he said. "We have around 2 million Comcast accounts, 620,000 Twitter accounts, 1.2 million credentials belonging to the CIA domain, 2... #10
"Well i think Anita S's main message is, to develop more games that include , smart strong female characters that different types of females can enjoy."

Women have been enjoying video games for 40 years. That's 10 more years than Anita has been alive. Only recently have people like her been making it seem like women are and have been excluded from gaming when that's literally NEVER been the truth. What gives her the right to speak for women, to ignore th... #7
Unfortunately the insane outnumber we sane people. When you tell people that the problems they are having with life are due to everything else except themselves, you can control weak willed individuals into believing and doing anything you want.

Those same weak willed people will never better their own lives, but will be convinced that they are by following cultish con artists like Anita.

The more people listen to Anita, the worse things will get. There are p... #4.1.1
Who brought up GG? You're failing hard TD. Just accept the fact that you're a hypocrite and move on.

I mean this....

"you guys will continue to come off as mad because other people have opinions that differ from your own."

Is ironic as hell when proceeding this...

"Why are we so obsessed with these people? Jesus Christ. You guys give them more power and publicity every time you give them attention like... #5.1.4
Oh really? Oh ok, I get it now. People are supposed to stop talking about legitimate problems with the gaming industry, but it's perfectly fine for you to b**** about it when they do because that's definitely how you're going to get them to stop. Just wait for them to talk about something you don't want them to talk about then whine about it like a nagging mother or something.

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And yet here you are, every single time anyone posts a blog about these people, complaining that blogs about these people exist. For someone that wants attention to these matters to end, you're doing a bang up job of ignoring these posts aren't you? #5.1
Excellent blog though you forgot one thing. Whenever she goes into professional victim mode, she ALWAYS asks for donations. Every time she claims to receive a serious threat, she'll make 3 or 4 tweets about it and then immediately proceed to ask for money.

Personally, many of us believe that Anita doesn't even run her own twitter account. We think it's FullMcintosh. That's a pejorative term used to describe the type of insanity that only her boyfriend/producer... #4
Has Anita stopped? No? Is she trying to get more "in your face" about things? Yes? Then yes, we are still talking about this. #3.1
This is gonna be in one of Anita Sarkeesian's next videos in which she's gonna say developers are making sexual violence against women more realistic in games. That will be parroted, ad nauseum, throughout the entire feminist internet and we will not hear the end of this.

That's way worse than CNN, or FOX News doing a segment on it and it eventually fizzling out. #3.5
Lists like these are just Anita Bait. And we see them all the time. How is anyone not bored by them by now? #8
The reason he gave was he doesn't like the "corporate shadow" looming over gaming journalism and he said that things have been moving a certain direction that he doesn't like for awhile now.

In truth, he was pissed off at The Escapist for allowing both sides of GamerGate to have a voice on their site and that they didn't consult him for a pro-GG series of interviews done with devs who are pro-GG in an article. He quite literally said "Fuck the Escap... #4.1
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The ESA? You mean that same organization that so erroneously stated that women make up 48% of the gaming market, and that women in their 30s game more than boys in their mid to late teens? That ESA? Why am I not surprised that this joke of an organization, which has always been bought and paid for by large game publishers in order to make certain points to said publishers' shareholders, once again got something so basic so wrong?

It was ONE person that made those threats... #3
I've had some small issues like falling through the world, dead enemies having seizures, people moving like The Flash, people appearing out of the sky, and one area has a chest that won't appear yet. Other than that, no problems.

I'm having an absolute blast with the game despite not being able to have more than one playthrough going at once. 6/10 is an abhorrent, undeserved score that's definitely to cause controversy. #2.2
@Amuro: Allow me to list the ways he's wrong.

"Double standards."

Wrong. No one has double standards for this dev. I don't even think anyone knows who this dev is, but Neixus' comment suggests that people are giving this guy a pass just because he's an indie dev, and that hasn't happened.

"Why are people accepting that a game runs at 480p just because it's a indie game, but if a major publisher released... #5.1.4
He makes 1 valid point.

"You could make a retro looking game even though if it runs at 1080p."

That's the only valid point. So perhaps you're correct then, only 90% of what he said was completely wrong. #5.1.2
Everything you just said it completely, 100% wrong. I mean literally every word. Not one word has an ounce of correct thought put behind it. #5.1
+Bubble for Helpful. #1.3.1
@KnightRiders: Given that thorstein didn't specifically reference an individual, his comment cannot be construed as being a personal attack. My guess as to thorstein's opinion about the article is that, like the site, it's disappointing. #1.1.3
@Mikelarry: +Bubbles for making me LOL. Man those are some funny glitches.

I've had one glitch so far and that's where an NPC moved from one end of a room to the other like The Flash. It was hilarious.

Oh, and I fell through the world once.

Other than that it's been pretty smooth sailing for me. #1.2.5
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