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"It's important for people to be made aware that who they are is ok"

Why? Or more specifically, why should fiction be the arena for that?

"so media and support groups are the only place they're going to get that message."

In which most of the time the message is not sincere. It is done either because it is forced, or it is done to capitalize on a market. So the message is not what you think it is.

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X-Men Origins Wolverine was such a fun game. Too bad there wasn't a sequel.

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Uh, it's not the denial of a platform when EA are forcing devs to keep quiet. Unless a pre-existing NDA exists preventing developers from talking about a game that's currently out, they are silencing free speech of each and every dev.

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Don't worry. They didn't plan on improving Witcher 3 for Pro or One X either, but they did.

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Companies, mostly Japanese ones but ESPECIALLY Nintendo, don't back these fan efforts because they would look upstaged by them. It's all about the image. Most of the fans who make these games don't actually give a damn about money (well of course they'd like money, but it's not why they do it), they make the games to show off their skills and honour their favourites. But far be it from Nintendo to allow someone to make them look inferior.

INB4 the Cease ...

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You're such a hater. It's okay you couldn't play them properly.

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No they weren't.

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No it wasn't.

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1 cent, while technically under $30, is not what people think of when they think of under $30.

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"Horizon Zero Dawn’s racial diversity is no mistake."

And no one but people who dedicate their lives to focusing strictly on unchangeable characteristics actually cares.

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Stop giving them ideas.

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That's because ResetEra was made by members and mods of NeoGaf.

Before the site even launched they were talking about gender pronouns.

I mocked them for it on Twitter and they got REALLY butt hurt.

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"Twitch IRL has become some super weird directory and I see it as something we should look into."


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It's actually because the girls are fully dressed and not professional porn actors. Imagination provides much more stimulation than having everything out there.

But I'd agree though. Especially because of the free part.

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Yes. And these girls don't want to do that. Your Point?

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If it's becoming that, it's only becoming that because of the people who will not stop whining about it, therefore signal boosting that these girls are on Twitch. Twitch doesn't promote these girls the way YouTube's ridiculous trending page promotes terrible youtubers.

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Who cares if it's not a cam site? The point is that they aren't pretending to be streaming a game when they are in the IRL category. Everyone knows what they are getting. And if others are in IRL providing great content, then they'll get views from people who don't care to watch booby streamers.

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It is.

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