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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@InTheLab: Yes, a new IP is more important. Get over it. #2.1.3
The thing with Bloodborne is that it's likely that this game was actually Sony's idea that they approached FromSoft with given the Bloodborne trademark they registered awhile back. Even if it wasn't, FromSoft is actually just using Sony for future games. See, they are quite clever in that they'll get someone like Sony to fund and co-develop a game, creating an engine that works well for the PS4, and then they'll use what they've learned about some of the PS4's hidd... #2.5.2
I'm going to start a petition to ban petition sites from allowing people to make petitions. That'll show everyone. #2.1.8
@Both people saying Ori is on PC: I know, but my PC is shite. Trust me when I say I can't play it. I may know about Dark Souls issues on the PC, doesn't mean I played it on PC.

@moldybread: The Souls series of games are affected across the board by the community in a big way. Dark Souls 2 is the best example of this, but it occurred with Dark Souls 1 too. In both Dark Souls 1 and 2, the presence of PC gamers and their Cheat Engine ways eventually made it into the cons... #2.3.5
I absolutely answered your question. You asked "will Bloodborne have co-op and will it be good" I answered in the Online section. Did you just not read anything I said? #9.3.2
You think this will be bad? I'm waiting to see what Polygon gives it.

"Blood represents institutionalized misogyny that was rampant in Victorian England. 2/10 -Ben Kuchera" #1.2.3
There are some games from some companies where you don't have to question. You just know. This is such a game, coming from such a company, and is proving to be so. #7.1
@Ch1d0r1: Oh I intend to. I plan on streaming it on Twitch so I can make some videos for my subscribers on Youtube. For some reason, the Souls community has decided to join me in trolling youtube and have consistently been subscribing to my channel even when I had literally no videos for them to watch. Currently at 262 for no real reason. Thanks to the PS4's recording abilities, I can actually give something back to them and enjoy doing so as well. Definitely picking this up A.S.A.P. Hope... #5.1.3
Go for Borderlands for co-op? LMAO! No, just no. The Souls series, and as this game is a spiritual successor to the that series it applies to this too, has built itself on 3 key foundations.

Challenge. The game punishes people who try to wing it, run and gun style, without thinking about what they're doing. It rewards methodical play and strategy.

Gameplay: These games have some of the tightest combat mechanics you'll come across.

Onl... #9.3
@Septic: Any awards show, even one created by EA to award EA games, that gives Hardline a GOTY award would quite literally HAVE to be bombed. There would be no choice in the matter, it would be a matter of public mental safety and health, defending honor like in the old dueling days, getting revenge for an insult against one's mother, etc.. It quite literally would have to happen. #2.1.5
GOTY yes. GOTG, can't say that yet. What if Bloodborne 2 comes out and eclipses the first game, or some game even better comes out? #5.1
Yet. #4.1.1
I'm frickin' glad that the PC and its Cheat Engine abusing scrubs aren't getting this game. Bringing the Souls games to PC was the absolute worst thing to happen to the community ever. It brought along a bunch of cry babies that complained about literally every weapon or spell they could, and turned the PVP into a hacker's paradise. When you see a guy punching Fire Snake Pyromancy and jumping 100 feet in the air, or back stabbing you from Majula into the Final boss fight room... #2.3
"Not interested in Bloodborne"

Bet you would have been if it was an Xbox One exclusive though right? Yeah.

@Bathyj: Your comment made me frickin' lol. +Bubbles. #6.2.7
Actually, using first party exclusive titles would showcase what each console is capable of and that would be a definitive answer to which is better as there would be "developing for the lowest common denominator" or lead platform/porting nonsense, etc... #1.1.2
Wow. +Bubbles and...


Excellent comment. #8.1
@Blacklash93: Your argument about Zelda can be used for Link as well. We're talking reincarnation here fueled by destiny here, not some random person who decides "hey, that's a cool looking sword, let me save this princess I don't know just because." There are, no pun intended, links with these characters. Purposely made to make a central story connect in a deep way.

And have you played A Link To The Past? I ask because in that game, Link is the bloodlin... #2.1.4
Doesn't matter now does it, the roster is fake. #8.1.4
Who said anything about "stopping development of a new IP."

But that's an interesting point. Assume that the studio making the remaster isn't the size of a Sony Santa Monica or an Ubisoft. How many remasters are those smaller studios making? None. Why? Because it would deter them from making newer IPs now wouldn't it? All projects cost man hours. Man hours that could be put to use in new IPs. By basic common sense we can clearly see that a person who is... #5.5.1
4th one is my favourite.

Now, make a Bloodborne jacket and then you'll pique some interest. #1
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