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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Newsflash to Kraptaku, 99% of all video game characters do not have genitals. Makes one wonder why gender is so important to some people doesn't it? #1.7
No. It's not.

Visual upgrades from the PS3 version are minimal at best. There is no functional difference between the PS3 and PS4 version with the exception of one key feature that the PS3 version doesn't have. That feature is the ability to choose between the Original OR Arranged Soundtracks. Of course, the original is vastly superior to the new arrangement.

There's also the ability to share videos of you playing it, which for me is a tempting id... #3
I'm not confident at all, I'm realistic. The Xbox One won 1 month and just barely. The PS4 is more expensive than the Xbox One and, according to haters, has no games. Assuming that's true, with no effort the PS4 is maintaining a 2:1 lead over the Xbox One. The most recent comment I made about the Xbox One is in reply to a known fanboy of the Xbox One where he was trying to make the claim that Sony today is not Sony of the PS4 launch. A specious claim. Trying to undermine my argume... #4.2.2
"I'm just saying MS winning more months might force Sony's hand."

Won't happen. Even if, and that's a big if, MS pulled off consecutive miracles, they still have to overcome Sony's 2:1 lead before Sony really has to start considering any action. #4.2
Also you won't create some kind of empathy from white gamers who "now understand what it's like to be forced to play as a black character."

We don't care about the race. We care about the choice being removed. Games aren't real life. In games we have options. If we don't want to play as whatever race character, we can choose not to buy the game or create a character of a race we want. That's not a luxury afforded to anyone in life. The proble... #12.1
No it didn't. What this is is offering players a choice, and then changing their choice and forcing them to be something they didn't choose to be. Race in life is not a choice. You're not sitting there, pre-existence, going "Hmmm, I think I'll be white" and so you're formed in your mother's womb as white and then all of a sudden you hear "HA HA NOPE! *POOF*" and you're now black. If that happened, you'd be just as pissed off in real life as... #2.1.4
@Death: I don't care if your PS4 is glued to your forehead, forcing you to see it in the mirror every morning. That still wouldn't prevent your nose from being firmly planted on your always turned on Xbox One console and getting high off the dust from the fan. Sony admitting that they are light with FIRST PARTY EXCLUSIVES doesn't mean they aren't the same Sony today that they were at the launch. The PS4 has still been all about the games, and while I'll state that I'm... #1.3.10
@XBLSkull: He's an idiot. He has this much of a problem with it but is still going to buy the game. That's pretty much still giving WB a pass on their practices. If he was that pissed, he'd boycott the game under principle. #1.1.2
@Death: Lol, that comment of yours is hilarious. Especially the part where you say today's Sony is a far cry from the Sony at PS4's launch. Wow man, you need to get out a bit more and stop sniffing your Xbox consoles. #1.3.7
"Internet is getting better and better everyday. I read an article about how Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are increasing the speeds and looking into new technologies to accommodate the growing trend of digital downloading and streaming."

My friend works for Comcast and he tells me all the time that that's B.S. All of these companies are interested in one thing and one thing only. Monopoly. #1.2.5
Edit to my other post.

Weapons and stuff can't be dropped, so my request is stupid and so is the attitude of people thinking that this means twinking for PVP. You can't trade weapons in Bloodborne, which sucks. #2.1.4
Hero, how many Depth 3 or higher Chalice Dungeons have you played? I guarantee the Pthumerian Elder will kick your anus. #7.1.2
You actually think that there are casuals outnumbering the fanbase? That's hilarious.

Also, this hasn't made the game easier. You have to know someone with a high level character and have a password to make it work, it's not like you can just summon anyone you want whenever you want. From is trying to make the co-op better by giving you an easy way to play with friends, something the Souls community has asked for since Demon's Souls. People need to stop overre... #2.1.3
Wow, I can't believe you just said that absolutely brutal fatalities that can cause nightmares for children is preferable to awkward sex scenes. Classy parenting. #5.2.2
Are you saying that you would play Mortal Kombat X in front of your kids, fatalities and all, but softcore sex scenes in The Witcher 3 is where you draw the line? #5.2
OH NO... SEX!!! RUN AWAY!!! The decapitation of countless people and monsters is all good clean family fun, but only degenerates enjoy sex. WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!


It's nice to see that the Puritans are alive and well. #4.2
Nope, you have to grind for the ingredients too. Chalice Dungeons are a mess and it's a shame that FromSoft are pushing them so much. #5.1.2
There are some tricks to summoning. First, make sure you have at least 1 Insight and the Beckoning Bell.

Second, location matters a lot. Most people stick around the Lamps when they are looking to co-op because the way summoning works is that it will bring you to the host's world from wherever you currently are. So you could be neck deep in an area and the host is at the lamp and you'll get summoned exactly where you are only in the hosts world. So if you're look... #6.4
I'm sorry but this isn't an issue. The way weapons are set up in this game, no weapon is significantly more powerful than another and some people even use the starter weapons their entire playthrough because of that fact. Beast Claws and Burial Blade being end game weapons only useful if you delay the true ending so you can PVP with them in NG, or go to NG+ for PVE is quite ridiculous and I'd welcome someone willing to give me a Burial Blade to try out for a new character.
... #5.4.3
Maybe because he doesn't want to have to go through the B.S. of having only 1 Blood Rock a playthrough unless going through Depth 5 Chalice Dungeons which, up until now, still only gave you 1 per dungeon.

When a system in place is B.S., circumventing that system in a way that harms absolutely no one is justified. #3.1.1
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