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For the love of sanity, what the hell is wrong with you all when you keep using this "you buy a license to use the game" B.S. argument.

When you buy a car, does the manufacturer have the right to force you to hold the steering wheel the way they want you to?

That's the level... #6.1
Actually, it's just your right to make money off your own work and distribute it how you like and give permission or not for other people to make money off it, it's not your decision whether or not someone copies it and gives it to someone at no charge.

Imagine a thief goes into a store. He picks up a chocolate bar and perfectly duplicates it twice, then leaves the original chocolate bar where he found it. He goes outside, eats one of the copies and gives one to his f... #6.1.3
*sigh* I'm not going to go into, again, how this is in no way like breaking the law. It's not, ok, it's just not. For one, taxes themselves are theft. Having no say in whether or not you want to pay taxes, or what they are used for (which is supposed to actually BE the law), taxes are the government forcing you to give them your hard earned money to spend on things you probably don't care about or even want, like wars.

For another, assuming taxes aren't th... #4.1.2
Your logic is flawed. Extending my blog to fit those examples is the work of fantasy because there's no basis for it in reality.

It is in no way shape or form the same way as theft, cheating, or doing drugs.

The loot cave simply saves time, it doesn't grant an advantage of any kind over anyone, all it does is give you a better chance, through simply drowning the odds in attempts, of getting gear you want.

If it's like real life in... #4.1
Just like I've been saying. The Loot cave provided no advantage over other players. It was basically an RNG manipulation technique. Rather than having to grind the same boring Strikes or The Crucible forever, hoping you get lucky, you just grind the Loot Cave and force sheer numbers to alter the RNG a bit. The result is so similar to just getting lucky in a Strike or The Crucible, yet look at the fierce defense Bungie is receiving for patching it out. An exploit that did no harm to anyone... #3.1
Apparently you can turn off the 1-button combat. I saw a user on here that said they read the game's legal patent and it claimed as much. #1.2.2
A) Why does the picture needlessly focus on women? As though men aren't "trash talked" just as fiercely.

B) People REALLY need to learn to let things go in online games. I mean, why give idiots the time of day? The kind of people that say things like "I'm gonna rape then kill you" are punks who'd wet themselves in a second if they were ever confronted by those they spoke to like that in real life. They aren't worth even nanoseconds of thoug... #12
"Why not?..."

What's unfair about it? If, as you said, everyone can use it, then where is the unfair advantage. A developer wanting people to play a certain way doesn't grant them the right to force that method of play on anyone. Their rights end when the game is released to the wild. Their responsibility is to ensure the game works, and that unfair advantages are removed. If something isn't unfair, there isn't a problem, so why are you trying to cre... #2.1.2
"That would be true ..."

No, it's true in online games too. If what you're doing doesn't impede someone else's progress, create an insurmountable advantage for you against them, or breaks someone else's game then there's no issue. The only "issue" is with people who disagree and believe people should play the "right" way.

"Fanboys? Why are they labeled as fanboys..."

Now you'... #2.1
Happy Birthday Cat https://www.youtube.com/wat... #120
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And yeah, I mean being a Souls player I've been on the receiving end of some very unfair and definitely unintended glitches. The tumble buff is such a glitch. That glitch would allow you to be able to buff previously unbuffable weapons and with one such weapon, the Stone Greatsword, if you used the strong attack it would cast a spell that is originally supposed to slow your opponents movement, but with the buff applied it drains the... #1.1
3 of you missed the point entirely.

"It's an exploit, it's gonna get fixed" is not a legitimate answer. No one is telling Bungie they can't change their game.

Their reasoning is pathetic, and the defense of them is equally pathetic. The exploit does nothing to the balance or stability of the game. It's literally a time saver. What you're defending is the idea that anyone should have the right to tell people "you're force... #12.4
You didn't answer the point well at all.

Assume there are 2 people. One does things the way you think is right, they grind their a$$es off to get the Legendary or Exotic gear.

The other uses the Loot Cave and gets the same amount amount/type of gear.

Both then play the Crucible. Both have the same gear. No issues.

How does it affect your game if someone founded a quicker way to get the same gear you have? It's the sam... #13.1.2
"and it allows people to get gear in a very easy and cheap way."

Which affects the way you play the game how? #13.1
Are you playing the game that way or is someone else? If it's not you, then shut up, you have nothing to say about it. Who are you to tell anyone how to play a game? Play it how you want to, let others play it how they want to.

It's same whiny attitude heard in the Souls games and people crying about honor in PVP. #1.1.2
The fanboys that defend broken systems like this are pathetic. Bungie has no right to tell people how to play a game they bought. Their vision for the game is irrelevant once the player has it in their hands, I don't care if it's a Shooter/MMO with a 10 year content plan. If someone wants to spend hours in front of a cave, head shotting enemies that come out so they can have a decent way of getting loot, THAT'S THEIR PREROGATIVE!

No one has the right to tell someo... #12
I guess you didn't watch Angry Joe's review where he talks about what's wrong with the Crucible and Strikes. #6.1
Sounds exactly like FFXIII.

"It gets better 20 hours in when you reach Gran Pulse."

And it didn't. #5.1
I know, there was only 1 developer that didn't even once talk about "hatred of women" or anything like that. Developer #5 on page 8. She was the most intelligent and level-headed of them all and seemed to really understand what GamerGate was about.

And the one that thinks is about hating women because gamers haven't talked about this stuff before GamerGate doesn't know what she's talking about.

Look at GerstmannGate, look at the Halo... #1.1
Lol, I couldn't have put that any better. Perfect response to this theory. #5.2.1
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