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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Have you seen the kind of useless nonsense Universities actually fund? #14.1
That has the added possibility of broken glass, the edged lids of cans, razor blades, nails, etc.. #10.1
You'd want an AC game with no climbing at all, even though that's the identity of the game? Either that or force you to either 1. Climb down every building all the time or 2. Have parachute on hand all the time? Which itself is also impractical I might add. #8.1
Tell that to Shoalin Monks. #1.2.1
Has anybody here heard of GameTheory on Youtube? They covered this a long time ago... for free... without needing a University degree to do it either.


I hate Matt Pat personally, but it's a good video.

@-Foxtrot- There's probably already a cure, but modern medicine makes billions off of just treating cancer, they aren't going to g... #1.1.6
Do people really like the idea of paying money to play as their favourite character?

The question that needs to be answered is how easy is it to earn in-game currency, because if it's anything like, say, AC Unity then you're going to end up waiting 2 weeks to play as your favourite character, or paying money for the privilege of playing with that character again.

I may be in the vast minority in this opinion, and that's fine, but 99% of the time w... #1.1.6
This really seems like more of an ad for the game than a blog. I mean, there's no real personal opinion on the game itself, just a list of what's in the game and what you can do.

I have the game myself and am currently loving it, though I have some issues. The camera is your worst enemy due to the fast pace the battles can have, you'll find yourself feeling like you have whiplash sometimes. Lock on is troublesome because of this, and also because you can't tel... #1
FFVIII is one of my favourite FF games, but it's world was definitely the most empty world of any FF game to date.


If you look at that map, excluding areas that aren't dungeons or towns, you'll see what I mean. #3.1.1
@Septic: Do you mean hear as in you don't know anyone that has actually spoken it in ear shot of you? Because that I could see, but I know you've seen it called Xbone since the reveal. #1.1.14
@moldybread: I see you're following me around. That'll work. You should talk to the last 3 people that did that. Oh, but you can't though. They aren't here any more. That's what tends to happen when you follow someone around to harass them every chance you get.

@Posted: I didn't say Nintendo is doing anything illegal, I said they would if given the chance. You've never heard of companies that have twisted laws to their own favour? And you know tech... #1.1.15
Xbone has always been its nickname. I don't know where the author of this article has been, but that's been the most used nickname since the reveal and there's nothing the author can do to change that. #1.1.3
@Posted: Please, the law hasn't recognized games as art and you know they haven't. Nintendo is being brash and arrogant and unfortunately their success has nothing to do with law but everything to do with fear.

I'd love to know A) Why you're latching on to such archaic out of date laws, and B) Why you're defending corporations who would definitely find a way to screw you over, illegally, given the chance. #1.1.12
@Death: No one's rights were being impeded. Everyone was still able to visit Gawker or Vox or whatever. So the idea that Gamergate was closing sites down is laughable. And besides, where is it written that people have the right to visit a website? A website exists, and people can visit it, but that's not a right, that's a privilege. And to add, Jaffe wasn't even talking about the rights of people to visit sites. He didn't care at all about that. His gripe was with how cons... #1.1.6
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David Jaffe once said that everyone on the internet should be forced to turn off adblock. He said this because GamerGate were writing letters to the ad partners of unethical sites (Gawker, Vox, etc..) so as to have ad revenue removed from said sites. That was a tactic he didn't agree with and he said if people didn't like the sites, they should just not go there. This of course ignores the fact that if the stated goal is the loss of revenue, both actions have the same result. A decrea... #1.1.4
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@Posted: Again, you're ignoring why people watch let's plays. In the case of the "art" of games, they are the frame of let's plays, the commentary is the picture.

And copyright law is archaic, ancient, and being latched onto by dinosaurs who will refuse to change to the last day but will be forced to change as more and more companies come up with newer ways to protect their IPs yet still satisfy the creative needs of their consumers.

Wiz... #1.1.10
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@Death: Since most of your comment would involve me repeating myself if I responded to it, I will just reply to the one thing that wouldn't be a repetition. Yes, we agree that options are a good thing. Never said they weren't. Priorities though is what I'm talking about.

@Unholy: Yes, it is a pause option. You're arguing power consumption. What kind of person would leave their game in suspend for days on end anyway? That makes literally no sense. But again, it... #1.1.31
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@360ICE: "You don't excuse the lack of a feature by pointing to other times people did false advertising. With that attitude, why would console developers ever deliver on any minor features? I didn't buy PS4 for dynamic themes either, but if Sony says it's gonna be there, it should be."

And I disagree. If Sony says it's gonna be there, I'd say the best response would be "that'd be cool" not "when the f*** are dynamic themes gon... #1.1.23
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@360ICE: You'd be surprised how many people would be willing to approach your comment that "no one bought PS4 for suspend/resume" with the statement that they had in fact bought PS4 for that. You've been here long enough to have seen some of the apparently legitimate, yet completely ridiculous and obviously trollish, reasons why people would buy any console.

"The little features aren't strictly speaking necessary, but they make the game experience m... #1.1.20
Copyright law is archaic and in desperate need of at minimum a revisiting, and most a complete revision/overhaul. #1.3.1
The answer is no but the following exception would make it yes.

If a youtube video is literally nothing but the game, then the company definitely deserves a cut. In that instance, nothing but the game is being showcased as though the person making the video has the right to make money off of nothing more than the game itself.

Let's Plays with commentary, reviews, walkthroughs, or any video showcasing gameplay with unique commentary are different and the c... #1.1.8
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