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@jessionpc: I wasn't going to comment on this low hanging fruit because quite frankly this has become too easy, but congratulations, you get to be on the receiving end today.

"I 'm not a fan of censoring but lets be honest"

This is said always before making a statement that is pro-censorship. Always. And having read your comment, I was right. You are pro-censorship because of muh feminism.

"these events are for EV...

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None of you know what AAA stands for. It doesn't stand for your perception of quality.

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Let's be real here. Women are not included in games like these precisely because of feminism. When you can see a poster for a f***ing movie in which a fictional, completely impossible super villain like Apocalypse is choking a fictional, completely impossible "hero" like Mystique (since when is she a hero?), who happens to be a female, and it stirs up the feminist hornet's nest; that's why there are no female soldiers in games like these.

The devs woul...

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Looks like nobody wanted to take it on, so I'll bite.

"Nerd culture has sexism and racism engrained into it."

Factually incorrect. Nerd culture is the most accepting culture there is. It was designed to be a place where the social outcasts and pariahs, i.e. nerds, could go an enjoy their interests among like-minded people without fear. This is why nerd culture encompasses so much with so many different people.

"See: G...

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It will be the OP scrub everyone complains about but uses anyway and From will respond that it's working as intended.

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Nobody used Linux. This whole thing is frivolity at it's purest.

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OtherOS was never advertised. Find an advertisement that had OtherOS. I'll wait, but not longer than 91342971239847139047 years.

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"Nope. Neither of us have any evidence factually Regarding why the mods are having issues."

Well actually I do have facts.

Fact 1: Xbox One and PS4 have the same architecture and nearly identical chipsets.

Fact 2: Bethesda prefers Microsoft.

Fact 3: Bethesda has a history of poor performance issues.

When all of these 3 facts are put together, it is logical and reasonable to come to the con...

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"How do you know that those are not the differences I'm actually talking about?"

Because you don't know what differences you're talking about. The position you've taken is known as the "sh*t poster" A person who takes an opposing position just because they can. You're defending Bethesda because you like to argue, not because you have any legitimate evidence to bring to the discussion that would remove blame from Bethesda.

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No way. Bethesda getting anything right on day one is like someone winning the lottery after having just survived being struck by lightning.

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"How do you know its them? This is working on XONE, soooo could it not be that PS4 works a bit differently? "

Nope. Both consoles are built around the same architecture and use chipsets from AMD. Any differences would be minute OS filing styles.

"Mods are not really a normal thing on console so I wouldn't be so quick to criticize."

Not normal, but not new. Bethesda also has a history of poor performance.

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Timing and power.

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Then why bother with Neo?

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This year? No. But that's because everyone phoned it in at E3 this year and Sony already buried their rivals years past.

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And what's going to happen is the inevitable "I know a PS5.5 is coming in 3 years so why buy a normal PS5?" reaction. Great job Sony.

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Crash isn't a megaton because it's a dead IP. If you don't believe me, how many Spyro the Dragon games have you been playing lately?

Horizon isn't a megaton because we already know about it. It's at the "releasing tidbits of info" stage.

Kojima isn't a megaton because we already knew he partnered with Sony for a game, but then he showed us an art project. The guy wants to make movies as clearly evident by the confusing tr...

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At this point I don't know why Cliffy doesn't have his own podcast called "Ask Cliffy"

His opinion is no more or less relevant or correct than any other dev, but no one is asked more inane questions more than him.

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You telling me you don't like Jordi Chin Chris? He's the best character in the whole game. Story was alright but lacked focus and they should have kept Aiden's original backstory.

Plus, after seeing WD2, Aiden is a better character by far.

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@morganfail: Hahaha, listen to yourself. "I am not wrong" Yeah, you are.

You are wrong. While GoW was amazing, Sony blew their load immediately. GoW was their biggest reveal and they showed it right away. That's poor planning and stunted the rest of the show as nothing, I mean NOTHING, compared to GoW in Sony's show afterwards.

You are wrong. "Burn," "soreness," "desperate," "fanboy (still waiting for y...

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@morganfail: I love how when you're proven wrong and get backed into a corner, you completely change your original argument. You are a living, breathing logical fallacy.

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