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The next Elder Scrolls will be the one they really push the microtransactions of the "worse every time you hear something new about it" Creation Club. Bethesda gets worse by the game.

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"won't have everyone working on the same project even if they wanted to."

You assume they have only one project. And again, there direct quote is

"We want to be entirely focused on the development of these projects."

But I'm sure you know the business and their goals better than they do.

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I understand that Cyberpunk 2077 obviously doesn't require as much attention as CDPR said it does.

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@Goldby: That's awesome though. Bugs that are hilarious and don't ruin the game are ok in my book.

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"That game could be what ME:A couldn't be, a great space RPG."

Have you played a Bethesda game recently?

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I never have a problem calling out B.S. ideologue nonsense in games when I see it, but this isn't such a case. South Park craps literally on everything and everyone equally. This isn't a statement against white people. I understand why it's easy to jump the conclusion that this is anti-white or pro-black or whatever, such is the world we live in, but remember who is behind this game. Matt and Trey have no problem taking it to everyone, and you shouldn't be surprised if there i...

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Ha, looks like CDPR is just like every other dev and can't stick to what they've previously said.

"The Witcher 3 Won't Receive a PlayStation 4 Pro Upgrade
CD Projekt Red will focus on new games instead of giving The Witcher 3 a PS4 Pro boost."

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Confirmed. You either agree with twinfinite, or you work for them. Your butthurt response over people calling them out for their sh*t just proves it.

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@basilboxer: It's more likely that you agree with twinfinite and come down on anyone calling them out for their general B.S.

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The combat for Origins is nothing like the other AC games. It has dodges, dodge roles, enemies use swarm tactics, there are weapon specific finishers, charge attacks, and unique "supers."

This person sounds jaded.

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If you only played the original, then you can't say that you "can't stand playing the games" because playing one is not playing them all. AC2 changed it up a lot, so did AC3, and AC4, ACUnity didn't as much and ACSyndicate is Batman Arkham games.

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Just another day in Australia, where stuff like gendered traffic lights exist.

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How about putting those resources to use to remaster a better FF game instead.

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FFX is an objectively better game. Yes it's linear, but it's also lively and your progression isn't plot gated. FFXIII is devoid of anything but the characters and monsters except in cutscenes. FFXIII does not allow you to level up as you please, you must wait until the story progresses to be able to do so. FFXIII has no real character development to speak of, not to mention the characters are terrible to begin with. FFX has a much simpler story, with a much richer world history a...

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"Games don't simply sell by default."

When they are a long standing brand of historically significant and excellent titles they do. FF is one of the few games still around that can sell on name alone. FFXIII was the first FF game of a new generation of consoles. Typically, that kind of game is the height of quality for the franchise, and people expected no less for FFXIII. We were shown carefully chosen bullshots of the game as well, so it is a fact that FFXII...

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It is an objective fact that FFX had superior characters and character progression than FFXIII. The only character in FFXIII that could possibly be said to have any real development was Hope, and he just developed from terrible to slightly less terrible. That's not an opinion, that's the truth.

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FFX may not have been "open world" but the world design was so superior to FFXIII that even the linearity of FFX felt less linear because the world was brimming with activity and life. Hell, even in places without it (Mt. Gagazet, Bikanel Desert, Zanarkand Ruins) it still felt more alive and more active than the entirety of FFXIII.

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That's not really a counter. Xbox receives more games in general than Nintendo does.

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"That's fantastic for people who may have difficulties playing on the harder modes, but that is absolutely NOT how the developers intended most people to experience the game."

Your statement can be interpreted as saying that the Harder difficulties are the intended way to play and thus should be the default difficulty. This is not true. The devs create the systems of play and the intended way to play the games is simply by using those systems. No more, no less...

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