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Your only problem with FFVIIR is the combat, don't kid yourself into anything else. YOU are what's wrong with Japanese development. Japan is stuck in a rut of samey nonsense and that's why the market isn't as important as it used to be.

Japan is notoriously opposed to change for the most part. It is reflected in Nintendo's attitude, the general cutesy anime style of most Japanese games, and the standard storyboards of "world is threatened, kids save...

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Here's everything you need to know....

It doesn't exist.


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Am I going to be the one to have to bring up the question "then who is the base PS4 for? Retarded Plebs?"

Andrew House needs to remain quiet.


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I'm wholly uninterested in entertaining bleeding heart routines. Sean Murray and anyone that defends him can cry me a river.

He is an adult. He is capable of controlling his own speech. He is the lead of the No Man's Sky team, he knows what was going to be in the game and what was not. Just like Peter Molyneux, Sean Murray lied and has to deal with the consequences of those lies. Further, he remained silent about the removal of features when he knew they were not go...

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There's no excusing it. Everyone is responsible for their own words and actions. Murray knew what he did.

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The problem with PR is that it always falls to observable fact. Honestly, who is fooled by such speech?

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Oh look, definition arguments. Kinda like "Feminism is about equality by definition."

Premium by definition only means price at higher than usual. PS4Pro is not. The original PS4 launched at $400, and so is the Pro. That it is more expensive than the base PS4's current price doesn't make it a premium console.

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"that's not what ad nauseam means. it means that a specific topic (in this case, UHD support) has been discussed so often that there is nothing else that can be said about it that hasn't already been said. the author bringing up UHD support is not even remotely unique since it's been brought up ever since they announced the Pro."

Technically 'ad nauseum' doesn't mean anything since 'nauseum' is not even a Latin word. But 'ad nau...

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"Actually, no. The bulk of the article is about the lack of UHD support, which has been discussed ad nauseam. '

Oh? So you're going to provide me with links to this specific author discussing this topic ad nauseum? Because if you can't do that then guess what? This author's opinion is one of a kind and unique.

"How is House saying it's a premium product not valid, though? What does claiming House's statement isn't val...

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"hmm, no... the article offers nothing to the conversation that hasn't already been said. "

Actually it offers the author's unique opinion. Unless you can prove that this copied the opinion of others or vice versa, then this article is unique.

"How is House saying this is a premium product not valid? "

What else is he going to say? When PS4 launched he likely considered it a Premium product. Suddenly it's...

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Sure I'll explain. Setting aside the fact that the Pro does not actually have more RAM, the qualifier of "slightly more" precludes the idea of calling it a premium product. Given that RAM is so important to function, having only slightly more and yet trying to charge so much more than the base model is deceptive marketing.

This also tackles the subjective quality argument as "slightly better" is not a phrase anyone thinks of when they consider the wo...

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Lol, slightly more RAM should end your argument right there.

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Wow, look at the butt hurt defense springing up because of this article.

First of all, a Sony employee calling their own device a premium device is as credible and valid as Rebecca Black saying she's a great singer.

Secondly, it's an opinion. The only people who think it's flamebait are blind supporters who can't handle criticism of their precious.

Thirdly, if someone looks at the specs and can conclude the "upgrade...

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Enderal for example.

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Because this remaster is a joke for PC. The current release can be so heavily modded for free that it eats up and craps out this remaster.

Also, this is deja vu for PS Fans and TES games. Oblivion and Skyrim were better on 360 than PS3 too.

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@thisgamer: Your lack of basic reading comprehension is not my problem. The point I made is that a willingness for user generated content exists. Mods, by their very nature, are user generated content, but I didn't say those games employ mods. They are at best mod engines with specific parameters and controls, however the point is the willingness to have and allow access to user generated content.

@CorporateButtKisser: I'll deal with you when I'm home from work....

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@EDMIX: Upon reading your post, I realized that there are only 3 things to say.

First, in response to your continued corporate butt kissing: You have no right to ever discuss rights when you ignore that a consumer has the right to complain about blatant lack of effort in a product all while not purchasing it.

Second, in response to your triggered state at the end there: You're a condescending jerk that defends every B.S. move companies ever make whene...

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