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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


"I think that blanket statement of them trying to change how developers express themselves is a bit disingenuous to many level-headed feminists."

Then you haven't seen enough. Trust me, I have more to show for what I'm saying. I can't say that I'm speaking about literally every feminist that exists, but at least in the more vocal feminists that discuss gaming, what I've said is putting it mildly.

"So, it's okay for busin... #4.1.2
"It is you who continually misses the point. Sony spends a great part of their E3 conferences in reference to things that don't have to do with games and also features that compliment the games. Such as uploading to Youtube, Game Assist and Instant Suspend and Resume. Consumers also want features that the PS3 had such as DLNA streaming capabilities and 3D playback.It's purpose is to be as good of a product as it can be and since it's an ENTERTAINMENT device it can always be i... #7.3.1
I can't deny that I have a bias against feminists, but the difference is that I'm not trying to prevent them from expressing themselves, they are trying to change how developers express themselves. I'm under no illusion that anything I say here is going to change them, they are under the illusion (closely coming to reality) that their opinions are necessary and should be used to change the industry to suit what they approve of. #4.1
Oh hey, it's my personal stalker here to miss the point of what I'm saying and instead invent some other point to frame the non-response with. How's life living in complete ignorance? #7.2.1
"Whatever, there are tons of games geared towards the gay community. Gay people make games and have for years. Sega's Nights, Rumble Roses, countless Barbie games across all platforms, Space Channel 5, Mass Effect, etc. God of war has a near naked Kratos where the player can stare at that candy ass all the way through the series. You can now get that in HD. Gears of War could be seen as gay propaganda since women weren't playable characters until the third installment. It's a... #3.1
No console will ever be complete if your goal is to incorporate any feature a fan might want. If a user can't connect to the console because it's missing a feature, first of all they have the wrong priorities because a gaming console is supposed to be first and foremost about the games, and second of all it's not any console providers problem because you'll never be able to predict every feature everyone wants, nor can you please everyone.

Like I said, the PS4... #7.1.1
The PS4 is already a kick ass console. The lack of these 13 features does not a lame ass console make. #7
Ubisoft is founded in France, they definitely want to go for historical accuracy with what will likely be their favorite title of the series. #1.1.3
You're free to never read another one of my blogs about this subject ever again, but I write about what I want to when it interests me to do so, so expect that this topic will come up again. If you like the idea of these people merely extending the "men are the problem with the world" mentality into gaming and, as you'll see if you read my last blog in this series, actively campaigning for censorship, forced inclusion, and pressuing of developers to cater to their agenda, th... #1.1
It's the same attitude that I'll discuss in the 3rd part of my blog series about this topic. Basically, you'll see the attitude of sarcasm around the idea that people who want a change should actually do something about it rather than just complain to others who are in a position to do something that the complainers want.

When you tell an SJW or a Feminist to "make the games" they want, they'll tell you you don't understand, ridicule/shame you wi... #2.1
"Like you said, you don't even see the character when you select them... so why not have the option there for those that want it."

Uh, do you realize how wrong your opinion is based on that statement? Look into Watch Dogs' multiplayer and you should see why, but let me explain it to you.

AC Unity's multiplayer is only co-op and is partly seamless. When you're playing the game, you are playing as Arno who is the protagonist. When you... #3.2.3
Foxtrot, there is no female option in AC Unity due to the fact that the multiplayer is based on Watch Dogs' mechanics. That makes it impossible to have female avatars unless you change the protagonist to female. #3.1.2
Looks like someone is just hopping on a bandwagon.

Too many people remain willfully ignorant of the systems in place for Assassin's Creed Unity. Too many people are accusing Ubisoft, a development studio that DEFINES diversity, of being sexist. I pity her, and any who share her opinion because they choose to ignore facts and focus on emotionally driven responses. #1.1.7
@doolin: "Well, which is it? Did PS3 outsell 360 EVERY year (like you said earlier), or did 360 outsell PS3 in 2011 (which would mean that saying EVERY year is a lie)? Of course, you qualify your remark by adding "small margin". Talk about being a politician. You can't deal with the FACT that you've been caught in a lie, so you try to spin your way out of it by saying "but it was only by a small margin"."

Do you read what you write? Serio... #1.2.8
@doolin_dalton: "I don't know why this pitiful lie keeps popping up, even from people who seem somewhat informed about gaming. The PS3 did NOT outsell the 360 every year - there were several head to head years in which the 360 outsold PS3 globally."

Because it's the truth. The 360 never outsold the PS3 globally except for one year, 2011, and by a small margin. You're obviously thinking of the U.S. of course.

"That's just wishful... #1.2.6
@doolin_dalton: Your comment is laughable. The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 globally every single year since it came out. That you're trying to argue that the Xbox 360 was selling better because it had a head start and didn't stop selling once the PS3 came out is, again, laughable.

The difference between last gen and this gen is monumental. Last gen the PS3 still outsold the Xbox 360 but had to play catch up due to a head start, this gen both consoles released nearly at t... #1.2.3
"Someone at Sony might have said that, but the reality is that they were desperate to bring the price of the PS3, that's why BC was removed."

No they weren't. Removing B.C. didn't lower the price of the PS3 as much as you'd think. It was definitely a part of their plan, but desperation it was not.

"Some people like the idea of playing their favourite old games presented in the best way possible. Consoles don't have the luxur... #1.6.2
You know, my biggest problem with HD collections stems from the statements Sony made about backwards compatibility on the PS3.

Sony said that, among the savings they would receive by removing B.C. from the PS3, they want people to focus on PS3 games. The new games that they were coming out with is what Sony wanted people to buy and that's one of the reason they nixed backwards compatibility.

These HD collections are the antithesis of that statement and se... #1.6
What the hell game were you playing? You never came across the random rap battles, beat boxing, martial arts training, makeout sessions, etc... etc... etc...? #5.1
8. Nothing wrong with the graphics. Something's wrong the expectations certain gamers have.

7. Jordi Chin and T-Bone aren't bland.

6. I don't want to go to the page to click through pages to find this one, so I'm just going to ask what the problem with neutralizing cars is.

5. Agreed. Although I love the idea of hacking, and the stealth mechanics it employs, the situations usually tend to end up being the same. Use camera to s... #1.5
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