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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@gangsta_red: Have you ever once considered that because Capcom A) Was on the verge of complete bankruptcy and B) Kept releasing new versions of SFIV (which aren't free) that that's why they wouldn't have the funds to bring out SFV. You remember Deep Down? That's another Sony/Capcom project. And, I'm totally sure that Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game which MS approached SE for exclusivity on but isn't helping develop, is exactly the same as SFV, a game which Capcom appr... #1.1.24
"How is he protesting? He just stating MS' passion for the franchise."

He's not protesting but, what passion? MS has never shown passion for the series beforehand. The franchise never received any kind of significant push from MS in the past. I'm thinking that it's just an easy title for them to get exclusivity for as opposed to something like Hitman or FF. Though I'm wondering why they didn't try going for Deus Ex. #1.2.2
@Septic: Come on, you have to see the corporate talk in that. When you look at Rise of the Tomb Raider and you see how it's pretty much exactly the same as its predecessor, what did Microsoft actually bring to the table in terms of "passion" that couldn't have been brought to the table without them?

I'm saying the same thing about SFV. Capcom, if they had the funding on their own, could have made SFV exactly the same without Sony's "passion.&quo... #1.1.6
Since everyone is trying to tell you that the game is great and you're the only one that didn't like it, I'm going to tell you that I don't like 99% of shooters so I don't like the Half-Life series. #1.16
@AndrewLB: Oh do go on Xbox fanboy, I love seeing how far beyond your head the point is.

@starchild: And yet here you are, proudly wearing your insecurity by trying to use a "Console Gamers Too™" argument.

An xbox fanboy only coming to PC gamer's defense because of a "common enemy" strategy and the second PC gamer proving my point. #1.1.29
@saltybread: "closed or not..."

Another non-argument. You can't equate music with games because although the media is the same, the manner in which it is made is vastly different. Music is recorded and then mastered, it is then put on the various forms of media it comes in. The codecs are what makes it different. Music is not made with the specific intent on being a specific quality for a specific device, it is made to be at the best possible quality it can be a... #1.1.20
@saltybread: You understand that you made a non-argument right? When an Xbox gamer or a PS gamer talks about how their console of preference performs, in any way, better than the other competing consoles, that's an apples to apples comparison. It's expected and essentially it is an industry wide level playing field because consoles are all closed systems. You can be guaranteed that if your Xbox console has a game with better grass textures than the game's PS version, then every Xb... #1.1.13
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I love how many comments are just "screw off gamingbolt." #11
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OldDude: Find a console that matches the performance of the PS4 and Xbox One. We're talking about consoles, not PC. No one cares about low, middle, or high end PC cards so do stop trying to insert that talking point every time console tech is being discussed. Whenever PC gamers do this, they sound ridiculously insecure. #1.1.3
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Part 2:

"Yes, yes it is..."

Except that contradicts what you just said. You just made this huge thing about "closet racists." Are you going to prove to me that Vince McMahon isn't a closet racist? You're creating conditional racism now. Hogan's a bigot because in the privacy of his own home he chose to make certain remarks that evidence suggest wouldn't have had an impact on his ability to be a professional but Vince isn... #3.1.22
@Dee: No, I'm not using anecdotal evidence for my point. I used anecdotal evidence as a counter to your anecdotal statements. You seemed to have thought that anecdotal evidence was enough to prove that white people can use the word. I know that it's not. History has provided enough proof of that.

"A molester isn't a term...

I'm sorry but that's total B.S. For starters, while molester can be used to describe the action of molestation,... #3.1.21
@everyone: I realized after it was too late to edit my post that it wasn't about that incident. #11.5
@Dee_91: You seem to not to understand that anecdotal evidence isn't actually evidence of anything. If you want to go to anecdotal evidence, then here you go.



What's interesting about the next two is pay attention to how in the first... #3.1.18
@Dee_91: "I have white friends that say nigga constantly."

Good for you. Is your anecdotal evidence supposed to prove anything? I'd wager they say it all the time to people they know won't take offense to their saying it. Doesn't mean diddly squat to what I was saying.

"They know not to say it to a random black person though, because they know how racial history in this country is still touchy with certain individuals."
... #3.1.9
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@BakPAin: Different spelling and different meaning except when a white person says it right? Then it reverts back to the original spelling and meaning right? #3.1.7
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Why is it wrong for white people to say it but not black people to say it? Explain how skin color changes definitions of words and yet if I were to say "that person is a child molester" it wouldn't matter what my skin color was, you'd accept what I mean by that statement as being a serious accusation nonetheless.

**EDIT** @KwietStorm: Saying "black people are allowed to use it" is not a stupid thing to say. Just because you, as a black person, may... #12.2.2
@Number-Nine: Is it your intention to state that language operates under the idea that there is a correct race that can use certain words? Because you'd be wrong. You'd also be guilty of employing a double standard. A word doesn't suddenly become uninsulting because the right person is using it. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too. I'm going to assume something too. I'm going to assume that whether or not you yourself are black, you think that any time white... #12.3.4
Please don't try to act like he committed some immense crime. For one, I once again leave this here.


For another, what he's talking about literally has nothing to do with wrestling at all. WWE's pre-emptive move shows immense cowardice and is ironic considering the people they are afraid of offending (which aren't the black audience btw) don&#... #12.3
So what it was was that Hogan was paraphrasing Booker T in a conversation he had 3 years ago in which he stated how often Booker T said the n-word himself. And now, I'll leave this here.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11
@Godmars: Alright, alright, if you want to include troll user scores as people liking the game, then I'll just have to give you the final, most ultimate challenge ever conceived of.

Desert Bus.

Known as the absolute worst game ever made, it is used as a marathon for charity. Beyond that, you will not find one person who legitimately enjoys that game. 8 hours of driving in a straight line at 45mph with a bus that veers to the right to prevent you from tapi... #9.1.10
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