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"Because the concept of sexism exists and it is male driven."

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahaha. No.... just no.

You need to actually get out in the world because the most sexist people to women are other women.

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The disagrees don't know what a joke is.

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"Think Elliot Roger."

You immediately lost all credibility right here.

Elliot Roger wasn't a "nice guy." He was a PUA loving psychopath. Nice guys don't go to PUA sites, they don't hate women for dating other men other than them. If anything they internalize rejection as being an issue with themselves, they get depressed by it and become much more introverted. Eventually most of them adopt a more MGTOW stance than whatever ...

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It makes it a pointless topic. The point of this is to highlight how it is somehow worse because it's a woman which is just ludicrous.

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"Women shouldn't have to "learn proper etiquette" in "a male dominated area".

Actually they should. You don't get to change the rules of a group in which you are the minority. That's not how life works, that's how regressives wish life worked.

"If anything, males need to re-learn the lost art of being a gentlemen."

Why should women get special treatment? It's the online space, where...

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Only time Cheng Pu was any good was in the Battle of Yi Ling, but Wu's forces were souped up in that battle. Try keeping Ma Chao alive for that fight. Lol.

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They FINALLY add Cheng Pu. I mean, he was only serving the Sun family for as long as Huang Gai and it took 9 games for him to be a character while other, lesser known people were characters way before.

Can't wait for this game man. Really can't wait,

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What's perfect about your comment is that the name of the site is "Pause Resume"

Literally the name of the feature you're talking about.

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Why shouldn't we believe him? He has nothing to gain in doing this. In point of fact, people have already known that he's had bad blood with Ubisoft so he obviously doesn't care about burning bridges. And after that "joke" he made that pissed off the SJWs, saying this stuff won't gain him any friends. Ubisoft has already been caught in several, very public, lies even without this.

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Ok, so you want an explanation. Very well.

While it's true that everyone has a boss, Desilets' position should have afforded him much more respect and latitude than it did. According to Desilets, he'd be sent to events to discuss AC games, which he was all too happy to do, and then be forced to basically lie, cover up, obfuscate, and skirt around everything.

He'd be relegated to answering questions about things that had nothing to do with ...

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Yes, it's just you.

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"Of course, Darksider 3 is prequel to the original Darksider and same time in DarkSiders 2."

It can't be. In Darksiders 2 War was still put to sleep so it can't be the same timeline. The only setting where this game makes sense is immediately after War's first awakening but before he was "punished" and put back to sleep to be reawakened.

To clarify The only way the scene with Fury mocking War (which she wouldn't dare do...

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Holy s***. This got hid by spam bots hard.

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Didn't read the article did you?

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Bloodborne has a card game?

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This is the kind of FF that if you love it, then you love it for one thing and the rest you're indifferent to, but most just don't like it. They don't hate it, but they don't really get into it. It's like me with FFIX. I don't think it's a bad game, and I have beaten it, but I just don't get into it like I do the other FF games.

I love the hunts in FFXII and that's about it. For me they are enough to make the game enjoyable, but other tha...

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Unintentionally though. The original director had to leave the project I believe due to illness so a new one came in. And we all know when a new director comes in, they always restart from scratch so it's THEIR game and not the other director's.

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"But the concept of gender is so much more than that."

It really isn't. Gender is not complex at all. It has been made to seem complex by people who refuse to admit that myriad of mental conditions the human brain can actually be exposed to.

Gender is pretty intertwined with sex. Anyone who claims they don't feel like a male or a female actually has a disorder and are not instead just some other gender.

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@Digital: Sony are in the wrong when it comes to mods. Period. No argument. That no other devs are engaging in mod support can come with many reasons. Resources, time, or the fact that they don't want to be like Bethesda and allow for one console to have a superior experience over another because of B.S. fears that one company has.

Sony is just wrong. What they have done to the fans of mods that own PS4s is disgraceful and it IS anti-consumer. They have decided, for us,...

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Ideas are not gender based. Whether or not an idea is good or bad will never depend on what gender or race a person is. You don't need a woman to tell a good story about a woman, nor vice versa.

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