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After what Gamestop said about how many people know about trade ins, does it surprise you that similar numbers could be gleaned from how many know about or used DLNA support on the PS3?

The problem with a lot of gamers is that they think that because they know something or they use something that obviously everyone else does because how could they not right? #2.1.7
Y2K Kids? PFFFFFFFFFT! You wish you could be as cool as 80s and 90s kids. 80s kids had the dawn of the rebirth of gaming and the best music, 90s kids had the SNES and the best cartoons, 00s kids can't top that. #17.1.1
Oh yeah? Well 80s kids playing video games are cooler than both 90s and today's kids. #17
That's SMB3 though, I said Super Mario Bros. The first one. I already knew about SMB3.

Good finds though.

I was just interested in seeing what you could find anyway. Lol. I'm sure if I went to google and typed in "Original Super Mario Bros. is overrated" I'd see something. #1.1.2
Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

Go. #1.1
So you basically post B.S. which I refute (destroy really) and your response is to quote Kaz Hirai's belief that not enough had been done, as opposed to the nothing that you (and others like you) previously eluded to which still blames Sony for the criminal acts of others, and doesn't define what "not enough" means?

Waiting for that Nobel Peace Prize speech man. It's gonna be filled with so much ERMAHGERD, I can hear it already.

I really... #5.1.4
Yep, works just like this...

http://funnyand.com/wp-cont... #10.1
Not by much.

Look forward to forced Google+ integration, Youtube's content ID system, likely a huge change to the subscription system, and a whole lot of restrictions. #1.2.1
"It's not like Google killed it already <_<"

Yeah, they're still working on it. #1.1.4
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Listen stalker, you can't tell me, a PSN member since 2006, about when I did or did not receive an email. You can lie, as would fit your position since you've nothing better to do than to follow me around the site merely taking the opposing side like you've been doing for like 2 years now, but that's about all you can do.

"Sony also never admitted there was disc read errors for the PS2, another settlement that they handled without going to trial. They don... #5.1.2
Yeah see, that's what I was going to reply about, how MS blames its consumers for any hack that happens to them with some nonsense about a "weak" password or posting account details online. And that's their go to response without any research. #5.4.1
Pretty much. The security number on every CC card was encrypted and the hackers themselves said they couldn't do anything with that info since they didn't have the keys. #6.1
"But what Sony should be ashamed of is that it knew about the beach for 4 weeks and did nothing. No notifications to users...nothing."

Yeah, that's a load of bull you're spewing there. Sony emailed users before they told the media, and it wasn't after 4 weeks of knowing about it and doing nothing. When they found out about it, they shut down the network pretty much immediately, we got emails pretty quickly once that happened, but they never specified in... #5.1
"Come on Sony, the entire Media knows that you are guilty! Why deny it?"

Only if you mean the MisterXMedia.

@Angelic: The fact that it says nearly 100 million accounts when the number was 77 million doesn't bother you? Sony was in a no win position with people like you. Had they come out day one and said something, you'd have got the pitchforks and torches ready for the lynch mob. If they waited like they did and told users before they told... #2.1.4
Attacked YES! It says it right in the article.

"albeit in a determined criminal attack."

That's the government's official stance on what occurred. They were attacked, they are a victim, and they are essentially being punished for not being clairvoyant. No service in the world, I repeat and emphasize, NO SERVICE IN THE WORLD IS HACKER PROOF! #1.6.2
"Please send proof other than Sony saying the CC info was the only thing encrypted. You also need to back up "not one single person had their identity stolen". According to the Department of Justice, over 7% of the U.S. population are victims of identity theft annually. You really want me to believe not one person whose information was compromised were victim of identity theft?"

WTF?! Come on now Death, tell me you didn't just say something so ludicrou... #7.4.5
"Companies should still be accountable for securing their customers information."

Which is exactly what Sony did. The hackers were determined to break the security, it's not like the security just wasn't there. If there were no security then the CC numbers wouldn't have been encrypted and EVERYONE would have lost money. #11.1.1
Xbox fans have been spreading this FUD for 3 years and they won't stop. The CC info was encrypted and I too received the email. It told me that my information was possibly compromised and that I should change all of my information immediately and consider contacting my bank as a precautionary measure (better to be safe than sorry) but that the information was unreadable due to encryption, just like rainslacker said.

I'm not about to blame Sony for being victims of a p... #7.4.3
They actually completely moved the location of their servers and hired completely new people after the PSN hack. That's why it took a month for it to come back up. #4.5.1
They shouldn't have even agreed to this.

"If you are responsible for so many payment card details and log-in details, then keeping that personal data secure has to be your priority," the Information Commissioner's Office's deputy commissioner David Smith said. "In this case that just didn't happen, and when the database was targeted — albeit in a determined criminal attack — the security measures in place were simply not good enough."
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