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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


Did you know that MS had a similar campaign back in November that wasn't discovered until this one was? So how many positive Xbox One stories were bought and paid for I wonder? #1.1.10
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In before someone tries to say that Sony changed their mind at E3 and took out the DRM due to the backlash that Microsoft received.

I don't know why, but there seems to be this sickening attitude that negative feedback shouldn't be expressed. I suppose the phrase "if you've got nothing nice to say..." applies. But negative feedback is often more helpful than positive feedback and it's certainly viewed more, so it's our responsibility to be able t... #1
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The thing is is that this is paid endorsements. Microsoft is an American company, and thus they should be aware of the FTC regulations about paid endorsements.

"If there is a direct link between the company that is paying the endorsement and the person endorsing the product, full disclosure of said partnership is required"

That's just a paraphrase of the actual FTC regulation pertaining to paid endorsements. What Microsoft did was illegal in the... #3.1
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Ok, so basically your entire intent here was to launch your crusade against me. You accuse me of avoiding questions, yet your entire presence in this blog was to attack me and not answer a single question I asked you while I answered yours.

And for some reason you have to try and create a contest of enjoyment, stating that you enjoy gaming more than I do as if that's at all relevant, true, or something I care about.

Well, I'm pretty sure your comment... #9.1.1
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Umm, $3 per 1K views and 50K views is $150, not $150K dollars. #11.3
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@Noobz1: I'd have replied to your comment directly, but clearly people think that you're trolling. I personally don't think you're trolling, I think you're just being a... well *insert colorful adjective here*

1. You didn't answer my question. You merely misdirected answering it by once again focusing on your opinion of me. I asked you why you are so concerned with what other people are saying and I suppose your answer is "All you do is come here... #9
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Yeah that's certainly true. Even here, on a site where the core gamer is mostly seen, you'll see people saying "I'm getting this because all my friends are there" rather than getting it because they want it themselves and think they can enjoy it themselves.

It's still illegal to do this kind of thing though. That's the big part about this. I don't know how MS got away with it other than no one knew about it until it was too late. Apparently t... #8.1
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I'll tell you what. I will give you a full reply the second you answer these 2 questions.

1. Why are you always so concerned with what other people are saying and why they are saying it if you have the ability to form your own opinion regardless of what others have to say? I mean, you sound just like MikeMyers, but nah you wouldn't be him now would you?

2. Since it's clearly obvious that you have a problem with what people say, and it seems specif... #6.1
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"Demon and dark souls are both spinoffs to the souls."

What? That makes no sense.

Demon's Souls was the first game, Dark Souls is the spinoff of that game so it could go multiplat. #1.1.9
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@nukeitall: Well lucky for you Microsoft went with that classic VHS look and size so that they could pack in less power and more tv. #2.1.4
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Watch Dogs isn't really AC in Modern Times. Much of the gameplay is different. But it's a good example of a game that's like AC for modern times though, mostly because it was designed entirely around that concept. #2.1.4
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You're welcome, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your servers. #4.1.2
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@nukeitall: Nah, we'll be too busy playing good games the way the devs actually wanted them to be on consoles rather than making compromises and using a high latency network to create unresponsive AI, all while having our own dedicated servers (because dedicated servers have been a part of the PS3 since launch and are nothing new) and actual first party titles to choose from.

Enjoy the bread crumbs you're given though, it's all you. #1.1.19
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No, I don't really. That would be too much of a modern setting. I mean, the second you start introducing the AC series to more of a modern setting, the second it loses its identity more and more.

Free running would be pointless and pretty much impossible. You'd have to introduce an entire new gameplay mechanic for shooting because, let's face it, there's no way that the gameplay of the current AC series would work.

Then there's the fact th... #2.1.2
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The AI are unresponsive because of the cloud and that's it. What else do you expect from a high latency network? #1.2.2
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Jokes, why would anyone be jealous of Titanfall?

I'm serious here. You know that this is Call of Duty with mechs, and you also know that in 2 years you're going to be complaining about how it hasn't changed just like Call of Duty.

Who's jealous of a game that processes AI through a network with a latency problem? How can AI being processed through "da klowd" be in any way a good idea? You know you're going to see many instances o... #1.1.14
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That was lame. Seriously. Leave comedy to funny people.

The author is correct. #4.1
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You want an AC game based on 3 days in 1969? Why? #2.1
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Ubisoft, stop mocking us. You know you're not going to have an AC game set in Japan until you're desperate. One of your own creative directors said "you don't want an AC game set in Japan. Ninjas are over done" and left it at that. You know we want it, but you're not going to give it to us.

How many actually wanted the American Revolutionary War as an AC game setting, and yet that's what you gave us.

How many wanted you to build... #1.1.11
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@ElementalKnight: Sorry but you're wrong. PS3 has been making Sony profit for about 2 years now, and no it didn't lose almost 90% of its market share. Stop pulling numbers from out of the void. #3.1.7
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