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Delsin never steals the full power, and he doesn't render the Conduit unconscious. Cole would still have greater experience with his power, and still possess abilities that Delsin wouldn't. Plus Cole's powers negate all of Delsin's stolen powers except for Concrete, and then it becomes a matter of defensive capability (Concrete) vs. Destructive power (Electromagnetism). I doubt Delsin is as fast as Light so no matter how fast he can move, Cole can strike faster.

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@UltraNova: No, I didn't, especially because that is an entirely different situation. Microsoft weren't trying to prevent illegal actions, they were trying to kill the used market and decide who people could sell and buy products from. I don't necessarily support HDCP either, I'm merely stating that Sony's rights supercede the rights of content providers when it comes to their (Sony) own machine so they shouldn't have to create an option that allows for catered enforce...

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I actually have a tv without the analog outputs too. It's really ridiculous, and you know it costs next to nothing to include thouse inputs into the tv, they just want to phase it out and that's wrong.

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Grammar Fixed?

Oh geez, don't tell me you confused "hand held" with "handheld"

Every day someone else on this site makes me think that reading comprehension must be the most difficult thing in the world.

-Education fail

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@kingPoS: I know that feel. I use RCA for audio as well and can't do so for the PS4 so I have to rely on my tv's speakers and it's definitely NOT the same.

@Sy_Wolf: Oh wow, you're right, it does stand for that. What the hell kind of a name is that, and it uses an inappropriate anagram to boot.

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I concur. Demon's Souls is a game like no other. It sparked a rejuvenation in so many gamers who felt that gaming had become far too casual and easy, with an emphasis in total inclusion for everyone from 3 year olds to grandmas and we suffered for it.

That, plus incredibly tight gameplay and amazing lore made for the perfect storm. Demon's Souls remains one of my favourite games of all time, and Atlus of America's most successful published game ever.

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"Why I need my hand held in games."

-Appropriately fixed.

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Demon's Souls has a lot about it that's different actually. For one thing, the world is entirely different. It's even more lonely than both Dark Souls games. Then there's the lore, which left WAY more questions than both Dark Souls games and so has a lot more to work with. There's the Nexus system which is what A LOT of Demon's Souls players love and why Majula exists in Dark Souls 2 but it's not really the same.

There's also the battle system,...

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PC is a platform nobody owns and nobody can control. That method is the only method that would work for PC. Sony owns the PS4, and it is much easier to have blanket enforcement than it is catered enforcement. Again, Sony's machine means Sony's rules. They could have just as easily prevented any form of media playback on the machine entirely. Same goes for Microsoft or Nintendo, and we all know how much Nintendo loves allowing movie playback on their consoles.

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Given that it is Sony's machine, and Sony likely wants HDCP on their HD movies, then yes it is Sony's right to enforce it.

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HDCP stands for High Definition Copy Protection.

It is being removed because its inclusion in the PS4 prevented gameplay recording via external capture methods.

What I find amusing is that HDCP proves that graphics and visual fidelity are the priority over all things.

For movies, this isn't an issue creatively, for games it's quite sad that graphics are the top priority these days.

I say this b...

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@AngelicIceDiamond: I answered his question, I didn't say I speak for everyone. He asked who doesn't want Titanfall for the PS4, and I said I don't. Plain and simple. I know, I know, reading comprehension is tough. Oh and, your TF2 wager about me. I hope you have something to wager because you're gonna lose that bet.

@No_Limit: randomass said "people wrote it off as a CoD clone, most likely because it was exclusive to Xbox One and not from having actually...

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@maniac: Twitter is partly responsible for MS removing their draconian DRM schemes from the XB1. Making a noise affects PR which translates into dollars.

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Actually no, it's not my opinion of an opinion. I didn't say what my opinion was. I said there is a such thing as a stupid opinion because there is.

In this case it is my opinion that the author's opinion is stupid. One can come to this conclusion when reading this part of the review...

"Child Of Light may have been pitched as an indie experiment – a project made with an almost rebellious small-team attitude within the walls of a big publishe...

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Another one of this guy's non-news pieces made it through? Stop approving youtube videos that just barely make it passed submission guidelines by being accompanied by a paragraph on the submitter's website.

I continue to downvote this crap.

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Neonridr: Metacritic IS nonsense. You can't arbitrarily throw out high scoring games as a way to justify its existence when its implementation is highly suspect and broken. Metacritic needs to go.

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Maybe not, but there is a such thing a stupid opinion.

That's also magical.

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Just show them this video whenever 360 Kinect games are talked about in anything but a negative way.

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Ah biasedopinion, such a neutral comment coming from you. And to think you go around telling everyone you're not a fanboy.

Playstation's exclusives are great, and PS4 doesn't need Titanfall.

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HeWhoWalks: Wrong question to ask. The correct question to ask is "who does want it on/for PS4?"

To answer your question, I don't.


Take out the giant robots and what are you left with?

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