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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@Jokes: I never said anything about damage control. I don't think this is damage control. I'm saying that you can't automatically assume that people are jealous of Titanfall, even fanboys, because they hate on the game. Fanboys like the kind you're talking about troll just because. It doesn't need a reason for them to do it, they just do it. But every time someone says anything about Titanfall, there you are throwing out the "jealous?" card.

Why?... #1.1.9
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@LogicStomper: Nice name, wish it could fit your comments but what can you do.

"Speak for yourself, no point in trying to argue for someone you don't know. You'd need a large survey to even argue such a point."

The implication is that there is someone so jealous of Titanfall that the only thing they can do is smack talk about it? Yeah ok. And of course, let's completely dismiss any means of polling opinions because we can't poll the... #1.1.7
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I think this article had an idea but was poor at expressing it.

Games can be very therapeutic and wonderful stress relievers. If your day has been hard, then coming home to take it out on a game is much better than taking it out on yourself or another person. #5
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Jokes, you can try to push that mentality all you want to, but no one is jealous of Titanfall.

The insecurity of Xbox fans is just hilarious. They NEED Titanfall to be a good game, so any criticism against it is labelled jealousy.

Because Call of Duty with mechs is something to be jealous of right? You're going to hate the game next year and you know it. No one is jealous. #1.1.5
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If it's not a tactic, and you didn't write the article, then the implication is that it's your opinion that The Last of Us ISN'T cut out for the silver screen.

So either you lied, or you lied. Which is it? #2.2
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@Chrischi1988: Child, grow up. Miyamoto is nowhere near perfect. He created genres decades ago, but has since been coasting on his own rehashed ideas. The "newest" thing he's done was Wii Music and that was terrible.

Sony fans don't deify Shuhei Yoshida, he's shown respect for the fact that he actually engages the fans, provides updates we would otherwise never get, and seems genuinely interested in consumer feedback. When's the last time you could s... #2.5.8
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The thing is, past FF games were a decent mixture of less control and more exploration. It wasn't to the point where you had no control over when you could level up (FF13) and a world that was far too linear. It had linear moments for story progression, but with exploration mixed in as well, and even back tracking further into the game. This is part of what made FF great and Toriyama just wants to make ATB gameplay with corridors and checkpoint leveling for an FF game and that's just... #1.9.1
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To be clear, I don't deny that Miyamoto has done more for game development than any other that has come after him, but he's not perfect, he's not infallible, and people should stop placing him on this god pedestal that they've been doing for so long. #2.5.6
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I'd imagine if you looked into his involvement within those "decades of success" you'd see a better picture whose caption would read "Miyamoto doesn't make games alone." #2.5.4
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The journey would probably be the same, but who's to say that they couldn't change up the gameplay? We could also see teenage Wakka, Lulu, and Chappu; maybe play Blitzball as Jecht, we could see what the operation was 10 years before Operation Mi'hen. There's vast potential there.

SE isn't experimenting with traditional or classic FF anymore. As long as Toriyama is in control of anything, it will progress to less and less player involvement and more linear... #1.8.1
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But it didn't. It exists the way he wanted it to exist. #2.5.2
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The difference between a full priced SP game and a full priced MP only game is that an SP game has a lot more work put into it than an MP only game and that's why a full price is justified.

Titanfall should be $40 because it's an MP only game and how many MP only FPS games do you know of with a deep story, great characters, etc.. that have to be present in an SP game? #1.3.4
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He's also responsible for Wii Music. #2.5
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Why? Because that's what people wanted to do after beating FFX, because that's what it was going to be until Toriyama changed his mind, because it isn't about the fact that we know how their story ends; it's about how they grow together and how their bond forms together.

You're telling me that you wouldn't like a game where we get to see how Jecht comes to accept his fate, and how he reacts to life in Spira? Or how Auron is as his younger, less experie... #1.7.1
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How are they impacting consumers? Wal-Mart is able to have prices sometimes significantly lower than anywhere else. Yeah, it screws over smaller businesses who can't buy in bulk the way Wal-Mart does to have low prices, but for consumers who want to save money in an economy that's been f*cked up regardless of Wal-Mart, in countries where people don't earn a decent living wage (which includes the U.S.), where the cost of living means living beyond your means, Wal-Mart is a god send... #4.1.4
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Because it's intended to be.

It's purpose is merely to act as a voice for consumers. A place they can share their grievances and help other consumers avoid companies who treat consumers poorly, have poor consumer relations, and possibly anti-consumer practices.

It was never a place to simply continue talking about how Wal-Mart underpays its employees while treating them terribly and overworking them. #4.1.2
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Is that why Witcher 3 devs have been telling PC gamers to upgrade for their game, while it's perfectly fine on the PS4? #1.5.1
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@Chug: You can wait forever, the Cloud isn't going to ever boost the Xbox One's performance. That's a pipedream and propaganda that has never had real practical results without significant hardware help to the tune of additional GPUs and other resources.

Not only that, but the infrastructure isn't there for it.

Have fun waiting for something that's never going to happen. #1.1.8
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The Consumerist isn't about exposing companies for maltreatment of employees or for environmental pollution.

It's about customer experience with a company. Like for example, the kind of help they received when calling a support line, anti-consumer practices, etc... #4.1
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A lot of people are going to say that EA doesn't deserve it because Bank of America this, or government of America that. The Consumerist deals with consumer satisfaction and reports, not companies that can screw people over and they (the costumer) can't do anything about it.

EA has been voted in twice already, and they don't see to care about it because they haven't changed their stance on anything at all. It's likely they will be voted in again a 3rd time... #3
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