Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile.


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@mad at me: Why would you be talking about a PS3 game from 2007 in an article about consoles and games 7 years later?

Anyway, I agree with you that it should be about the games. I disagree with you that a console should be identified by one game. That kind of thing sets a precedent for what will be the most supported type of game and limits variety in a big way.

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Busted? Lol, are you 12 or something? I'm not the one shifting arguments, you are. Correct me if I'm wrong but, aren't you the one that said the following...

"I wonder if these same individuals are in inFamous: Second Son articles claiming the same "overhype"

"Lord forbid someone go into every TLoU article..."

"Maybe its because the PS4 just doesn't have any exciting games at all...period. Perhaps...

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@Hicken: It's even worse when you find out that the people complaining like that have it in their fullest power to report articles and never do. They just complain about them, then blame the site, and never do anything to help fix the situation.

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I can't believe how much you defend Microsoft and yet don't know the simplest and most basic features of the Kinect.

No PC camera is being sold to the mass market that can read biometric data like the Kinect does. The Kinect can allegedly read facial expressions, heart rate, ocular fluctuations, etc.. There is a crap ton more information that you can get from Kinect than your average webcam.

Microsoft's participation in "fighting" the NS...

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"Its more then Dev kits.. Way more"

On multiple platforms.

You'd be wrong if you think Microsoft is going above and beyond for indies and no one else is. In fact you'd be wrong if you think Microsoft is going above and beyond period.

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maniac, your entire comment is incredibly weak, and lame.

I never said people shouldn't or can't be excited for Titanfall, I said they're overhyping it because they are. That's just the truth. But of course you wouldn't see it that way because you're just a typical "against the grain" type of person when you interact with people here. You know, ignoring what is actually said in favour of creating false statements and hidden meanings, but only...

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Hyping up Titanfall to me is wasted effort. The game is incredibly undeserving of its hype, but allow me to address some things.

Firstly, every single Xbox fan, including yourself, is linking Titanfall and the Xbox One. You are making the console about this game. We've seen that when fans do this, like with Halo, that's what the Xbox becomes about. If you want the Xbox to be known for variety, you have to show it.

Secondly, there are far more games to...

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You know, you'd think people wouldn't want a console's success and identity to ride on one game.

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"The only way to stop this standardisation of breasts and repression of female characters is to stand up to these tits and demand characters with varying personalities and physiques. Make your voice heard in the comments of video game trailers and on news articles. Write angry letters, not emails, actual letters and deliver them by hand. Kidnap game developers and force them to write:
“I will not create sub-par female characters.” a thousand times."

I want t...

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Agreed about the armor.

There are more than few differences between Demon's and Dark Souls that can be used for a true sequel to Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls had much tighter combat in my opinion. There wasn't a lot of ways you could cheese someone when fighting like in Dark Souls. At most, there was the Uchi stunlock. Parry was easier, but backstabbing was harder because you didn't have a backstab window the size of Super Smough's bac...

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@maniac: Well seeing as how Microsoft were touting the power of the cloud for so damn long, and making it a key marketing campaign for the device, you would think they'd have something to show instead of words now wouldn't you?

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@Septic: Close, but didn't happen so your point isn't at all relevant. Especially when you consider that I was talking about what Microsoft would do with their controller, not Sony.

Honestly, the amount of SonyToo™ comments grows increasingly sad.

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I think I can speak for many of us here when I say devs need to stop this talking point right now before they look foolish.

It's so early in the console generation and devs are already talking about maxing out power. It never works that way, so they should just stop saying that.

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Blaze, you know very well that people aren't talking about data storage and dedicated servers. Those have been around for far longer than the Xbox brand has been.

Microsoft shouldn't have opened their mouths and tried to market something that isn't ready and won't be for a long time. You can't say "the cloud will make one Xbox One as powerful as 3" and produce literally nothing tangible to back that claim up. When you do, it's called "bl...

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nukeitall doesn't even try anymore. Every time he posts a reply, the only thing to do is just..

I mean seriously. The amount of damage control and flat out incorrect information should be its own comedy act.

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Septic, you take things way too personally.

OT: This controller will probably be useless for many, many games. Sony built in the trackpad for a reason, so this controller will not be able to make use of a lot of in-game features.

Also, I love how people forget that the only reason MS made the Xbox controller have an asymmetrical design was because they had to. It's almost literally the only difference between it and the DS controller from a design intent...

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@BX81: It would be an interesting situation. On the one hand, MS could prove (at least a little anyway) they have customer privacy interests in mind, as well as potentially boost their PR image and sales by unbundling Kinect for this very reason. On the other, people would likely take it as an admission of guilt and hammer them for that too. Personally, if Microsoft took that step I'd consider it more of the former than the latter because I will always give credit to any company that take...

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For starters, I never personally attacked you. Unless of course your sensibilities are so delicate that being called naive is personally insulting and offensive to you, in which case I will continue the "personal attack" by telling you to grow up.

Next I'll tell you that if you DON'T look for options to opt out of your data being collected, then you are complicit in all spying attempts large or small. You show an acceptance to violations of privacy and aren&...

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Please edit your comment to remove the foul language. I want your comment to be seen, and with the foul language it will be hidden. It shouldn't be hidden because it's pure fact.

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@Charybdis: Microsoft is only fighting for transparency, not fighting to prevent it. Basically, they want you to be able to know exactly what is being taken from your camera feeds, but not to stop taking it.

@Volkama: 1. Just because it's big, valuable business doesn't make it acceptable.

2. I've never had an add from Sony in the entire lifespan of Playstation and in Sony's agreements you can opt out of data collection entirely.

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