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I don't think Microsoft CAN buy Capcom. I heard that only a Japanese company can buy another Japanese company.

Don't quote me on that, I just heard about that and have no proof of it.

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@JasonKCK: You have the stupidest logic ever before seen in life. Amazon Best Seller's List is an aggregate of products that have actually sold, not an aggregate of "likes" or wishlists.

And saying "yeah because none of those 100 million have never taken selfies on facebook" is completely stupid and misses the point entirely.

I can't believe you're trying to equate a page that monitors clicks vs a page that monitors sold produc...

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Can someone point out to me where I mentioned anything about "engines" or Kojima purposely using, say, PC footage or anything like that at all? I'd appreciate that. Otherwise I'll have to come to the conclusion that people are just making stuff up and coming to their own conclusions about what I said so they can defend Kojima.

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@No_Limit: I'm not going to bother giving your comment any serious thought because I know you and your reason for addressing me. I will say that you obviously haven't seen me slamming Sony, several times in fact, for the very existence of this remaster and every single other remaster coming out on the PS4 as a blatant cash grab. I'm not giving Sony specifically a pass on anything. I'm telling people that if they give up their money before having the product in their hands or o...

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I don't want anything from you, I don't take from the blind.

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It's hilarious that you would trust Kojima. The man excels at showing nothing and overusing cinematics. If there is anyone you shouldn't trust, it'd be Kojima. He sells his games on the cutscenes more than anything else. That's how he gets away with so much. People see more graphically impressive cutscenes than anything else in his games, so they forget that his games don't typically look any more impressive than any other game.

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If you ever expected graphical powerhouse games from FromSoftware, you have no one to blame but yourself.

From is a small studio, none of their games have ever come close to being graphically impressive. Their expertise is ambience, story, and gameplay. They wouldn't even have the resources to develop a graphical showpiece.

And really, if your only requirement to look forward to a game are its graphics, you need to stop gaming because you just want to pla...

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While the MS bots continue to show how they can't stop thinking, or talking, about the PS4 because they're so salty they don't have one.

I mean really, the only people who have a complaint are the people who pre-ordered, but every pre-order is a risk. It's not Sony's fault people choose NOT to read. It sucks for them, but how many people shout from the rafters "DON'T PRE-ORDER" all the time?

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Please, not only would Microsoft not refund the price, they'd probably raise the price and demand more money from pre-orders.

Not really, just sending back your own stupidity your way.

For example, they didn't mislead anyone into thinking the game was PS3 only. The game WAS PS3 only until they decided to remaster it.

Although I agree that this game is a clear money grab, I don't agree that it's because of the price. It's a...

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I think it's more likely because Link has the traditional Elven build. You'd be hard pressed to find any medium where Elves are represented in any kind of muscular/masculine way. They are meant to be more effeminate. I think the only place I ever saw an Elf that could look buff was The Elder Scrolls.

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Link isn't androgynous. I don't know where you're getting that from. Link is clearly male. From his frame, right down to his battle cries and sounds. You even used male pronouns in talking about him. The fact that Link is a silent protagonist that you can name yourself doesn't make him androgynous, just a specific avatar.

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You're totally ableist. (I'm laughing at how the spell checker doesn't recognize ableist as a word. Gotta love tumblrisms)

Why can't Link be a disabled Korean? BECAUSE OF THE CISSCUM, ABLEIST, PATRIARCHY!

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"It doesn't matter.
Which is why Nintendo should give gamers the option."

How does that make any sense at all? Link is an iconic character that's decades old and has always had the same design. It's like asking to make Bugs Bunny a turtle, or Mario look like Yao Ming.

You don't change iconic character designs. Link has been a part of forming gaming culture as he is, not as what some entitled people feel they want him to be. ...

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@theshonen8899: As is yours. Each Link that has ever been in any Zelda game has very specific characteristics due to the fact that Link's reincarnation is prophesied. It's the same reason why each Zelda is some form of royalty. We're not talking about the spirit of the Hero just inhabiting any body, we're talking about reincarnation into similar bodies.

Adjusting for artstyle, can you name any one Link that was fundamentally different from the rest of them? No...

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"Why does it matter?"

A question I have asked repeatedly and endlessly with no factual answer ever given.

Oh wait, sorry, someone tried to give an answer. Apparently gender, ethnicity, and orientation are somehow necessary for gaming to mature. Because everyone knows that a black lesbian woman (I know, I use that example a lot, it's just the easiest example to write out) is more mature than a straight white man.

The actual answe...

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How was Connor the strongest? By all evidence he is the weakest. He didn't start his training until he was a teen whereas every other Assassin (excepting maybe Edward) had much more training, especially Altair who was training to be an Assassin from the age of 5. Edward at least had to fight for his life every single day as a pirate whereas Connor only fought for his life when he needed to accomplish a mission.

As for Altair, again he invented stuff like the wrist mounted...

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Don't bother. You aren't missed now, they won't miss you in the future.

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Under normal circumstances there is never a time when more games is wrong, I am in complete agreement with you there.

However, the Xbox brand has been a failure in Japan for 12 years. The Japanese market has spoken with their wallets and the answer they give to the question "do you want an Xbox" is a resounding "NO!"

So, this means that Xbox Japan has to hope that their games will do well outside of Japan. Japanese games don't tend to ...

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Please, this is still a waste of time. The only way Microsoft could turn their fortunes around is if they gained access to Pokemon or basically any of Nintendo's first party games.

Japan doesn't just dislike games for Xbox, they dislike the entire brand. The Xbox One is even designed around features that won't be available in Japan, and the entire strategy for the Xbox One is immensely unappealing to the Japanese market.

We heard this exact same t...

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Except for the fact that Altair saw the future through the Piece of Eden and even developed the wrist mounted gun that Ezio used. Altair knew about guns, he also knew about way more than just guns, technology that no one else could begin to comprehend. He didn't use it, but he knew about it and how to work with it.

And Connor wouldn't defeat any of the Assassin's. In terms of skill, he's the least. Altair was born and raised an Assassin. A lifetime of training...

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