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It's not unreasonable, it's the game. It's an homage to the old school games that didn't hold your hand. What form of punishment for failing would you suggest? None?

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What the hell are you talking about? For starters, online is what has made the Souls series successful. The innovation it brought was never seen before and we are now seeing other games implementing it.

Second, half a Souls game is the online. You remove a lot from playing offline.

Third, there isn't a Souls game in existence that doesn't allow you to play offline.

And finally, nothing about Demon's Souls was irritating.

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My favourite DS2 character that I made is Astraea. A faith build female wearing the Saints Set and really heavy on the lightning damage. She wrecks anything that comes her way.

I actually tend to play female characters more in the Souls games (exception being Demon's Souls due to armor) because they tend to look like they have more character than the male characters do, which is odd considering they use the exact same models and animations, but maybe it's a subconscio...

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That's the solution to inclusion NihonjinChick. In fact that's what people want Ubisoft to do just because. You're one of the few people that would prefer an actual, fully and properly designed female model. Everyone else that complains about such things only want inclusion for the sake of it to the point where reskinning the male model is all it takes to shut them up.

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No it's not. This literally doesn't matter. Especially because FromSoft have always had this option so it would only matter if they DIDN'T include it, which at this point I'm wishing they hadn't just to make all the people who think this is an issue show just how immature they really are.

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There are fire hydrants. I ran over at least 3 of them.

I personally enjoy the online aspect of Watch Dogs more than the single player campaign, only because it's funny to see another player run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying either to prevent you from even hacking them in the first place, or trying to find you once you have.

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This was the best Honest Game Trailer ever. I died at "A Super Saiyan" and "Celine Dion" with the music playing.

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Then you're part of another problem.

The "inclusion for its own sake" problem. You don't care that the character is properly, and well, designed, you just want it to be a female. You have no legitimate reason for it other than "it's what I want" and yet you're contributing to the demonization, if even on the periphery of the discussion, of developers who won't half-a$$ the design of their protagonist by reskinning a male model to look f...

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So what if the tire is manufactured by a quality tire company, and it busts because of a nail or some other sharp object? Are you going to yell at the manufacturer because their tire couldn't stand up to being punctured, or are you going to change your tire?

Just saying.

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I normally would rip into this article because usually when someone adds "but..." at the end they end up contradicting themselves.

This piece however is something I can mostly agree with. The author doesn't have a problem with booth babes, she just would like it if they actually knew something about the product they are selling.

On the one hand I can definitely agree with that. On the other, they aren't there to talk about the product. For t...

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Regardless of what he said before, what he's saying now is still technically accurate, though it leaves the Xbox One open to an Xbox 360 life cycle style where the core games dropped off as soon as millions of Kinects were sold.

So it's up to Phil now to prove to the world that the Xbox One won't follow that same fate. That when they sell the console to the world and then want to sell the Kinect, that the Kinect will be a companion, not a focus.

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"when did ANYBODY say"

When millions of Kinects for the 360 were sold, that's when.

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Nintendo are, at times, their own worst enemy. They have some great IPs but they are slow as molasses to do anything and they are still marred in old school business ideas and models. I in fact heard that that's actually a term in Japan called "Kyoto Business" or something where all of the oldest companies reside in Kyoto and still do business in the old ways.

Nintendo is like an aged turtle (and I just now realized the irony in saying that). Been around a long,...

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Your hyperbolic, exaggerated post is hilarious. Saying that artists make excellent games proves that Yamauchi valued art style, not graphics. None of the NES or SNES games could be considered graphical powerhouses, especially when compared with the competitors they had at the time. What was always unique about Nintendo's games were their style. That you continue to try and emphasize that graphics are the most important aspect just makes you a shallow person unable to appreciate anything m...

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My argument is fact. A gamer plays games, not graphics.

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Imalwaysright: You realize that you just proved my point right? If console gamers were telling PC gamers that that stuff didn't matter to them, that means PC gamers were bringing it up and saying it mattered, which is what I said. PC gamers compare apples to oranges all the time, console gamers can only compare apples to apples because all consoles are designed very similarly.

Godmars290: I agree, he is a HUGE PC fanboy, but some of what he says is mirrored by people who ...

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If games were still being made for Atari, people would play them. Your argument is weak.

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You don't need to make a photorealistic experience to have an effective medium of escapism. Books have been able to accomplish it by provoking your imagination to create realities in your own mind, so games don't have to mimic reality at all to be believable. All things in this arena are subjective. If the only way a person can believe a game is by that game mimicking life as closely as possible, then that person has the wrong hobby.

Escapism is about placing you in u...

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"So when they don't, because they can't, everyone goes nuts for no real reason."

You have the PC community to thank for that. For example, I watched Total Biscuit's thoughts on Sony's E3 conference today, and so much of it was dedicated to whining about framerate.

Or look at The Order 1886. The devs want to go for a cinematic feel to the game, but most of the complaints about that come from armchair developers belonging to the PC com...

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Nintendo has a lacking 3rd party catalog because 3rd parties have yet to see any reason to put real support behind the Wii U. With Nintendo busting out the first party titles the way they did at E3 and showcasing them with their ingenious Treehouse format, Nintendo is drumming up gamer support for the Wii U, which will in turn eventually entice 3rd party developers to support the Wii U as well.

I don't understand what is up everyone's butt this gen, especially journal...

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