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Ah, forgive me. I've merely seen a lot of reviews on the front page giving it 9s and 9.5s or the equivalent in stars.

The point still remains the same though, comparing this game to Titanfall and scoring it so low (calling Infamous Second Son slightly above average? Ok) is still suspect. I maintain that reviewers still need to be reigned in regardless.

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LMAO! Everyone is giving this game 9s and 9.5s and so of course there has to be that one site that compares this game to Titanfall and gives it a 6. These reviewers need to be reigned in.

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I guess this has to be said for the nth time since people seem absolutely incapable of any kind of basic research but, the Consumerist's Worst Company Award is about CONSUMER EXPERIENCES WITH THE COMPANY.

This award is about people who have called customer service for these companies and have received the worst treatment. This award is about how poorly companies treat their consumers and their money.

It ISN'T about companies that steal, banks that for...

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Thing is, if a game has good storytelling and gameplay, most tend to overlook bad graphics unless they are bad to the point of really hindering the gameplay or overall experience. In the end, you don't need a game running at 4K/120FPS, super physics, XTBLAA etc... to be a good game. But if you listen to Crymoar, I mean Crytek and graphics whores who believe that graphics are 60% of a game, then you will never enjoy anything but games with ridiculous and bloated tech.

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Ashlen: Article one...

"What we're seeing is that people are turning on the Xbox to play games and then keeping it on afterwards to get other types of entertainment," Mehdi said."

Even Microsoft is saying people are using their console to game first and that other media applications are a bonus.

The second article deals only with the U.S. and the percentage difference is such a staggering 8%.

You also ignor...

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LMFAO! Did you really just say that you would think more people would use their GAMING console to play NON-GAMING media than to share their gameplay with the world?

You must not have been gaming for very long. When I was younger, every single kid loved watching each other play video games. That mentality still exists today which is why Let's Plays are so popular along with gaming streams on Twitch. Those aspects are infinitely more popular than playing music on your PS4,...

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"But you would think a feature more people would use more like DLNA would be priority over HDCP."

Do you have any metrics to back up the claim that DLNA is used more, or are you talking about yourself?

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It doesn't have to be fun?

See, this is the problem with the entire team that works on Assassin's Creed. You first have the creative director flat out telling fans what they don't want when AC3 was being talked about ("You don't want a game in Japan, that's too cliche").

Then you have AC3 being garbage because the team is too big and jobs were being shipped around the world leading to terrible segments like the final chase in AC3...

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Yeah seriously. I bet in that 5 hours the author didn't even make it to the first boss.

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Nit picking babies.

Soul Memory is not an issue, at all. I've been able to successfully co-op at level 68 in the very first area of the game. The people complaining probably want to grief low level players with their high level gear.

Finite respawning isn't a problem either. You want to farm an area? You can. If you've farmed the area to the point the enemies disappear, then simply go (or stay in) to the area you want to farm and burn a bonfire as...

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$40 on PS3 as well.

Playing it now myself. This game is still so amazingly good. Final Fantasy when it was still at its best.

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When discussing the headline, it doesn't show that metacritic is flawed because the headline doesn't address why the Xbox version is scoring better, it just states that it is.

And every single time someone dares to criticize one of your articles, you turn into a mother animal defending its baby. You need to chill.

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You can't compare movies to games, they are completely different media.

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People also have bills to pay Panda, and network bandwidth is still a global problem. Physical copies definitely outstrip digital sales for that reason alone.

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Neither of you talking about people leaving companies has any reason as to why they did so stop acting like it's because of sinking ships.

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"Also, they don't show digital numbers/projections, which will add much more to this number."

You base this on what exactly?

You do know that the digital version of this game is a 50GB download filled with mostly sound files right? How many people do you know willing to take a 50GB hit on their internet bandwidth cap for an online only game that will also affect their bandwidth?

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Do you really think the digital sales are going to matter even if they weren't included in this guess?

What if the digital sales amount to next to nothing or the exact same number that was posted, then what?

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No one was crying for Titanfall Pontiac, absolutely no one. You don't cry for scraps.

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"We just have to wait and see for official numbers, but in the meanwhile I will enjoy 15ms ping in Titanfall every day."

LMAO! So that's what Xbox fans are looking forward to these days? Not games with epic stories and characters and gameplay, but network response times? Hahaha, wow. You are all about dat Kool-Aid aren't you?

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No, it's not like saying Rayman is a clone of Super Mario. That your mind can even come up with such a comparison is disturbing.

And it's not parkour. It's jumping around with jetpacks, that's not parkour.

Tell me if any of this is present in Titanfall.

Bottomline, Respawn wanted to make a game that could compe...

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