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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."


@XboxFun: "Yes Dragon, I have played TLoU and God of War, both games are good but did nothing different than Silent Hill or Devil May Cry."

This is proof enough that you didn't play the games and I still completely reject considering anything you have to say about them. #1.1.23
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It isn't, SNES is. #3.1.1
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Resogun is a 6/5 for me, that game is just amazing/addicting fun. #6
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@Septic: "So will you apply the same standards to God of war and its developers? I make the comparison because I don't think the so-called 'on-rails' nature of it doesn't really take away from the visuals of it. That's like saying Uncharted only looks good because its linear."

Why would I? Have you played God of War 3? Did you play the opening battle against Poseidon? That scene alone is more impressive than the entirety of Ryse when you consider... #1.1.19
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Why would I write about trolls lying about PS4 issues? I have a PS4 and experienced NONE of the issues that we hear about, and every single one of my friends who have a PS4 have that same experience. PS4's issues are so miniscule they aren't worth talking about, but they are overblown by people like you and the amazon 1 star review trolls. #1.2.1
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You don't know anything about PS4 launch games though TTTrollistheWord.

"At the very least, Ryse trumps the launch games on other platforms in graphical fidelity and sheer art direction."

No it doesn't. It really doesn't. Ryse' only accomplishment in graphics are all in the character model, which is why it's an on-rails game where you only get to see what Crytek wants you to see. #1.1.5
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Mainsqueeze: See, you completely avoided answering the question and just jumped right on the "You're brainwashed by Sony maaaan"

You're clearly not paying attention and just looking to pick at something. You've played neither game and you're talking about them like you have and believe in only the negative reviews. You're probably one of the people that reviewed the PS4 as 1 star on Amazon too and you don't even have one.

If... #1.1.34
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Of course it's fear, unless you have a rational explanation for the incessant rumours of defective PS4's supposedly being excessive, the overly harsh reviews of PS4 exclusives when based against non-exclusives that are the same old experience, the continued downplay of PS4 successes as "not mattering."

It's actually more hilarious how consistent you are in maintaining your negatives.

The review is more credible because the game is being... #1.1.30
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Mainsqueeze: I find it hilarious at how hard you had to rag on the video to the point you brought up fanboyism to discredit it. Is it somehow a threat to you that anyone disagrees with Knack reviews as they are thus far that you have to create fiction when someone points that out?

How is it more of a real review? How about the fact that it actually isn't being reviewed and just played. How about the fact that both a 10 year old boy, and a cynical grown man, both say the s... #1.1.28
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Yeah, it looks like you're missing out on A LOT about Dragon's Dogma.

After you defeat the Dragon, there is a second half of the game where the truth of everything is revealed and depending on your choices, your "innocence" becomes completely irrelevant. Plus, you can't collect the Dragon's remains because **SPOILER** The Dragon isn't like other creatures and is actually a former Arisen that failed to defeat The Creator, thus when The Dragon dies... #2
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Here's a real review of Knack.


@Devilbringer: I think all games should be reviewed with a scale of "lol's" instead of points. 4.2 lols out of 10 means not even averagely funny. #1.1.26
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@XboxFun: LMFAO! I don't think I've laughed so much at a comment in awhile.

You frickin' know that you and the rest of your Xbox fanboy brethren would be shouting it from the rooftops if the Xbox One had even a single mode of one game at 1080p and the PS4 had it at anything less than that. Oh, but when the Xbox One can't do something, it suddenly doesn't matter right?

Have you looked at the Playstation brand of consoles? Failure isn't... #1.1.13
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I love narrowminded Xbox thinking, it's always good for a laugh. This idea that making money has to come at the cost of the consumer is a very Microsoft attitude.

To the two people responding to me, repeating "Sony is in it to make money" ad nauseum, my answer to you is a hearty "Well Duh"

What you don't seem to understand is that Sony's way of making money is to respect the wishes and desires of their consumer base with the PS... #1.1.22
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This here, coming from you, is a very reasonable argument that I can't disagree with (hence the agree) and if there were a bubble up option for "Reasonable" you'd get one from me. So for now, I'll just give you a "Well Said."

You said nothing that wasn't true. #1.5.1
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I find it hilarious that Xbox One fans like nuke and MorePowerOfGreen downplay PS4 remote play and act like Smartglass is such an amazing innovation when it actuality it's not only a lesser experience technically, it's also just a gimmick to make games easier for the casuals and the lazy.

Remember the air strike demo in Dead Rising 3? Hey, is the game getting too hard for you? Bust out your cellphone and use an instakill move on all enemies.

Yeah, tha... #1.1.10
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"I'm not sure I agree resolution is a difference maker."

You wouldn't, being an Xbox One fan, though funnily enough I agree with you. Thing is, you have to say that about the Xbox One, you don't about the PS4. #1.3.6
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@ambientFLIER: Ryse' graphics are praised for the character models only. The game is on-rails and highly limited so of course the game has to look good somewhere to be considered next-gen. Killzone has beautiful graphics in more than just character models and does it at 1080p because it can. Ryse can't. It already sacrifices visuals just to be at 900p with great character models. It isn't next gen, especially because it was originally a 360 Kinect game. #1.1.4
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Actually it's hacking and THEN pirating. You can't pirate software that doesn't exist anywhere on the net for you to pirate, you first need to dump the software through hacking the copy protection in order to pirate it.

Also, if you don't like CoD why are you playing it?

"I hate Call of Duty, it sucks so bad and is the same sh*t every year. I'm not paying for this garbage, I'm just going to download it and play it every day becaus... #1.5.3
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Hell no they aren't. I just got my PS4 today and already downloaded Warframe (SPACE NINJAS!!!) and Resogun (OMG, that game is beautiful!) from the PSN store. I'm just waiting for AC4 to come in so I can sink some real time into that and I'm not really a shooter fan (even though I DL'ed Warframe) so Killzone, BF4, and CoD aren't even on my radar.

I have had a lot of fun with Resogun even though I suck at shmups.

Also, I've had absolute... #1
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Ok, what the hell has been up with arstechnica lately? They used to be a neutral tech site, but ever since the PS4 has been outputting 1080p games while the Xbox One can't, and now the 1 million consoles sold day one for the PS4, Ars has been trying to downplay everything related to PS4's success in PR and in numbers.

I know that the Xbox fanboys will call out the "tinfoil hat" B.S. on this but, are Arstechnica being paid by Microsoft or something? This is g... #1.1.9
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