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Oh they didn't fail to realize it, they just don't care. Men being treated in the same sexist manner that women are supposedly being treated doesn't matter because it allegedly doesn't happen on the same scale as women and/or they deserve it and/or there is a good reason for it. It's all a load of double standards and B.S.

And yeah, I think I know the video you're talking about, but then there are so many videos discrediting Anita and her con on Youtub...

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@AndrewLB: Don't you think that if Sony knows how many games they sold to consumers (which is a result of turning the PS4 on, connecting to PSN, and playing the game) that they know how many PS4s they sold to consumers via the same method? Face facts, they sold 7 million to consumers.

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@johnnybadfinger: They are different things. Sold to retailers represents available stock and can remain as available stock indefinitely. Sold to consumer represents stock that has been sold through and requires replacing, meaning a necessity to produce more product to sell to retailers.

Microsoft can sell 5 million to retailers, but the retailers could only sell, say, 3 million. This means there are 2 million units out in the wild not being bought which forces either Microso...

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@truefan1: This isn't a Sony article, is there any reason you decided to bring them up?

I hope you realize that $20 billion is more than you're worth, guess you'll be going bankrupt soon and won't be able to post your troll comments on here anymore right?

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Take a look at this...

"ad revenue on Xbox Platforms has increased."

How many gamers who've been doing so for 15 or more years ever thought they'd hear about ad revenue as part of a gaming console and that that's somehow a good thing?

Pretty frickin' sad.

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Social justice of the past, those being the movements that fought for basic human rights for everyone (like people of color not being segregated to different rooms in a restaurant for example), is VERY different that what is called social justice today.

I can understand your position as a parent in reference to your daughter, but I can't agree that that is a gender problem. It's simply a matter of different insults for different people. Yes, because your daughter is a...

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@Fireseed: The current latest version of DX is DX11.2 and is part of Windows 8.1, that's not exactly old.

"But what I can't possibly imagine is why this topic being uncertain bothers you so much (actually I do know, I know EXACTLY why the sound of something even being possibly positive for the Xbox makes your skin crawl). Like I'm airing on the side of this being unknown (cause you know... it just simply is) and yet you're trying to get me to believe that...

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AC and Dynasty Warriors don't need a break.

In the case of AC, it just needs to return to the AC1 roots. In the case of DW, it doesn't need anything.

Articles like these are written by presumptuous people. They value their opinion of what is good or not too highly and so would deprive everyone else of fun gaming experiences because they personally think the games are the same old thing.

So many things aren't being considered in fa...

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Once again making the implication that an api series considered by so many to be terrible at what it does, and being outperformed by alternatives, is going to magically improve hardware issues.

Why is it that every single person who can be considered a fan of the Xbox One (I should say fanboy, but there are levels to consider, but fan in this case isn't entirely accurate either) is so content with immediately accepting statements at their face value and go on the defensiv...

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@Fireseed: What you said implies that DX12 is radically different than previous DX applications. What we know about DX is that it's new versions are, at most, incremental upgrades and rarely are they completely different from previous versions. So the question you should ask isn't whether or not he's had experience with DX12, it's whether or not he's had experience with DX period, because it's highly unlikely that DX12 will surprise any developer.


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You say that you've stayed out of this yet you imply that this person's opinion should be dismissed. Sounds like you have an opinion to me.

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Do you really think that DX12 is going to make up for the hardware?

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"Why do gamers expect that every sequel should be as good as or better than the original release?"

Because that's common sense. Why would you expect it to be worse than the original. It is logical to expect that if the original does well, then the sequels should build on what the original did and also do well or better, not completely reinvent itself and throw away what the original did.

"It's not like you expect any movie with the numm...

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"and for most part have better and clearer ideas."

based on what?

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Suikoden 2 is an absolute masterpiece of a game. They don't make RPGs like that anymore, it's a lost art. It also introduces, canonically, my favourite character of the series Georg Prime.

If this comes onto PSN, I don't even care what they're charging for it, I'm getting it. I hope a lot of people do the same thing so that Konami sees there is genuine interest in a Suikoden VI.

Unfortunately, given that they have disbanded the team behind...

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Major Nelson is a nobody who doesn't deserve anyone interviewing him. He doesn't know anything about the product he talks about, he's just a mouthpiece and Joe pretty much debased himself interviewing him. Joe isn't biased, and he should be himself in interviews because to be anything else would mean he isn't asking what he wants to ask, he wouldn't be doing a proper job for his audience.

Ironically, Major Nelson showed himself the greatest disrespect ...

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Anyone know what music was that was playing when he was doing the large battles with the Angry Army?

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He shouldn't act like anything other than himself and respect is earned, not given. Major Nelson didn't treat him with respect, Geoff Keighley didn't treat him respect, and you expect him to treat those jokers with any?

Joe is fine the way he is.

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Joe doesn't hate subscription based MMOs, he was fully excited for this game. What he hates are subscription based MMOs that also charge to even get the game along with the subscription. If you are going to charge a monthly subscription, it should be a criminal offense to also charge just to get the game. He also wants that subscription to be worth the price, which he doesn't feel is the case for TESO when F2P games are doing things better than TESO and have been since they launched. ...

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They may be gamers, but their opinion is bought.

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