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"I don't care about bubbles. Seriously, I don't."


Dude, the playstation has had all kinds of names. Gaystation, Delaystation, Praystation, Pauperstation (makes no sense), and now the best you Xbox fanboys can come up with is Indystation? Oh yes, it's so terrible to have too many choices of what games to play. Good thing the Xbox One doesn't have that problem. I mean, who plays games on a gaming console anymore? Everyone knows it's all about yelling at inanimate objects, waving your hands around, and getting obese.

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Would he prefer Xboned? Xboner? Xbox 180? The name Xbox One is stupid, the nicknames are better. #1.1.23
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"This may be the biggest Street Fighter collection ever documented, but even if it isn’t, Clarence Lim’s collection of Street Fighter merchandise is most certainly bigger than yours."

What if I'm the guy who's collection is eluded to in the "but even if it isn't" part? Would make this article a complete lie when the author says this person's collection is bigger than mine wouldn't it? #4
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Actually they would. For the Big 3, software always makes more money than hardware. For Nintendo this is especially so because their games have long shelf life due to continuous demand. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still a full priced game despite being out for YEARS. Why? Because Nintendo can legitimately get away with not having to lower the price.

If Nintendo stopped making consoles and only made games, they'd actually make MORE money because the R&D costs for cons... #5.1.1
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@LoveGaming: If this said "could the Xbox One be developers preferred console" you'd say "yes" or something along those lines.

The devs have been speaking for themselves, so if you want to live in denial about what they've been saying, that's your prerogative. Don't try and create a 1:1 correlation with the Vita especially considering you likely don't even own one. #1.1.9
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Seriously, you need to stop. Even Yusuf Mehdi himself said the cloud technology isn't going to be working for quite awhile and the devs talking about it for the Xbox One are talking about dedicated servers because, and this is the part you need to pay attention to, IT'S NOT GOING TO MAKE THE XBOX ONE ANY MORE POWERFUL!

You Xbox fanboys are cute, believing any hype that comes your way. #1.4.9
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"xbox live alone will pull in new users."

No it won't. Xbox fans may be gullible enough to think paying for free services and ads is a value, but no one else is. #4.5.2
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@AngelicIceDiamond: Yes, that article. Nothing has changed in the few months since it was posted. Everything that article says still applies to cloud computing today. Dedicated servers doesn't require cloud technology, it's been around for decades. The question you should be asking is if cloud computing were capable of doing what you're buying into it being able to do, why hasn't it been done on the PC yet and how come the 360 will have Titanfall if "the cloud" is ne... #1.4.7
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Do I have proof that Microsoft is blowing smoke and mirrors with "teh powah of da clowd?"

Yes, I do.


That tells you why the cloud won't boost the Xbox One's processing power.

Then there's the fact that the Azure network is actually WindowsAzure and the a... #1.4.3
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"the best reliable online console gaming service."

According to who? You? Irrelevant.

"approx 300k dedicated servers."

That won't be strictly used for Live. Those 300K servers, which MS never came forward and detailed if they are all physical servers or if a portion of them are virtual, are part of the Azure network which will primarily be used for Windows 8 devices including PCs, tablets, and phones. The Xbox One will... #6.1
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@STANK08: "Where were your voice when Sony bent over gamers and forcibley removed "Install Other OS" feature?"

Playing games, because no one gave a damn or used OtherOS except for less than 1% of the PS3 userbase, and of that percentage more than half wanted it for the backdoor Geohot found. Get over it pirate. The feature wasn't even an advertised feature and was completely free. #4.2.2
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@Nicxel: This concept may be alien to you but, for more than 30 years there were games known as single player games. These games required no connection to the internet and were played only by one person against the computer A.I.

Some people still enjoy these games today, and when internet connections go out, as they are wont to do, these are the only games that can be played.

I know, I know, that's a concept straight out of left field but it's true. I... #3.2.3
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Not when it's all smoke and mirrors. #1.4.1
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That's a B.S. rumour. It isn't true. As if Microsoft would hide that after being blasted in PR this much about the power of their console. #1.14.1
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How many times does this need to be said before it will be put to rest? Sony doesn't even have to try to say it anymore, it's been said that much. #1.1.28
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@adorie: You get an agree and a +Bubble from me for talking about Dragon's Crown in humour rather than in feminism. Why? Well you're probably a regular woman who has more important things to think about than the size of a fictional character's breasts. #3.1.2
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There's no frickin' sexism here and not wanting gorgeous women dressed in sexy outfits is not a sign of maturity.

For goodness sake people don't know what maturity is. It ISN'T demanding that themes be altered to fit personal tastes, it IS accepting all themes and simply ignoring those that don't suit your own tastes. #2.1.1
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That's the cultural difference though. The U.S. was founded on Puritan ideologies that permeated the culture and exist in some form even today. Conversely, if you look at Japan's history in terms of sex and sexuality, they were far less conservative in their past than they are now. And even now they are only publicly conservative, but privately?... #1.1.1
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@BallsEye: I was around for the multiple PS1's and PS2's and NONE of them had the failure rate of Microsoft's Xbox 360. If you think for a second that any other console had that kind of failure rate out of the box, you're flat out wrong. Microsoft's Xbox 360 had one of the worst failure rates in consumer electronics history, and definitely the worst in home console history. Don't try to downplay that fact by bringing other console's problems into it. #1.1.19
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@nukeitall: That's B.S. and you know it. MS only came forward with this nonsense after they had no choice but to remove their draconian DRM because they wanted everyone to act just like you are.

"Awww, you mean I could have traded in digital games? Dammit I wanted that."

They had no intention of allowing people to do what you claim because if they had, they'd have made that clear from the start. And I don't buy the idea that Microsoft ex... #1.9.5
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