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"As far as Tomb Raider Goes..."

-Unlikely. The game was already being developed and was announced at E3. Corporations don't just start development all willy nilly. They plan, they budget, they develop. The most that would come of this deal would be advertising dollars, a bandaid solution to SE's troubles because they think that more marketing will mean more success, but they foolishly cut off 3 out of 4 potential platforms and millions of consumers to go for...

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"These guys are some of the best and most sincere devs around and they're getting shit on for giving something back to the company that has promoted them the most?"

Have you considered that, up until the Witcher 3, Sony weren't even given a chance to promote Witcher games? Rewarding a company for promoting you by granting its userbase exclusive content just because of said promotion just completely ignores the fact that you never gave the other company any c...

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The joke was pitiful and unprofessional. I love how so many of you are so willing to jump on the likes of Kotaku or IGN or whoever for being unprofessional, but calling millions of people console peasants is perfectly fine because it's a joke.

So many pancakes here.

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I'm not surprised you'd be confused since Axios2 is a known Xbox fanboy.

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This is a question that shouldn't be asked because it's a question that can't be answered, and if it could then the answer would be too subjective to be of any real use anyway.

Both games are too dissimilar to make the claim that one is better than the other.

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@Le Creuset: I'm simply going to respond to one point of your retreat comment that's worth responding to. That being that you still don't understand whose agency takes priority.

Her "giving me the time of day" is not a possibility not because she wouldn't, it's not a possibility because I'm not seeking it. I don't want her time, I don't want her attention, I don't want her anywhere near me. That trumps her POTENTIAL desire, or lac...

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1. You don't seem to understand. Your first reply was to this...

"And if one thinks she's ugly, why would they want her wallpaper? Do you not see your contradiction?"

Which was a response to SpinalRemains138. You're free to be childishly snarky all you want to if you have nothing better to do, but my question was to ask "why are you answering a question you weren't asked?" I guess you value your...

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@LeCreuset: 1. Is your name SpinalRemains138?

2. Exactly one person responded to my initial comment, that person was replied to with an assessment on Rihanna's looks which I merely agreed with. Where in my inital comment did you see any mention of her looks?

3. Not wanting someone's wallpaper because you find them ugly is... well... an actual reason to not want their wallpaper. That 2 people so far have not been able to actually see that is... quite d...

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@SpinalRemains138: What GW212 said. And if one thinks she's ugly, why would they want her wallpaper? Do you not see your contradiction?

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@KwietStorm: I'm pretty sure I'm not acting that way and your preference (which I'm assuming at this point given your comment) is causing you to perceive things that aren't happening.

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@Bloodborn: You understand that themes can have sounds right? Imagine every time you move through the options on the XMB all you heard was "eh" from her stupid Umbrella song. You're telling me you'd rather have that then an actual game related theme, if even a non-PS game?

Plus, she's not hot. She's fugly.

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dafuq? Rihanna sucks. I'm not even a fan of Halo, but I'd sure as hell take the Halo one over that nasally sounding terrible excuse for a singer any day.

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"A little video game mythology"

-Meaning 28 years of canon storytelling establishing an iconic character and a specific storyline.

"there's no reason for him not to be"

There's 3 reasons.

1. Nintendo doesn't want to.

2. Link isn't female.

3. Link's gender doesn't determine the success of the franchise and never has.

"Why does t...

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What? No they didn't. AC Brotherhood is a great game, Revelations (while not perfect) was pretty decent, AC3 sucks a$$ I can't lie, but AC4 is also a fantastic game.

Don't know what the hell you were playing, but I doubt it was an AC game.


You're giving AC2 way too much credit just because it was a slight step up from AC1. AC2 is nothing special. The combat added some more fluidity to it but was still "counter to...

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Of course you're not. You're in a position of absolute comfort where you don't care that publishers and developers don't give a damn about what you like and what you want.

It always takes a "how will this affect me" moment for people to do most anything. Just don't complain when it happens to you.

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@Pinkdolphinyfg: Xbox owners do indeed have a reason to boycott the game. It will send a message that all gamers are united and not to be toyed with so that developers will stop treating us like idiots. Not boycotting this game will just mean that SE knows what they can get away with and if you think they would be above doing this exact thing to the Xbox fanbase then you'd be wrong.

"Boycotting the game is gonna only hurt Sony and SE to the point of underwhelming sal...

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"He isn't going to get the game on any platform without talking to anyone."

That's an oversimplification.

And ID@XBOX's very existence IS the problem. How is that so hard for you to understand? He shouldn't have to hope that it won't be forced on him. Outlast got lucky, MS didn't think it needed to enforce the policy on those devs, but you can't assume that what works for one will work for everyone and this guy shows that...

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The only way that petition would succeed is if every single member that signed that petition also followed through with NOT buying the game at all, even if they have the ability to do so.

When companies see consumers NOT buying their products for any reason, no amount of money Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo could throw at them would be enough. Simply signing something online does nothing, you have to make them lose money before they'll listen.

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Are you serious? Did you really oversimplify that much?

Look, the fact that he has to "talk to the right people" so as not to have ID@XBOX forced on him is itself a problem and a part of the overall problem that ID@XBOX is. This isn't your glib interpretation of "hurr durr, he has to talk to someone just to get the game on the console anyway."

This is "I don't want to be restricted by ID@XBOX so I'm not going to give them ...

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Or, you know, he could not have to worry about "asking the right people" at all and develop games for a console that won't place stupid restrictions on him. ID@XBOX is a problem, and suggesting developers "ask the right people" and hope they get a favourable answer is NOT a solution.

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