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Oh god I hope that this means Square Enix will return Final Fantasy to its former glory and completely ignore the garbage that is Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels as possible ideas for the Future.

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I repeat my previous comment.

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"but the genre was more successful back then."

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that they were available.

By comparison to the PS2, the PS3's JRPG offerings are laughable at best, and unfortunately include the awful FFXIII trilogy. While not Sony's fault at all, the lack of JRPGs didn't help the PS3.

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@SardoNumspa: PS2 beat the Dreamcast because of Sega and their poor marketing/bad budget management.

But the PS2 was largely successful due to it's extensive and massive gaming library, not to mention the plethora of amazing JRPGs and the fact that it spearheaded, and popularized, DVD as a format.

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The saying "it's easy to criticize" continues to apply.

So I reiterate, write your own articles and let's see how much better you do.

It seems it never occurred to both of you that there may be people out there that may have experienced just such a thing and wanted to know if they were alone in experiencing it.

But I suppose the 938942734809234892374th article on Watch Dogs visual downgrade or Microsoft's claims about C...

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The original AC game centered around the struggle of the Assassins vs the Templars. With each successive game, the on going battle between the two groups takes more and more of a back seat to the point where it's becoming filler for a modified Annunaki storyline incorporating sci-fi cliches.

The very core of what AC started out as is deteriorating every year to the point where they have eliminated the need of even having a Desmond like character in the game and have releg...

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Agreed. They have veered so far from the original premise of AC1 that AC may as well be an equivalent Final Fantasy game given how divergent the story has become.

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Like what?

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Read the article, it's just a Dead Rising 3 fan piece talking about how the PS4 is more powerful but he wouldn't be able to play Dead Rising 3 on it, which is apparently more important. It's got no actual substance to it.

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How about writing your own articles so we can see how well you do and criticize you the same way.

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Cole alive confirmed!

Awww hell, the guvment better run now!

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The ignorance is amazing.


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Here's a site I always go to when people question the feats of Bruce Lee, taken from accounts of people that actually knew him.


Some things of note that would make Bruce crush any UFC fighter...

"Bruce's striking speed from 3 feet away was five hundredths of a second."

So he could punch them faster than the...

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The cloud has more weaknesses than this. A dropped connection of any kind, while the cloud is computing the basics of the game, will have a very noticeable, annoying, and immersion breaking impact.

This is the problem with cloud compute and why it shouldn't be used for gaming. When the quality of your game, in even the smallest ways, relies on a system where there needs to be a consistently reliable network connection, then the quality of your game will always suffer beca...

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@morganfell: Now let's look at the cost of PCs like that if you didn't have one even close to the minimum specs but this game made you want one. All parts are chosen from looking for the absolute cheapest price available. With links to each page for proof.


Windows 7 (because good luck finding Vista, and why would you want that or W8 anyway): $97.88

I think different questions would have been asked. I also think an employee asking their boss questions would be tempered with the fear that if they asked the wrong question, consequences would arise.

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How long has it been since we've seen another "Vita is doomed" article?

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Perhaps it is the manner in which you said it, but at least people are agreeing with what you've said in this comment, which is basically the same thing I said.

I didn't even want this blog to be about the actual cloud demo, just about the truth that certain articles will show fanboyism the best and that it's a flat out lie to claim that any one group of fanboys dominates the site. What some people fail to realize is that Xbox fanboys in Sony articles or vice vers...

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I merely used recent events as a framing device, because even if there were a straight month of the kind of behavior I talked about, the opposite would still be claimed.

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What I want to know is, why is Major Nelson interviewing his own boss? They should have this kind of interview with an impartial third party.

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