Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile.


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@truefan: Nope, he was hated before that for blowing "Bros before Hos" out of proportion and for saying resolution and frame rate matters up until your favourite console couldn't keep up.

**EDIT** All I can say is good riddance. Madam Sessler contributed immensely to the problems gaming faces today and he was always contradictory, hypocritical, and disingenuous. The less people we have awarding non-games like Gone Home and standing behind frauds like Anita Sarke...

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I would think the question should be "What, besides graphics, does Bravely Default NOT do better than Final Fantasy XIII."

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Ain't nothing "sudden" about it. If you've played through the game already, especially in a case like FFX HD which is a remaster of a PS2 game that already sold millions, then you don't need to see the same cutscenes again and there should be an option to skip them. Where have you been?

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LMFAO! Xbox fans are so hilarious. Actually defending a company (Microsoft) to force 3 charges in order to use one service. Microsoft could sell you lake shore property in the Sahara couldn't they?

So let's see, according to Xbox fans who are giving Microsoft a free pass on this, it's perfectly ok that you have to pay your ISP, Netflix, AND Microsoft so that you can watch Netflix on your Xbox One. A console, I might add, that's supposed to be a complete home e...

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I know you didn't. I'm telling you why people would be disagreeing with you.

You see, you have to not care about disagrees here. They range from simply not liking you/trolling, to having something about your post to disagree about legitimately, but you will never know why.

In this case, I gave you examples of the most likely reasons rational people might disagree with you.

I could get into PS3 vs 360 with you, but that's not reall...

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I've seen enough people get on the "iOS sucks!" and vice versa for android bandwagon.

It's all about manipulating capitalist ideals and human nature.

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This mentality has been fostered by corporations for the entirety of their existence. The feeling of competition, of wanting to have something better than your peers, has been proven to drive sales. It always has and always will and isn't limited to consoles.

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The disagrees are likely coming from the fact that there are real hardware differences between the two machines that likely can't be overcome with software solutions. The disagrees are also coming likely from the fact that Sony and its devs aren't just going to sit around twiddling their thumbs. So the PS4, out of the gate, has a performance advantage that is hardware based and will see that performance improve with their own tool kit improvements as well.

To imply ot...

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If the want to charge a sub for this game, I personally feel as though they shouldn't have the right to also charge $60 to get the game. It's all about greed.

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@coolbeans: "Consider a certain portion of the industry, specific AAA publishers, that are probably still making it feel like some sort of uphill climb if an artist just wants to have a female protagonist or experience censorship when they'd like to give that protagonist a typical relationship, such as with Remember Me's dev."

There is an exception to every rule, and you just described the second argument of games being only about money.


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The reason this game is at 1080p has nothing to do with having no problems with the esram. More developers than one indie dev have already complained about esram, so are we to believe that this one indie dev with a game that doesn't have the kind of visuals like Ryse, Killzone, Battlefield, or Infamous is better than every other dev that has called out the esram problem?

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Yeah me too. Lol.

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This has already been addressed though. The layoffs are part of Sony's attempt at streamlining game production to be more focused. Smaller teams means less conflicts and greater attention to detail.

People leaving is their own choice. One dev left to take care of his son, Jack probably felt he accomplished everything he could at Sony. Gaming "journalists" are nothing more than tabloid reporters these days.

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@daniel: That never prevents people from saying the PS4 has no games, same applies to the Xbox One.

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A Twitter apology isn't really good enough. I mean, look at what Sony did with the PSN hack. Kaz Hirai himself, along with 2 other Sony execs (I can't remember who) got on stage, apologized, and then bowed their heads. And anyone who knows anything about Japanese culture knows what the bowing of the head is all about. They took personal responsibility for it, even though it wasn't their fault.

That said, I believe that the time for that kind of apology has long pa...

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If Phil Spencer can successfully make the Xbox One about games first, and Microsoft's ridiculous and stupid policies take a back seat, then the Xbox One will be on a great track and I may have to change my opinion on the Xbox brand.

BUT, my opinion about Microsoft would require A LOT more work on their part to be changed and even though Spencer seems genuinely interested on promoting the games aspect of the Xbox One, he does have superiors and shareholders to report to so...

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Once again you bust out the dictionary and once again I have to tell you that talking big does nothing to help your case. Funnily enough, you tried to argue both sides in your dissertation and likely don't even realize it, so I'm going to point out the flaws for both the art, and the money, side.

If games are art, they aren't subject to the whims and desires of special interest groups. In fact they'd probably be more immune. Games as art are an expression of t...

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Sometimes I feel like giving georgenoob a bubble for funny. Every time he posts I just can't help but laughing.

Can you imagine, basing your whole gaming life off metacritic and reviews? May as well live your life by committee.

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It says "not ONLY AAA title"


Meaning more than one AAA title.

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@YTPHaruko: XIII-2 was released because Japanese fans didn't feel like they received enough closure from XIII. No one asked for XIII-3 but they put it out anyway.

The fact that the sales of XIII-2 was significantly lower (less than half) than the sales of XIII and that XIII-3's sales aren't looking any better shows that releasing those games didn't help their bottom line. FFXIV is helping to pay for FFXIV, many think it's a great game.


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