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You're right, it's not an excuse, it's a reason. It's the only necessary reason that matters. Now, I tend to like to be a bit more thorough when someone takes any kind of social justice stance, if even a loose one.

So when you said "It's the business side that made Naughty Dog jump through hoops to get female focus testers for The Last of Us. (Implying women are a non-entity in those tests normally)"

The first thing I thought was...

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Doesn't matter, he was still bested by someone that none of the other Hokage would have been defeated by.

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This is satire?

I thought it was just stupid.

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@Chrischi1988: But they can't pay you without paying you, which requires paying you, which they can't do until they pay you.

Endless paradox resulting in you not getting any money because you patented money and so no one can use it until they pay you.

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That couldn't be a pre-order bonus and would cost more money, it would also be severely limited in number.

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4th isn't the best. His iconic Jutsu was invented by the 2nd Hokage, and the Rasengan is his answer to the Tailed Beast Bomb. The Reaper Death Seal's creation is thanks to his marriage into the Uzumaki clan who were renowned for their Sealing Techniques.

3rd isn't the best either because the only thing about him that is unique is that he knows all of the Jutsu of the village. He was bested by Orochimaru.

2nd is 2nd best by virtue of the epic Jutsu...

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If there isn't a need, then the issue becomes catering to the feelings of a group. To people who want that, I have to ask "why?"

So many people forget the business side of gaming and forget just how deep that business side goes.

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Volkama: You know, I personally detest it when people have such a defeatest mentality that they say something is inevitable. That's only true if it's allowed to be, and wouldn't be true if consumers stick to their guns about their rights.

I'm also glad you're not a publisher, because you have the wrong attitude. Yours is one that says "I don't care about the consumer, I only care about dat money."

But you're not thinking ...

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SJWs care. They always care. They don't seem to understand that they are being hypocritical. They claim to want equality, unity, and to have all be seen and judged as humans. Yet, leave them to their own vices, and their words are all "differences" and and specific to any group that isn't white and isn't male.

How can people claim to be against things like racism, and yet be racist at the same time?

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I was about to say "you have got to be sh*ting me" when you said that Mario Kart 8 was accused of being racist, but then I read what you linked and realized that someone was actually stupid enough to say something so absolutely retarded.

Mario Kart is probably the most inclusive game that exists. It's so inclusive that it includes races and genders that don't even exist in the real world, and someone had to pitch a fit that there wasn't a black human in ...

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Something I forgot to add in the blog addresses, in a small way, what you're talking about with Hollywood.

It's in relation to how costly it is to create certain character types.

See, in books our imagination creates the character in our minds for us.

In movies, it isn't hard to cast any character you want to cast because humanity itself is very diverse.

But in games, developers have to actually make a character, ...

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Microsoft isn't life.

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"Now, having just bought a PS4 last month, I see no reason at all to buy discs."

You will when the day comes that you lose access to those digital games.

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@Baka: Emulation should never be counted as a consideration. Not only because it's unreliable, but because it requires at least 5 times the resources of the original hardware to do it any justice.

Even now, PS2 emulation is a hassle. PS3 emulation is impossible.

An all digital market is laced with bigger cons than there are pros. Especially considering that the availability of digital games is entirely dependent on whatever 3rd party developed and hosted ...

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And now because they risk becoming stagnant if they don't, they buy up anything created by people of actual talent and don't realize that their B.S. policies will ruin that which they bought up as easily as they've ruined that which they themselves originally created.

Microsoft is so incredibly detached from their consumers.

Google can't let a failed idea die.

Facebook is desperately trying to remain relevant.


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I think Sony should start their own gameplay streaming service through PSN. May only be accessible through PSN, but that way it won't have to deal with the crap that Google is definitely going to force onto Twitch.

And if people think that Google won't force anything on Twitch, I only have one thing to say to you...

Google+ integration with Youtube.

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It's not the youtube hate, it's Google hate, and for good reason.

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It'll mean the end of the freedom to stream your gameplay the way you want to stream it, it'll mean more ads than there are already, it'll mean that there is yet another aspect in which the dirty filthy corporate hands have touched gaming and infected it with their marketing schemes and lack of insight.

All these people talking about how Google buying Twitch would be great for Twitch have been ignoring how Youtube hasn't improved in functionality under Google&...

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"I mean are we supposed to be rooting against the possibility of extending the life of our investments without having to purchase an upgrade?"

Let's be honest here, if something new came out people would buy it and say "to hell with cloud power"

Also, this assume that the servers stay up and running at all, let alone at full efficiency 100% of the time. That's the biggest issue with cloud compute, it relies on the dedication of an ...

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Sayburr: Game streaming through the cloud is vastly different than graphics rendering through the cloud.

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