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If you hack the console, you can perform some mods.

In this instance, it's likely that the hacker merely found a way to change the sexual acts already present in the game to apply to online players while also making himself invincible and forcing certain animations on the characters. It's likely something like animation hacks that don't require any outside resources and use in-game resources.

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I don't think that anyone should be surprised at a gaming journalist butchering the English language. Lol.

And I would agree that hacking games has shifted from trend to norm.

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No one deserves threats of physical harm or death threats. But I won't say that people insulting her for her infidelity and dishonesty are in the wrong.

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I'm sorry but have to disagree entirely with this article. Nintendo is merely holding on to their Kyoto traditions. If you don't know what I mean, someone can explain this better than I but, there is a kind of stigma attached to old companies. Most of them are based in Kyoto, and almost all of them are slow to change. Their reluctance is like trying to move a skyscraper with your own strength.

The fact that Microsoft and Sony don't region lock pretty much eliminat...

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Oxford Dictionaries defines the word "trend" as...

"A general direction in which something is developing or changing."

So a hacker doing something that ISN'T programmed into the game is indicative of the gaming industry moving towards the online fictional rape of women... based on one game... in over 40 years of video games?

Excellent blog. Here are my thoughts.

Microsoft isn't to blame for this. Period. At all. It's their job to get games on their platform and that's what they did. Even though in this case they'd be getting the game anyway, even though there is literally no benefit to them in making a game they were going to get anyway unavailable to other platforms, and even though they SHOULD be building their first party lineups instead of being lazy and paying for 3rd party g...

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"They posted record profits: $24B last year. They PROFITED $24B last year. Apparently they are doing something right. All this while Sony closes studios."

What do you think made them $24B? I can guaran-damn-tee it wasn't the Xbox Division.

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Why are people who b*tch so much about this site still commenting here? If this site is "the cancer" and is infected with IQ dropping logic, WHY ARE YOU HERE?! Are you some kind of sadomasochistic people that you would willingly subject yourselves to these things, or is it the more likely explanation that you're full of it and just whining that your opinion isn't shared by most people and that that bothers you?

You can steal in more ways than taking somethin...

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Dude, they're almost identical. Evermore is no less a classic than Mana is. And just because it was handled by Squaresoft of America doesn't make it any less of a game, or a bad one.

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You think that's bad? Even less played Secret of Evermore, and that deserves an HD Upgrade as well.

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I want Tactics to be redone in Valkyria Chronicles style. It'd be awesome I think.

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The point.


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MundaneMatt is an idiot and a corporate a$$ kisser. It's totally not surprising he was also a "gaming journalist."

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We can do that? I'd have done that a LONG time ago if I knew we could do that.

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Great, I can see what's about to come thanks to this. I'm all for artists being able to do this kind of thing if that's what they want to, but the headaches are coming because of it. *sigh*

Batman Arkham Assault was A)Not really a Batman movie considering he was in it for a cumulative total of about 15 minutes, and B)A FANTASTIC movie thanks to DC actually trying to go more adult with this stuff now. That scene with Harley and Deadshot? YAHTZEE! Loved the whole mo...

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I have no idea as to the depth or intricacies of Sony's policy, only that there's some kind of expectation that any games that arrive late on Sony's consoles get some kind of compensation for being late.

I also believe that it doesn't have to be some major change, just a change. Some kind of distinction that adds incentive for PS gamers to spend money on a game they weren't good enough to receive when it launched.

Perhaps demand wasn't...

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@darth: You expect Sony to not demand that its userbase be compensated for decisions beyond their control?

The improvement doesn't even have to be anything major. It could be the basest of exclusive dlc content. So long as there is a distinction. Otherwise I would agree with any platform holder that says "I don't want sloppy seconds."

If the PS userbase wasn't good enough to put the game on the console in the first place, why should the ...

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@defiance187: I have 3 things to say to you. [email protected], No Man's Sky is a new IP, and it's coming to PC.

Anything else?

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@Angelic: The difference is that Tomb Raider was already coming to the Xbox One anyway. Phil was aggressive in ensuring it didn't come to the PS4 and PC. That's not getting the Xbox One games, it's taking games away from everyone else that you would have been able to play anyway.

If Phil is serious about games, then why isn't he putting that money into first party studios? What happened to all of that money that was allegedly invested in first party exclusive ...

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