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How about a Final Fantasy world for once? #5
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FFIX definitely had the better, more memorable music. There's a reason it's Uematsu's favourite, he did his best work in it.

To this day I haven't found a more relaxing FF tune than the Dali Village theme.


And then there's the Tantalus theme.

The original looks better. This proves that graphics aren't always everything in the face of an original art style. #4
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We don't know that Last Guardian is cancelled, and Versus XIII is all on SE. To my knowledge they haven't blamed the Cell for anything regarding Versus, but if I'm wrong then so be it. I'm not saying that the Cell was a picnic for devs, and I definitely see where you're coming from. Just making that clear. #3.1.6
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I find it hard to believe that those games were cancelled because of the Cell. In order to believe that, we have to believe that the developers didn't know anything about the Cell until it was too late, and that's simply not true. The truth is we don't know why those games were cancelled. But I can't argue that the Cell made devs unhappy and Ken included it for nefarious reasons. Sony's problems though were the result of Ken and how he ran things. Microsoft's problems... #3.1.4
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Hey, I may not have started gaming on the Atari or the Odyssey but I did start when the NES launched so I know about ownership and being able to play classics even today. I think you should ask the question though, who is most likely to initiate a preservation system and who is most likely to throw that idea out the window in favour of more control and labelling it "the future?" #5.1
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Sony's more to blame for what? The lack of risk taking? If that's what you mean, I have to disagree. Sony themselves have been the biggest risk takers and tried to drive the industry towards taking more risks with unique games. That's the whole reason behind their Play Create Share motto. MS' last real risk was Live. Think about it. Can you say that MS did much of anything lately that can be considered a risk with the 360?

And with the Xbox One, it's barel... #3.1.2
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Sony already stated there will be no online passes. In fact Jack Tretton said it himself in his interview with Geoff Keighley the day after Sony's Press Conference.

EA have Origin to be their DRM. They have more control over that and don't need any other kind of DRM. Plus, if "da powah of da kloud" is a focus, always-online is a reality for the Xbox One.

"As far as PSNplus, you don't get to keep the games you are getting for "f... #3.3.2
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Good luck. MS have no priorities when it comes to gaming save and except the minimum they can put out in keeping with their living room dominance plan. They care only about overcoming Google and Apple and gaming is just a tool for them in that ambition. Expect little risk from Microsoft this gen. I am certain of that. #3.1
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To be clear, I have no problem with people who see games on the Xbox One that they like. It is impossible to have an issue with that as it's all subjective.

But I definitely hate the suits who have no background in gaming, no interest in gaming, and take no input from developers or gaming industry personnel and simply try to force what they think is the future on us. #2.1
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MikeMyers in 3...2.. #1
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What clarifications? #3.1
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You know what's REALLY funny? The "exclusives" argument was made against the PS3 at the beginning of its life (PS3 has no games, Xbox 360 has better exclusives, etc) and look what happened. When are people going to learn that Sony always has too many exclusives to show all at once? #1.1.7
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@Syntax-Error: Wow are you wrong.

"So when was PS4 "FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS?"

Since developers have been praising it since February. Where have you been? Here's a google link so that you can find your own article without any bias from me.

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I didn't hear any music. I did hear a computer sound like its sound card was about to blow up though. #4.1.1
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What I want to know is, how many sites are going to regurgitate the same article over and over. This is the 3rd time we've seen this flamebait article misconstruing what was actually said in the exact same way. #1.1.40
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@malokevi: I didn't ignore the second part of your post, it's simply a reworded restatement of what Belking is saying. Though you're correct that there is no evidence to say that it ISN'T running at 60FPS, there's no proof that it is either and simply regurgitating specs means nothing.

X1 fan logic. #1.5.5
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@Not-so-Epic_Troy: Who are you to tell people what games they can play at what age?

Grown ups can do what they want with their own money. #1.3.6
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@malokevi: So basically what you're saying is that Belking is right because there is no proof saying that he's wrong while at the same time saying that proof that he's right is unnecessary?

X1 fan logic.

MikeMyers in 3...2... #1.5.3
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Proof? #1.5.1
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