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Ok I have some questions for people who might know.

How given are the Japanese gamers to purchasing and playing sports related games like UFC, both soccer games, and Driveclub?

Same question about the shooters on that list.

And by Playroom, do they mean the app? If so, that's a waste of time on Sony's part unless Japan doesn't have it yet.

Sony needs better PR people to plan these events. They've been really s...

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1. I used the word sexist to prove to you that the subject isn't as small as you seem to think it is. You avoid the fact that just because YOU don't read it, doesn't mean it's invisible and non-existent. Clearly everyone has different channels of information that will show them different things, to sit there and proclaim that what you read never contains what I said is presumptuous and arrogant. Notice how I never said that everyone sees the same thing, but notice how your com...

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This is the problem with basing articles off of the tweets of PR people like Greenburg. You get non-answers to the point that I personally question the relevance of making this an article.

Summer is not the only months in the year MS hasn't posted the numbers, so what does he have to say about the other months?

This goes for both Sony and Microsoft, there is no defense for a lack of new IP. Listing one exclusive new IP is not a defense for the countless s...

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You have just made the assumption that I don't enjoy gaming. You didn't consider that because I enjoy gaming, I don't want to see it co-opted by people who aren't gamers and who are trying their best to change gaming to suit their own agendas.

Their current success level is low, but I live in a country that has seen what Social Justice Warriors can do to life in general and it's through persistent, unyielding shaming tactics that they find eventual success...

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To assume that, I'd have to talk about you directly or have knowledge of you somehow. Up until now, I didn't know you existed, so how am I assuming anything about you?

"not realizing the vast majority of "gaming journalism" is created by a bunch of people with too much time on their hands and zero education on how to actually be a journalist"

Actually everyone realizes that. That's what the problem is.

I agree ...

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"Please. 99.999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999% of what I read has absolutely nothing to do with that."

Well not knowing what you read means I'm just not going to talk about what you read.

"Honestly, you exaggerate the meaning of other people's opinions way too much here on this topic. Heck, you talk about this stuff more than the people who you proclaim are shoving it down our throats."

Perhaps on here, an...

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I actually meant Castlevania 2, not LoS2.

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@aerisbueller: First, nice play on Feris Bueller. Great movie. Second, not a generalization, an observable fact that thousands have already seen and have been talking about for nearly a month now.

@Chard: Nope, not creating problems. Showing problems that exist.

"Nobody actually talks or cares about those things in scenario 2."

Then you're not paying attention.

"Gaming is what you make of it; all you need t...

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Oh you would be, and in ways you wouldn't like. But given your tone, your response would likely be "then I'd stop gaming forever and move on to something else."

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Nyko's PS3 Intercooler actually damaged PS3's. The reason is because Sony designed the PS3 to have an intake/outtake cooling system where air would enter the front vents and be blown out the back. The Intercooler would just recirculate the hot air back into the PS3.

I'm assuming that the PS4 has a similar cooling design in place, meaning the Intercooler would cause the same problems.

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What I'm going to do is post some videos for you to watch that will basically explain everything.

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Is there a link to that /v/ post? It needs to get out to more people because there are a lot of people that don't go to 4Chan but would love to get behind that.

Nevermind, found it.

For any who want that info, go to this link.

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"Didn't everyone see the Xbox and PlayStation guys out for drinks at gamescom? I read tweets about companies swapping staff and going to "the dark side"

You understand though that both companies promote that kind of "fight" right?

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Is there an hilarious Destiny fragrance commercial out yet? Microsoft need to get on that, that would be gold for them.

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"They can definitely mention stuff about females place in games without addressing the male side."

Not in the current way that it's done. To do so would be hypocritical. It would take a lot for me to get into why it's even wrong now, but we'll agree to disagree on this one.

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Very well said. I agree that GamerGate shouldn't be derailed and we have to be careful to call out those attempting not only to claim that it's about hate, misogyny, and exclusion, but also those who make it look like that's what it's about.

It's not about that. It's about many different topics. From corruption and nepotism, to manipulation and monopolization of discourse that paints all gamers as exclusionary and regressive people actively trying to k...

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Adblocker only blocks adds, not trackers. Use Ghostery in addition.

Also, what the hell happened to the font?

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Noice, thanks for choosing my blog and out of the ones I wrote for August, that was definitely the right choice to make.

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@Conzul: That's what I'm saying, he needs his own game. He oozes personality. I mean, they could make a game with Jordi that could compete with Hitman if they did it properly. His personality is very different to 47, but I found him to be hilarious.

@ShinMaster: Damn, you're not kidding. Jordi is nearly identical looking to Kazuma. Ubisoft's slacking.

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Uhh, have none of you met this guy?


Behold the best character in Watch Dogs.

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