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Oh yeah, it's the height of entitlement to be upset that a franchise reboot is a complete downgrade on every level except for graphics, with probably the worst story in the franchise, and the worst characters.

Yeah, gamers aren't taken seriously because they know what they like and don't like and decided to take a stand against a poor, pitiful excuse of a game. Gamers, who if they came together more often in this fashion, would have prevented day one, on disc DLC,...

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Summons, I find it immensely ironic how you can hate on this game and praise the FFXIII trilogy when both are guilty of the same crap.

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You have literally no idea. The character change was just the catalyst, it is not the sole thing fans don't like.

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@crxss: "If you did any worthwhile research you would see they have plenty of money."

No they don't. They have about $150 million.

pick a site, they all say the same thing.

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@Meep: "Yea, because the PS3 launch was so good right? (it was shit)"

You just reinforced my point. The PS3 was harder to develop for so you'd expect it to have a weak launch in terms of games. You can't use the same excuse for the PS4, so what's your explanation hmm?

"WOW, wtf?"

Because you've never seen games where it was clear the developers phoned it in right?


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@johndoe11211: You don't have to actually hate someone to HAVE hate for them. All it requires is the consistent negativity you spewed forth about the man.

"Something very very disturbing is happening here. It's as if it's taboo to acknowledge someones faults just because they have done good. I'm being disagreed with even though everything I am stating is fact."

Nope, not taboo, it's just that you're talking B.S.

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Such low standards. Apparently "epic" can just be thrown about all willy nilly these days with not a single care given to what it actually entails.

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"Why do you care? You're not forced to buy any of them."

This is literally a non-argument parroted by gullible gamers with more money than sense.

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"By far the best in the series."

These few words alone smack of more ignorance than I've ever seen in my life.

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God I hope not. This game is a cancerous tumor on the Devil May Cry franchise and needs to be chemo'ed out immediately.

Given the fan reaction, which hasn't changed, and the poor sales this game received, I would think Capcom wouldn't be stupid enough to remake a game from a developer they kind of insulted after the game's poor performance. They can't expect that it would do any better than it already hasn't done.

This game needs to fa...

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I'm an adult that's probably older than most of you, I see Playstation very clearly and all of you are hung up on quotes that don't matter.

Look at what the PS3 is. Best games, best graphics, overtook the 360, consistently sold more than the 360 globally every year since launch. These are things you're flat out ignoring so that you can focus on some quotes and the price at launch. A price, I might add, that was completely ignored based on the demand and the va...

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"The ps3, the system that almost destroyed the playstation brand."

You're greatly exaggerating. IF we could even agree on any part of that statement, it would only exist if you spoke about the price of the console at launch. Even then that didn't matter.

As the PS3 launched, it sold more than it's "easier to develop for" competition in the Xbox 360 every single year world wide. Clearly the demand for the PS3 was barely hindered...

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Again, when has Ken's ideas ever failed Sony? It sounds like the two of you have bleeding hearts for the plight of developers, yet PS1, PS2, and PS3 were all immensely successful and guess who was the instrumental force behind all 3?

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@johndoe: The funny thing about your hate for the man is that the man was still a genius who turned out to be completely right in his decisions in the end.

You said it yourself, the PS2 was the best selling console, with the biggest library of all time. This is despite it being "the most difficult platform to develop for."

Then look at the PS3. Same deal, turned out to have the best games of the previous generation, consistently outsold the Xbox 360...

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Nintendo's reaction when they see this.

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The funny thing is that those Xbox fans crying about this will in their next breath laud Insomniac and Sunset Overdrive. It's all double standards and it exists on both sides.

The problem is Microsoft and Sony pulling this crap.

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@vallencer: FromSoft isn't Rockstar so your example is meaningless. FromSoft also is a small studio that doesn't have the resources of a studio like Rockstar. The footage shown is irrelevant. That kind of logic would mean every game out would come to PC or next gen because the target they aimed for isn't what ended up being the final product.

I'm more inclined to take FromSoft's word over a random online market site.

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It's not happening. FromSoft has stated plenty of times it's not coming to next gen consoles, this listing will be removed soon enough. I mean, Tesco has this but sites like Amazon don't? Yeah, it's definitely not happening.

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@Ezz2013: "so no one is forcing you or any one else to buy it."

Weakest argument ever.

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